Erotic Tale Of Dad And Daughter


Welcome readers, I am Abhishek, the following story is quite real and the changes have been made for literary freedom. I hope you guys will enjoy it and share it.

Let me introduced myself. I am Abhishek, a lusty erotic guy who believes that one should enjoy every day of his life and try everything. I was married to my college girlfriend Pragya and together we had a daughter named Deeksha. We had a wonderful family and I had an as lusty wife as I was.

Every day was just like a new wedding night for us. We believed to try new things to keep the spark burning in ourselves. A few years back my wife died a sudden death due to an accident. I was alone, broken not only sexually but also I was searching for love.

At that time I developed an illicit affair with one of my employees named Akansha. I started seeing her late after work and many times I return home in the morning. But my urge for the sex doesn’t stop there, I became a regular customer of a brothel and I was addicted to fucking different pussies.

Unfortunately, I was unable to give enough time to my daughter as I used to be late almost every day. Deeksha, my beautiful daughter, just turned 18 she has a perfect body that anyone wants. Her height is 5’5″ with figure 28-24-27. She has a streamlined shaped slim body with brownish-white skin complexion.

A set of two developing beautiful titties, long black hair, long neck like Deepika Padukone, big beautiful eyes with a spark in them. A small mole just below her left lower lip, a cute childish face. Her stomach has no fat and it was flat and streamlined, her navel is a little deep.

She has a perfect ass little bigger than her waist and in shape. My daughter Deeksha has a slim body with a shiny brownish-white complexion. The cute childish face she has with an erotic body that makes her a sex goddess. Frankly, I was never attracted to her until one day.

That day ultimately changed the fate of our father-daughter relationship.

A few months back. It was a time of economic slowdown and the worst hit was the automobile dealerships. A low amount of sales forced us to limit our work. On the evening of one Saturday, I closed early and returned so that I can give my daughter a surprise.

In the basement, I found her scooty and I head towards my home. The door was closed, I slowly opened the door and entered. Slowly I moved towards her room, there was some moaning which I heard. And the sound of bangles hitting one another. I was surprised.

I slowly pushed the door, it was open (as she didn’t expect me to be there early). I saw my beautiful daughter naked masturbating wearing a VR and using earphones. She was lying on the bed with all of her clothes scattered all over the room. Her pink bra was on the floor.

It was looking extremely erotic and sexy. The room was filled with the sound of moaning and bangles. She was lying naked on the bed, wearing VR and headphones. Her hair was open and a part of the hair was lying from her neck till the nipple of left boob.

The sweat of all over her body in the form of tiny droplets and they were shining like pearls. The black silky hair was shining along with the sweat on her boobs and that was giving a very erotic view. She was moaning hard and her tongue was running over her lips.

her pink lips were covered saliva all over them. Her left hand was on her left boob and her right hand was rubbing her hairless pussy which was dark pink in color. I saw her cunt, it was hairless small and wet due to which it was glittering and making it more desirable. Her right hand was covered in the pussy juice.

Her hairless slim long legs were shining in the light, they were moving as she was mourning. This was the first time in my life that my dick was hard because of my own daughter. Within a few seconds, my dick was hard as a rock. All I was imagining was about kissing my beautiful daughter’s pink lips.

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Licking sweaty boobs of my daughter while pressing one boob or to eat the juicy pussy of my lovely Deeksha. I wanted to hold those sexy legs kiss all over them, stretch them apart. I put my hard rock dick on her beautiful pink vagina rub dick on pussy and then fuck my own daughter with my dick.

For the first time, I saw my own daughter with lusty eyes. Immediately I left my home closed the door and I rushed to my office. I went to the bathroom and still, my dick was getting hard as I think about Deeksha. I couldn’t believe that I was getting aroused by my own daughter.

But the whole scene was running in front of my eyes like a porn movie. I was craving for my own daughter. Then I take out my dick and started rubbing it. I was imagining the naked scene of Deeksha. I was fantasizing about kissing her sucking her boobs and fucking hard passionately.

