Dating My Daughter – Part 18 (Meeting Another Couple)


Amy and I headed to a restaurant after swimming for a while.

Amy: Dad, do you think Elena will be able to join us today?
Me: I don’t think so, honey. Remember all planes are grounded.
Amy: Yeah. Too bad.

Me: (I would have loved to see Elena in a bikini too.) It’s a shame she can’t be with us here. Let’s call her when we go back to the hotel.
Amy: Okay!

Man: Hey guys, fancy running into you here!
Amy: Look, dad, it’s those nice people from the beach!
Woman: Hi, there!

Oh, they were the father-daughter we met near the nude beach area.

Me: Hi! We didn’t expect to see you again so soon!
Man: Or wearing clothes either? Haha, I’m just kidding!
Woman: How are you pretty?
Amy: I’m good, thanks.

Man: Do you mind if we sit here?
Me: No, not at all.
Man: Thanks. By the way, we haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Graham, and this is my daughter Olivia.

Olivia: Hi!
Me: Nice to meet you, again. I’m Aafi and this is Amy.
Amy: Nice to meet you, Olivia.

Graham: We’ve never seen you around these parts before yesterday. Are you from out of town?
Me: Yes. Amy and I wanted to see the beach.
Graham: Oh, I see. And how long are you staying for?

Me: Well we were going to head home last night, but that storm that hit forced us to stay at a hotel. And with the planes grounded, we will be here until tomorrow.

Olivia: So have you guys made any plans for this afternoon or tonight?
Me: Well we were kind of just discussing that. Where would you recommend to go for some fun? We checked the bowling alley and arcade games and the beach yesterday.

Graham: You should check out the local pool hall. Olivia and I like going there for some father, daughter time.
Olivia: Yes! It’s a great place. And if you’re looking for a great place to go for dinner.

Graham: There’s a great restaurant and bar a couple of streets from here called ‘The Wallace’. Great food, great entertainment, and they always have some games for those who attend and prizes to be won. It’s a little expensive though.

Me: Thanks for the offer, we’ll certainly keep in mind.
Amy: Dad, I’m just going to use the restroom.
Me: Okay, sweetheart.

Olivia: I’ll come with you, Amy! Need to freshen up!
Amy: Okay.
Graham: Can you get me a cool drink when you’re back?
Olivia: Sure thing, babe. Dad.

Oh my did she just call her dad as ‘babe’? Olivia and Amy headed to the restroom. They were having a conversation.

Olivia: You and your Dad seem sweet.
Amy: Thanks.
Olivia: Are you okay? Are you always this quiet?
Amy: Sorry. I’m just a little shy around people I don’t know.

Olivia: That’s cool, I understand. I hope my Dad and I didn’t freak you out at the beach yesterday. You know, because we were both naked.
Amy: Umm.

Olivia: It’s alright, I wasn’t always comfortable being naked around my daddy. But after a while, it just felt normal, ya know?
Amy: Oh!

Olivia: I know he loves me for who I am and loves my body despite its flaws.
Amy: Flaws? What flaws? You’re really pretty Olivia. More than I’ll ever be.
Olivia: Don’t beat yourself up, sweetie. You have an awesome figure for your age! I’m sure your dad has told you that many times before, right?

Amy: Well actually, yeah he has. But I don’t know if I could ever be naked in front of him like you can with your Dad.

Olivia: Hey, no pressure sweetie. You do what makes you feel comfortable. I think my dad just wanted me to try and explore new things and I have to say. I feel so much better about myself for listening to him.

Amy: Ah!
Olivia: He’s the only guy that ever really understands how I’m feeling. Do you ever get that feeling?

Amy: Yes! I think I know what you mean!
Olivia: C’mon, let’s head back to the guys.

Meanwhile, Graham and I were having a conversation while the girls were in the restroom.

Graham: So have you enjoyed your time down here so far?
Me: Yeah it’s been great! I’m just happy to spend time with my daughter. I haven’t seen much for her since her mother and I divorced.

Graham: I know how you feel. Olivia’s mom abandoned us before she hit her teens. She ran off with some other guy.
Me: Can I ask you something?
Graham: Shoot!

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Me: How does Olivia feel about being naked around you? Does that not feel at all weird for either of you?
Graham: It all comes down to trust you know. I wanted her to feel comfortable with her body and I guess, comfortable with mine.

Me: Right!
Graham: There were times at home. Especially when she was getting older and her body started to develop, that I would notice the changes.
Me: Ahaa!

Graham: And there were some uncomfortable moments when she’d walk around the apartment in her underwear or I would accidentally walk in on her in the bathroom. Then one day, she came to my bedroom in the middle of the night. I had a nightmare and asked if she could sleep in bed with me.

Graham: I wasn’t wearing any clothes under the sheets and before I could stop her, she was in bed with me. But rather than freaking out at seeing her father with no clothes on, she became curious as to why I was, you know, really hard.

Me: Damn, that’s one hell of a story. What happened next?
Graham: She mainly asked me why I didn’t wear clothes to bed. I simply told her that you should always do what makes you feel comfortable and not feel ashamed in any way.

