Dating My Daughter – Part 17 (Fun In The Sun)


I am back with this series. My quick intro. My name is Aafi. This is a fantasy fictional story. I’m a divorced 41-year-old guy who has a beautiful and young daughter, Amy. She just turned 19 and I haven’t seen Amy in almost 10 years. But now she has come down to meet me. So this is what happened next.

After that surprised hook up with Christina, I headed back to check on Amy. She was still sleeping soundly on the deck chair. I woke her up.

Amy: Oh I fell asleep! Sorry, daddy! How long was I out?
Me: Not long honey!

She stood up to check on the water.

Amy: Wow, this looks great! The water looks really warm. I can’t wait to get in!
Me: Yeah it does look good. You look amazing in that white bikini sweetheart!
Amy: Thanks, daddy! I’m glad that you like it! Can I ask you a favor? Can you take a pic of me? I want to show it to Elena.

I took a picture of her in the bikini.

Me: Done! You probably should put some suntan lotion on. It’s going to be another hot one today.
Amy: Can you do my legs, back, and shoulders? I find it had to reach back there. Besides, I love it when you put the cream all over me.

Wow, that sounded so dirty! Amy quickly lied on her stomach on the chair. I started applying the lotion on her legs.

Amy: Mmm, that feels so good. Take your time dad! I’m not going anywhere.
Me: Okay. There you go honey, all done.
Amy: Thanks! Now I’ll do you. Don’t want your skin to turn red now do we?

Me: Honey, you don’t have to.
Amy: No please, I insist.
Me: Okay.

Amy started applying the lotion to my body.

Amy: You’re so tense, Dad, just relax.
Me: I’ll try honey. I probably should’ve had more water this morning. I’m starting to feel a little dizzy from this heat.

Amy: We’ll be in the pool shortly Dad so you can cool off. Don’t worry! Just need to do your legs first.

She started applying the lotion on my legs. Ah! Those soft hands of her.

Amy: Do you like it, daddy?
Me: Yes! You’re getting better at this.
Amy: Thanks! I have a great teacher! Okay, now your chest, and we’re done. Just relax okay?

She started rubbing my chest with the lotion. I was getting a hard-on because of her soft touches.

Amy: (Oh my God, it seems Daddy’s penis has got hard again! And it always seems to happen when he’s around me. Poor dad!)
Me: Looks like almost done.
Amy: Yes, we’re done!

Me: Thanks so much honey!
Amy: My back hurts and since you know how to ease the pain, I wondering if you could…

Oh my, she’s hesitating to ask but I knew she was asking me to massage her boobs. I went behind her and started pressing and massaging her boobs from behind.

Me: Honey, you can tell me if you need a massage. It makes me the happiest dad in the world!
Amy: Okay!
Me: Are you ready to go for a swim now?

Amy jumped into the swimming pool with a big dive. I followed her too into the pool. The water was up to our chests. There were a few people around this time.

Amy: Oh this feels so much better!
Me: Yeah, it feels nice to cool off!
Amy: I’m having so much fun, Daddy.

She was trying to kiss me.

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Me: Not here sweetheart. People are watching.
Amy: Oh! Well then come underwater with me!
Me: All right!

We both went underwater. We both kissed inside the water. Wow! That was different. Oh wow! The bikini top was pulled down and her breasts were exposed. She quickly pulled her top back and covered her boobs. We went back up.

Me: Honey, I’m sorry.
Amy: I’m an idiot. I shouldn’t have jumped like that. You were right.

We played in the pool for some time. We went to a restaurant to have lunch.

Meanwhile, at Elena’s place.

Elena: God I’m so bored. Stupid storm, I was hoping to see Aafi in his swimming trunks. Seeing his hot body, maybe some underwater fun.

She’s wearing a top and in the bottom, she’s just wearing her panties.

Elena: Him lifting me. Shut, I’m already getting horny. Well, masturbating alone isn’t that much fun anymore. Let’s see how my favorite student is doing.

She took her phone and dialed Jen’s number.

