Dating My Daughter – Part 15


Amy and I walked back to the main beach. She still shook about the father and daughter who were roaming naked in the nude beach.

Me: Hey honey, why don’t we go and get ice cream?
Amy: Really? I love ice cream.

We went to the bar to buy ice cream.

Me: Hi!
Guy: Hello. What can I get both of you today?
Me: We’ll have two single scoops. One of chocolate and the other of…
Amy: Strawberry. In a cone.

Me: You heard the lady.
Guy: Certainly Sir, that will be 3.99 and… Might I add what a beautiful girlfriend you have?
Me: Thank you, but…

The guy vanished before I finished my sentence.

Me: And he’s gone.
Amy: Does he think that I am your girlfriend, daddy?
Me: It would appear so.
Amy: Let us have a little fun with him.

Me: What do you have in mind?
Amy: Just play along.
Guy: Here are your ice cream cones.
Me: Thank you. Here you go, honey.

I gave her the cone with Strawberry scoop.

Amy: Thank you so much for the ice cream. Now for your gift, my lovely boyfriend.

She kissed me in front of the guy. Oh, with a lot of tongue action.

Me: Why thank you, my love. I did not expect you to do that with the barman looking at us!
Amy: Why not? As you said, nobody knows us here. And I’m pretending to be your girlfriend. The barman can look all he wants! Is that wrong?

Me: No, no. I kind of enjoyed it.
Amy: Really? I did too!
Me: You know. Maybe we have been worrying too much about other people. If we both like it we might as well do this without caring for strangers. What do you say?

Amy: If you keep acting like a gentleman with me we can keep doing it. But not in front of my friends.

Me: Yeah, the same rule applies just as the kiss. Great, now let’s finish these ice cream.
Amy: Oh! I spilled it down on me.

A little scoop of ice cream fell on her cleavage when Amy was eating her cone. Wow! It was sitting right in between those huge boobs.

Me: Oh my. We best clean it up otherwise you will get all sticky. Why not let me clean it off you?
Amy: Okay, but be gentle.
Me: I always am.

I decided to do it naughtily. I brought my mouth near her boobs where the ice cream fell. I licked the scoop clean with the help of my tongue.

Amy was surprised by my act, but she liked the way my tongue touched her cleavage.

Amy: Thank you. I feel a lot cleaner now.
Me: You’re welcome, honey.

After leaving the beach, we decided to go to the gaming zone which was close by. We were in a bowling alley. There were around ten lanes of bowling. There was a separate area for arcade games and cafeteria. We decided to do bowling first and then arcade games.

Me: Let’s grab some shoes and a lane, and I’ll show you how much fun it can be.

We went to the shoe counter. There’s a hot lady probably in her 30s. She’s wearing a sweat t-shirt and tight leggings. From the shape of her boobs, they looked pretty big. She noticed me checking her out.

Lady: Hey guys, how can I help you?
Me: A lane for my daughter and me, please?

She gave us our size shows and then we headed to the lane. Amy didn’t know how to bowl. So I explained to her how to do it. After some failed attempts I taught her by standing behind her and guiding her hands. We continued to play and Amy was getting good on her own.

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I wanted to take a leak.

Me: Honey! I am going to use the washroom quickly.
Amy: Ok, daddy!

I went to the washroom. There was no one around. After taking a leak, I was about to exit. The lady from the shoe counter entered the washroom.

Me: Oh my! Am I in the wrong washroom?
Lady: Haha! Relax you are in the right place.
Me: Oh what are you doing here then?
Lady: I saw you checking me out at the counter.

I was a bit embarrassed when she told me that.

Lady: Chill! I don’t mind you checking me out. There are not many people around here who stare at me.
Me: Oh you like getting checked out, is it?
Lady: Only if he is a stud like you.

She winked at me. I stood there dumbstruck by her comments. She suddenly came forward and kissed me on my lips. Oh boy! I couldn’t believe it. This must be my lucky day.

