Extremely Erotic Foreplay With Roommate’s Girlfriend


Hello people. I am Michael. I am a fellow reader at the site. There have been a lot of good stories on the site. I thought I would post one of my great experiences.

If your guy wants to skip the intro, just read the story then you can move onto the middle part of the story. I hope you stick with the intro for a better insight into the story.

Me, I am a bit of a vagabond, a good photographer from Bangalore, 6ft tall, and average body, well you could say I like to work with passion.

This incident happened last month. I was back in Bangalore, after quite a short time, been gone for about 2 months off on my internship. I was staying in Bangalore in a flat shared along with one of my college buddies Shekar.

We both shared the apartment. It was a 2BHK. I got it arranged through one of my cousins.

My roommate Shekar was an MBA student in one of the colleges in Bangalore. He was a smart, charming guy. We have known each other for about 2 years now. The fact that we were distant cousins also mattered, I guess. I and Shekar were about the same height, and complexion and almost the same physique.

He was a little straight forward guy. He was not much into talking or having gangs in college. I didn’t mind having him as a roommate as he was not much trouble and pretty much an ambivert.

I am so sorry if I am boring you with the intros because there is one more coming up.

My roommate Shekar had a girlfriend in college. She was more or less our mutual friend. They had been in a relationship for one year. I was kind of shocked to find out he has a girlfriend Pooja. I thought to myself she would be nerdy type.

Much to my thoughts, she was literally opposite – an extrovert girl, who was quite beautiful. My roommate’s girlfriend was a bit curvy, with a busty ass, a skinny body and proportionate round boobs, big enough, but they could be contained with a little skin spilled out from my hands.

Pooja used to come around our flat some times and we had a good friendship like between, although, I didn’t put my hands into their relationship matters or fights.

I found that she was making very much regular visits to the flat while the time I was away. I found many condom packets and some of her inners in the bathroom and in the room drawers, etc.

I never had any wrong intention on my roommate’s girlfriend and I say this very truthfully. Pooja and I had become good friends. From just passing over smiles and hi and hellos, we started to chat in quite a flirty way sometimes.

I had a trip planned out to Kodaikanal with my friends for that weekend but it didn’t happen. Everything had planned out but we had a last-minute cancellation. That Saturday morning, my roommate went out for something. I thought of freshening up and going for a movie.

Pooja came over (I think Shekar asked her to come over, as I wouldn’t be there). She let herself in as she had the keys. I was in the shower. Our bathroom door had a problem with the latch, so we use to close the bedroom door instead.

I just latched and it was not locked.

I don’t know what happened in the next few minutes, because Pooja had taken off her clothes, slowly opened the bathroom door, and hugged me in the shower!

I was facing the wall, the mirror was on the right side of the bathroom near the door and hence she couldn’t see who I was. She assumed I was Shekar.

My roommate’s girlfriend then hugged me from behind. Her warm hands felt over my chest and to my waist.

She then bit my earlobes. I tried to remain quiet. I had a battle of thoughts, what should I do? But I didn’t care! The way her hands moved and her kiss on my neck and back was a bit erotic. My dick became hard. She whispered in my ear.

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Pooja: I have been waiting for that hot rod to be in me for days.

Then my roommate’s girlfriend licked my earlobe and bit in the soft skin part.

She slid her hand downward, feeling my physique and then onto my dick. Then she grabbed on my dick.

Pooja; Oh! Seems like you are too excited! I love this thickness, baby.

Pooja then rubbed on the dick-head and started to stroke my dick slowly. My dick started to throb in my roommate’s gf’s hands. She then used her other hand to rub on my balls.

She was pro at it. She used her lips to kiss all over my neck and bit on my shoulders. After stroking it for 5 minutes, I grabbed her hands and I turned around in the heat of the moment. She got startled and shocked to see me there! She pulled away from my hands.

Pooja: Oh my GOD! (with her hands on her mouth, with an astonished, scared and shocked look). I am so sorry, I thought you were Shekar.

She was in her bra and panties at that time. Her hair was all wet, stuck to her face, and dripping water. Her blue bra barely covered her boobs.

Her curves and her smooth skin were killing me. Her thighs were smooth and shaven. Her eyes were in shock and her juicy lips, opened up to take small breaths.

The water was dripping from hair to her cleavage. Her curve paved a way for the water to pass. She had a wonderful feather tattoo near her belly button which added to her beauty.

My roomie’s girlfriend was glancing through my body, even in that shock. She took a small stare at my dick.

Pooja was in complete embarrassment. She looked down with fingers on her head. I could feel her thoughts.

She checked out my dick and body and looked back at my face. I had a smirk on my face.

Me: It’s okay. (with a smile and my hand on her shoulder, rubbing on her bra strap and her shoulder.) I liked your work, (I got close to her.) It’s only fair that I too give back something for it.

Pooja stared into my eyes with hard felt doubt. She too was in a confused state on what to do?

She then turned away, moving my hand from her shoulder. She turned towards the bathroom mirror.

Pooja: What if..? What if Shekar finds out?

I then went in and grabbed her by her waist. Pulling her back close to my chest, I kissed her back of her neck and her earlobes like she did to me. With that deep passionate kiss on her neck, Pooja forgot about everything else for a moment. She took a deep breath as her body raised and was reaching out her hand to my head. I then broke the kiss.

Me: Don’t worry about it, nobody will know.

I then turned her around. As I raised her by her hips and held her close, her toes barely touching the ground, we looked into each other’s eyes with lust. I leaned forward and kissed her. She responded well and our tongues were in each other’s mouth.

As we kissed, we took steps backward towards the shower in a perfect rhythm.

