Dhanya’s Diary: Chapter 8 : Turning A School Trip Into A Blowbang


Dhanya looked at the room in the resort. It was of a decent size, with a couch, a table, and a queen-sized bed. “No wonder these guys chose this room,” she thought. She sat on the couch. Thomas and Ajit sat on either side of her, Sameer brought the plastic cups from Akhil’s bag.

Rohit sat on the floor opposite the couch looking at his teacher. Dhanya was wearing a knee-length skirt, a jacket which was zipped up halfway through. Akhil poured everyone a glass, without adding water. Thomas, Akhil, and Rohit gulped it down without any hesitation.

But Sameer and Ajit took their own sweet time. It was obvious that they were not used to drinking, yet. By then, the rest of them poured the next glass, and another and another. By the end of the 3rd glass, Dhanya could feel the alcohol kicking in.

“Ma’am, wouldn’t you be more comfortable without the jacket?” asked Thomas. Since the doors and the windows were closed, it was getting a bit warm inside. Without thinking twice about it she took off her jacket and handed it to Akhil to keep it on the side.

Little did Dhanya notice that she was not wearing a bra under her pink-colored spaghetti top which was showing a bit of cleavage as well. They finished the bottle in no time. “Ma’am, we have one more bottle, shall I take it?” asked Rohit. “Why not?” replied Dhanya who was close to losing her inhibitions.

Rohit opened the next bottle and poured everyone another glass. “I am done, guys,” said Sameer who was already lying on the floor. Ajith gave up next and went to bed. Akhil had enough as well and just lay down on the floor which left Dhanya, Rohit, and Thomas to finish the next bottle.

Thomas started talking with Dhanya on why she took up teaching and how it was dealing with naughty students. While asking these questions Thomas slowly put his arms around Dhanya. Rohit sat next to Dhanya on the couch and made sure that he sat very close to her.

Thomas asked Dhanya if she would fuck a student if she got a chance. She replied, “I don’t know.” which was good enough for Thomas as the answer wasn’t a straight ‘no’. As he already had his arms over her shoulder, he pulled her close and bit her earlobes.

Sensing no angry reaction, he started kissing her neck. Rohit was not to be left behind. He placed his hand over her left thigh, and slowly slid up her skirt. Dhanya was in no mood to stop these boys. She had already made up her mind to have her adventure.

Thomas shifted his kisses from her neck to her lips, tasting her tender, moist lips. With his left arm which was on her shoulder, he moved his hand down into her top grabbing her left breast. He trapped her nipples between his fingers and started pinching them softly.

Dhanya could not control herself let out a moan in a feeble voice. Sensing that she was quite turned on, Thomas moved her hands over his shoulders to that he could kiss her shapely breasts. He ran his fingers over her nipples which were getting hard by the minute.

He grabbed her right breast and placed his lips on her brown colored nipples. He bit the top of her nipple which made Dhanya moan lightly. He did the same with her other breast as well.

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“Do you like it Thomas?” asked Dhanya softly.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Thomas with her nipple between his lips. He wanted to take her whole breast in his mouth and suck them dry. He started furiously sucking on her breasts making Dhanya grab his hair in pleasure.

Meanwhile, Rohit had lifted her skirt above her knees and up to her thighs and still kept moving it up. He could feel her panties on the tip of his fingers. He still shifted his fingers up and felt her panties which were dripping wet. He moved the panties to the side and touched her wet pussy.

Rohit then slowly sat on the floor and spread her feet. He then shifted his position to between her feet. He leaned forward and kissed her inner thighs. He took out his erect cock and started rubbing it slowly. The precum was already flowing from the tip of his cock.

He slid both his hands inside her skirt at the sides and slowly pulled her panties down. It was more exciting for him to know that his teacher was willingly letting him undress her. Dhanya lifted her body so that Rohit could take off her panties. She was experiencing the pleasure of the highest order.

She was getting her nipples played with and getting kissed sensuously and at the same time. She had Rohit kissing her inner thighs. Rohit wasn’t going to stop there. She tried to take off her skirt as well and she moved her body so that he could make her completely naked from the waist down.

After her skirt was off, Dhanya placed her left leg on Rohit’s shoulder and placed her hand on his head, guiding him to her pussy. At the same time, Thomas was having his bit of fun as well. He tugged at her pink, semi-transparent top and slowly eased it off her, over her neck.

Now, Dhanya was sitting on the couch completely naked. She had two students who were providing immense pleasure to her. Dhanya moved her right had to Thomas’ thigh and moved her slender fingers up his shorts and grabbed his erect cock over the shorts.

She pulled at his waistband and put her hand inside his shorts. She could feel a thick throbbing cock with her fingers. She tried to wrap her fingers around it, but she barely could. She realized that Thomas had quite a thick cock. “ How is the cock, ma’am, big enough for you?” smiled Thomas, staring directly into her eyes.

She could only muster a grin in response. She used her left hand to assist her right to take Thomas’s thick shaft from inside the shorts. Released from the confines of the shorts, a thick, 9 inch, dark brown cock spring up, with precum oozing from it.

