Dating My Daughter – Part 12


Amy and I reached home after that amazing dinner with Georgina. We went straight to bed. The next day Amy asked me to rest and she took care of the cooking and doing chores.

I offered her to give a massage.

Me: Okay girl, on your stomach!
Amy: Yes sir!

She’s lying flat on her stomach.

Me: Ready?
Amy: Yes!

I started massaging her thighs.

Amy: Mmm. You are so good at this. Mmm. Oh yes. Oh wow!

My hands massaging shoulder and then the sides of the waist. I wanted to feel Amy’s boobs desperately. I slowly moved my hands up a little bit cupping her soft and huge boobs.

Amy: Mmm. Dad.?
Me: Yes, sweetheart?
Amy: I feel a bit uncomfortable with you touching me there.

I didn’t move my hands. Her boobs were still cupped in my hands.

Me: No need to be, cupcake, I am a professional, remember? I just thought you might benefit from reactivating the blood circulation in this area.
Amy: You think?

Me: Absolutely. This might even help to slightly dis-engorge you a little your bosom, and lessen your back pain.
Amy: Really?. It feels kind of nice.

Oh God, I made it! Amy was now comfortable with me touching her boobs. I started pressing her boobs from behind.

Amy: Mmm. Oh, it’s true. It feels a bit less heavy.
Me: Told you!
Amy: That’s so strange.

It was almost evening. I took Amy to a movie theatre. Amy wanted to watch a romantic movie. We got two tickets for a Japanese movie which was the only romance movie available at that time. There’s no one else in the theatre apart from us as it was a weekday and a foreign movie.

I started a popcorn fight by throwing popcorn at Amy. We were having so much fun. I was caught in the moment and kissed her again.

Me: I win.
Amy: The hell you did!

Amy held my face with both her hands and then kissed me hard. It was aggressive. I accidentally grabbed her boob with my left hand as I couldn’t see anything because of her face on me.

Me: I’m sorry, honey. I can’t see anything. I wanted to grab your waist.
Amy: It’s all right, dad. Mistakes happen. (It didn’t bother me.)
Me: Thanks, honey.

We were watching a movie. It was slow and I fell asleep. Amy was liking it a lot. Suddenly Amy was shocked to see something on the screen.

Amy: What? Oh, my God! What is she doing?

There’s a porn scene running on the big screen. A Japanese girl is sucking a dick.

Amy: That’s gross!

I woke up to find porn running. I saw Amy was uncomfortable. So we decided to leave. It was evening. So we both went to the hotel where Amy and Elena were staying.

Amy: Hi Elena. We’re back.
Me: Hey Elena!
Elena: Hi guys! What’s up? Good to see you again! How was your day?
Amy: Yesterday, was a lot of fun!

Me: Indeed.
Amy: Georgina invited us for dinner. It was great! And today it was just a father-daughter date. We went to the movie cinema. Dad came to drop me.

Elena: Wow! You two had great fun. I’ve got an idea! Why don’t you stay here and we spend the night together? What do you say? I’m kinda tired of getting bored all alone at night.

Amy: Well. I wouldn’t mind. You, Dad?
Me: Of course not. Let’s spend the night together then.

Elena: Awesome. But first, we need to get changed! Aafi, sit down and close your eyes, all right?
Me: Okay, I guess.

I was sitting on the couch with my eyes closed. God, this is odd. My last pajama party was before college.

Elena: Mind yourself, Aafi, don’t peek!
Amy: He is not going to.

This might be fun too. I just need to keep things under control. That girl Elena is a bit of a wild card.

Elena: Ok Aafi, now you can look! So?

I turned around to see my girls. Oh, God! They were looking hot and sexy. Amy is wearing a white night top and pink mini shorts. Her chest and back were fully exposed, except for two tiny strings to support her top on the shoulder. I could see most of her boobs and full view of cleavage.

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Elena was also looking hot. She’s wearing a dark red top and orange mini shorts. She too has exposed her cleavage just like Amy.

Elena: How do we look?
Me: You look. Amazing!
Elena: See, what did I tell you? All right, make some room for us. We want a piece of that sofa.

Me: Sorry ladies, but I don’t think there is enough space here. And you know how it works in these cases. Elders first.

Amy: Dad, you are not old at all! And don’t worry, I can sit on your lap. Is that okay with you, daddy?
Me: Of course, honey.

The sofa was actually for two people. Elena sat on my right side. Amy came and sat on my lap. She’s sitting sideways facing Elena. We ordered some pizza and wine. We were watching a movie. It was interesting for Amy and me, but Elena dozed off.

