Dating My Daughter – Part 16 (A Surprise At The Swimming Pool)


Amy and I booked a hotel to stay the night. We entered our room. It was pretty big and comfortable.

Me: Well, here we are.
Amy: It seems like it just started raining.
Me: Then we made it just in time.
Amy: This room is incredible, Dad!

It is one long area divided into two parts. In one area there’s a sofa and TV and in another, there’s a king-size bed.

Me: Yeah, it is something. It looks like just the one bed in here.
Amy: Good! A nice king-sized bed just for you and me so we can snuggle under the cover.
Me: I’m going to get changed. You should too.

Amy: About that…I didn’t pack my nightie because I thought we’d be going home tonight.
Me: Oh! I can lend you a shirt if you want?
Amy: No!

Me: Then you’ll have to sleep in your underwear.
Amy: I’m not so sure about this, Daddy.
Me: Don’t be shy honey. What are you afraid of?

Amy: That you might think I’m weird for being so insecure about this or that you might not like the way I look.

Me: I would never think that way about you. And you should be proud of your body no matter what! You’re a young woman now. With a great personality, a lovely smile, and a figure that most girls your age I’m sure would envy.

Amy: Dad! Don’t say that.
Me: What? I’m just telling you the truth. Trust me, you have nothing to worry about. You’re beautiful on the outside, just as you are on the inside.

Amy: That’s the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me, Dad! Thank you. You’ve convinced me.
Me: All right! Let’s get changed then.

We both got changed. I was turning the other way when Amy was changing.

Amy: Dad? I’m ready.

I turned around towards Amy. Oh my God! She’s looking so hot. She’s wearing a black bra with a small maroon color patch on her pads. She’s wearing a matching color panty. Her whole cleavage is exposed. There a tiny knot in the center to hold those bra pads.

Her butt was poking out due to the tightness of her panty.

Me: Wow!

I couldn’t help but stare at those huge boobs.

Amy: Please don’t look too much. It’s not my best underwear.
Me: You look amazing!
Amy: Really? Thanks.

Me: You know. If it’s okay with you, you could sleep in your underwear from now on.
Amy: Okay, I’ll think about it.

We both sat on the sofa and switched on the TV. Amy looked like she was thinking about something.

Me: Everything alright, honey?
Amy: It’s just my feet are killing me after today. All that walking on the beach and at the shops, then walking in heels at dinner has taken its toll.

Me: Would you like me to message them for you?
Amy: That’d be great!

I made her lie flat on her back. I admired her curvy body for a while. That bellybutton looked really cute. I started massaging her feet.

Me: Let’s try the other foot shall we?
Amy: Oh, that feels incredible! Maybe you chose the wrong job dad, you should have been a professional masseuse! Your hands feel amazing!

Me: Why don’t you lay on the bed then, so you can have a full session with your personal professional masseuse?
Amy: Oh daddy, yes, please! I was hoping you would say that!

She kissed me. She was now lying on her stomach on the bed. These massages. It’s like I’m trying to seduce her. I started massaging her legs.

Me: Are you okay, honey? Do you like it?
Amy: Yes! Please continue.
My hands moved to her thighs and then I placed them on her buttocks. My hands were resting on her butts and I started kneading her ass. Wow, it seems she likes it! After feeling those lovely bums, I moved up to massage her back.

Amy: Uh, I needed this!
Me: We are just halfway done, honey. Could you please, turn around?

She turned around and lay on her back. I started rubbing her belly and massaging her stomach. Then I placed my hands on her boobs. Her bra was still on. I started rubbing and massaging her boobs. Amy was perfectly comfortable with that.

Me: Are you okay, honey?
Amy: Yes.

Amy was rubbing her legs together while I was pressing her boobs. She must be really relaxed, just enjoying the feelings. I slowly teased her nipples with my finger.

Amy: Ehm… Daddy?
Me: Yes, honey?
Amy: Uh… I’m starting to get a bit uncomfortable in this position, maybe we should move?

I didn’t want to push my luck.

Me: You’re right. Let’s get up for a moment.

Amy got up and sat on the bed.

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Me: Honey, can I ask if the problem is that you were feeling, you know, a bit over-stimulated?
Amy: Daddy! Why would you?

Me: Well if it’s that, it’s not a big deal. Massaged are supposed to be pleasant and they can trigger all kinds of bodily responses. Nothing to be embarrassed about.
Amy: Well I AM embarrassed now!

Me: No need to. That’s perfectly normal. It would happen to everybody.
Amy: Maybe that’s true. It’s the first time someone gave me a massage like this.
Me: To be honest, I was a bit nervous too.
Amy: Really?

Me: Yes. You’re my daughter. I was afraid that you could get upset if I did something wrong.
Amy: Thanks, daddy.

She kissed me on my lips. After massaging her a bit more, we were both tired and fell asleep pretty soon.

I woke up in the middle of the night. It’s still raining outside and it’s not morning yet. I turned to my right to check on Amy. Weird, she wasn’t there. I was wondering where she could be.

Amy: Hi Dad!

Oh my, she is sitting on top of my legs in her bra and panty.