After a few minutes I cummed and it was the very first masturbation on the name of my very own daughter. I was relaxed happy and at the same time, I was feeling guilty that I thought fucking my daughter. I wanted to get rid of it and I thought I’m getting aroused because I had seen a new pussy.

To get over it I called a pimp and asked for the youngest girl which I had not fucked yet. He demanded a higher price which I agreed to. By 8 pm I called Deeksha and informed her that I will go to a meeting then to a party. So I won’t be able to get back home tonight.

I asked my daughter to take care of her and sleep well. I met with the pimp he introduced me to the Sadaf the girl for whom I paid to fuck. She gets in the car and I asked her to sit in the front seat. She was wearing a scarf on her face a beautiful grey crop top.

It was showing her navel with skinny tight blue jeans that were showing the shape of her legs and casual white sneakers. She looked like a neighborhood college girl. She was a bit chubby and has a little dark complexion with big boobs.

The shape of the boob was visible from the top. They were round and size was 30 which was bigger as compared to her overall body. I asked her to remove her scarf, she removed it and then I saw her face. She had beautiful lips with big brown eyes with sharp edges.

Her nose was long and sharp and her chin was sexy. She used red lipstick which was giving the lips a more sexy and tempting look. I wanted to kiss her in the car, after a while we talked about all the nonpersonal things.

Me: You look very young, what’s your age?
Sadaf: I’m 19 and a half.
Me: Did you just enter the business?

For it, she just nodded,
Me: I hope Rizwan(pimp) has told you everything about today’s job?
Sadaf: Yes and nodded.

Me: Can I ask a question?
Sadaf: You can ask or do anything for the next 12 hours.

Her reply gave me goosebumps. She was a perfect slut that just knows how to do her job. We reached our hotel and we went to our room. She told me that she had already eaten and we didn’t order any food. I closed the door and she sat on the bed hoping for me to start.

Me: What you hate most in the work?
Sadaf: Many guys can’t satisfy me.
Me: So you like this profession?

Sadaf: I started it for the money but it also gives me sexual satisfaction. So yeah I enjoy as long as the customer is gentle and passionate. But it’s not the same every time.

Me: Doesn’t it feel you awkward that I m approx the age of your dad and you are gonna fuck me.
She: Don’t you feel awkward that you hired a girl of your daughter’s age to fuck.

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That was a setback and I was lost again in the thought of Deeksha. She hit right.
She further said, “I don’t care if you are my father’s age or my brother’s age. I’m here to satisfy you. What will you like me to call you love? My love, Baby, Babe, Brother, Daddy, Dog, or a bastard?”

Her openness and bitchy way aroused me and then I headed towards her. She stood and I kissed her on her lips. Then I grabbed her boobs over the top and pressed her hard. She moaned lightly. She started to bite my lips as we kissed. In response, I bit her lips and pressed the boobs harder.

She moaned much louder this time. We were breathing heavily and our breath was mixing at that moment. Then she grabbed my penis over my pants and started to rub it. I was aroused to an all different level at that time. I was gasping as I was kissing her lips and pressing her boobs.

She was rubbing my hard rock penis over my pants. While gasping I told her to call me daddy. She said, “Yes, daddy.” Then I put my hand inside her top and held her big boobs over the bra. She was gasping and moaning. “Dad press them harder they are your boobs made for you.

Then I removed her top and removed her pants. She was now only in the white bra and black panty. I went again to kiss her. I kissed on the lips and went down to kiss on her neck. While one of my hands was pressing her boobs and one hand was inside her panty rubbing her cunt which was getting wet.

Then I kissed her on her ears. I told her to be slutty and surprise me with her slutty fantasy. I said her to be a roadside bitch tonight. After that she went mad, she opened my pants by herself. She took out my dick she rubbed it. Then she took my dick in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob.