Me: Nice!
Graham: She didn’t begin right away. But over time she would all of a sudden walk out of the bathroom topless, knowing that I would notice.
Me: That’s unbelievable!

Graham: I know you must think I’m some kind of sick pervert for allowing my daughter to act this way. But I just want to keep her happy, to feel she can always trust me. And to know that I love her and do whatever I can to not lose her. She’s the only person I truly care about.

Me: I know how you feel. But my little girl is incredibly shy. I don’t think she’d ever want to do any of that kind of stuff.
Graham: Well maybe you should just bite the bullet sometime. Has she ever seen you naked?

Me: No! No, not that I know of!
Graham: Well given her age, she’s no doubt gotta be curious right? And if her mother hasn’t taught her about this stuff, then maybe she’s waiting for you to talk with her instead.

Me: Oh!
Graham: It’s incredible what kind of thoughts go through these young girls’ heads nowadays.
Me: I might just do that sometime. Thanks for the advice!

Graham: My pleasure! The girls are on their way back. Look, keep this between you and I. I don’t usually tell people about me and my daughter relationship. We’d like to keep it a secret okay?
Me: You bet!

Relationship? Wait, is this guy sleeping with his daughter? The girls came back.

Graham: So you both should come to ‘The Wallace’ tonight!
Me: Are you going to go too?
Olivia: Yes! It’d be great to catch up with you both again before you leave tomorrow!

Me: Okay sure, why not!
Olivia: Awesome!
Graham: Okay, well we’re going to head down to the beach. How about we meet at ‘The Wallace’ around 7 pm?

Me: Will do! Have fun guys!
Olivia: See you both tonight!
Amy: Bye!

Me: I see you made a new friend?
Amy: Yes! And so did you!
Me: Yeah, he seems nice. Really, helpful.

Amy: Did they say they were going to the beach?
Me: I think so, yes.
Amy: But the beach is close due to the storm right?

Me: Hmmm, maybe the nudist part of the beach is open.
Amy: Oh, I see. It makes sense then.
Me: Let’s go and check out the local pool hall suggested by them.
Amy: Yes! Let’s go!

We headed to check out the pool hall. Meanwhile, at the nude beach, Olivia and Graham were having fun behind the rocks.

Olivia: Oh yes. Harder Daddy!

Olivia was on all her four. Graham is fucking her from behind in the doggy position. His hands were resting on Olivia’s hips and he’s pulling her towards him to dig that cock deeper.

Graham: Goddamn! I love your tight little pussy sweetheart!
Olivia: It feels so good Dad. I can feel you so deep inside me!
Graham: I love it when you let me fuck without condom inside you honey. I can feel just how incredibly wet you are!

Olivia: Just don’t cum inside me Dad. That’s the last thing either of us want!.
Graham: Sure thing baby. Just give me another minute or so. So good.
Olivia: Oh that feels so great. Faster Dad, you’re gonna make me cum!

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Graham: Oh fuck! I can’t hold it any longer Livvy. Damn!
Olivia: Don’t cum inside me Dad.
Graham: I won’t honey, I won’t

He took his dick out and shot his load on Olivia’s ass.

Graham: Holy. Holy shit that felt good!
Olivia: Oh my, you soaked my ass! I think I might go for a swim to wash you off of me! Haha.

Graham: No worries baby. Daddy will be right here trying to get his breath back!

Olivia kissed Graham on his lips.

Olivia: Okay! See you in a sec!

She quickly went into the water and cleaned herself up. She came back after 10 minutes.

Olivia: How are you feeling? Have you recovered?
Graham: Yep, much better gorgeous.

Olivia: Mwah! I love how you make me feel Dad. I would have never known what I was missing out on. If you hadn’t been there to take care of me and love me for who I am.

Graham: And I always will sweetheart. Everyday is paradise being with you.
Olivia: Thanks, dad. Say. Do you think that guy and his daughter are sleeping together as well?

Graham: On the first impression, it doesn’t seem like it. He told me that he hasn’t been able to see her much in recent times. So I doubt they’d be having that kind of relationship.
Olivia: Oh!

Graham: But I could sense some sexual tension between the two of them. Though the girl probably doesn’t fully realize it as yet. Why did you ask?
Olivia: Do you promise you won’t get mad?

Graham: Mad? Honey, there isn’t much you could say that would upset me, you know that.

Olivia: Okay, well. I kind of have a bit of a crush on Aafi. I know it seems silly because we only just met him and his daughter, but I just felt an instant attraction to him. And I’m sure he was trying his best not to stare at my naked body yesterday when we met them here on the beach.

Graham: I see.
Olivia: I don’t know how to put this. But, I think I’m sexually attracted to him.
Graham: Is that so? And if the chance were to arise, would you want to sleep with him?

Olivia: I think so. But I won’t do it if it’s going to upset you. I’m just intrigued because I haven’t slept with anyone aside from you. I guess I just want to know what if feels like to be with another man. Do you hate me?

