Erotic Encounter With Cousin Akka On A Rainy Night


Hi ISS friends! I am back again with yet another episode of my sexcapades which I am sure all of you would like. Your valuable comments and suggestions are solicited for future guidance.

Here is the episode:

Post-summer vacation, I became a day scholar as my parents had relocated to Trichy, thus totally missing the hostel life, especially my friends and Rajan sir.

My cousin, Anu akka (dad’s sister’s daughter) joined us to work in a school nearby as Hindi/Music teacher. She was almost 10 years older than me, 5’5″, wheatish in complexion, with pleasing manners and friendly attitude.

My cousin was no stranger to me since she had stayed with us even before her wedding (an arranged marriage at the age of 20), but got ditched within two years by her hubby over a staff nurse, in the hospital where he was working.

Subsequently, my cousin completed her Bachelor’s degree in music, side by side undergoing a course in Hindi and started working as a Hindi teacher.

Anu akka joined us on the advice from my dad as the school she was working faced the threat of closure. Her parents were extremely happy and thankful to my parents for the timely help.

Everything was smooth going till the first terminal examination with good progress in academics, thanks to Anu’s constant help and encouragement. We shared one room, with the cots on the opposite ends of the room, well-separated by my study desk and a wardrobe.

One fine evening, my dad got a telegram (other means of communication like phones were luxury in those days) informing that his uncle who brought up my dad was critically ill in a village near Tanjore and that he would like help from my dad as a doctor.

Out of gratitude, my parents decided to visit him over the weekend when akka could take care of me. Anu told them not to worry about me and they left that evening by bus, promising me that they would return at the earliest.

The night was uneventful and next evening as I was doing my homework, Anu brought a message that my dad’s uncle passed away and that they would be returning only after a week or so, asking us to take care of ourselves with our neighbor’s help, if required.

I was disappointed and after school, home work and dinner, we went to bed by 10 pm. It was dark and cloudy, threatening to rain at any moment.

Soon, heavy rains started with gusty winds along with lightning and thunder with deafening noise, which I am always afraid of. I covered my ears in fright and started screaming with my body shivering uncontrollably.

Anu akka came near me and was comforting me when another spell of lightning followed by roaring thunder happened. That shook us, making me hug my cousin tightly.

Akka asked me not to panic, pressing my face to her bosom and leading me to her bed to sleep with her. I was hesitant and shy, but on her insistence, I agreed.

The warmth of her body and comforting calmed me down and I felt secure in my cousin’s hands. But her caressing my back and thighs made me feel uneasy.

I tried to get up when her hands pushed me back saying, “It’s alright. You can sleep here peacefully, dear. I won’t eat you up!”. I said ok and was about to sleep. What happened after that, shocked me!

My cousin’s palm was moving all over me on the pretext of comforting me which tickled me.

I resisted her move and turned away from her and tried to sleep. But, her left palm continued to caress my tummy and this time, further down over my crotch, trying to get a feel of my tool! I was shell-shocked as my pole had already started reacting to her touch!

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I sprang up and holding her wrist, I told her, “Akka, enna panre? (Sissy, what are you up to?)”.

Her reply was all the more shocking to me, “Onumilleda, chinnavan evvlo valandirukkannu paakkarenda (Nothing, da. Just trying see how big your junior has grown)”.

“Chi! Romba thappu, Akka. Kettathe nenakkade, samatha thoongu, sariya? (This isn’t right, akka. Don’t think vulgar. Just sleep, ok?)”.

But Anu gripped my stiff dick through my shorts and started stroking it gently! I protested saying that my dad who was a conservative and strict disciplinarian would punish her and skin me alive if he came to know about it.

But, my elder cousin was adamant that she won’t leave me without enjoying with me and that there was no need to act so innocent as she had seen me masturbating. She went one step ahead by saying that if I didn’t allow her, she would tell my mom about my attempt to peek into her privacy in the bathroom, which was clear-cut blackmailing.

I knew I was cornered and that Anu must have been planning to exploit my weakness to make me her sex slave! She told me in a commanding tone, “You better make up your mind to cooperate with me before I return from the toilet or else you’ll face the consequences, understand?”.

I knew that I had no other option but to agree with my cousin. After all, both of us were not virgins. So, I decided to make the best use of the opportunity.

My mind was no longer controlled by my brain, but thoughts of lust and urge for sex were overwhelming. The moral and sentimental values took the back seat and I made up my mind to participate as a man to woman relationship with my cousin akka Anu.

On her return, she felt thrilled to know of my willingness, came near me and hugged me tightly. I was shocked to see her in a Malayali dress (pavadai, blouse and a towel covering her chest).

She gave me a naughty look and asked me if I was ready for the show. I nodded silently, wondering how far this game would go on. She made me lie on the bed, removed my vest and shorts, leaving me with undies only.

Anu’s expert foreplay, such as her feather touch all over me, sniffing my armpits with her nose, commenting she loved that intoxicating, sweet-smelling perfume of my underarm, her fingers squeezing my boobs and rigid nipples – all aroused me.

I gasped as it is my most erogenous spot, especially when she clamped her lips to suck the juicy nipple like a baby, simultaneously caressing my stiff penis. This changed my mood completely and without waiting for her nod, I decided to return the favor to her.

I made my cousin lie on the bed, stripped her naked and lip-kissed her, inserting my tongue into her mouth and tango dancing with her tongue.

She looked at me quite surprised. But, without looking her, I bent to kiss the fairly big, round and firm but soft pillow-like breasts sporting raisins-like nipples on large oval brownish areolas and knead them hard.