I kissed her back and soon our tongues started exploring each other. She quickly took me into one of the toilet cabins. I exposed her boobs as soon as we entered. I was right! They were really huge, around 40 size. I started sucking and biting her nipples. She was loving it.

Lady: We don’t have much time. So you better start fucking me.
Me: As you wish, my lady!

I turned her around and pulled her leggings down. Her panty also slid right down along with her leggings. Her pussy was already wet and she’s waiting for me to push my dick in. I unzipped my pants and pulled my huge cock out.

She was shocked seeing such a huge cock. I pushed my cock inside her pussy from behind. Surprisingly it slid without any trouble. Oh, she is such a slut!

Lady: Pull my hair and fuck me hard.

I obliged by pulling her hair and moving my dick in and out. I increased my pace. She was moaning like hell. Thankfully no one was there in the washroom at that time.

She asked me to fuck her faster. Oh my, she has got some really good stamina. I gave in full and started thrusting her harder and faster. She started rubbing her clit while I fucked her pussy. After a few hard pushes, she had her orgasm.

Lady: Aahh! After a long time, I have been fucked like this.
Me: Oh yeah! I am about to cum.

She removed my cock and started to suck it. She sometimes took my dick deep inside. It was touching her throat. I shot my cum in no time. She licked my cock dry.

Lady: Thank you! I was starving for a good fuck for many days.
Me: My pleasure!
Lady: Stop by anytime if you want more.

I happily accepted the offer. I went back to the bowling area. After playing for some time, Amy and I left the bowling alley.

Me: Hey, do you want to try some clothes on? Stores around here seem to have a lot of nice dresses. Maybe I could buy you one. What do you say?
Amy: Really? I’d love that.

We went shopping. There were a lot of clothes all around the store.

Amy: Oh, so many great dresses. I’m going to take a few and try them on. Hopefully, I’ll find the right dress for when we go out for dinner sometime.
Me: Maybe we should go tonight. What do you say?

Amy: That’d be awesome!
Me: Okay, go ahead darling. I’ll wait here.
Amy: What? No, you’re coming with me.

She took me near to the changing room and asked me to stay there till she changed. She called me in after trying a green dress. It was plain dark green with full sleeves. It looked like a normal nothing fancy dress.

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Amy: What do you think of this one?
Me: Not bad sweetheart.

She called me in again. This time she’s wearing a black dress which was very short and just covered her ass. It was one of those dresses that start from the breast, which has no sleeves. She had a golden necklace on her chest.

She was looking hot. It showed a lot of the cleavage and her top breast exposed as the dress started from her breast region.

Amy: How about this one?
Me: Much better.
Amy: All right. I have one more to try on.

After putting the third one she called me in again.

Amy: Dad! Could you come here for a sec?
Me: Of course honey.
Amy: So, what do you think?

Oh wow! This was looking hot too. She’s wearing a pink color dress. It’s backless and sleeveless. It had a huge cleavage and most of her boobs exposed in the middle. It was a knee-length dress.

Me: Wow! You look amazing!
Amy: Really?
Me: Absolutely! Eleven out of ten!
Amy: Thanks.

I kissed her for looking beautiful. It turned into a French kiss. I grabbed her boobs with my hands.

Amy: Okay, Dad. I have to get changed. I’ll be out in a minute.

She came back after changing.

Amy: Which one did you like the most?

I was confused between the black and the pink one. The pink one makes her look really beautiful and the black one makes her look sexy and hot.

Me: I think I liked the black dress.
Amy: So can I get that one then?

Me: Absolutely. Anything for my little girl. Consider today’s shopping my gift to you before you head home. I’ll even pay for some shoes as well if you’d like?
Amy: Thanks, Daddy! I’ll take a final look at the dress and then we can go.

Amy went back to the changing room to give it one final try.

Amy: Daddy, can you come in here. I’m stuck!
Me: I’ll get the shop assistant!