Graham: No honey, why would I hate you? I can understand where you’re coming from. I was young once and had many girlfriends before I met your mother.
Olivia: Hmmm.

Graham: But as long as you wouldn’t leave me for him, or anyone else. You’re a free woman.
Olivia: No Daddy! I love you and no one else! I would never leave you. This would purely just be sexual. A one-time thing. If he agrees, of course!

Graham: Right!
Olivia: Besides, they’ll be going home soon so we probably won’t ever see them again. Are you okay with that?

Graham: Yes honey. I’ll allow it. I guess I have been depriving you of other experiences and it would be selfish of me to say no. But we’ll have to plan it out. He seems pretty attached to that daughter of his.

Olivia: Maybe we can invite them to a club or something? Then when the time is right, you can start working your charm on the girl, while I work mine on him? What do you think?

Graham: Sounds like a plan. But I don’t have any interest in his daughter.
Olivia: Oh! Why?
Graham: I don’t know. She kinda looks too young. I prefer older women.

Anyway. I have his number so I’ll invite them out tonight and see how we go. Ah-choo! Damn!
Olivia: Are you alright?

Graham: Yes, honey.
Olivia: Thanks, dad. Really. You are everything a girl like me could ever ask for! I’m incredibly lucky! Mwah!

Olivia kissed her dad again.

Olivia: Ready for round two daddy?
Graham: Always!
Olivia: That’s my dad!

They were again in the doggy position. Graham started fucking her from behind.

Graham: I’m going to put it in again! Oh! So tight and wet! (I can’t believe I’m going to share this pussy with that guy. He seems like a good person so I guess it’s okay. Anyway. I should focus on this for now.)

He started fucking Olivia with deep thrusts.

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Olivia: Harder daddy!

Meanwhile, Amy and I headed to check out the local pool hall. There were several pool tables to play and more importantly there was a bar too.

Me: I think you’re going to like it here Amy!
Amy: I hope so. I’ve never played before though.
Me: It’s okay, I’ll teach you.

There was one empty table. Amy tried her first shot. The cue ball went directly into the hole.

Amy: Oh! I missed it!
Me: Don’t worry sweetie. Here, let me help you.

I went behind her. My crotch was touching her butt. I guided her on how to play.

Me: Now try again!

This time she did a nice break.

Amy: Yay! I’m going to beat you now.

She asked me to help her some more. This time I grabbed her boob with my right hand while I helped her with my left.

Oh my, she is liking me touching her boob. She aimed and then shot the ball. Number 7 went into the hole.

Amy: Yay! It went in! Dad, can we get something to drink?
Me: Sure, I’ll be back in a second.

I left to buy some drinks for us. There was a guy near our table.

Guy: (Damn that’s one hot piece of ass. Girl like that shouldn’t be in here, all by herself.) Hey, sweet thing, like some company?
Amy: No thank you, I’m here with someone.

Guy: Oh really, who is he?
Amy: That’s him over by the bar.

Guy: That guy? He looks old enough to be your father! How about being with someone your age, huh?
Amy: I’d rather not. Thanks!

Amy was coming towards me.

Guy: Hey! Come back here!

I just finished buying some drinks.

Amy: Hey!
Me: Hey, honey. What are you doing here?
Amy: Some guy just tried to hit on me.
Me: Oh come let’s talk to him.

We both went towards him.

Guy: Say, old man. Care for a game?
Me: No thank you, not interested.
Guy: Not even for say. 500 dollars?

I understood this guy is egoistic and will not leave us alone until I teach him a lesson. Also, it’s a lot of money. So I can spend it on Amy once I win, but I don’t have that kind of money with me now.

Me: I’m interested but I must warn you that I don’t have that much money right now.
Guy: Hmm. Maybe you have something else of worth to get?
Me: Oh yeah, like what?

Guy: How about your little lady there?
Me: What?
Amy: Excuse me! My boyfriend is not going to gamble me off on some stupid game, right?

Me: I got this honey, I will explain to you later. Okay, what are the rules?
Guy: One rule only. You win, you get all the money. I win, I get your girl for the rest of the night.

Me: Deal.
Guy: The bartender will be the witness and keep the money.

We played 8 ball pool and I got the strips. I got 3 balls in while breaking. He just potted 2 balls while I was done with all strip balls. Only black 8 was remaining. I potted that to win the game.

Amy: Yes! (My dad is amazing!) Oh my God! You were amazing! Mwah!

We both french kissed. The guy was pretty upset with all his ego shattered.

Guy: You hustled me!
Me: Just beating you at your own game.
Guy: How about we take this outside then. That’s the only way you’ll be getting that money out of me!

Bartender: You’ll do nothing of the sort, Rico. No fighting in my bar. I’ve warned you several times not to hustle other players in here. Sir, I must apologize, he’s my nephew and he is not the sharpest. Here’s your money.

Let me stop here, I will continue in the next part. More parts to come. Keep looking for this space to know what happens next. Please send me your feedback through email or hangout at [email protected]

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