Dadaji’s Wild Adventure – Part 1 (Incest Fivesome!)


Hello everyone. I am back with a bang! I am Rachit and this is another incest story for you all to enjoy.

So let’s talk about the heroine of this story.

My mom, Ekta (40 years old) resembles actress Vidya Balan. Her boobs are the perfect mango boobs one could ask for. My aunt Arushi (35 years old) resembles actress Madhuri Dixit. My another aunt Shubhanshi (34 years old) resembles actress Sonakshi Sinha. My sister Shreya (20 years old) resembles actress Shruti Haasan.

To enjoy the story to its maximum, I recommend opening the images of the person they resemble while reading. To see the real pictures of these women, drop a mail at [email protected] or ping me on Hangouts.

So coming back to the story, this incident happened 1-2 years back when my grandfather was advised bedrest for 2 weeks by doctors. I used to go out for my job so I wasn’t much of a help to take care of my grandfather. So, my aunts decided to come over and help us with everything for a week.

Everything was going normally. It had been two weeks and my grandfather was fine now. But he was used to all the love and care the family was showing him and so, he decided to stay that way.

(I forgot to tell you that my mom, aunts, and sister used to change all of his clothes so yes, they all saw him naked twice daily).

One day, my mom was helping dadaji get up from the bed. She was wearing a saree with a deep cut blouse revealing her cleavage. As she was trying to help my grandfather get up from the bed, he accidentally grabbed mom’s left boob to take support while getting up. She was really embarrassed but still, she had to help him.

But my grandfather was ecstatic. It was like he was in heaven! The moment he grabbed those tits, he got a hard-on. As he was naked, my mom, aunts and my sister clearly saw it getting hard and erect. But everyone ignored it and completed their work.

That night, dadaji decided to do something about this and so he made a plan – a plan to have fivesome sex with the ladies of the house!! He was going mad every second. He wanted them. He wanted my mom, aunts, and sister all in one go.

The next day, my grandfather called me near him. He knew the kind of person I was. He was well aware of the fact that I watch incest porn and read incest sex stories a lot. So when I sat near him, he asked me about my thoughts over incest fivesome. I was shocked. I fumbled and asked him the meaning of this.

He then insisted and told me his entire plan. He knew I would like it. He asked me to help him fuck the four women and he would do the same for me. I was braindead upon listening to this. I asked him who he was talking about. He whispered the names of the four goddesses. By this time, I was hard and horny.

I made a deal with him that if I help him fuck the four women, he will help me fuck them along with my maid.

Then he told me the first part of his plan. He wanted me to bring 4 glasses of milk. I brought him the four classes and he cummed into them. He then asked me to get the four women to drink it. So I decided to make coffee with it and I served it to them.

The next day, he told me to buy a spy cam and record them while they were bathing. I now knew that he was going to blackmail the four women. I planted the spy cam and it worked exactly the way it should.

I showed him the recordings and asked him if he’s ready to fuck his own daughters. In response, he started jerking off to those recordings.

The next day, when the four of them came to change his clothes, he presented the recording to them. Everyone was shocked and angry. My grandfather told everyone to calm. He then ordered everyone to remove their clothes and jerk this cock.

Everyone was scared but still, they did as he asked. Now all four women were in bras and panties and my grandfather was naked with everyone jerking him. Suddenly, he pulled my mom and smooched her. My mom closed her eyes while dadaji sucked her lips for 15 minutes pressed her boobs simultaneously.

Then my grandfather started pushing his tongue in my mom’s mouth. She hesitantly accepted the tongue in her mouth. He was so horny by then that he started saying, “Aaj se tum chaaro meri randiyan ho”.

He then let go of my mom and started kissing my aunt Arushi. My mom went back to jerking his cock like others.

Dadaji to mom: Muh me le mera!!!

Mom to dadaji: please papaji, ab jaane dijiye please.

Dadaji to mom: Chup chaap le ni toh pachhtayegi.

He grabbed mom by her hair and guided her warm, wet, sweet mouth to his cock. He was now in seventh heaven. He deepthroated her mouth until she gave up. She was now sucking it by will. Of course, mom was all horny now!!

My grandfather was pounding her mouth with his cock while my aunts and my sister kissed him. The sweet, warm and wet mouth of his daughters and granddaughter were doing a good job.

He then took the cock out of my mom’s mouth and pushed it into my sister’s mouth. It looked like everything was going well but then the doorbell rang! It was aunt Arushi’s daughter Aisha. She was back from school.

My grandfather told everyone that they will continue this some other day and grabbed my mom and pushed her mouth to his cock. He started mouthfucking her fast and within seconds, he cummed in her mouth. Then he ordered mom to lick his dick clean.

In the next part, I will tell you what happened next and how my mom got pregnant! Till then, leave your comments and feedback. Thank you.

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