Elena: Hey Jen! It’s me, Elena.
Jen: Oh, hi!
Elena: You up to something?
Jen: Not really, just doing my nails.

Elena: Nice, but Jen…
Jen: What?
Elena: I’m mad at you.
Jen: Mad? What? Why?

Elena: You’re late for class today. You know I don’t tolerate slacking students.
Jen: Oh, haha. I thought you were serious for a moment.
Elena: I am serious. Get your ass over here, girl.

Jen: All right! All right! I’ll be at your room in half an hour.
Elena: No, you’ll be here in 20 minutes.
Jen: Fine, 20 minutes it is.

Elena disconnected the call.

Elena: Time to prepare some stuff for her in the meantime.

After 20 odd minutes, Elena’s doorbell rang.

Elena: Oh, she’s here!

She unlocked the door and invited Jen in. Jen is wearing a sleeveless tight t-shirt and mini shorts.

Jen: Hi Elena! Wow! You’re not wearing any pants.
Elena: Hola! Welcome to mi casa.
Jen: Gracias senorita. There ends my understanding of the Spanish language.
Elena: No problemo! I’m not here to teach you Spanish.

Jen: You speak Spanish?
Elena: Si!
Jen: Say, “I’m a very naughty girl.”
Elena: Soy una chica muy traviesa.

Jen: You know I have no idea if what you are saying is truly Spanish, right?
Elena: Hey, I followed the Spanish class back in my hometown. I did my homework. What about you?
Jen: I never had Spanish class so no home…

Elena: I meant the other kind of homework.
Jen: Oh that, well…
Elena: Let’s check how good of a student you are. Come here. Starting with basics. Kissing.

Elena kept her hands on Jen’s face and pulled and started kissing her on her lips.

Elena: Mwah! Not that bad, now let’s see some tongue action.

They both started french kissing and exploring each other’s mouths.

Jen: So, miss Elena, did I improve my techniques?
Elena: It’s so so. It could be better.
Jen: Could it be better? I’ll show you!

Jen pushed Elena on the bed.

Elena: Wow! I didn’t expect that!

Jen jumped on top of Elena and started kissing her aggressively.

Jen: So?
Elena: Yes, that’s much better.
Jen: Thank you!
Elena: Well, your kissing game improved. You get an 8 out of 10 from me.

Jen: Just an 8?
Elena: There is always room for improvement. Now let’s see those titties.
Jen: What?! No!
Elena: Come on! No one is going to see us. I thought you were a good student.

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Jen took her top off. She is not wearing her bra. Gosh! She looks really cute with those tiny titties.

Elena: Come on! Don’t be shy!
Jen: It’s the first time someone sees my boobs.
Elena: They’re wonderful, girl! Now it’s my turn.

Elena took her too off. She too isn’t wearing any bra inside.

Elena: See? Nothing bad happened!
Jen: How do you do it?
Elena: Do what?
Jen: You’re so confident.

Elena: It takes practice. And that’s what I’m trying to teach you. Now lose the pants. I want to check the second part do your homework.
Jen: Oh about that, I-
Elena: No excuse, pants off girl!

Jen removed her pants. Both the girls were now in their panties. Jen had a red panty and Elena was wearing a black panty.

Elena: Oooh that’s also some nice underwear. But I’ll be removing those too.
Jen: You want me completely naked?

Elena: Hey, if you don’t want to we can stop at any time. It’s just that I enjoy doing this with you. It’s just some fun between us girls, nobody has to know. Well maybe Aafi, but I don’t think he would mind.

Jen: Haha, maybe he could watch us doing all this. Just showing our most intimate parts to him. Making him sit there while we pleasure ourselves and each other. His dick about to explode in his pants. We’d give him a good look at what we are doing. Damn! I’m talking too much.

Elena: Wow! It seems like my training is starting to pay off. I can see you fantasize about him. Now let’s take those panties off.
Jen: No! Take yours off first! If you’re so confident as you said.
Elena: As you wish.

Elena took her panties off. She was completely naked in front of Jen now.
Jen: Oh my God! I can’t believe it!
Elena: Now your turn.