Her mouth was filled with saliva. She spat on my dick and was giving me the best blowjob of life. The sound of licking was coming out. My dick was filled with her saliva. Some of the salivae were on her face was dipping down on her big boobs. Her white bra was getting wet from her saliva.

The scene was giving me more pleasure. I was on the 7th sky of pleasure. I was moaning, “Sadaf, suck it hard babe suck it hard my slutty daughter. Take my whole dick in your fucking mouth. My slutty bitchy daughter.” Meanwhile, I removed my shirt.

After her blowjob, I removed my pants and she removed her bra and panty. We were naked and dying to fuck at that time. We went to the 69 position and I was licking her pussy she was giving me a blowjob. She was getting aroused and she was moaning.

I was licking and eating her pussy. Then she said, “Daddy fuck me, fuck your little daughter.” She knew what I wanted to hear. Hearing this I slapped on her ass and she understood the signal. She laid on the bed and then I kissed her on the lips. I placed my dick on the verge of the vagina.

The vagina was wet. I rubbed my penis on it and then I slapped on her boob. She was biting her own lips by her teeth. I held both of her boobs by my hands and pushed my dick inside her. Her eyes were wide open. She moaned. I kissed her on lips and I started stroking gently.

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I was pressing her boobs and she was moaning. Her tongue was running over her red lips. Then I increased my stroke speed now my whole dick was going inside her pussy with full strength and speed. The strokes were shaking her and her boobs were dancing in front of me, moving up and down.

We both were on the height of pleasure. She couldn’t bear the arousal and started to say, “Slow please, fuck me slowly.” Then I stopped all of a sudden. There was a clear satisfaction in her eyes. She kissed me on my lips while my dick was inside her pussy.

We went to doggy style. Her hair was lying on her sexy streamlined back. Her ass was looking sexy and fuckable in this position. I kissed on her hips licked her pussy from behind and placed my dick on her pussy. I put my hand on her back padded on it touch all over it.

I was pressing her boobs and kissing all over her back from the neck to the verge of her hips. I sucked and bit on her hips and then slapped there. I was enjoying her body and waiting for her to get aroused. Her pussy was getting wet and she was moaning.

Then she asked me, “Daddy, please fuck me.” I asked, “Does my daughter wants to get fucked?” She said, “Your slutty daughter wants to get fucked by your hard rock dick, Daddy.” Then I pushed my dick and started fucking her in the doggy style.

Her streamlined back and black shiny hair were giving me flashbacks of my daughter Deeksha. All of a sudden I was aroused to another level just by imagining my own daughter. The shape of my daughter’s figure was in front of me and my urge to fuck increased.

I grabbed the hairs of Sadaf and pulled it towards me. She had a sudden sensation of pain and she screamed. And then I increased my speed. She was having pain and pleasure both at the same time. She was moaning. I left her hair and held her boobs pressing then as hard as I could.

Then I was on the verge of cumming. I get her on her knees and put my dick in her mouth. She started to give me a seductive blowjob. She was looking into my eyes while she was sucking my dick. That was making it more seductive. Then I cummed in her mouth.

She took all the cum inside her mouth and then she spat the cum on my dick. Again she licked it and rubbed it on her face. Her mouth and face were filled with my cum and her saliva. Then she stood while rubbing my semi-hard dick and then she kissed on my lips. She held my face and kissed passionately.

Hell, I was tasting my own cum but I liked it. She asked me to lick all her face and I licked it all and then we again kissed. We went to the bathroom and clean ourselves. She told me that after very long she had passionate sex. She had the very first time did her fantasy and thanked me for letting her do that.

But only one thing was moving in my head. That was the flashbacks of the naked body of my daughter Deeksha and my urge for my daughter’s body and desire to fuck her.

That’s all for the first part of this erotic take guys. Please give me your valuable feedback at [email protected] Share it love it. And please masturbate after reading it.

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