Amy: Oh my, Elena has fallen asleep! Must’ve been all that wine.
Me: What should we do? Do you want to watch something else?

Amy: No. But I’m not ready for bed just yet.
Me: Okay.
Amy: I’m ready for something else though.

She kissed me on my lips. Is she drunk?

Me: Careful sweetheart. Elena might wake up at any moment!
Amy: Sorry Daddy, but I missed our kisses so much tonight! Do you think Elena is pretty, daddy?

Me: Yeah, she is.
Amy: More pretty than me?

Me: Of course not, sweetheart! You’re the most beautiful girl in the world. More so than when your mother was your age!
Amy: Thanks, Daddy. I’m happy to hear that.

She kissed me again. My hand naturally grabbed her boob.

Me: Oops! Sorry honey. I…
Amy: It’s okay. I don’t know why. But I don’t get mad anymore.

Suddenly Elena woke up. I quickly removed my hand from Amy’s boob.

Elena: Oh I fell asleep! I’m so tired, I can barely move.
Me: It’s alright, Elena.

Wow! What Amy just did? That was so close! But it was exciting too!

Elena: Damn! I missed the movie.
Amy: It’s okay, Elena. We can watch it again later. What should we do now?
Elena: I have an idea! We should play this game I know.
Amy: Sure. What is it about?

Elena: I’ll tell you in a minute. First, let’s go to bed.
Me: What?
Elena: Relax! It’s a card game. Nothing sexual, if that’s what you’re thinking.

Amy: Elena!
Elena: What? I’m just saying.
Me: It’s okay. I can take a joke. Let’s go!

We all three went to bed. Amy was lying on her stomach on the right side opposite to me. Elena was on the left side opposite to me. She has her legs stretched. Gosh! They were looking so beautiful. We had cards in the center.

Amy: Okay. So what are the rules, Elena?
Elena: Simple. Each player must pick a card from the deck. The person with the lowest number on that card had to perform a dare that is chosen by the other two players.

Amy: Okay.
Elena: Ace is the highest, 2 is the lowest. Got it?
Amy: Yep, perfectly!
Elena: Aafi?

Me: Got it!
Elena: Okay Amy, pick a card. And make the dare if you have to choose it for the other player!
Amy: Ten of the clubs.

Elena: Good! Now my turn. King of hearts. Your turn, Aafi.
Me: Three of Diamonds. Shit!
Elena: Okay, we have to choose a dare for you!
Me: Go easy on me.

Amy: Okay Daddy. For the next thirty seconds, you have to do a handstand without falling!
Me: That sounds easy!

I did a handstand. The girls were looking upside down.

Me: I could do this all day.
Elena: Really?
Me: Yup.

Elena: Did you hear that, Amy? He’s bragging!
Amy: Not nice, daddy.
Me: Oh my God!

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Elena pulled her top down and exposed her left nipple. She’s behind Amy, so Amy couldn’t see that.

Amy: What?

I got distracted by that nipple and lost my balance. I fell on the floor.

Me: Ouch!
Amy: Are you okay, daddy?
Elena: Yes, are you okay?
Me: Yeah.

Man, that girl is reckless! She could get me in a lot of trouble if I’m not careful. I noticed that Elena has pulled her top back. We continued our game.

Next turn Elena had the smallest card. We asked her to act like a zombie. It was pretty funny. We continued having fun asking each other to do funny faces, act like a mad girl, and stuff like that. Amy did some aerobics. Elena acted like a dog in one dare. We decided to play one final round.

Amy: Eight of spades.
Elena: Ten of hearts.
Amy: Damn it!

Me: Two of the diamonds.
Elena: I want Amy to spank Aafi on the ass!
Amy: Elena, what the hell? No way!

Me: It’s okay honey. I can take it! It’s just a bit fun, remember?
Amy: Okay, Dad. If you say so.

Amy stood up behind me to spank my ass.

Amy: Here it goes!
Me: Ouch!

Elena: Haha, good one!
Amy: That was fun, we should play that again sometime!

It was time for bed. Elena removed her shorts. She was now in her black panties.

Elena: All right.
Amy: Elena. What are you doing?
Elena: What? I’m not sleeping with my pants on.
Amy: But my dad is here!

Elena: So what? We are among adults, and he is a cool guy. He’s not going to be bothered by it, right?
Me: Absolutely not.
Elena: See! No need to be immature. Why don’t you take off your as well?

Amy: Uhm.
Elena: Come on, don’t be childish!
Amy: Well… All right.

Amy took her pants off too. She’s wearing maroon color panty.

Elena: There you go!
Amy: This is so embarrassing.
Elena: Such beautiful legs.

