Dhanya’s Diary: Chapter 7 : A Trip With Her Students


Dhanya lay in bed, wide awake, the digital clock on the table on the left side of her bed read 2:20 am. In a matter of hours, she would have to reach the school campus. It was the time of the year when the junior college students were to be taken for their final year school trip.

She knew it would a headache, especially with the students who were repeating the junior year. But she knew it would be her responsibility and the principal trusted her.

“I might as well get this done with,” she thought to herself, “It’s just two days, should be over before I know it.” She mumbled as she tried to get back to her sleep.

She was to reach the school campus by 6 am, the bus would be leaving at 6 30. The only thing that lessened the burden on Dhanya would be that she would be accompanied by another teacher, Indu the senior teacher who taught math. On one side, her company would probably bore her to death.

But on the positive side, she would be able to control these students whom she often referred to as irresponsible monkeys. Dhanya had her friend drop her at the campus by 5:50. She was among the first people to reach the place, drowsily she walked over to the other teacher Indu who was dropped off by her husband.

They took the list of students who would be going for the trip and ticked off the names of students who had arrived. Out of a total of 32 students who would be going, 5 of the troublesome bunch were not there yet. Indu was pretty sure that they would not miss it and would surely be there before the bus started.

The bus driver started the engine at sharp 6:30. And not a moment too soon, the lads arrived, bustling along with their large backpacks. Taking the numbers, they started their journey to Munnar for their three-day trip. They reached the resort by afternoon. After a bit of sightseeing, they returned to the resort by 6.

It was starting to get a bit chilly. They checked the number of students again. There were 16 girls and 16 boys and all of them were safe at the resort. They had booked 7 rooms for the students and one for the teachers. One of the rooms was taken over by the naughty bunch.

They finished the dinner by 8 and the students were instructed to return to their rooms by 9. Indu and Dhanya had made sure that all the students were in their respective rooms by 10 so that they could get some rest themselves. It had been a long journey.

They switched off the lights and tried to get some sleep. But Dhanya was unable to sleep at all. She looked over to her side to find Indu sleeping like a log. She looked at the time on her phone, it was half-past 11. Maybe it was too early for her to sleep, she thought.

She decided to go out to the balcony to see if the cold breeze would help her get sleepy. She slid off the bed without making a noise and opened the door cautiously without making a noise. She closed the door behind her after ensuring that Indu was in deep sleep.

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Dhanya found herself looking at the crescent-shaped moon, which was occasionally covered by the passing clouds. It looked serene, not a sound was heard. She wondered to herself if any of the students had gone to sleep. She decided to check it for herself.

She walked through the corridor where the girls were boarded. She did hear a few giggles in the room, but everything sounded normal. Satisfied with what she had observed, she walked over to the section where the boys were staying. The first two rooms seemed normal.

She tried to listen to what they were talking about. But they were only talking about the girls and which one of them was going to propose to whom. The normal conversation which the boys of that age would have. Then she walked over to the last room in the corridor, where the trouble makers were staying.

The room had the lights on and seemed suspiciously quiet. She placed her ear on the door in an attempt to listen to what they were talking about. She could hear one of the boys, which she assumed was Akhil talk about one of the girls Rohini.

He was saying that she had a fuckable ass and he would love to have her bent over in front of him before the end of the trip. They all laughed at that. Then she heard another voice say, “She is nothing compared to Dhanya ma’am.” She was shocked to hear them say that, that too among these boys.

But he concluded that these were the kind of students she was dealing with. There was nothing to be shocked about. The comment made by that familiar voice was followed by, “Oh yea, that bitch is sexy as fuck.” And another voice saying, “I want to fuck her in the ass and suck those sweet tits.”

As she listened, each comment got more and more detailed as to what they wanted to do to her. She got more interested in the conversation as she glued her ears to the door. The conversation among the boys turned into a detailed planning session.

They told each other how each one of them would seduce her and fuck her before the trip was over. That was when one of them said, “Let’s get her drunk!” Overhearing the boys comment on her body and how they wanted to see her naked and how badly they wanted to fuck her!

