Extramarital Affair With The Next Door Lady


Hello friends, this is Prabhu again from Mumbai with another story. First of all, thank you for your response to my previous story. Whatever I am sharing with you all is a real experience. I don’t have the habit of adding masala or extra things in the story to get a response from the readers.

Initially, I had a feeling that all posted stories on sites are fictional. But I was wrong, not all stories are fake but some are. Now coming to the story without boring you.

This incident happened with me 5 years ago when I was 23 years with my next-door bhabhi. Her name is Surekha (name changed). We live in Mumbai in 1 RK apartment with less space. It is very common and expensive to own a house in Mumbai.

Surekha is a very hard working woman with three kids, hubby, and other family members. Her age is approx 30, not more than that. Surekha’s hubby is a regular drunkard for which she was frustrated with him. Surekha is not an educated lady since she was belonging to the village.

She has a good figure with boobs and the bomb like ass. I like her ass which is very soft and fleshy. It is very common to understand the chaos and daily fights next door. I was observing the Surekha’s situation for many months. Her hubby would drink daily and fight with her for which she was emotionally frustrated.

One day I approached her for the contact number and without hesitating, she gave it to me. She would have thought for some work-related I am asking her contact number. I was planning to contact her but I needed the topic to start the conversation.

One night at around 11 pm I heard her hubby was knocking his door house. He was knocking for more than 30 minutes. Surekha has decided not to open the door because this has become a daily scene to come late-night drunk. However, I took this as a chance and I called her on mobile number.

She picked up the call. I asked her to take him inside since everybody on the floor is disturbed with the knock. She said she is frustrated with her hubby and was crying on the phone. I consoled her on call and later she was normal. Then I asked her to call me tomorrow as “I have to discuss something with you.”

Then she said ok. Even my parents were in my native place so I had no fear to talk to her. Even Surekha’s family were out of town.

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This was the twist and turn in the situation. The next day she called me on my mobile and asked me, “What do you want to discuss?” We both knew what we wanted from each other but still, we act like normal. I said, “You come to my house early morning as everything cannot be discussed on the phone.”

She said, “What if somebody sees me while coming to your house?” I was happy inside the moment she said this. Now I knew how to play ahead. I said, “I will take care of the plan. You just come to my house tomorrow morning.”

Then the next day morning her hubby went to work. She called me on mobile from her landline phone, She asked me if she can come now as nobody is around on our floor as well. When I looked outside on the floor nobody was around. Then I signaled her to enter my house carefully.

I will keep the door open. After 5 minutes, she entered my house and I locked the door immediately. We both were scared and breathing heavily with fear and little excitement for lust. We knew what next is going to happen because this is her first extra marital affair after her marriage.

Of course, I have to initiate first. I was looking in her eyes with lust and I can see the lust of emotions in her eyes and fear as well. We both were standing near to the door and I kept my hand on her shoulder. Her body was shivering the moment I touched her.

It is a very different feeling for a woman when she was touched by men other than the husband. Married women know very well about this. She was in her maxi (nightdress). I moved my hand to her face and then lips. She closed her eyes in excitement and was shivering more now.

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Then I pulled her towards me and touched my dick above her pussy. She held me tight and was moaning softly. I started kissing her lips holding her face and touching my dick above her pussy. She was totally out of control now and held my dick in her hand.

We kissed for almost 5 minutes and I moved down to the neck to lick it. She was moaning in ecstasy and feeling my dick in her hand. I moved both hands on her boobs and pressing hard adjusting towards the wall. She was getting out of control and dancing like anything.

Her hubby has never done foreplay with her. He just directly jumps for fuck. I can guess this is her first romance or foreplay after a long 5 years of married life. Then immediately I removed her maxi in one go. I can see big boobs covered in black bra and shaved pussy covered with black wet panty.

Now she locked her legs on my hip at the same time rubbing my cock on her panty. Now I took the charge to lift her. I was pressing her boob with my hand and licking the other boob. She was totally in a different world now and syncing with my every action.

She surrendered to me and now she was urging me to fuck her immediately. I was teasing her more and more by licking her boobs. Then I threw her to the bed. She has become wild now. I kissed her navel. She jumped in excitement and begged me to fuck immediately as she cannot wait any longer.

I wanted to tease her more because this is the first time somebody is making her dance. Now I get down licking her leg and came in between her thighs. She moaned loudly. Then I kissed her thighs. Slowly my lips touched her pussy above her panty which was already wet with fluids.

It was the pungent smell that was making me go wild more. I slid her panty aside and touched her pussy lips with my tongue. She was lifting her ass up and down movement with my tongue fuck. Moaning loudly in the room, I can see tears of lust in her eyes.

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Suddenly I increased my speed of tongue fuck and she was holding my hairs to push more towards her pussy. She exploded her cum on my face, breathing heavily and feeling relaxed. Now it was my turn, I removed my short and she holds my hard dick, I asked her to give me a blowjob.

It was no from her side because she has never done in her life. I insisted her to try and she obeyed. She took it in her mouth but was not good at it. Still, it is ok. I made her lie on the bed and widened her legs to enter my cock in her pussy.

I placed my dick on her pussy lips and jerked it. It went smoothly and she moaned. I started fucking her in missionary position and she was asking me to go hard and hard. My dick completely touching her pussy. She also made a movement to support my stroke.

She was enjoying and I can see complete satisfaction in her eyes. Now I increased my speed and fucked so hard for almost 10 minutes. Then we both came together and lay there for some time. She said she has never experienced such a fuck session in her life. Now she allowed me to her fuck her anytime.

Till today I fuck her whenever we get chance and time. I hope you like the story. I am going to write more stories ahead which happened with other ladies. Please share your feedback on [email protected] which will encourage me to write more stories.

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