Amy: Shut up or I’m putting my pants on again!
Elena: All right, All right. Come to bed.

I was in the middle, Amy was on my right and Elena on my left side.

Amy: Sweet dreams, Elena.

We fell asleep pretty quickly as we were really tired. The next morning, I woke up. Amy was still asleep.

Elena: Morning sunshine, you’re finally awake.
Me: Elena!
Elena: Hi!

Me: How long have you been watching me?
Elena: Not so loud, Amy is still sleeping. Let’s go to the sofa. Mwah.

She kissed me on my lips. That was good.

Me: Okay.

We moved to the sofa.

Elena: Well, did you had fun last night?
Me: I certainly did. The card game and movie were pretty fun.
Elena: The game certainly was. Did you like what you saw, with the handstands?

Me: That was. Unexpected! Not every day you meet such a spontaneous girl.
Elena: You like it when I take the initiative?
Me: Yes, spontaneous girls are always fun and…

She kissed me again before I could finish. It turned into a French kiss. She’s moving her tongue inside my mouth.

Elena: Mmmm. Nice kiss.
Me: Elena, I think Amy is going to wake up any minute now. We should stop.
Elena: But I want to keep making out. Amy is a heavy sleeper. Plus, I can be extra silent! Pretty please?

Me: All right. But just one more kiss.
Elena: Okay!

We kissed again, exploring our mouths with our tongues. I grabbed her boob with my left hand.

Elena: Hey!

Me: I’m so sorry Elena! I don’t know what I was thinking.
Elena: If you are going to touch me, you should do it properly.
Me: What?

She pulled her top down and exposed her breasts.

Me: Oh my God!
Elena: Well. What are you waiting for?

I grabbed her boobs again. She started kissing me all over. I can’t believe I’m doing this. Her nipples are getting hard!

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Elena: You have such strong but gentle hands. I love it.

I slowly pinched her nipples a bit.

Elena: Ouch! That hurts!
Me: I’m sorry, I didn’t think they were that sensitive.
Elena: I’ll remember that! Just because my boobs aren’t as big as Amy doesn’t mean they can’t be sensitive. Now mister, say sorry!

Me: I just said I’m sorry.
Elena: Not for me! Give it a sweet ‘I’m sorry’ kiss.
Me: Ohh!

I then bent and kissed her nipples and then slowly started licking them with my tongue.

Me: Apology accepted?
Elena: Yes, apology accepted.
Me: Good!

Suddenly Elena kept her hands on my crotch.

Me: What?
Elena: Well, well, well. What do we have here?
Me: Elena…

Elena: It feels so big! Can I see it?
Me: No! What if Amy wakes up, huh?
Elena: Nah! She’s a heavy sleeper.

I tried touching her pussy over her panties with my left hand.

Me: First, let me touch you.

Elena: Nope! No touching yet, mister! That area is only for the people I date with. So if you want to touch me there. All you have to do is take me out on a date. Without Amy, of course. So, what do you say, old man? Do you want to go on a date with me?

Me: Sure, I can spend a day with you.
Elena: Awesome! Now. Where were we?

She was back on my dick.

Elena: All right. I’m going to take your pants off and. Oh my God! Is that. No! I can’t believe it! You’re huge!

She was shocked seeing my ten-inch dick.

Me: It’s not that big.
Elena: Is not that. Are you listening to yourself?
Me: Elena! Keep your voice down!
Elena: Sorry. It’s just.

She grabbed my dick in her right hand. My dick was bigger than her golden dildo.

Elena: Oh my God! I’ve never seen a penis this big.
Me: Is it too much for you?

Elena: Oh you know me. We’ll make it fit. When the time comes, of course. But in the meantime. I could make you feel good if you want. You know. To release some tension. What do you say?

Me: All right. What do you have in mind?
Elena: First, I’m going to play a little bit with it.

She started moving her hand up and down and was giving me a handjob. She slowly increased the pace and started rubbing my cock faster.

Me: Oh man! I think you should stop.
Elena: What about a kiss, huh? Come on, don’t be shy.
Me: All right.

Elena gave a kiss on my dick head. Wow! That felt good. She slowly started licking the tip. Seeing my reaction, she took my cock inside her mouth. She was sucking the dick head while I relaxed and enjoyed it.

Slowly she started to go deeper. Half of my dick was inside her mouth. She soon started sucking steadily. That felt good. She is sucking my cock like a pro.

After 10 minutes of sucking, I shot my cum in her mouth without warning her. She happily tried to swallow my huge amount of cum. Some of the cum fell on her breasts. She sucked me dry and then went to the bathroom to clean herself up.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]

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