Dating My Daughter – Part 11


Amy and I headed home from the cafe. We decided to rest. We cuddled while watching a movie. We woke up in the afternoon the next day. We ordered food and cuddled more. We were eagerly waiting for the dinner date with Georgina tonight.

Meanwhile, at the hotel, Elena was alone. She was taking a leak in the toilet.

Elena: Damn it! Alone again. Amy spends all day with her dad. That kiss at the hospital with Amy’s dad was amazing though. I am already horny.

She started playing with her pussy fantasizing about Aafi while sitting on the toilet seat.

Elena: Oh yeah! I’m going to have dinner with you. Then I’m going to kiss your neck. Then I’m going to unzip your pants. And I’m going to suck your dick until you come all over my tits.

She was getting horny and moved her legs wide to access her pussy more.

Elena: I think Aafi has a huge dick. It felt really big when I was giving him a handjob in the Cafe the first time we met. It’s just huge like that golden dildo. Maybe I should try it. I’m sorry Jen. I promise to give it back.

Elena had stolen the dildo from Jen’s place. She grabbed that huge dildo to try it out now.

Elena: Oh God. The head is huge! I’m sure I’ll come instantly if this thing fits. But if Amy’s dad has a dick this huge. I have to prepare myself for that.

She tried to put it in her pussy.

Elena: Damn it! It won’t fit. I think I’m going to cry. Motherfucking dildo! I think I’m going to need some lube. Otherwise, it’s not going to fit. All right. I’ll try it again tomorrow.

Meanwhile, at Georgina’s place, she’s getting ready for the dinner date. After taking a nice bath she was roaming naked around her big beautiful apartment. Oh, those huge boobs. They were fairly bigger than Amy’s.

Georgina: Oh, that shower was fantastic! I wish I could have stayed longer in the bathroom. But I have to prepare everything for tonight. God, I’m so nervous. This is the first time Aafi accepted one of my offers. I thought he’d say no.

She is admiring herself in front of the full mirror. That long hair, curvy body, huge boobs, and perfectly round butts. She’s looking hot!

Georgina: Maybe he wants me to spend more time with his daughter. That girl is fantastic and super cute as well. I’ll make sure to cook them a great meal. And maybe then, when Amy is asleep…

There’s a lot of stuff going in Georgina’s mind.

Georgina: Shut up, Georgina! He’s your boss. What if Maria found out? All right. Let’s not think about that now. What should I wear? I think this is the perfect opportunity to wear my new dress.

She decided to wear a sexy dress. She puts on a red dress which was till her thighs. It’s a backless and deep neck one. Her cleavage and half of her boobs were exposed. The dress is tied around her neck to hold her boobs.

Georgina: Wow! I’m going to give Aafi a heart attack with this! I wonder who has bigger boobs? Me or his daughter? I think we’re about the same size. But she’s so petite.

She applied a light red glossy lipstick and black eyeliner.

Georgina: All right. They will be here at any minute. I should start preparing the food. Or I could have a little fun while I wait for them.

She took her dress off and was fully naked again.

Georgina: I’m so horny right now. I still have some time left before they come.

She started searching for something in a basket kept in her bedroom.

Georgina: Shit! Where are you? Where are you? Bingo!

She took an average size pink color dildo out of the basket. She’s talking to the dildo.

Georgina: Hi, little Aafi! How are you? Wanna have some fun? Yes? Good! Let’s go to bed.

Georgina walked towards her bed. She sat on the bed and started playing with her pussy using the dildo. She slowly inserted the dildo inside her pussy.

Georgina: Oh! Oh, this is good! Fuck me, little Aafi. I don’t care if I lose my job. I’m going to fuck his brains out tonight!

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She started moving the dildo in and out with her left hand. Her right hand was rubbing her clit.

Georgina: Should I put you in my ass, little Aafi? I don’t know. Last time I tried, it didn’t fit. But now I’m so horny. And little Aafi is soaked in my pussy juice! What should I do?

She decided to go try anal.

Georgina: All right. Let’s do it.

She was now lying on her back on the bad. With her right hand, she slowly inserted the dildo into her ass.

Georgina: Wow! It fits! I can’t believe it! It feels weird. I’ll fuck my ass and see how it goes.

She slowly started moving the dildo in and out of her ass, while rubbing her pussy with her left hand.

Georgina: Oh. Feels good! I could get used to this! Maybe I should go faster.

She increased her pace and was enjoying it.

Georgina: Oh yeah, now we’re talking. I better stop or I won’t be able to sit during dinner. Okay. Just a little more.

