Encounter With Hot Girl Tanya


This is Rehan working as a software professional in Bangalore. I am narrating an encounter with Tanya whom I met through a common friend.

One evening, I was having snacks at the stall outside the office. My friend came along with a hot girl Tanya who happened to be part of his previous project.

Tanys was a pretty smart Bengali girl and introduced her self. Since I relocated to Bangalore from Mumbai, she was very curious to know how much I missed the social life in Mumbai. We had a few chit chats and left for the day. We met a couple of times later but had only casual chats about higher studies, relocating abroad, new opportunities, etc.

A few days later, I saw her at the office canteen staring at me. She was looking gorgeous, changed her hair, straightened it which was a bit curly. Even though I noticed her, I couldn’t recognize because of her change in her looks. Suddenly, it clicked in my mind, “Oh, it’s Tanya!”. She was smiling at me.

The moment I approached her, she asked if I was able to recognize and I replied, “You look too hot”. She then invited me for tea with her.

We started casual chat popping up questions about me, my past relationships. She was surprised to hear that I was into relationships since my school days.

I showed her one of my old girlfriend’s photos. She started narrating her past, college days, a certain ugly spat which she had with some of her classmates and seniors and how she landed up crying the whole night. During the conversation, I hinted that I should take her out for a dinner/drink on the weekend to which she agreed.

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The next day, it was a Saturday morning. She messaged me on WhatsApp to book a pub in a nearby area as she doesn’t want to travel far. I searched a couple of pubs around and asked her to chose one which she denied and expected me to select one where she could come.

I shared the details of one nearby which was good. She agreed to meet up in the evening.

I reached the pub around 6 pm just to ensure our booking did not get canceled as it is a bit difficult to get an entry in some of the pubs during weekends in Bangalore.

Around 7 in the evening, both of us met in the pub, ordered some drinks, snacks and started talking on various topics including a couple of encounters which some of my friends had with their office colleagues.

I popped up a few questions just to check if she was interested to have sex and she gave a green signal. In between, we forgot the drinks as we were discussing hot topics.

Both of us left the pub. She came on her bike so I asked her if I can ride with her at the backseat to which she agreed. It was very romantic and late at night around 12 am.

On the way, I brought a pack of condom from a medical store which operated the whole night. Once we reached my home, I held grabbed her from behind. I am almost 6 ft tall and she is around 5.6. So, it was a perfect combination.

I gave her a deep kiss for almost 5 minutes on her lips, eyes, cheeks and then lifted her in my arm.

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After lying on the bed, I started to finger her pussy. She started moaning. Slowly, I undressed Tanya, started sucking her huge melons and fingering her pussy.

Once she was completely wet, I inserted my dick into her pussy. She moaned loudly and I held her lips with mine. The session went for around 10-15 minutes and we continued it for the whole night. We tried all positions except anal because it was really painful for both of us.

I asked if she had sex earlier. She said she had used vibrators but had never got physical with anyone.

The next day morning, we woke up and she had to rush for her coaching classes which happens only on weekends. I persuaded her to have breakfast and leave. I prepared toast for both of us and we continued casual chat on other topics including her higher studies.

She went to the bathroom to have a bath before she left to the class. After a few minutes, she called me to get a bath towel. I took a bath towel and she was waiting inside the bathroom with her head outside.

I teased her a bit and finally got into the bathroom. Tanya was looking stunning, fully naked. I opened the shower, grabbed her and started licking her pussy. Then I put my dick in her mouth and asked her to give a blowjob but I did not unload in her mouth.

Then we tried a couple of sessions leaning into the bathroom wall, both from front and rear. It was really amazing.

I lifted her in my arm with my dick in her pussy and gave a couple of shots which she really enjoyed. It was almost 1 pm, by the time her coaching classes were over and she said will bunk today.

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She stayed the whole day with me. We had lunch and continued a few more romantic sessions till evening until we were dead tired.

I drove her back to home since she did not have enough energy to ride her bike.

A couple of weeks later, I invited her for a drink but she denied because of her coaching classes. Finally, she agreed to come on one of the weekends but unfortunately, she couldn’t because of other busy schedules.

I still have a cordial relationship with her and occasionally we chat. Since she is busy with her studies, I didn’t want to disturb her and focus on her studies.

It was one of the wonderful encounters I ever had. Now, Tanya left the job for higher studies to US and promised to have another wonderful evening if I travel to US.

Hope everyone enjoyed my encounter, send your feedback to [email protected]

Any girls/women in Bangalore or surrounding interested in discreet fun can reach out to me.

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