It was the last of the reasons that she thought that would get her wet. But she stood there, near the door. Her heart racing as she felt the excitement that something that the boys planned would bring. She tried to peep through the keyhole to see who were the ones that were over-enthusiastic about the plan.

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She saw the boys without their shirts on, sitting there in shorts with a bottle of vodka in the middle. “Well, guess that explains the senseless conversation,” she mused. She could faintly make out one of the boys, Thomas, who was showing something to the rest of them.

She recognized that it was her Facebook profile photo. “Look at those tits, wonder how many people would have fucked her already!”

“Probably the old principal jerks off thinking about her,” replied Ajit who was acting it out as well. “These bastards are horny as fuck,” Dhanya muttered under her breath. “I might as well get some sleep. I will have to deal with these idiots tomorrow.”

She got off her knees and walked to her room. As she got to her room, she could not stop thinking about what the boys were planning. But she was more than just surprised at her reaction. she was getting turned on thinking about it. She felt slumber take over her, as the tiredness of the journey started to overwhelm.

The whole team for the tour got out at 9 as they had a long day ahead of them. They had plans to see the whole place, roam about, take pictures, and have a lot of fun. Dhanya was posing for pictures with the students. She noticed that the members of the troublesome batch were being very friendly with her.

She kept an eye out for any mischief that they would have planned. They reached the resort by 6. Just like yesterday and they had their schedules to maintain. The organizers had planned a bonfire as a part of the tour package. All the students and the teachers sat around the fire, singing, and dancing.

The second day of the trip made Dhanya feel less miserable. The students did behave reasonably, making their jobs easier. The fire died out by around 10:30, with Indu announcing that it was time for the students to return to their rooms. The teachers were also decided to get to the comfort of their beds.

As soon as they got to the room Indu had slept off. Dhanya was still up, with the phone in her hand. She could not forget what she had heard the other day, and just thinking about it, made her wet. Now that sleep had eluded her, she decided to pay a visit to the boys, who she presumed would be up to their usual antics.

She looked at the time on the phone. It was almost 12. “Well, let me see that those cretins are up to,” thought Dhanya as she walked through the dimly lit corridors to the boy’s room. She found that the lights were still on. She could hear faint mumbles coming from the room.

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She crouched near the door, with her ear to the door. She found that the boys were fixated on the idea of her naked body. “We should have at least peeked at her in the shower.”

“And how do you plan to do that?” replied another voice. “I don’t know, all I’m saying is that we could have,” said another. She peeked through the keyhole and found that they had another bottle on the dresser, another bottle of vodka. “It is getting quite chilly out here. I wouldn’t mind a peg or two,” Dhanya thought.

But she didn’t realize what came over her. She knocked on the door, all mumbles stopped. “Go open the door and see who it is,” said a voice from inside the room, “You go check.”

“Who can it be at this hour?” Akhil ended up being the one designated to open the door. He unbolted and saw his teacher standing over there. “Hi ma’am, what brings you here?” asked Akhil, “I just came over to check what you guys were up to, and to see if any of planned to consume alcohol.”

“No, ma’am, we don’t drink. We are against alcohol consumption,” said Thomas. Since Dhanya had already seen the bottle she was confident when she replied, “If that is the case, guess you guys wouldn’t mind me checking the room.”

The guys stood still, hoping that she wouldn’t find the bottle which they hid under the pillow. Dhanya walked around the bed and asked them to move so that she could check under the bed and pillows as well. It didn’t take minutes for her to find the transparent bottle.

“Guess you guys don’t drink at all,” said Dhanya holding up the bottle like a prize she had just won. She checked the bottle and found that 75% of the bottle was still intact. “I hope you guys won’t mind if I confiscate this bottle.”

“Sorry ma’am, we knew it was against the rules. But we just wanted to have a bit of fun, that’s all,” said Ajit. “And its too cold, ma’am,” replied Sameer who had been quiet all this while. A flurry of thoughts swept Dhanya’s mind. “Alright then, close the door, I’m joining in as well.”

These words from their beloved teacher provided a sign of relief to the students.

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