Dating My Daughter – Part 14


Amy and I boarded the plane to go to the beach. We reached there in the afternoon. We were at the beach. It was very clean.

Me: Here we are.
Amy: Wow! It looks so beautiful.
Me: With you here, it is even more beautiful.
Amy: Aw, thank you for saying that. Feel that breeze, it is so fresh.

Me: It sure is honey. Come on, let’s go get ourselves set up over there.
Amy: Dad?
Me: Yes, honey?
Amy: Where can I get changed?

Me: Oh, yes. I forgot. You can get changed there in the stalls.
Amy: All right. I’ll be back in a minute.
Me: Okay.

Amy went into the stalls to change her clothes. The beach was almost empty. So not many people were around. There are many wooden huts to relax. They were on top of the water. I went to the one where no one was there and got everything ready. Amy was wearing a towel to cover her body, especially the breast.

Me: Why have you got your towel on?
Amy: Thing is the bikini Elena let me borrow feels tight. And I’ve never worn anything like this before.
Me: Anything you wear is always perfect.

She took off the towel. Oh my God! She was looking so sexy and hot. She’s wearing a red color bikini. She’s right, the bikini was too small for her. I can almost see her nipples.

She could barely cover her boobs. I could see her brownish nipple-areola. Her boobs were crushing each other. Even her panty was just covering her pussy and a little bit of ass. Her butts were poking out.

Amy: How do I look?

I was staring at her boobs in shock.

Amy: Well? You know you can stop staring.
Me: I’m sorry, honey.
Amy: I know it looks bad on me.

Me: Oh no! You look so beautiful in that bikini.
Amy: Thanks.
Me: So…

Man, I don’t know what to say right now. I’m speechless.

Me: How do you like it here?
Amy: It’s not that busy. Plenty of room. I like it.
Me: Looks like we picked a good day to come. So what would you like to do?
Amy: I don’t know. It’s my first time here.

I couldn’t control it. I french kissed her for a few seconds.

Amy: Ehm, Dad. We are in public.
Me: Well honey, nobody knows us here. I don’t think that should be a problem.
Amy: I guess you’re right, as always. But besides kissing, what else should we do?

Me: Do you want to relax for a while?
Amy: Okay.

We were lying on the beach sleeping chairs in the open hut. Amy was on my left. Gosh! She looked really beautiful in that red bikini. No one was around where we were.

Me: It’s scorching hot, isn’t it?
Amy: Yeah, I love it!
Me: Do you think some lotion might help?
Amy: Did you bring it?

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Me: Sure, I always think of my baby’s well-being.
Amy: Thanks, daddy!
Me: Would you like me to put it on you?
Amy: Would you do that?

I took out the lotion from my back. I kissed Amy again with some tongue action.

Me: Sure princess! Come on, face down!
Amy: Okay.

I made Amy lie on her stomach. I poured some lotion on her back and some in my hand and started rubbing it all over her. God! I like the feeling of her skin.

Amy: Oh, I like it.
Me: Heh, this too is a kind of massage.
Amy: Last time you said you took some classes. When did it happen?

Me: Yeah. I was very young, just a couple of years older than you. You won’t believe it.
Amy: Oh, tell me.

Me: In college, there were these special courses offered by the Students Union. They would pay yoga masters, dance instructors. And also professional masseurs to teach their craft to whoever was interested.
Amy: Oh.

Me: They even had a traditional Japanese drummer!
Amy: Really?

Amy seems relaxed. I wonder if I can venture lower than her back. I mean, now she feels comfortable when I touch her tits. I guess she won’t mind if I smear some lotion on her buttocks too…

Me: Yeah, he had these HUGE drums, they were taller than him!

I kept my hands on her buttocks and started applying some lotion there. Good, she doesn’t seem to mind my hands on her butts. I slowly started massaging them with both my hands. I stopped after a few seconds. I got a hard-on while massaging her buttocks!

Me: Okay sweetheart, now on your back!
Amy: Of course, dad!
Me: Ok honey, I’ll do your legs now.

She turned herself and was now lying on her back. I started with her legs first. I applied some lotion on her thighs and massaged them.

Amy: Mmm, I like this.

God, her ass was so sweet. I wish I could touch her some more.

Me: Time to glaze your belly!

I started rubbing her belly with the lotion. My eyes were stuck on her boobs again. It doesn’t matter how many times I look at them. Her boobs are always mesmerizing. I wonder if she’d like me to massage them now.

Better not, we are in public, if people noticed it would be embarrassing for her.