She kept going for a few more minutes. She orgasmed as soon as she speeds things up. After calming her breathing, she stopped and took out the dildo.

Georgina: Oh, that was wonderful! I’m asking Aafi to fuck me in the ass tonight! All right. Let’s get dressed. They’ll be here in any minute.

Amy and I arrived at Georgina’s apartment after some time. She answered the door and invited us in. Oh, God! She’s looking hot in that red dress.

Georgina: Hi, Aafi! How are you? I missed you today!
Me: Missed you too, Georgina.
Georgina: You look pretty good for someone who got his butt kicked.
Me: You should see the other guy. He looks even better.

Georgina: And you’re as beautiful as ever, Amy.
Amy: Thank you, Georgina.

We walked in towards the living room.

Amy: Wow! I love your dress!
Georgina: Thank you! First time I’ve worn it. What do you think, Aafi?

I just noticed her cleavage. Holy shit, that’s a lot of cleavage showing!

Georgina: Aafi?
Me: Yes. You look… very unlike you do in the office.
Georgina: I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or not. But I’ll take it.

Me: Did we come too early?
Georgina: Oh no, I was making dinner.
Me: Oh, do you want us to help you with anything?

Georgina: I have everything under control, thanks! Why don’t you guys take a seat? I need to go to the washroom. I’ll be with you in just a sec.
Me: Okay.

Georgina took off. Amy and I sat on the couch. She has a really big apartment with big rooms. There’s a fireplace in the living room.

Amy: Wow! This apartment is amazing, daddy!
Me: It certainly is. Very fancy.
Amy: I didn’t know secretaries were paid that well.
Me: Georgina is also a model so I’m guessing she’s doing pretty well.

Georgina was back. She sat on the sofa which was on my right. She thanked us for accepting her invitation. I could see she was really happy about it. Her apartment was really big and fancy. It’s a two-story apartment with hall and kitchen downstairs and master bedroom and washroom on the upstairs.

Me: This is a beautiful place you’ve got, Georgina. Much nicer and bigger than mine.

Georgina: Well, I haven’t seen your apartment yet. But thanks. I’ve been doing modeling on the side for a while. It’s been going so well that I decided to move to a nicer place. Closer to work too.

Me: I’m glad that you’re doing well with the modeling gig.
Georgina: Yeah. I may even quit my day job one day. And do the modeling thing full time.

Amy: Wow! I can’t even imagine how great that would be. To make a living as a model!
Me: She’s been looking into it herself.
Georgina: Really?

Amy: Yes! Well. I’m very shy in front of a camera.
Georgina: But why? You’re beautiful!
Me: She’s super shy. Maybe you could give her some tips sometime.

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Georgina: Of course I’d be happy to! Maybe we could do some modeling together one day, right?
Amy: If I ever come back to this country…
Me: She’s leaving in a few weeks.

Georgina: Oh, I see. Maybe I could teach you something when I go to visit your dad this weekend.
Me: This weekend?
Georgina: Yes. I can’t visit you on weekdays. I’ve got a job to go to, remember?

Me: Yes, I’m an idiot. I forgot.
Georgina: What do you say, Amy?
Amy: That’d be nice! Thank you!

Georgina: Oh, it’s nothing. Your dad is going to be our official photographer.
Me: It would be an honor.
Georgina: Then we have a deal.

We talked for a while and watched some TV. Amy offered to help Georgina in cooking.

Me: Hey, can I take a picture of you two girls together?
Amy: Yes!
Georgina: Sure. But after we finish cooking.
Me: Okay.

I was browsing through my phone as I didn’t use it from yesterday. I opened a message from Elena which was sent yesterday. Holy shit! It was the nude pic of Elena.

Me: Fuck!
Amy: What, daddy?
Me: Nothing, honey!

Georgina: Dinner is almost ready.
Me: Okay. Thank you!

I was shocked but again that girl was something. She looks hot!

The dinner was ready. There’s a lot of stuff in there. Sausages, meatballs, mashed potatoes, and some veggies.

Me: Wow! That looks amazing! You two did a great job. Thank you! Can I take a picture of you two now?
Georgina: Yes, hold on a minute.

They both sat on the table made of glass. They had the food in their hands. They were sitting close touching each other. Georgina has her hand around Amy’s neck. Gosh! Their boobs are touching each other.

Georgina: Whenever you want.
Me: Wait, are you sure that the table is going to hold?

I was worried since the table was made of glass.