Me: Hi honey! What are you doing there?
Amy: I couldn’t sleep.
Me: Why not?
Amy: I wanted to see something. Your penis.

I was startled by her words.

Me: What?
Amy: This bra is too tight.

She unhooked her bra from behind and threw it aside. She’s sitting on my legs with her boobs exposed.

Amy: Oh! Now it’s better.

What the hell is she doing?

Me: Look, honey.
Amy: Shhh! You need to loosen your loins, don’t you?

What? She was talking about my underwear. I didn’t realize but I had a huge hard-on in my underwear.

Amy: It seems like it’s pushing to get out of there.

She bent forward and toucher my crotch with her hands.

Amy: It must hurt a lot, doesn’t it?

Oh, God! She suddenly removed my underwear and exposed my rock hard dick.

Amy: My God! It’s so big! How can you walk with this thing?
Me: Please, honey.

She rested her boobs on my thighs. Her face was just in front of my dick. She started rubbing and feeling my cock in her hands.

Amy: Relax daddy. I know exactly what to do to make you feel better. A special kiss!

She kissed my cock tip with her soft lips. She slowly started licking the tip with her juicy tongue. Suddenly I woke up again. Oh fuck, that was one hell of a dream I had. It was just a dream. I saw her sleeping like a baby next to me in her bra and panty.

It was morning already. Yesterday was good, hopping on a plane with my little girl, visiting the beach for the first time. She looked beautiful in that bikini! Elena’s bikini. I was lucky that Amy didn’t catch Elena and me fooling around yesterday morning on the sofa.

Though the thrill of getting caught was exhilarating, I must say! Hmmm, sleeping with a teenager? Just about every grown man’s fantasy, right? But I can only imagine how Amy would react if she found out I was having a relationship with her best friend!

Amy always says that she loves me. Calls me the perfect gentleman and even allows me to touch her breasts without feeling too weird about it. She looks so sexy in her underwear. She’s like an angel when she sleeps.

Me: Honey, time to get up.

She didn’t respond. Maybe if I lightly caress her chest, then she might soon wake up. I started to feel her boobs in my hand. Her nipples are so stiff. I can feel them through her bra! I moved my hands to feel her soft buttocks. I started pressing her boobs again.

Me: Morning sweetheart.
Amy: Massaging to me again?

Me: Yeah. I tried to wake you but you were fast asleep. I thought I’d give you a gentle chest massage to help you wake up in a relaxed state. Is that okay?
Amy: Yes. It felt nice. I was having a wonderful dream about the beach yesterday.

Me: Really? Did you sleep alright?
Amy: Pretty good Daddy. I always sleep well when I’m with you.
Me: Thanks so much honey.

I called the airport to check about the flights.

Girl: I am afraid the next available flight won’t be for a couple of days.
Me: What?! Why? The weather seems back to normal to me.
Girl: You are right, but our airstrips have suffered some severe damages from the storm last night.

Me: How is that even possible! You should be prepared for these kinds of emergencies!
Girl: This is a small airport sir, in a minor holiday destination. The storm happened suddenly. We didn’t have time to prepare properly.

Me: Are you sure there is no way that we…?
Girl: I’m afraid not sir. I’ll tell you something. Just a moment before you called I was speaking with the entourage of Koko and they…
Me: Wait, who?

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Girl: You don’t know her, sir? She is a very popular singer among teenagers right now. She took a quick vacation here but had a big concert planned for tonight in another city. Now she is blocked too. Believe me, sir, if we couldn’t help her, you can say most assured that we cannot help you either. I’m sorry!

Me: Well I am, too.
Girl: If you try calling tomorrow, I’m sure we’ll be able to be more precise.
Amy: So, how did it go?
Me: Bad. We are stuck here for the next couple of days.

Amy: Really? That means more time for the two of us!
Me: Yeah.
Amy: Aren’t you happy with that?
Me: Well honey, sure I am. But still, these accidents unsettle me.

Amy: Oh come on, don’t be old on me now! This is an adventure!
Me: You know, I think we are lucky, but some people will have real problems because of this accident. The receptionist mentioned that some singer called Koko is stuck here too, and she-

Amy: Wait, what? Koko is here?
Me: Uh? Do you know her?
Amy: Oh God dad, of course, I know her! I cannot believe YOU don’t know her! She is wonderful!

Amy was a huge fan of Koko. She was singing some Koko’s song. She was excited about knowing Koko was on the same island.

Me: So, are we ready to go out? I’m starving.
Amy: Yes! Let’s have breakfast! But first, Dad, could you do me a favor?
Me: Yes honey, what is it?

Amy: It’s very windy outside and I only have a skirt to wear. I was hoping if we could buy some more clothes.
Me: Okay honey!

She kissed me and then she hurried into the bathroom for a quick shower. She was all naked and lying in the bathtub.

Amy: (Wow! My body feels amazing! I’m so full of energy! And no pain at all! Why is that? Maybe it’s dad’s massage. He has some serious skills.)

She’s touching her boobs while thinking about my massages.

Amy: (I can’t believe a simple massage could do this to a person. I’m going to ask him for another one tonight!)

