Durga Puja Celebration – Part 1 (Rimi’s Encounter With The Driver)


It was approximately 3:00 am. Rimi was on her way to Ani’s place. The Uber cab halted outside the designated destination a few minutes ago. Anybody peeping inside or passing by would be able to see Rimi in her birthday suit. In the backseat and moaning, while being fucked by the cab driver.

Her completely wet one-piece dress was drying on the front seat with the help of the car heater. She was savoring the moment being naked and fucked. The driver was enjoying her huge melons and already dripping pussy.

How in the hell did the driver end up so lucky?

Hey guys, back to share some recent events to make you hornier! Do read my previous stories to find out about Rimi, Ani, and others involved in the story! Yet just to give you an idea. Rimi (36-32-36) 26 years old beautiful and sexy girl, Ani (38-32-36) 26 years old voluptuos, hot, bold, and sexy girl, are the main culprit of your entertainment tonight.

So, sit tight and put on your seatbelts and get naked while you enjoy your journey with these two lovely ladies. As always you can reach me on hangouts at [email protected]il.com for providing your thoughts and comments.

Late night party was about to be held at Ani’s place during the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja. Rimi, Ani, Suraj, Sunny, and others were to join the celebration whose identity was kept secret in the initial stage by Suraj. It was a get-together of sorts in the naughtiest ways between teacher-student.

Rimi decided to wear a denim one-piece with no inners. The dress was quite thick and would not reveal the fact that her sexy body was draped only by a single piece of cloth. As it would be a late-night party she did not carry much except her mobile, handbag and a bikini set.

The dress barely came up to her milky white thighs. Her long straight hair was left loose. She intentionally left the top button of the dress unbuttoned to make things spicier! She looked the hottest and most wanted girl who was left loose in the city.

She went pandal hopping from the late evening with the same attire. She turned more than heads in the public with hands brushing her from almost every direction. She felt hands touching her from thighs to stomach, from ass to her back and occasionally her boobs in crowded sections.

She enjoyed the initial warm-up for the grand meal which was going to be held late at night. Post dinner with her friends, she bid them goodbye to be on her way for the long-awaited party. It was approx 12:30 am and she was quite far from her destination.

The party was timed to tick off at 1 am. However, she was more than an hour away from the location. On top of that, the crowd and traffic didn’t help her much. She booked an Uber cab from the app. The cab was confirmed and was about to reach in approx 20 minutes because of the heavy traffic.

She got soaked due to the sudden outburst from heaven while waiting for the cab. On top of that, she was not wearing a bra. Her boobs, nipples and her sexy figure were clearly visible to everyone as the cloth got stuck with her body. Not expecting rain in such a manner she was kind of helpless.

It gave every passing guy a hard boner. She was approached by a group of young college guys. They thought she was stranded or something and offered help. (We all know what they wanted) She informed them about her cab which is nearby and would reach very shortly.

The guys scanning her from every angle and looked very decent but lacked experience (as per Rimi’s words). They insisted they would drop her in their car. One of them held her hand and another guy grabbed her by the waist and wanted her to tag along with them.

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Guy 1(holding hand): Please come with us didi. We will drop you off at your location, after having some fun together!

Guy 2(holding waist): Ha, please didi come with us, we will help you.

Rimi: Not tonight, my cab has arrived.

Guy 2: Then have fun with us one day!

Rimi: The next day if we met somewhere on the road like today, I will definitely enjoy it with you all.

Guy 2: Then give us your number, we will call you.

Rimi: Say why don’t you give your number instead? I will call if I need a ride the next day!

Rimi took their number reluctantly just to get rid of them for the moment. The cab arrived in 7-8 minutes. She saw a couple of guys sitting in the back. They turned towards the front seat and hopped aboard. She booked a sharing cab, and she was the last drop among the people already in the cab.

She was getting late and thought the situation was getting worse. She would not be able to reach anytime soon. As all these thoughts were revolving around her head, she forgot about her current state. She was completely drenched and her figure and boobs were clearly prominent.

As she got in the car, she saw the driver was ogling at her boobs and nipples. She came back to her senses and quickly got on, tied the seat belt. Her top button was unbuttoned, which showed an ample amount of her cleavage. The cab driver was a young guy, hired to drive the car, as done by most car owners.

He constantly kept staring at her and her figure. The seatbelt ran between her boobs which made her boobs and nipples more prominent and protruding. The driver started to drive. However, he could not help but keep staring at Rimi every few seconds.

One after the other the guys in the back got down at their destinations. Now only Rimi and the driver was there alone in the cab.

Driver: Madam you have got completely soaked in the rain.

Rimi: Ha, the rain came all of a sudden and I don’t have an umbrella on me.

Driver: Madam you might catch a cold! Should I help you to keep yourself warm in this bad weather? Then atleast you can have something on you.

Rimi: What?

Driver: Why madam, I am here to give you a ride. But, you can get more than 1 ride at the same time which will be free. (winks)

Rimi: Yes, I think I might take a free ride later.

Driver: Ok madam, how would you like to have the free ride? I can take you to your destination after that.

Rimi: Enough of wasting time, start the car and let’s head towards my destination. And I said the free ride will come later.

The cab driver suddenly stopped and was up to something on the Uber app.

Rimi: Are you waiting for another person?

Driver: No madam, I turned off the app and canceled the others in the share.

Rimi: Why?

Driver: So, I can help you madam. Just look at your state, you are wet. Why don’t you take out your clothes and let me turn on the heater to dry out your clothes?

Rimi: (flabbergasted) You are a young naughty boy, saying such things to your passenger. What if I press the SOS button on the app?