Amy: No! I want you. I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of a total stranger!
Me: Okay, one second.

I went inside the changing room. Amy was facing the other side. Her hands were trying to hook the dress from behind.

Amy: Can you help me out of this?
Me: Sure, let me just adjust this.

I quickly hooked the dress. She turned around.

Amy: Thanks!
Me: Looks like it was caught on some of the fabric.
Amy: Thanks so much daddy. Like I said I didn’t want to embarrass myself for-

Before she could finish, suddenly her boobs got exposed. The clothing couldn’t stick on her boobs as they were huge.

Amy didn’t realize that. I saw her naked boobs for the first time. Those are pretty huge and she’s got very big nipples.

Me: Oh my God!
Amy: What?
Me: Your dress…

Amy looked down and then realized.

Amy: Oh!
Me: I’m so sorry honey.

She quickly covers her nipples with her right hand.

Me: I’ll go wait for you outside.

Amy was not mad about it. She’s getting used to things happening like that. She got dressed and we purchased that dress anyway as she told she will manage it.

Amy: Where should we go now?
Me: Everything set for our dinner tonight?
Amy: Yes! I’ve got a fantastic dress! Thanks so much!
Me: You’re welcome, honey.

Me: Come on, let’s go find a nice restaurant. Our flight back home leaves in about 2 hours.
Amy: Okay.

We found a nice restaurant. It had a nice ambiance. We both ordered steak and green peas. It looked nice. She asked me about her mom and how did the divorce happen.

Amy: The truth? Please, Daddy, I need to know!
Me: Okay, but this stays between you and me.
Amy: Of course!

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Me: When you were little, she accused me multiple times of having an affair with her best friend. And despite no proof of that, I found your mother in bed with Brad when I came home early from work one day.

Amy: Geez! So what happened after you saw her with Brad?
Me: Your mom and I had a huge fight. We said some regrettable things to each other. Stuff that you can’t take back. I lost my temper, I punched Brad a few times.

Amy: So, you really didn’t have an affair? That’s what Mom always told me.
Me: No sweetheart. I was never unfaithful to your mother. Honey, please! Remember to keep these things between us.

Amy: I don’t know what to say.
Me: It’s okay, sweetheart. I just hope you can understand why I couldn’t be there for you all this time. But believe me, when I say, I never stopped thinking about you.
Amy: I love you, dad.

After that intense talk, it was time to make the situation light. We called Elena to check why she hasn’t come here yet. We got to know that there’s a storm at our place so she couldn’t make it.

All the planes have been grounded. So Amy and I were stuck on the island, so we decided to get a hotel to stay for the night.

Meanwhile, at Elena’s place, she was alone once again. She’s lying on the bed in her t-shirt and panties.

Elena: Damn! I so wanted to go to the beach today. I guess I’m out of luck. At least, Amy is having fun. In the meantime, I could have a little fun by myself.

Elena spread her legs wide and started rubbing her pussy over her panties with her left hand.

Elena: I’ve missed the chance to see Aafi in swimwear. I can’t stop thinking about him now.

She took her panties off and started feeling her slightly wet pussy. She started rubbing her clit with her left middle finger.

Elena: Oh yeah! I know what to do. I’ll try the golden dildo again. I’m sure it will fit this time.

She quickly grabbed the hug dildo in her hand. She licked the dildo head to make it wet. She laid back on the bed and lifted her right leg in the air. She guided the dildo head inside her pussy.

Elena: Oh my God! It fits. Barely…

She started moving the dildo in and out slowly. Only one-third of the dildo was able to penetrate her. With her left hand, she continued to rub her clit.

Elena: I should get used to its size as Aafi is bigger than this. But it hurts when I try to push it deeper. Damn!

She kept moving the dildo in and out for 10 minutes. She took the dildo out and licked her pussy juices out of it.

Elena: I’m sorry, Jen. But I won’t give your dildo back anytime soon. I need to keep practicing.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]

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