Dhanya did not expect a 19-year-old to have such huge manhood. Her eyes lit up with excitement. Her thumb and her index finger could barely meet around his cock. She started moving her hand up and down his cock. Rohit did not want to be left out of this action, an opportunity to fuck his sexy teacher.

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He pulled down his shorts and revealed his tool, Dhanya could not contain her joy, even Rohit was well endowed, his cock was almost as long has Thomas’ but he was thicker. She grabbed his cock and starting masturbating him as well. Rohit grabbed his dear teacher by the hair and pushed her face on to his cock.

“Relax bro, she’s our whore for the night,” said Thomas, winking at him. But Dhanya already had Rohit’s touching the back of her throat. Rohit smiled and let go of Dhanya’s hair. She looked at him and nodded. She had Rohit’s precum all over her lips.

“Stand up guys, let me see what you guys taste like,” said Dhanya. The boys were quick to obey her as they stood right in front of her with their hard cocks swaying in front of her. Meanwhile, Ajit sat there shocked as he just couldn’t believe what was happening before his very eyes.

The teacher who had given him a hard-on in class. The teacher he had imagined naked. The teacher which he had sneakily taken photos of was right there, in front of him, in all her glory. He scampered to the chair where he had hung his jeans and came back with his phone.

He was not going to miss out on this opportunity. Dhanya was inebriated and cared less about some boy taking her photos. She sat on the couch and took Thomas’ cock in her mouth. Her moist lips wrapped around his shaft. Its head had filled her mouth. But she took it as a challenge.

She tried hard to take his cock in till his balls touched her chin. She gagged on his cock for a couple of minutes and shifted her attention to Roshan. The boy with the thicker cock. She had a tough time swallowing the head of his cock

“Boy, you have a thick cock, you are going to make some girl happy in the future,” said Dhanya taking his dick out of her mouth.

“Thank you, ma’am, but right now you are that girl,” Rohit replied. She smiled at Rohit for that reply and started licking his cock from his balls to the tip. She moved in closer and took his balls in her mouth. She played with it with her tongue while jerking off Thomas with the other hand.

Rohit closed eyes as he felt a pleasure that he had never felt in his life. Dhanya let of Thomas’s cock and wrapped her arm around Rohit’s thighs. She moved her fist furiously over Rohit’s cock

“Cum for me Rohit, cum on your teacher” exclaimed Dhanya as she guided his hands on to her shapely breasts. “Feel these breasts, Rohit, don’t you love your teacher?”

Rohit could feel his balls tighten as he sprayed Dhanya with his cum. He opened his eyes to see his beloved teacher on her knees with cum over her lips and her forehead. Dhanya licked the drops of cum over her lips, swallowing it

“That is a good boy,” said Dhanya smacking her lips. She then turned her attention to Thomas as she sat between her legs and looked at his face. Thomas could feel the throbbing in his cock as he looked down at her. Her voluptuous lips, shapely nose, and her deep brown eyes.

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She kissed the insides of his thighs, licked his balls, lifted his cock, and slid her tongue over the tip. “Do you want to fuck your teacher?” asked Dhanya. Thomas nodded.

“Have you jerked off thinking about me?” Dhanya knew the whole lot of them would have done that already. But having these students jerk off to her made her more turned on.

“Yes, ma’am,” replied Thomas

“I want you to cum on my breasts, Thomas. Cover me in your cum.”

She had grabbed his cock and placed it next to her face, and with each passing second, her hand motion as getting faster.

“Fuck me, Thomas.”

“Fuck your teacher, Thomas”

Thomas could feel that he was about to cum

“I am going to cum, ma’am”

His cum splattered over her breasts, with droplets dripping down her brown nipples.

“Good boy,” said Dhanya running her fingers over her cum covered breasts, she licked her fingers which were covered in cum. “Tasty,” she smiled.

Before she could any anything more, Akhil was taking videos all this time. He grabbed her by the chin and cummed into her mouth. Dhanya was shocked at this. She didn’t even see Akhil furiously masturbating to what he had been witnessing.

She looked into her eyes and said, “Ma’am, swallow.” She gulped it all down and wiped her lips with the forearm.

“it’s almost 2 am, I need to get back to my room before Indu ma’am realizes that I’m gone,” said Dhanya. As she picked her clothes lying on the floor.

“Ma’am, can I suck on your breasts one before you leave?” asked asking sheepishly.

“Sure lad, suck on your Dhanya ma’am’s tits,” Dhanya replied. Akhil ran to her, got down on his knees, hugged her tight at the waist, and started sucking on her breasts. Dhanya ran her fingers to his hair and asked, “Happy?”

“Yes ma’am, thank you,” Akhil was blushing away as she smiled at him.

“And before I leave, Akhil, I need your phone and the password,” said Dhanya. She reached out to take the phone from his hand. Akhil was dismayed, but he gave the phone to his teacher.

“Thank you,” said Dhanya

“See you, tomorrow boys, we have a long day planned.”

She looked at the other boys who were sleeping on the floor, drunk as she closed the door behind her and she walked toward her room.

“Shit, I am still wet,” she thought to herself. But she also knew that they had one more night to have some fun. She knew that it would be more exciting than this.

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