Cute Bangalore Girl Isha’s Slutty Adventures – Part 2


Hi guys, I am Vikrant from Pune and I’m back today with a story sent to me by my sexy reader Isha. Before I start, I’ll introduce myself to those who don’t know me. I’m 21, with a muscular physique gained from years of working out and a 6-inch long tool that would satisfy most women.

This part of this sex story is written by Isha and is a continuation of Part 1 of this series.

Hello all, I am Isha from Bangalore. Vikrant told me about the wonderful response that you guys gave for part 1 so I decided to write this next part. To all those who haven’t read Part 1 yet, I would recommend you to do so.

To those that have forgotten, I have a nice curvy figure of 34c-30-36. A lot of guys are attracted to me because of my sweet personality and sexy looks.

I woke up late the next morning. I had a bad hangover and the thoughts of my wild escapade seemed like a dream to me. It must have been a particularly vivid dream I thought. Only when I got into the shower did I realize that my panties were missing!

I felt really shy and embarrassed about what I had done. I felt like apologizing to Pushkar for my stupid drunk behavior. Gathering up my courage I went and knocked on Pushkar’s door. I was wearing a loose pink t-shirt and body-hugging black shorts.

Pushkar opened the door. I sensed that there was a little twinkle in his eye when he saw me. “Oh hi, Ish! Come in,” he said. He was wearing tracks and a vest that showed off his muscular frame. “I’ll be out in a minute. Make yourself comfortable,” he said as he went inside his bedroom.

He came out wearing a t-shirt. “What’s up?” he asked me acting like nothing out of the ordinary had happened last night. I was feeling embarrassed and my cheeks were aflush with a blood rush. “Listen I’m sorry about what happened last night. I was drunk and didn’t know what I was doing,” I said to him.

He couldn’t help himself and laugh out at my disposition. “Don’t worry about it. I’m cool with it,” he said as he gave me a mischievous smile. He offered to make coffee for the both of us which I agreed to. I needed to figure out a way to get my panties back!

Anu had left already which was a relief. Because my awkwardness would have increased a hundred times if she had been there. While we were having coffee the conversation went so:

Pushkar: Did you have fun last night Isha?

Isha:(I smiled and nodded) Not as much as you, mister?” (and then we both laughed.)

Pushkar: I received evidence that points to the contrary. (nudging my arm and trying to sound serious )

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Isha: Oh really? What evidence are you talking about?

Pushkar: Your panties were so wet. (saying this he burst out laughing but in a friendly way)

Isha: Right right have a good laugh at my expense. You’re lucky your girlfriend didn’t find them first.

Pushkar: Yeah that would’ve ended badly!

Isha: I need them back Pushkar. You know I’m not gonna let you just keep them.

He reluctantly gave me back my panties. Then as I had finished my coffee and was holding my panties in one hand like an idiot. I decided to leave. In a way, I was happy because his girlfriend hadn’t found out. And he hadn’t made a big deal out of it either.

The next couple of weeks passed by without incident. We were both busy with our jobs and hardly saw each other. Late one Friday night, I was chilling on my couch watching a movie with a friend of mine. I heard the voice of a woman giggling and talking excitedly.

That was followed by Anuradha saying something that seemed to set off a hysterical outburst from the other woman. I could tell that both of them were drunk. Pushkar’s voice was also barely audible over theirs. I checked my wall clock. It was at 1 am.

Why would a drunk woman be coming to Pushkar’s place at this time on a Friday night? It couldn’t just be a friend I thought. Pushkar and Anu would want to fuck like animals today and they wouldn’t let anyone disturb them. I didn’t say anything to my friend and continued watching the movie.

After the movie got over, it was well past 2. My friend was already snoring on the couch. Unable to contain my curiosity any longer, I went out to the balcony which is adjoining to Pushkar’s. I sat down in a chair, my senses on high alert. I couldn’t hear anything.

Pushkar’s bedroom light was on though. Deep down I was getting excited as my suspicions about my neighbors’ carnal activities were intensifying. Just then, Pushkar came out into the balcony alone. He was shirtless and the moonlight on was gleaming on his well-built shoulders.

My cheeks flushed as he looked my way and said with a grin, “You’re naughtier than I thought Ish. What’re you doing out in your balcony at this time?”