I was watching TV while Amy was bathing. There was a knock on the door.

Me: Who is it?
Guy: Room service.

I opened the door. He inquired about our stay.

Guy: Sir, forgive me but I forgot to give you something last night.
Me: Oh, what is it?
Guy: Here!

Oh my, there was a pack of condoms in his hand.

Guy: We are required by law to offer condoms to every client. I couldn’t give it to you as you arrived pretty late yesterday.
Me: Okay. Thanks, I guess.

He left after handing the condom pack. Amy was back from the shower. I hid the condom pack before she could notice. We headed to the clothing shop which we went to yesterday. She tried some clothes and asked me to come in and give my opinion.

Amy: What do you think?

She’s wearing a greenish color top. It’s sleeveless, deep neck and it just covers her boobs. Her belly is completely exposed. And she’s wearing shorts.

Amy: Nice, isn’t it?
Me: Yup! You look beautiful, honey.

We went out to buy that one. We went to the receptionist.

Employee: Congratulations!
Amy: Huh?
Employee: You guys are our 1000th customer!
Amy: Wow!

Employee: Yes! And since you bought something today, you’ll receive an extra type of clothing for free!
Amy: Did you hear that?
Me: Yes! That sounds amazing, honey!

She got the choice of bikini or gym clothes. We decided to go with the bikini. She got a white bikini. But it was very different from a normal bikini. It is half cupped, so it only covers half of her boobs. It has strings only in the back and nothing on the shoulders.

We got both the clothes and headed to have some breakfast. After that, we decided to visit the private swimming pool to try out her new bikini. There was no one around. The pool was empty. Amy and I settled on the resting chairs on the side of the pool. I went to buy some drinks as it was really hot.

When I came back with the drinks, Amy was asleep on the chair already. I was about to wake her up, some lady called me out.

Oh my, she was really hot. She’s wearing a black bikini and has like 32 size breasts. She’s got short maroon color hair with brown eyes. She looked like she was in her early thirties.

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Christina: Hi!
Me: Hi! Sorry, do I know you?
Christina: Sorry to bother you. I had trouble opening this sunscreen lotion.

She showed me the bottle of lotion.

Christina: I’m a bit of a klutz! Mind helping me?
Me: Sure!
Christina: Thanks so much! By the way, I’m Christina.
Me: I’m Aafi. Nice to meet you, Christina.

Christina: Nice to meet you too, Aafi. So, are you here alone?
Me: Actually, I’m here with my daughter. She’s sleeping over there.
Christina: Oh I see. I’m here alone. I just got out of a nasty breakup and needed a getaway. I was looking for some fun. If you know what I mean.

Oh my, she is being so direct about it. I saw Amy sleeping as an opportunity. So I thought why not have some fun.

Me: Oh! So, what do you have in mind?

She suddenly kissed me on my lips without warning me.

Christina: How about we head back to the changing room and you can show me what you’re hiding underneath there, huh?
Me: All right. Let’s go!
Christina: Honey, you have NO idea what these lips and mouth are capable of…

Wow! That turned me on. We both carefully entered into the changing room. She didn’t waste any time getting on her knees. She unzipped my pants and started licking my cock length.

Christina: Oh my! You are so big. My ex is not even half of your size.

She started licking my whole dick like ice cream. I untwined the knot of her bikini string and exposed her boobs. Wow! She had very petite but very soft boobs. I started pressing and feeling them in my hands while she sucked my cock. She started twirling her tongue when my cock was inside her mouth.

Oh god, she is fast and aggressive. I was about to cum. But I wanted to return her the favor. I stopped her and made her stand. I took her panty off.

Me: Are you ready for this monster inside you?
Christina: Oh yes I am!

I lifted her in my arms. She was lightweight. Her hands were around my neck and on my back. I slowly made her sit on my cock. I was holding her with my hands on her butt. Soon she wrapped her legs around my butt. I started moving her up and down on my cock.

Because of her tight pussy, she could only take half of my dick. But to my surprise, she started jumping harder and faster trying to take my dick fully inside her. After four or five forceful jumps finally, my whole cock was inside her.

Christina: Oh my! You are so deep inside me! I have never been fucked by a cock this huge.
Me: Oh yeah! Do you like the feeling of my huge cock inside you?
Christina: Yes, Aafi! Fuck me! I want to feel every inch of your cock inside me.

I got turned on more and started moving her up and down on my dick. She was in sync and was pushing her self deeper while coming down on my dick. We were moaning heavily and after 10 minutes of fuck, she had a huge orgasm. I was about to cum too.

She wanted to taste my cum, so once again she started blowing my cock. She is licking and tasting her cum. I shot my load in no time. She drank it all in without wasting a drop.

Christina: You taste so good Aafi! Thank you for making this trip special.
Me: My pleasure. How long is your trip?
Christina: Actually, I was driving home tonight. Glad I could at least got to try that monster dick. Surely this trip is memorable because of you.

We kissed again and then she headed out. Thankfully Amy was still sleeping on the chair on the deck of the swimming pool. I went to wake her up.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at ItsAaf[email protected]

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