My cousin akka was getting hornier as her nipples became taut and rigid and encouraged me to go ahead. She started breathing heavily when I cupped her shining boobs with my palms and teased the nipples with my fingers. Her eyes were inviting. Without any delay, I began sucking her right nipple feverishly, squeezing her left breast.

As I increased the speed, Anu moaned and pressed my head to her bosom, guiding her nipple to my mouth, showing how much she was enjoying. She was biting her lips and enjoying every bit of it, squirming in the bed, and reflecting her horniness. She was also pressing her thighs intermittently and shivering slightly.

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Suddenly, Anu asked me to get up and made me nude by pulling the undie, just to see my stiff rod jump out and staring at her. I had a second round of boob-sucking as if there was no tomorrow, while she caught hold of my dick and stroked it gently.

I blushed as she commented about how long and thick my dick had transformed from a tender cucumber-like tool. I was clinging onto her boobs when she reminded me what I should do next, with a pat on my chest.

Our naked bodies rubbed against each other, building up the heat all over. Now the entire room was charged with emotions and erotic expectations. She was pressing her thighs tight to cover up her lovekit, but I asked her to be fair in the game and stood up.

Holding my tool in her palm, my cousin got up slowly. I had the first glimpse of my cousin’s adult love triangle covered with a lawn of dark pubic hair. She looked like the Venus goddess striking a sexy pose for me.

Anu was already wet with a streak of fluid running down her thighs. I was looking at her as to what I was supposed to do next, as my experience in sex was only with men, like kissing, nipple-worship, blowjob, and a few anals.

Akka was still stroking my boner, teasing my wet-bulb with precum steadily. All of a sudden, she knelt before me and enveloped her lips around the head, licking the precum. I felt electrified and without waiting for her reaction, I thrust my penis into my cousin’s mouth and made her give me an excellent blowjob.

As I told her that I would cum any moment, Anu got up and said that she would show me a better hole to deposit my semen. She then made me lie on her and guided my palm to her pussy asking me to rub along the midline of her wet pussy.

My fingers traveled in up and down motion touching her clit now and then, which was already wet while I was feeding on her tits. She asked me to go ahead to arouse her by fingering. As I was pressing her clitoris repeatedly, I felt her body shiver and gushing of liquid drenching my palm due to the orgasm she experienced.

Anu was on the high and ordered me to do it again with my dick. When I said that I wanted to clean my cum-soaked hand, she licked it clean, chuckling her tongue.

I was hesitant to proceed, but my cousin caught hold of my prick and started rubbing it on her pussy. Slowly, she was feeling the delightful experience and commanded me to push my rod into her love hole.

Reminded of my encounters with my friends, I tried to find the way, but there was a lot of resistance since the orifice was tight and small. Anu pushed my bums and the manhood slid in, with a loud moan from her saying it was painful.

Anu told me to push it deep into her and suddenly, I realized that my manhood had entered into her completely in one go, increasing the heat and excitement inside her. She gyrated her hips and asked me to make pull and push action.

I started fucking my cousin slowly during which she attained one more orgasm. Her cum lubricated my rod and my speed increased. She held me tightly and asked me not to stop. With each thrust, her moaning got louder and she also matched my movements.

My pubis kissed hers while my meatballs slapped her thighs. Anu was biting her lips and was complimenting that I was good at the job. I was pumping her non-stop and sucking her boobs now and then. Our hormonal levels had soared up and my cousin had yet another orgasm.

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We were literally on top of the world, experiencing delightful carnal pleasure and the taste of the forbidden fruit. We were in seventh heaven since both of us were sex-starved (she for a decade and myself for 6 months).

Suddenly, I became panicky thinking that the intercourse might make my cousin akka pregnant and hence, I slowed down pumping her.

Anu got angry and shouted at me asking why I was slowing down. She laughed when I told her about my concern of impregnating her and assured that nothing of that sort will happen as she was in her safe period.

I looked confused, but Anu categorically told me that she wanted not only a good fuck that she had missed but also the hot semen filling her womb. Encouraged by my cousin’s words, I got bolder and entered her and gave her the best fuck in my capacity.

The heat was building up fast and we were unable to control our horniness and lust.

Anu was arching her body and was not able to control her sexcitement. But she also became wild, demanding that I fuck her deep and fast. As I was also nearing the heavenly pleasure, I pumped my cousin faster and faster.

When I slowed down a bit and tried to withdraw, Anu slapped me and roared like a hungry tigress, ordering me to keep fucking her and fill her with my nectar.

Her legs were pressing my back forcing me to penetrate her deeper and spew my hot juice into her in bouts. She shook her head in sheer ecstasy and satisfaction of having a most satiating sexperience. We were sweating profusely in spite of the cool wind and rain.

Finally, I lay exhausted and lay on her. Both of us were on cloud nine. I got frightened when I saw Anu’s eyes were welled with tears. I apologized to her for my wild behavior, but she laughed to tell me that it was tears of joy after having experienced that heavenly delight she had missed so far.

I got off and lay near her, with my limp cock glistening with the cocktail of our juices. My cousin again moved down to literally clean my dick with her drooling mouth.

Once we calmed down, Anu complimented me that I had given her the fucking pleasure like an experienced guy and that my wife would be the luckiest person to be serviced by a guy like me.

Anu also volunteered that she would be ready to do anything, even ass-licking to get my cock inside her cunt as my game with her was an excellent and the most satisfying one.

I smiled at her and told that I would be equally happy to take her to heights of heavenly delight in the future as well.

Suddenly, the rain started again with thunder and lightning, making me cuddle Anu as before. It was nearing midnight when she wanted a second round, but I was tired and hence we decided to take it easy and sleep off nude.

On the whole, it was the most unexpected, but a splendid night of erotic sex game between me and my cousin akka and a new experience for me.

Thanks to all!

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