I then turned back against the wall and kept on moving until she met with the cold wall. I kept her against the wall. I kissed her, our heads turned to the side and our tongues rolled. We were exploring each other. My roommate’s girlfriend’s hands rubbed over my abs and then to my back, pulling me closer.

My hands were on her body moving swiftly by her curves. As I pressed on the flesh of her navel lightly, her chest raised to take a deep breath due to the sensation.

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Then I moved to her thighs feeling the smoothness. I could feel that my roommate’s GF had waxed a few days before. My nails placed a few pinches over it. I could see her eyelids shut in pain.

Pooja then broke the kiss and gasped as I started to kiss all over her face with a deep kiss on her forehead after raising her by her hips. I pinched on her thighs some more. She leaned on to the cold wall and her hands switched on the shower. We were under that cold water now.

I was slowly moving my lip through Pooja’s eyelashes, on her nose to her lips, her chin, placing small but passionate kisses on them. I took my head to the side and started to kiss her earlobes and bite on flesh at the bottom and top of the earlobe, making her moan in low sound.

I then kissed each part of it. Then I turned my head to the right and played with her other earlobe.

I then came back to her lips and gave her a kiss again, biting her lower lips. My hands started to feel her inner thighs, pinching over and over there. I then broke the kiss and went to her nape of the neck. I kissed and licked there while I moved my hands up to the brim of her leg.

I made sure to give small rubs on it. Pooja started to give low moans, “Aaah…mmm..mmmm..”

Then I came back to her earlobes, kissed them again and moved my tongue to kiss her neck. I drove them along the center of the neck down, licking into the brim of her collar bone. I then kissed on collar bone.

I started to kiss from there to the side. As I came to her bra straps, I bit her skin over bra strap. Her body gave small tremble with moans.

I moved my hands to her back, getting close to her ass cheeks. I grabbed on her ass cheeks. I spanked them and squeezed them with my hands. Pooja raised her body in pleasure towards me. She gasped for breath.

I kept on squeezing and fondling my roommate’s girlfriend’s ass cheeks. I then kept my hands on her ass cheeks, fondling them like her boobs. I drove my tongue down licking her navel.

Then I kissed her belly button and bit her skin of navel for a few times. She was biting her lower lips and kept on giving out small moans with the stuttering breaths.

I then took on her right leg onto my shoulder. I started to kiss her toe. We both were drenched in water. I sprinkled water on her toes and licked her toe fingers.

I placed her leg on my shoulder and licked her thighs. I bite her inner thighs skin. I needed her to enjoy all this foreplay in passion. I took my time, licked her both thighs and toes up to the brim of her drowning in the pleasure. Her hands were on my hair and rubbing there slowly. I then raised myself.

I moved to her armpits. They were shaven yet they had a tinge of sweat. As I licked it, she was restless in my hand. I could feel her chest, driving up and up for catching more air.

I dug myself into Pooja’s cleavage and started to lick her over the cleavage through her bra. I kissed on the upper skin of her boobs and drooped my tongue into cleavage. My bulge was sticking out. Sensing it, Pooja moved her hands to my bulge and started to get a hold of it.

Meanwhile, I placed my hands on her boobs and felt the softness of her boobs. I started pressing and fondling her breasts hard. I sucked on the upper part of her boobs. I then raised my left hand to her back.

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I ran my fingers over her backbone and in sync, I moved my lips to her neck, kissing and licking her neck. I rubbed my fingers over her backbone for a few times till I came back to her bra and removed it. I dropped it off on the floor. I then saw those big 34D boobs of my roommate’s girlfriend.

They had pink areolas encircling pink nipples. I took those nipples in my hands and started squeezing them between my fingers. Pooja moaned lightly and bit her lower lips.

I then went in for a kiss. She started to kiss me wildly as my hand played with her nipples – pulling them, squeezing them and pinching them. She was giving out light humming sounds in the middle of the kiss.

I kept on fondling her boobs. Then my hands reached out for her ass cheeks. I grabbed them tightly and gave her a passionate kiss. I then slowly rubbed over in between her ass cheeks too and her asshole and then to her vagina.

Her pussy was so wet from all the foreplay. I could feel her body shaking. She was restless. I knew a little more would push her off the edge to an orgasm.

I kept my hands at her pussy and went into her wet panties. I pinched on her pussy lips and kept on rubbing on her pussy furiously.

I slowly entered her pussy, driving my fingers into her tight pussy. I felt the tightness and warmth of Pooja’s wet pussy. I drove my hands through her insides. I fingered her pussy and kissed on her neck at the same time. My other hand played with her nipples to make her moan highly.

Pooja was leaning against the wall, her nails scratching it and her legs leaning forward. Her body was in curving shape and her boobs raised towards me. She had closed her eyes and was biting her lower lips and moaning with light sounds.

We suddenly heard a knock on the door, it was Shekar! My hands froze. I stopped in that sudden rush of fear.

Shekar:- Pooja, is it you in there?

As I tried to pull my hands from her pussy, she took a hold of it and pushed it in! She placed her finger on lips as a sign to keep quiet. I understood and kept on fingering her pussy and kept on licking her nipples.

Pooja: Mmmmaahhhh.. (with a gasp of a deep breath). Yeah baby, it’s me. I will be out in a moment.

Shekar: Ok. Where is Michael?

Pooja: Uuuhhh. Aahhhh..mmmm.. He left, went out.

Shekar: Ok, fine.

I kept up my work as she kept her hands on her face. She then trembled wildly and came hard with a great orgasm.

Guys, a lengthy story is always boring to read but I wanted to explain every minute details of the scenario.

Stay tuned to find out what happened next.

Your valuable likes and comments will inspire me in writing the second part as soon as possible. Again, feel free to contact my mail/hangout at [email protected]

It is an invitation to all women out there, especially those from Bangalore

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