Dee And Kavi – Realisation


Hey all, I took a long time to come back with another part. Sorry, I was very much busy with work lately. Now I have free time, it is time to write new ones.

For new readers, I am Deepak, I am from Chennai. Our family is compact. Parents, myself and my little sister Kavi. Both I and my sister Kavi share the same room. That’s how we started to explore ourselves.

A lot of things happened and for the past one week, we crossed all the borders and fucked each other like rabbits. All these things are covered in previous parts. Go and update yourself with those.

Let’s jump into the story. This part I am thinking of narrating it like a novel and giving some information about us here and there. I am just experimenting with this so help me out and bear with it.

I woke up when I heard my mobile rang. It was mom. She told me that she will be here in 30 minutes. I was still lying in bed and my sister was lying under the same blanket. We both were nude.

My head started spinning. I tried to wake her up. She was in no mood. She was covering us in the blanket and lied on my chest and started saying, “Don’t go. Let us stay here for like this for some time”. I said, “They are heading home, will be here in 20 minutes max”.

I removed the blanket, tossed it aside, kissed her forehead and said, “Playtime is over. Let’s get normal”.

I went, brushed and wore casuals. I came back and saw my sister moving slowly from the bed. I got impatient and shouted, “There is no time, just wear something to cover yourself”.

She shouted on the way to bathroom (after hitting on my arms), “You are the one who removed everything yesterday, dummy”. Kavi winked and closed the door. I was dumbstruck. When have my sis turned so naughty?!

I hastily arranged our room. I took the used condoms and put it in the trash and emptied the trash can immediately (Hey, I don’t want to leave any clue).

Our parents reached home and dad asked for a coffee. My sister prepared coffee and we all started having it.

Dad asked, “Kavi, did your brother take good care of you? You seem a little dull, kutti.” Kavi looked at me and for some reason, I was unable to look in her eyes. I turned my head away.

She said, “Nothing pa. He is so caring and loving till yesterday. Just today he is acting all strange. It pisses me off”. I sighed.

Things settled down. We all went to a movie and had lunch outside. I was avoiding my sister the whole time. She was trying to speak but I rose and sat near mom. After all these fun (?), we reached home.

I went upstairs. Kavi followed me. She asked, “What are you doing? Why are you acting strange all of a sudden?” I said, “We had SEX, Kavi. We were sleeping naked. What if our parents had found us? We would have ended up in trouble. I think we need to stop our little game.”

She said, “Okay fine. Let’s stop this”. That was easier than I thought.

(For readers who think that I am chickening out – yeah, I only initiated all these things with Kavi. It was good.. Nah it was great. I like everything about her. Her smell, her smile, face, lips, curves and all of her. But I feel that I may develop something for her which I may not able to get it the future. I don’t want to end up in a relationship where I definitely won’t get the girl. I don’t want to give the same disappointment to my sister too).

That night, we split the beds after many years and slept separately without even uttering a word. And yesterday, we were having so much passion for each other.

Things became so formal from there on. We spoke minimal words to each other, that too only when necessary. No physical touch whatsoever.

This phase lasted two and odd months (lol, I am not exaggerating, it happened just like that. I got busy practicing for my football matches which will come in our circle. My sister was busy with her own things.)

In those two months, there were occasions when I saw my sister doing yoga in the morning and I instantly getting a hard-on. There was one part of my heart which wanted me to go and hold my sister’s hips and kiss her lips and fuck her that instant. But I controlled myself most of the time. All things went well.

One day, mom asked me to help her arrange the other room. (It was the room originally meant for my sister. Since she was sleeping in my room the whole time, we stopped using that room much. We reserved it for guests.)

I asked, “Who is coming this time?”.

She said, “Your sister asked me whether she can sleep separately from tomorrow”. I was shellshocked. I was like, “Don’t joke ma. Tell me who is coming to visit us”.

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She said it is true Kavi asked her. I said, “Now I am not feeling so well. Can we change it tomorrow morning?” She said, okay.

I decided to settle this once and for all. I waited for my sister to come home. She came home and we had dinner. She changed into her night casuals and started to read a book (she reads it before going to sleep. She is a fanatic of fiction and has lots of collection at home).

After getting some thoughts, I called her. She didn’t respond. I went near her bed, took the book away and asked, “Are you going to the other room?” She nodded yes.

I said, “What? Don’t just go. My room won’t be the same without you”. She said, “We are not the same either. You asked me to stop our ‘little game’, I gave you a lot of time in the past two odd months. No progress in our relationship. I don’t want to burden you with all the guilt in the world. I decided to move on for good.”

After some awkward silence, I decided to open up, “Kavi, it’s not like that. I don’t feel guilty of what we have done. What we had that week was something I will cherish for the rest of my life. I am afraid that I may fall in love with you, I can’t marry you. I like you a lot, I like everything about you. I don’t want to hurt you by giving disappointment later.”