Me: Okay honey, now you can sit up. I need to rub your shoulders.

I finished rubbing her shoulders too. Only her face was remaining.

Me: Do you think you can rub the lotion on your face by yourself?
Amy: Sure! And daddy… Thanks! Mwah!

She kissed me for helping her.

Amy: Oh dad, what about you?
Me: Ah, don’t worry, I’m used to this sun.
Amy: Oh, a real tough boy, aren’t you?
Me: Yeah, something like that.

Damn, I’m an idiot. Why would I say that? I would have liked to feel her hands on me. Well, maybe some other time.

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Me: Let’s take a walk.
Amy: Yes! I want to explore the beach!

We walked around the beach to explore. We were in a place where we saw a lot of rocks in one part of the beach. It looked really beautiful.

Me: So, are you enjoying a beach date with your old man?
Amy: Yes! Maybe next time we can bring the others as well?
Me: Speaking of that, have you got any news from Elena? She was supposed to be here by now.

Amy: I don’t know. I’ll have to text her later to see if everything is okay.
Me: Of course! But truth be told, I just wanted you for myself for a little while longer.

Amy: Because I’m leaving soon?
Me: Yes and well, I missed so many years with you and I’d love to make them all up.

Suddenly a couple walked towards us. Amy and I were in complete shock seeing the couple.

Guy: Hello, beautiful people.
Amy: What the…?
Guy: Enjoying the beach?
Me: Wow!

They were completely naked. Not even one piece of cloth on their body. The lady was looking hot, with firm breasts and clean shaved pussy. The lady looked pretty young for the man. They both have brown skin. The lady has long brown hair and her boobs were pretty beautiful and 34 size.

Me: You are…
Amy: Completely naked!
Man: Of course! This is a nudist beach after all! You’re the weird ones with your clothes on.

Me: I guess he’s right. Let’s go, honey.
Woman: Hey, wait! Don’t be afraid of showing your body in public. We were scared the first time as well! But after a while, you get used to it!

Man: We love doing this now. And, as you can see, nobody is aroused. It’s all normal!
Me: Well you guys look like a cute couple. But this is my daughter and…

Woman: She’s family? What a coincidence!
Man: We’re not a couple either. She’s also my daughter! It’s quite normal, girl. I bet your father has seen you naked since you were little. Haven’t you?

Me: Well, I… She’s a lot older now and she’s changed a lot since she was a little girl. Besides, where I come from, we aren’t usually naked!
Woman: Well, we aren’t naked all the time. But there is no shame in doing this, as I said. It’s just the body you’re stuck with. Better make the most of it, right?

Man: Either way, if you guys don’t feel comfortable naked, we won’t pressure you guys. Have a nice day!
Woman: Come on dad, race you to the water!

Man: The last one makes dinner tonight!
Woman: Deal!

They both took off. Amy was pretty uncomfortable about it.

Me: I’m sorry, honey. I didn’t know there was a nudist beach around here.
Amy: No need to say sorry dad, as you said, you didn’t know. But they were family.

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Me: I know. Strange, right? Come on, let’s go to the main beach.
Amy: All right.

Oh my God, there were naked people everywhere. I think it was a mistake to explore that part of the island. We took off from that nudist beach. Meanwhile, the woman and the man were having a conversation after we left. They were taking a walk on the nude beach.

Woman: You scared them off!
Man: It would appear so. Shame. The girl had a nice body.
Woman: Better than mine?

Man: Of course not, darling. You’re my daughter. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world.
Woman: I love it when you say that.

The girl suddenly grabbed the man’s penis. It was a medium-size dick.

Man: Hey! Let’s not do that here. People are going to see us.
Woman: So what? Are you afraid people are going to discover our secret?

The man grabbed the woman’s ass with his left hand.

Man: Of course not. Come on, let’s go behind that rock. I’m going to fuck the hell out of you.
Woman: How romantic!

They both went behind the huge rock. The girl didn’t waste any time getting on her knees. She took the man’s cock in her mouth and started blowing it. Holy fuck! They are father and daughter and the daughter is sucking his daddy’s cock. She started taking his cock deeper.

The man was thoroughly enjoying it. The man was about to cum. His daughter stopped and then stood up with her hands resting on the rock. The man inserted his dick from behind and started fucking her daughter. The girl was moaning heavily. Luckily there was no one around them in that area.

After 5 minutes of fuck, the man was about to explode. The daughter asked the man to cum on her breasts. He happily obliged by shooting all his cum on those beautiful puppies.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]

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