Dysfunctional Lustful Incest – Part 7


Spending precious time with Radha had made me late. As I reached home, I saw my wife Meena sleeping in the hall on the couch (sofa) in a hot baby doll nighty with the Television ON.

I realized my wife must have planned something romantic. But because of me, her plan and maybe her mood must have got spoilt. Which led her to sleep in anger or a spoilt mood. As I did not get a chance to fuck Radha, I’m going to satisfy myself with her sister (my wife).

I directly went to the room, changed my clothes came back in the hall naked. She was wearing a hot deep neck chicken material black colored one piece which was long till her upper thighs. It was visible that with the help of the semi-transparent chikan material clothes that she had not worn any undergarments.

I got a wicked idea of turning her on (making her horny) in her sleep. She was lying straight (face towards the ceiling). I decided to spread her legs so that I could lick. I brought a chair near the couch gently lifted her left leg and rested it on the chair making space between her legs.

She didn’t realize or react, she must be in her deep sleep. Just perfect for my plan. She had waxed her vagina one day ago. She knows my likes and dislikes. I brought my face near her vagina and gave the 1st lick. I saw her she didn’t notice, then I licked 2nd time.

I noticed that she would wake up very soon if I continue. So I gave a few licks and sucks. I had realized she was about to get in her senses. I wanted her to get wet in her sleep but I failed. All I was able to manage was to make her pussy wet with my saliva.

As she had already planned to have sex, she asked me to continue. She had responded in her half asleep. I kept licking and sucking, soon her body started trembling. I spread her pussy with my fingers so that I can lick perfectly on her clitoris. She was enjoying every lick of mine.

Soon she was about to orgasm. I asked her to hold on a little bit longer. My desire had changed. Earlier I wanted her to give an orgasm in her sleep. But as she had partially come in her senses, so now I wanted her to have an orgasm by my penis inside her.

As I was naked, I quickly used my saliva to make my penis wet. I kept my penis on the entrance of her vagina and penetrated her. She moaned with pleasure and a bit of pain. I kept fucking her, kissing her neck giving gentle sucks on her neck.

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She climaxed (not squirting) with loud moaning, strong shivering, and heavy breathing. I felt very proud, Whenever I give a woman an orgasm especially by my penis, I feel extremely proud of myself. Part of my desire had got fulfilled. But I had not finished.

A normal person should stop or wait for some time after the opposite partner climaxes. But I was feeling very selfish that night I kept fucking her but at a very slow pace. I remembered Radha, because of Radha’s menstruation, I missed the opportunity to fuck her.

She has tried to satisfy me by giving me a blowjob, but I wanted more. I had decided to take revenge by fucking her sister (my wife). I decided to fuck Meena hard and leave marks of love bites on her. So when Radha sees it, she would realize what she missed.

I kept fucking Meena but I was doing it at a very slow pace because she had just orgasm. As she had been satisfied so her desire to continue was not pleasing but she continued without uttering a word. I wanted to continue as I had not ejected (climaxed). Now I aimed to punish Meena on behalf of Radha.

I started to fuck hard. (Pushing my entire penis inside with speed and force). Meena was feeling the pressure. She said, “What are you doing? It’s hurting it’s paining.” In all my married years I had never fucked her like this, our sex was always romantic and satisfying.

I replied, “Bear the pain, I want to fuck you this way tonight.”
Meena said, “But its hurting.”
I said, “Just a little while.”

I kept humping her After a few more stroke, she could not take it anymore. She tried to push me away with her hands and legs. She kicked me. That’s when I realized, I was going too hard on her. Moreover, she had nothing to do with keeping me unsatisfied.

I asked her to forgive me, but it was too late. Her stomach had started paining so I applied Vicks on her stomach and cuddled her until we both slept.

The next morning, Meena’s stomach(abdomen) was still paining. I cooked poha(a breakfast delicacy) for her and our daughter. After breakfast, I dropped my daughter to school. Over there I met Radha. It was supposed to be the 1st day of our business.

But I asked her if she could come home to take care of Meena. She agreed without questioning. But while returning home, on the way she asked me what happened to her. I told Radha, “Her stomach was paining badly if the situation goes bad please take her to doctor.”

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I dropped her down the building and left for work. In the evening I took both the children and came home. As Radha was at my home. After reaching my house, I called Meena on her cell phone, informing her that I was waiting below the building, asked about her health. She was better than before.

Radha had prepared food for all but as I reached below. She decided to go back home. She asked Meena to ask me to wait down, drop Radha and her daughter at their home. After some time Radha came down. She sat behind with her daughter.

I could see the anger on her face. She did not talk to me at all. As we reached below her building. Both of them got down. Radha asked me her daughter to go up, she sat on the front seat. She started scolding me.

“Are you mad? Why did you fuck Meena like this, so deep and such roughly? You are very lucky that she did not bleed. If she would have bled you would have to rush to a gynecologist. By your roughness, you could have damaged her womb(baby sack). I don’t know how many women you have slept with but remember all bodies are not the same.”

I kept listening to her. I know she is not a doctor but yes my wife’s organs would have got damaged. After the scolding, she left for her home. I left for work. The entire day I was not able to concentrate and was worried about my wife. I kept calling her in intervals of an hour or two.

As I reached home and saw Meena, I felt so relieved. I arranged (served) the food (dinner) for everyone (daughter, Meena and myself). After our dinner, I cleaned the dining area and washed the utensil too. My wife and my daughter were astonished.

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I played with my daughter for a while and soon it was bedtime. I applied Vicks on Meena’s stomach. Layed down on the bed. While lying on the bed, I realized how much I love Meena and how much she loves me. She took all the pain without complaining.

We started talking. We had a good conversation after a long time. Meena thanked me and especially for calling Radha over to help. She even told me Radha has become so lonely. Her sex life is completely gone. Because of her husband’s accident.

Next morning. Seeing Meena almost fit, made my morning cheerful and happy. I quickly finished by taking a shower. I had my breakfast which Meena had made. I got ready, took my daughter to school. Over there I met Radha.

As planned we were supposed to go to work together. So as she sat in the car. We both kept quiet for some time. Radha started the conversation and her 1st question was about Meena’s health. I replied, “She is recovering.” We spoke very little and it was all about business-related.

It was the 2nd day of business, but the first day of us being together at work.

After the incident of Meena. My attention was completed on my wife’s health and happiness. Radha was no longer my concern. Radha tried to talk about our relation(her and mine) but I completely avoided it.

Author’s Note:

Contact me on [email protected]

(I know the spelling of ‘lesbian’ is incorrect. Sorry, my id is too old, it was created during my initial college days.)

By the way, my name is Kajal. I am bisexual, more inclined towards lesbianism. I am lesbian by heart, soul, feelings and personal choice. I was forced to marry a man, hope its enough to explain my bisexuality and you are smart enough to understand the rest.

This is a true sex story of a friend of mine, I have narrated and shared it with you almost in the same way he (Rahul) narrated it to me.

Note: Names of the characters in the story were changed to maintain privacy.

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