Driver: I know you won’t madam. Also, you will remove the wet clothes on your own too.

Rimi: You can already see everything, I don’t need to remove my dress. Start the car, I am getting late.

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It was more than 1:30 am, the driver ignited the engine and started to speed. Being young blood, he was driving very rashly. After approximately 30 minutes, they left the busiest part of the city and were on the outskirts. Rimi thought as the app is closed, no one else will be boarding the cab.

So, she thought of teasing the driver. She removed the seatbelt and actually took out her clothes within a minute. The young driver was awestruck seeing his passenger completely naked beside him. He didn’t see that he crossed a red light.

There she was sitting by him, fixing her hair which was wet and was stuck on her skin. The dim light from outside was giving a glowing view of her skin laden with rainwater all over. Her boobs were visible and tits gleaming with reflecting light rays.

He couldn’t control his movements. His left hand made its way to her thigh and started rubbing all over her bare silky smooth skin. From her thigh to her knee and back towards her hip and ass.

Rimi: Warming me up?

Driver: How can I warm up someone who is already so hot and sexy!

Rimi: It seems your hand is not on the gear. Let me help you with it.

Rimi reached out and grabbed her gear for the moment hard and started stroking it over his pants. The young driver understood her version of the gear and moaned a bit.

Rimi: This gear has two options. It’s already in the first gear going up and down. The second gear will happen later going in and out.

Driver: (while moaning and driving) Madam you are too hot and sexy! I am waiting to feast on you and your tits, let’s hurry to your destination.

Rimi: Stop by a medical store and get supplies before dinner.

Driver: Definitely! (and grabbed her right boob while his rod is getting teased and toyed with) They are so soft madam, wow!

Rimi: First time touching a girl?

Driver: Yes madam, that too such a sexy one.

Rimi: Oh, a sweet little virgin!

Driver: For few more minutes only.

Rimi: Are you even legal age to drive?

Driver: Yes, I am 20 and have my driving license.

Rimi: Ok good, then we can do something about your friend inside your pants.

Driver: Please do something!

Rimi unzipped him and took out his newborn and started to give him a handjob! The driver concentrated on driving (or atleast he tried). Rimi was playing with her new partner and toy for approximately 15-20 minutes. The cab was signaled to stop by a traffic police sergeant.

The cab pulled over and the sergeant came and knocked on the window of the cab. As the window came down, the sergeant’s eyes fell on the girl drenched completely in the rain and completely naked. He was checking her out and was rubbing his crotch.

The sergeant came so swiftly that neither had the opportunity to present themselves in a decent manner.

Sergeant: (to the driver) What are you doing with the passenger? Why is she naked? You are forcing her to get yourself laid, right? Your dick is also out.

Sergeant: (to Rimi) Madam, you are providing so much to the driver? Do you want to enjoy it? Then you should come to men like us and not go to young boys who have no idea how to treat a sex bomb like yourself. Our duty is to serve the public, so I can serve you tonight better than him.

He then called the driver outside and gave him a fine of Rs.2000 for rash driving and speeding. And took away his license and other car documents. The driver came back sat in the car and told Rimi.

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Driver: Madam he is forcing a fine of Rs. 2000 and took away my license.

He showed the slip to Rimi. By then the sergeant came to the car and leaned down on the window, and leaned in so much that his face was almost touching Rimi’s face.

Rimi- Sir I told him to drive fast, as I was getting late. Kindly cancel the fine. He is quite young and can’t afford the money, it’s not his fault.

After requesting a few times, the sergeant told her to speak with his senior inside the traffic control room on the opposite side of the road. Rimi understood his intention and had no choice but to come out and accompany him to his senior.

She was wearing wet clothes, but the sergeant said you don’t need clothes to negotiate. Listening to that she came out without any clothes on the road in the middle of the night. The sergeant got a hard-on looking at a hot sexy girl with boobs, nipples, and ass all exposed and within his fingertips.

She turned and started to walk towards the opposite side. The sergeant was following her and watching her ass and legs while adjusting his pants. But he couldn’t control and grabbed her ass in the middle of the road and led her to the control room. The driver was informed to wait in the car by Rimi.

Both the sergeant and Rimi went up to the control room and went inside. Rimi went in first. She was dumbstruck on seeing what was happening inside. She turned to say something to the sergeant. But he swiftly approached her from behind and grabbed her boobs with both hands.

He crushed his rock hard dick on her ass and started licking her neck and shoulder. Rimi was stunned to see a girl was being fucked by his senior and a guy, while another guy was sitting on one side. The sergeant said they are a couple and the guy drove his bike in the guy’s car.

“The car owner complained and we reached to assist in the situation. The owner obviously demanded money for the damages. The couple didn’t have the adequate amount so he lodged a complaint. We brought them here and now they are negotiating the terms of the damage with the owner. My senior is taking care of the case, just like we are about to negotiate the fine.”

At that moment others present in the room saw Rimi and the sergeant. The senior left the other girl and came towards Rimi. e pulled her close by her waist and gave his dick in Rimi’s hand and started playing with her already naked boobs.

Senior(to sergeant): What is the case here? Where did you find such a hot and sexy babe?

The sergeant told the story to him. Rimi was watching the other girl getting fucked and got turned on. She started to rub the dick laying in her palm.

Rimi: I have 10 minutes, hurry up, I am late and have to leave!

Senior: 10 minutes? You have the whole night booked with us, babe. We will leave the cab and forgive the fine. Here we have 2 girls and 4 guys. We will enjoy a great group sex tonight. That girl will get 3 dicks, however, you will be lucky to get all the 4 dicks. All of us will worship you like a modern deity with our dicks and cum!

What happened next? I will share that in the next part.

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