His tone told me that he knew what I was doing full well. “Super bored of Netflix. I’m trying to find an entertaining show to watch for the rest of the night. You wouldn’t happen to know one, would you?” I replied flashing him a toothy smile.

“I think I know just the one you would enjoy. I have a front-row seat for you but it’s gonna cost you” he said.

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“What? You’re gonna make me pay you? I asked confused. “Of course I’m gonna make you pay, you little slut. Take off your top,” he ordered me. I was hesitant because this was unexpected. But all that beer I drank a while ago had its effect.

I slowly took off my top and threw it on the floor and looked at him with my hands on my waist. I knew I was hot and he wanted me. He looked at me for a few seconds, then said, “All right I’ll start the show now.” He went inside. Meanwhile, I sat down in a chair wearing only a bra and shorts.

Pushkar came out. He was leading the other girl into the balcony. She was blindfolded. He said to, “Isha this is Mehak. She’s a fucking slut and loves getting dicked out in the balcony like this, don’t you Mehak?”

“Yes, Isha I love how he fucks me hard. I can’t see you but I hope you’ll enjoy this,” she said.

Pushkar pushed her back up against the railing and started kissing her. His hands were squeezing her tiny but firm looking boobs. Mehak broke the kiss and went down on her knees. Meanwhile, I had started feeling my nipples getting hard.

Mehak was kissing Pushkar’s torso from his washboard abs down to his underwear. His eyes were closed and he was enjoying the sensation of Mehak’s tongue on his body. She grabbed his dick inside his underwear and felt it with her hands.

She kissed it from outside making him moan and say to her, “Suck me dry, baby. I wanna unload all my cum into your mouth.” Mehak took out his dick and wrapped her hands around it. She kissed his tip and started giving him a slow handjob.

My hands were inside my pants touching my pussy which was leaking juices. My breathing was becoming shallower. I watched Mehak fit Pushkar’s entire cock in her mouth and look up at him with slutty eyes. “Mmmmm, good girl,” moaned Pushkar as he grabbed her by her hair.

He made her choke on his cock. “How should I pound her Ish?” he asked me.”I’ll fuck her any way you want me to.”

“Tie up your bitch to the railing Pushkar. I want to see you fucking her hard knowing she’s blindfolded and tied up and completely in your control,” I told him.

“Good idea. If you wanna see that, you’re gonna have to throw those wet dirty panties of yours over here and watch me sniff them before I fuck this slut,” he said. I was so horny I would’ve done anything he told me to. I immediately stripped naked in front of him and put my hands on my hips and winked at him.

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He whistled at me and we both laughed. I threw my panties at him and he caught them with one hand. He took a long sniff and said, “They smell fucking sexy, Ish. Do you want Mehak also to know what a sexy girl like you smells like?” he asked.

“Oh my god, you fucking bastard. I didn’t think you would be this crazy,” I replied. “Answer the question. Do you want her to sniff your dirty underwear?” he asked. “I don’t know! Do you wanna Mehak” I asked her. “Yes, Isha I’d love to,” was the answer.

Pushkar then made her sniff my panties for a long time while he tied her up. Then he stuffed them in her mouth. He rubbed his cock on her wet pussy, spanking her hard knowing she won’t scream because of the panties in her mouth!

He fucked her like a beast. Grabbed her waist and thrust his dick inside her shaved pussy. I was fingering my pussy and squeezing my boobs the whole time, feeling hornier than I ever had before. It took me only a few minutes to reach my first orgasm.

“Wow, Pushkar you’ve helped me orgasm like I never have before. Thanks a lot for this show” I told him. He grunted back and was busy fucking the shit out of slutty submissive Mehak. “Hey, Pushkar where’s your girlfriend?” I asked suddenly wondering why Anu was letting her have all the fun.

“Waiting for you. She wants you more than me and Mehak, to be honest. She’s been asking me about you ever since that night she saw you masturbating as I fucked her!” he said. I was shocked! This son of a bitch had hidden this from me. I had thought that Anu had not seen me that day.

Suddenly Anu came out into the balcony. She was wearing slutty lingerie and was looking smoldering hot. “Come here now Isha. Let’s play baby!” she said to me with a devilish smile.

That is the end of this part of the story. We hope you guys enjoyed it. I will soon publish the next part written by Isha depending on how much you guys liked this one. You can reach out to me at [email protected] to send your feedback. Till then stay sexy ladies and gentlemen!

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