Dating My Daughter – Part 13


After that stunning treatment from Elena, she went to the bathroom to freshen up. Amy and I were fooling around French kissing and playing with her boobs.

Amy: We better stop just in case Elena walks in.
Me: But, maybe we can continue this later on?
Amy: I’d like that.
Me: All right.

We decided to go to a beach which was around three hours of flight away from our place. We quickly had our breakfast. I asked Amy and Elena to meet me at the airport as I had to pick some of my clothes from my Apartment.

Amy and Elena were getting ready for our trip. Elena grabbed Amy’s boobs from behind in excitement about the trip.

Amy: Elena!

She started massaging and bouncing Amy’s boobs.

Amy: What are you doing?
Elena: Relax girl, I’m just cheering you up, you know. I’m super excited!
Amy: Why is that?
Elena: I’m going to get to see these puppies in a swimsuit.

Amy: God!
Elena: What?
Amy: I just remembered! I don’t have a swimsuit!
Elena: Damn girl! You should have brought one.

Amy: Do you have one?
Elena: Of course. I always bring a bikini with me. I thought you had one too.
Amy: Yeah, but I never thought I would need one. What am I going to do?

Elena: All right. Here’s what we’re going to do. Go with your dad. Take my bikini and I’ll just go and buy an extra one for myself.
Amy: Are you sure? We’re going to run out of money if we keep buying clothes.

Elena: Don’t worry! We still have plenty. Besides, I could always ask Jen for an extra swimsuit. She’s my size, so to speak.
Amy: And what about you? Should we wait for you at the airport?

Elena: Nah! Just go with your dad and I’ll catch up with you later. I’ll buy the return tickets for myself.
Amy: Are you sure?

Elena: Don’t worry about that either. Besides, I’d like to visit Jen at the cafe before we go. I haven’t spent too much time with her since we got here. I think I owe her that.

Amy: All right. But don’t take long.
Elena: I won’t, I promise.
Amy: Thanks, Elena! You’re the greatest.
Elena: Oh, don’t mention it.

Elena’s hands were still on Amy’s boobs.

Amy: Now let go of me, please!
Elena: Sorry. I forgot!

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She let go of Amy’s boobs, but she instead grabbed Amy’s butt.

Elena: Come on. Let’s try the bikini on you.

Meanwhile, at Georgina’s place, Georgina is lying naked with just her panties on. She just woke up. She’s thinking about dinner night with Amy and me. Georgina decided to quit her job and concentrate more on her modeling career and also to impress me into dating her.

Thinking about what happened between me and Georgina that night, she was getting horny. She decided to masturbate before she went to the office.

Georgina: Ah, what the hell. I’ll go back to bed for some fun. I’ve got a few minutes. Maria can wait.

She was lying on her back. With her left hand, she started rubbing her pussy over her panties. She’s wearing a dark pink panty. It just covers her pussy and her ass.

Georgina: Mmm. Oh, Aafi. I’m still feeling horny. Really horny. Maybe I should try that new pink dildo I just purchased the other day.

She got up to find her newly purchased dildo.

Georgina: Yeah, let’s try it out. My… My. ..You’re a lot bigger than I thought.

She’s got a bigger dildo than the one she used during our dinner night. She grabbed it in her hand. It was about the size of my dick.

Georgina: I shall call you ‘Big Aafi’. I see you’ve cum prepared! Let me warm up a bit, shall I?

She went back to bed. Georgina started licking the dildo head. She’s fantasizing about me.

Georgina: Mmm. I can feel you throbbing already, Aafi!

She started sucking the tip of the dildo.

Geography: What’s that? You really wanna fuck my big titties? With pleasure Aafi!

She kept the dildo in between her tits. She got rid of her panty.

Georgina: Oh yeah, you like feeling my big soft breasts around your hard dick? I want you so bad Aafi! You get me so wet. Do you like it when I touch myself?

She started touching her pussy with her right hand. She kept the dildo on the bed and sat right on top of it.

Georgina: I need you inside me. Fill my pussy with your big dick, Aafi! Oh my God! You’re so huge! Fuck me!

She slowly started pushing her body down on the bed. The dildo was going deeper inside her pussy.

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Georgina: Oh it’s so deep inside me now. It feels so good. Maybe you want to try my other hole again, Aafi? Will it fit?

She bent down with her boobs touching the bed. Her ass was in the air. She inserted the dildo into her ass while fingering her pussy with two fingers.

Georgina: I’m just going to rub my pussy as you slide that cock in my ass! Holy fuck! Ahhh, you’re in my ass! It feels so good. Harder, Aafi! I’m gonna cum!

After moving the dildo in and out for a few minutes, she had a huge orgasm. After catching her breath she got ready to go to work.

Georgina: I should hurry if I want to catch Maria early. That way I can get myself mentally prepared when I hand her my resignation form.

She was thinking to take a shower.

Georgina: Looks like I still have enough time for a shower, breakfast, and to change clothes for work.

She got ready and headed to the office. She decided to file her resignation papers with Maria.

Georgina: All right, I’ve gone over it several times now. I’ll be straight up with Maria and tell her that I’m quitting.

She decided to use the office washroom before visiting Maria’s office. While she was taking a leak, she could hear some strange sounds coming from the next cabin.

Georgina: (Weird, it sounds like someone is in pain in the next toilet. Let’s see what’s going on. Oh my God!)

Georgina stood on the toilet seat to peek and see what’s going on in the next room. Wow! She was shocked.

Maria and Martin are having sex. Maria’s hands were resting on the wall. Martin is fucking her pussy from behind.

Maria: Oh yes! Harder!

Martin had her hands on Maria’s hips and he’s fucking her fast. He has a nice big black cock.

Maria: Give it to me! Ughh!
Martin: Oh yeah, take it, boss!
Maria: Shh! Keep it down Martin! Just get me off with that big black cock of yours as quickly as you can. That’s an order!

Georgina was in a huge shock. She slowly got down from the toilet seat and was just wondering what the hell was going on.

Georgina: (Oh my God! Martin and Maria are fuck buddies! I knew it!)

Maria: Pound me, Martin! I’m so close!!!

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Georgina: (I’m going to record the conversation! It might come in handy a little later.)

Georgina started recording everything on her phone.

Martin: Oh Maria!
Maria: Boss! Call me Boss! And keep talking dirty to me!
Martin: Oh yeah Boss! Take that big black dick in your tight fucking pussy!

Georgina: (This is incredible. I wonder how long it’s been going on for? It’s sure sounded like Maria was the one in control of the situation though.)

Georgina kept thinking.

Georgina: (She’s such a whore. She probably threatened Martin’s job if he didn’t meet her dirty demands. I better get out of here before they see me. I could use this recording to maybe shake things up around here. She treats Aafi like her lap dog.)

Georgina carefully headed out of the restroom.

Georgina: (Once they’re done, I’ll approach Maria and have a list of demands for her. I’ll threaten to show this to her father if she fails to comply. Maybe she could make life easier for the rest of us if she wasn’t in the office as often.)

She came back to the lobby.

Georgina: Meaning I could have some more alone time with Aafi. Just the idea of a late-night session of making out in the office with him is getting me turned on right now.

She’s again fantasizing about me.

Georgina: I can already picture him eating my pussy while my legs are spread wide on his desk. And even having him stick his tongue in my ass. Snap out of it, Georgina! They’ll be out any minute!

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]

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