My sister slapped me – not once, but twice. (boys, this question is for you guys. Do you ever understand what women think? It sucks, bro. We do a thing thinking of a reaction from her but the reaction we get is totally different. Do you guys ever got into a messy situation like this with your gf or wife?)

My sister almost shouted, “Don’t you know you love me already? And don’t you know I love you too? Are you that thick-skulled? Who asked you to marry me, huh? You started all these. I already said that I want to go with the flow.

Do you know how bad I felt being silent in this room? I tried hard cheering you up. I showed myself while doing yoga. I even let you see me while changing. You never got the hint, you moron. You got bored with me right. I fed up. So I decided to get the hell out of this room.”

She was breathing heavily after this shouting. (I hope nobody heard us, especially our parents. Yeah they didn’t, we are two floors above them anyway).

Kavi started crying after all this drama. I never thought this will go this way. I touched her shoulders, wiped her tears and asked, “So you too know that this is just for fun. I mean there is no commitment between each other like marriage.”

She said, “Who said this is for fun? And there is a commitment between us? We are indeed lovers but we are not gonna end up marrying each other, that’s for sure. Why can’t you just go with the flow? Why you always complicate things?” (it seems I am the one here to blame. I am pursuing a chartered accountancy course you know. We can usually get used to making things complicated. I just can’t help but overthink).

She continued, “I know you will come to me when I push you to the edge”. I said, “I am sorry for being such an idiot. I felt too bad not talking to you. I know I love you so much but I just don’t know how to spill that out.”

She said, “Yeah I know that. I know that from the start. I may be younger than you but I am so mature than you think dummy. Don’t ever overthink, speak with me before taking any decision. This is how relationships work, Dee”.

(Even though I accepted that in the moment, but here is the question for you ladies – Do girl’s mind really mature that fast? And how you women get to know that a man loves you without him telling? Please do mail me if you know the answer).

The clouds surrounding my head got cleared with all these thoughts. I asked, “Can I push my bed to yours and make it ours again?” She was like what are you waiting for.

I literally ran to my side and tossed the bed to hers and made it one big playground for us to play. She opened the window on top of our room.

(Yeah, we have a window on top of our room. We like watching stars. So we broke the floor on the terrace and made a glass window. We also have a false floor to cover it during rainy seasons. Since we can’t open the windows on our side, she opened the top one.)

I wasted no time pulling her down and kissing my sibling’s juicy lips. Damn, even now I wonder how it is so soft! She just can’t wait.

My sister said, “Dee, can we go to the hard part straight, it’s been months. I can’t control myself anymore. Please, please..”

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I decided to be a giver today. I said, “Just lie down and enjoy while your ‘boyfriend’ do all the work for you”.

I removed her tops and bra. My sister’s nipples were already hard. I gave them a kiss and started sucking them. She held my head and pulled me further towards her breasts.

I went further down and kissed her navel. (I am not gonna lie. I am a big hip fanatic. I compliment any girl who has nice curves. I just won’t get bored of good hips). I went further down and removed her pajamas and I can clearly see a wet patch on her panty.

I kissed her feet and started coming upwards. A little tease is not a bad thing especially when she wants hardcore, ha ha.

I kissed Kavi’s fleshy thighs. I circled my tongue around her thigh and closely started upwards. She pulled me by my hair and lowered herself and said, “You like giving me a hard time, don’t you?” (she was an aggressive one!) I don’t want to keep her waiting any further.

I kissed her hotspot with pantie on. Kavi jerked and shouted, “Ahhhh”. I started wondering when my sister became so sensitive! It seems like she had an orgasm just by getting her clitty kissed! It was going to be so much fun today, I thought to myself.

I swiftly removed my sister’s panty, threw it and dive into her pussy. I kissed it and licked it like a mad dog. I pinched her clit and sucked it like the last thing I am going to do in this life.

Kavi started moaning crazy. I stood in my knees, lifted her and pushed my tongue deeper in her pussy.

I swirled my tongue inside and sucked anything which came from her pussy while I pushed my fingers inside her. She squealed. Her legs which were resting on my shoulders got stiffened. My sister was twitching her toes and then came with a heavy moan.

Kavi squirted all over my face and I happily received it. Her legs became powerless, it began to drop from my shoulders like it was a piece of log. I softly placed her on the bed and removed my clothes. (Yeah, all her squirted juices were all over my t-shirt I had to wash it before putting it into the machine.)

I was just observing my sister in that moonlight which was coming through the window. She was lying there eyes closed, trying to catch her breath, with a huge smile and satisfaction on her face. (Admit it guys, nothing will make a man proud and happier than seeing our partner having that a satisfying smile with in the bed).

My sister’s breasts were moving up and down while she was breathing heavily. I went near her face and adjusted her hair to see her beautiful face much clearly.

Kavi lifted her hand and put it around my neck and said, “I love you so much. You are incredible.” I kissed her lips and said, “Night is still young, my love.” (yeah, I said that! Idiots like me can be romantic too. I am literally having a blush while typing this).