Georgina: What? Is he calling us fat?
Amy: I think so.
Me: No! I didn’t mean it like that. I just…

Georgina: We’re just joking! Come on. Take the picture!
Me: All right.

I took my phone and took their picture. Gosh! They were looking so beautiful. Georgina brought some wine and poured us some. Wow! It tastes really good. I forgot how Amy gets drunk easily. She dozed off on the couch with all that wine sinking in her.

Me: Well. It was a lovely evening, Georgina. We had a wonderful time here. Right, Amy? Amy? Oh, she’s asleep.

Georgina: Out like a light.
Me: See? One glass of wine and she’s out.

Seeing Amy sleep, Georgina took my hand and started walking upstairs. I could feel where this was going. I was starting at her ass while she escorted me to her bedroom. Soon we both were near her bed. Georgina started kissing me without wasting any time.

I couldn’t control and started kissing her back. She tastes really good. I was exploring her tongue and tasting her sweet sweet saliva. My hands were magically working behind her back. I untied her dress and she was all naked. Holy shit! She didn’t even wear any panties under that dress.

Georgina quickly undressed me and we both were in our birthday suits. I stood there checking out Georgina from top to bottom. I was finally able to see those voluptuous boobs and gigantic nipples. She happily turned around and gave me a full show of her body.

That ass was as admirable as those boobs. My mind was full drowned in her naked beauty. I started kissing her passionately and deeply.

My hand cupping her breast. I pushed her onto the bed. I could see she was enjoying the way I am treating her. I started kissing her neck. I could sense Georgina’s breathing was getting a bit heavy. I hungrily moved on to her huge nipples.

They were getting hard with all my touches. I licked them first and then sucked them. Georgina let out moans when I was sucking her nipples. It was time to taste her. I spread her legs wide and bent down to lick her pussy. She was already wet. I started tasting her salty pussy juices.

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Georgina forced my head deeper onto her pussy. I got hold of her clit and started licking it. I nailed her g-spot. She had an orgasm while I played with her clit. Catching her breath in seconds, Georgina didn’t waste any time.

She sat up and made me lie on the bed on my back. Slowly she grabbed my hard dick in her hand.

Georgina: Wow! Aafi you are huge. I never imagined it to be so big.

Her soft hands worked like a pro on my 10-inch dick. She grabbed my dick with both her hands and started moving up and down. My precum was oozing out. She licked the precum and started sucking my dick head.

The way her hands were moving up and down and the way she is sucking the tip. It was some out of the world experience. Soon she started sucking my cock deeper. She could only take half of my dick in her mouth. As this was our first time, I didn’t force her anything.

Making my dick soaked in her saliva she was hungry for my cock. She looked directly into my eyes hinting me to fuck her. Her pussy was ready. I stood at the edge of the bed and pulled Georgina close to me. I lifted her legs and made them rest on either side of my shoulders.

I teased her by rubbing my cock again her pussy lips.

Georgina: Ah! Aafi, I want you in. I want you to fuck me so badly.

I didn’t any more motivation. I guided my cock steadily inside her pussy. Half of my cock was in easily because of how wet her pussy was. After letting Georgina adjust to my cock size, I then pushed my dick further.

She enjoyed the last push of dick and looked at me as if giving me a nod to start fucking her. I obliged by moving my cock in and out. She was still getting used to the length of my cock. She gasped whenever my dick fully inside her. I was fucking in a good rhythm in no time.

I moved her legs and spread them wide. I bent forward and started biting those nipples. Georgina buried her nails on my back. She continued to moan and was enjoying my cock fully. I was ramming her pussy harder and faster, my balls hitting her asshole.

She was nearing her orgasm. I started playing with her clit with hand. She screamed in joy experiencing one of her best orgasms. I couldn’t hold on either. I took out my cock and shot my huge load of cum on her stomach. Some of it shooting till boobs.

We both laid next to each other sinking in the pleasure of what just happened. Georgina kissed me again passionately as if she’s thanking me. We dressed up and went downstairs to check on Amy. She was still asleep. I woke Amy up.

Me: Honey! Wake up. We’re going home.
Amy: Huh? What?
Me: We’re going home, come on.
Amy: I fell asleep. I’m sorry, Georgina.

Georgina: It’s all right, sweetheart! She’s a very nice girl, you know. Very innocent. Hard to find these days.
Me: Yeah, I know what you mean.

Georgina: Listen, I had a wonderful time today. I hope we can do it again sometime.
Me: We will.

We stood up to leave. Georgina escorted us towards the door.

Georgina: Thanks again for coming over. It was great having you here.
Me: Thanks for having us. It was wonderful.

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