Drunk Sex With Ronali Di


Hi! This is Rahul (name changed). I am basically from Odisha. I won’t bore you guys with much stuff. I am around 5ft 10in with a 6.5-inch dick of decent thickness. I am 20. I have brown tanned skin.

The heroine of this story is Ronali (name changed). She was my neighbor. She is 2 years elder to me. She was a bombshell. Fair skin, Black eyes, Medium length hairs with stats of 34-28-34. She had a huge fan following in our neighborhood.

Now coming to the story. I too had a crush on her and wanted to atleast get one chance to fuck her. I got my chance when her parents had to go to some family functions for 3 days. They asked me to stay in their house as Ronali would be alone. She was not going with them for some reason.

I was too happy. My parents too didn’t have any problem as they thought I look up to her as my elder sister. So the next day her parents left. Ronali told me to come to her house around 8 pm as she will return from her tuitions around 7. So I reached her house at 8 with dinner for both of us that my mom had cooked.

As soon as she opened the door I was dumbstruck. She was wearing a white tank top with pink shorts. The shorts just covered her upper thighs. And she is around 5 ft 6 in tall her long white legs were looking damn too sexy. And her top was also short and her waist was visible if she raised her hands.

Her curvy body was looking too hot. My junior was already getting a little uncomfortable down there. She asked me to come in. It was then I came back to my senses. I went in. I told her that mom has sent dinner for both of us. She took the dinner from me and asked me to wait at the dining table.

She will serve and bring food. I went and sat at the dining. She came after 5 minutes and placed the plate in front of me. She sat opposite me. We were just talking randomly about college and having dinner. Then she bent on the table to take the salt which was on my side.

I caught sight of her cleavage and my eyes were stuck on her boobs. Even after she took the salt and sat at her place my eyes were frozen on her boobs. It was moving up and down due to her breathing. She noticed it, snapped her fingers and asked, “What are you looking at?”

I replied, “Nothing, di. Just thinking something.” And continued eating. She gave a smile. We finished our dinner. Then we were listening to songs on MTV and talking randomly. I was actually checking out di and admiring her figure and sexiness. The conversation suddenly shifted to my relationships.

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R: Are you single?
Me: Yes (in a little shocked tone). Why?
R: Just like that. Well, how many girlfriends you had?

Me: I had 1 in college. But it was a short one and there was nothing like a boyfriend-girlfriend. So practically I never had a girlfriend.
R: R you serious? You have never kissed a girl?

Me: Hell no. Kissing is a rather too much I have not even hugged a girl other than my mom, not even a friend.
R: Man seriously. You are missing a lot of fun. Do you drink or not?
Me: Yup sometimes with friends.

R: Thank God. I almost thought you to be some too good ideal boy. Will you drink with me now? It would be fun. I have brought a bottle today since parents are not home.

Me: (I was like where is this thing going?) Yup sure. (In a rather shocked tone)

She went and fetched a bottle of Bacardi black with two glasses and a bottle of water. She prepared the peg and soon we were 3 pegs down and she prepared the 4th peg.

Me: Are you sure you can take one more shot?
R: Yup pretty sure. Can’t you?
Me: Yes I can. Make it raw. Don’t add water.

R: That’s how I like it.
We took two more shots and she was rather too high.
R: Hey Rahul don’t you think it’s rather too hot.
Me: Yes di.

R: Why don’t you remove your t-shirt.
Me: No di not in front of you. (Though I was high, I was somewhat in control.)
R: Then what? Ok, wait I will remove my top so that you don’t feel uncomfortable.

And she removed her top in one go. Now she was in her bra. And her boobs were looking like melons trapped in a cage.
R: Stop staring at me. Remove your t-shirt.

This time the alcohol took over me and I removed my t-shirt. I was not wearing anything inside. So I was topless in front of her. Ronali was looking at me for some time. The alcohol and the hot atmosphere was making both of us lose our controls.

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R: You said you never have kissed anyone?
Me: Yes, di, never.
She came closer to me and stopped a few inches away from my lips and slowly said, “Would you like to kiss me?”

Before I could say anything she softly placed her lips on my lips. First, she sucked my lower lip and then my upper lip. And as soon as I realized what had just happened I too started responding to her kisses and soon we were locked in a French kiss.

While kissing I unhooked her bra from behind. She was pushing my shorts and underwear down. We broke our kiss after 5 minutes. There was lust in our eyes. She pushed me on the sofa and pulled my shorts and underwear in one go. My junior was standing in its full glory.

She came on top of me gave me a naughty smile and started giving a handjob and then she took the tip of my dick in her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. Then slowly she took the entire length of it in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I was in seventh heaven.

That feeling was too good and can’t be expressed in mere words. I came in hardly 10 minutes. She drank every drop of my cum. Now it was my turn. I came on top of her and removed her shorts and panty. I started kissing her neck. Then slowly I came down to her shoulder.

Then I took her left nipple in my mouth and pressed her right boobs. While doing this I started fingering her wet pussy with my left hand. She was moaning like hell. Then I shifted to her right nipple and started pressing her left boob. When I was finished I moved downwards to her tummy and navel.

I licked her navel for some time. In the meantime, she had her second orgasm due to continuous fingering. I then reached her pussy which was already too wet. I started by licking her clitoris and then started tongue fucking her. She came for the third time in 10 minutes.

She had a great satisfactory smile on her face. She pulled me closer gave me a hard kiss and said, “Now, fuck me hard.” I asked for a condom she said she will take pills the next day. It was my first time. But after watching so much porn I rather knew it pretty well how to do it.

I slowly positioned my dick at the entrance and rubbed my dick on her vagina walls. She was moaning continuously and was begging me to put it in and she can’t wait. I gave a push and half of my dick went in. Another push my entire length went in. It was an amazing feeling.

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It was paining a little but the pleasure was way too much. She gave a loud moan. I kissed her and slowly started my to-fro motion. I broke the kiss. The entire room was filled with our moans and the sound of fucking. I slowly increased the speed. We both were nearing our orgasm. I told her so.

She said, “Inside me, baby.” We came at the same time. I fell on her exhausted.
R: “You are too good for a first-timer.”
She kissed me hard.

R:” I loved it that you didn’t ask me if I was a virgin or not.”
Me: “Doesn’t matter to me. Why should I care about your past.”
R: “Love you for this.”

She kissed me again. In the meantime, my junior was hard again.
R: “Looks like someone is not satisfied yet. What about another round?”
Me: “Anytime baby.”

We shifted to doggy style. And I entered from behind and had a hardcore section. This time I lasted longer for around 30 minutes. She came before me. We laid there on the sofa exhausted and hugged each other and cuddled to sleep.

Guys this my first story on ISS. If you liked it then give your feedback on [email protected] Any girl or aunties looking for phone sex can also message me on the above email. Any girl or unsatisfied aunties from Bhubaneswar, Paradip or Berhampur who want to get satisfied can also ping me on the above email.

There are 2 more parts of this story. Depending on your feedback I will post those two parts.

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