Even I couldn’t wait any longer. I placed my dick on at my sister’s entrance and pushed it softly inside her. She was so wet and it went in without much trouble. But damn, she was so tight too. She got this much tightness in just two months, odd.

It was like I was entering my sister for the first time. She gasped and tried to lift herself up to me. I wanted her to lie there still. I pushed inside her completely and pinned her down while kissing her lips. Kavi was just kissing me back passionately.

I kissed her neck, ran my tongue over it and bit her left boob. She dug her nails deep down my shoulders. I could feel her vagina tighten around my dick. I started moving slowly. She pulled me towards her and buried my face in her chest.

I kept moving and was sucking her boobs. Every time I played with her boobs and kissed her lips, I could feel my sister’s vagina tighten around my cock. (Try this with your partner, guys. I know that you knew already. I am not a pro in sex).

Kavi was constantly moaning and I could feel her breathing getting heavy and her face going all red. She came again. Her eyes all went up.

I decided to give her some time to recover. I just placed my head on her breasts. I could hear her heart pounding crazy. I was giving soft kisses on her forehead and gently caressing her hair.

After some time, my sister came back to her senses and she ran over her hands on my hair. I never took my dick outside.

Then I realized that I was not wearing any rubber and we were doing it raw! Immediately, I took my dick outside. She gasped for that too. (I think women become more sensitive after two or three orgasms in a row. Hey girls, you need to confirm this.)

I said, “Did you notice we are doing it without the rubber?”. She said, “I know that. I like it this way. I feel more connected to you now. It’s wonderful.”

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I said, “What if you became pregnant?”

She said, “You can cum outside, nothing will happen. Now, come on tiger, let’s finish what we started. It’s your time now.”

Once again I went on top of my sister, pushed my way inside her and started moving fastly. She was hugging me with her legs locked and moaning madly. She was pushing herself to me and receiving all the pounding. She was sucking me with her vagina. I could feel her walls grabbing my dick and milking it.

Kavi held her hand up and invited me for a kiss. I couldn’t hold any longer. I was kissing her madly and running my tongue all over. I said, “I am going to cum”.

My sister tightened her legs and pushed me further inside her. I said again, “I am going to cum, take your legs off”.

She said, “Just cum inside me, I should be the first woman to feel my brother’s cum.”

I started telling rubbish like, “Are you mad?!! Let me go!!” But Kavi just pulled me closer and started sucking my mouth. I had gone into a trance and came inside her. She came again. Her legs fell down powerless.

I came two months’ worth of cum inside my unmarried sister. I knew that I came a lot. I took my dick out of her. I could see my cum oozing down her. But a lot of it was still inside.

I could see tears rolling down her eyes. I asked lying beside her, “What happened? Why are you crying? Did I hurt you anywhere?”

She climbed on top of me and just smiled looking at me. I wiped the tears on her cheeks and said, “Oh, you are so pretty even when you are a cry baby”.

She kissed my lips and said, “It felt wonderful. I am completely yours now. Having it without rubber is one feat. Feeling the warmness of your cum inside me is on whole another level. You filled me up pretty nice. So what can we name our kids”. She winked while saying this. I just realized what I did.

She smiled and said, “You are such a cutie-pie when you get nervous. That’s what I love about you. Don’t worry. Bring me a pill I name tomorrow. I don’t want to have a duffez’s kid anyway. Ready for another round, dear? As you said, the night is still young. Fill me up all you want. I am ready to do anything with you”.

The time was around 2.30 am. So we had sex for 3 odd hours and we still have time till sunrise. We had a lot of sex that night. Two months of abstinence we cleared in one night.

I realized one thing that night. I love my sister so much and it’s not brotherly love. I love her as my woman and she loves me as her man. I cannot deny that fact. Instead of worrying myself about unwanted thoughts, I just went with the flow.

Even now after almost two years passed after that night, we still share the same room. (yeah baby! She called mom and said she is not going to change the room the next morning).

Even though she said about pills, I am somehow against it. So, even though we had a lot of raw sex (almost 8 out of 10 times), I always came outside.

Slowly, we moved to explore more sex like anal and so on. We decided to stay away from home for some time. We took a trip together. There we literally lived as a couple for a month. (long vacation kind of).

Later point of time, we decided that we need to take a break. There we agreed to find some other person to love.

I fell in love with another woman (she is the one with whom I currently engaged. Last month engagement happened.) and we also decided to stop having sex altogether once any of us get married. (I hope we will stop once any of us get married. Will we stop? Guess your answer and mail me.)

Sorry guys, I typed all my pent up thoughts and wrote a big one this time. Thanks for reading it till the end. I hope I will write my next part soon.

A big big thanks for ISS for publishing my story. With your platform, I met a lot of people online. And with some of them, I hang out now and then.

People are fun and I mean it. If you want to praise me (just kidding) put it in comments.

If you want to give suggestions and improve my bad writing skills, please mail me at [email protected] (namba pesi thithukalam. Ha ha). See you later guys. Take care.

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