Jen: (Should I stop? No Jen! I have to do this if I ever want to have a chance with Aafi.)

After thinking for a while, Jen finally took her panties off. Both the girls were in their birthday suits.

Elena: Wonderful! It looks so tight. I have just what you need. Come on! Lay back.

Jen lied flat on her back on the bed. Elena was sitting at the bottom of Jen. Jen has her legs spread wide open.

Elena: You’re so beautiful Jen. You’re going to make Aafi so happy when we leave this town.

Elena touched Jen’s pussy with her right fingers.

Jen: Shut up!
Elena: Relax! I’m going to make you feel good.

Elena inserted her right index finger inside Jen’s pussy. She started fingering Jen’s pussy with that finger.

Elena: So? How did it feel?
Jen: Good.
Elena: I’d say more than good haha. Now I’m going to make you cum!

Elena started fingering Jen with full speed.

Jen: Oh my God! What is this?
Elena: Relax and enjoy!

Elena continued to move her finger in and out faster.

Jen: God, that feels good. I’m cumming!

Jen had her orgasm.

Elena: That’s my girl!
Jen: This is fun, Elena!
Elena: See! I told you. Now it’s your turn to make me cum.

Elena lied on her back. Jen was sitting in between Elena’s legs.

Elena: Now, try to put two fingers in my pussy.
Jen: Okay. Like this?

Jen kept her right index and middle finger near Elena’s pussy.

Elena: Yes, like that!

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Jen inserted those fingers inside Elena’s pussy and started moving them in and out.

Elena: It feels way better when someone else does it.
Jen: Wow, my fingers slide in and out of your pussy so easily.
Elena: It’s simply because I’m not a virgin anymore. (And because I’ve been practicing on your mom’s dildo too!)

Jen: Oh!
Elena: Now stop talking and go faster.
Jen: Okay, I must say, it’s fun to do this with you.

Jen started fingering Elena at full pace.

Elena: Faster, please.

Jen gave it all in and moved her finger extremely fast.

Elena: Fuck, I’m cumming!

Elena orgasmed in no time.

Jen: Wow, that sounded intense.
Elena: Wow, Jen, that’s first for me.
Jen: What is?
Elena: Me cumming with the help of a girl.

Jen: I must say, I’m a bit jealous. Everything always looks and feels so easy with you.
Elena: Right, it’s because I practice a lot. I told you before!
Jen: Elena, can I go to the bathroom? I want to pee!
Elena: Sure. We’ll continue with this conversation later.

Jen was in the washroom sitting on the toilet seat.

Jen: (Wow, that was hot. I can’t believe I did that. I have to thank Elena for teaching me all those things)

Suddenly she saw something on the cabinet beside the washtub.

Jen: (Hey wait a minute, is that? What the fuck?)

She saw her mom’s dildo sitting on the stand. Jen grabbed that and went back to Elena.

Jen: Elena, what the hell is this?
Elena: What? Heh?
Jen: You took this from my home! I searched everywhere!
Elena: Hey, I was going to give it back, eventually.

Jen: Seriously Elena, what the fuck!
Elena: I’m sorry.
Jen: Well, I’m taking this back home with me. And you owe me one!

Elena: Sorry Jen. I won’t do it again. And I just know how to make it up to you. Meet me at the mall tomorrow.
Jen: You want to go shopping with me?
Elena: Yes, I’ll take you somewhere fun!

Jen: Fine, but you’re also buying me some ice cream.
Elena: Sure, I promise.
Jen: Alright. Anyways I’m going home. And in taking mom’s dildo with me.

Elena: I’m sorry I took your mom’s dildo without asking. We’re still friends, right?
Jen: Of course, we are! My life became so much more fun with you. I don’t want to miss you in my life. See you tomorrow Elena!

Elena: See you tomorrow Jen.
Jen: (I’ll have a surprise for her next time we do something like this together.)
Elena: (Boy oh boy, does she know what I’ve got planned for her tomorrow. I’m going to buy this girl the best toys to fuck her with.)

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]

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