Facebook Chat With My Sister Anjali


Hi, guys this Rahul from Chennai. I am 22 years, height 5’10 feet, weight 70 kgs, my tool is 6.5 inches. Any young virgin girls, young girls, married, unmarried, widow aunties from Tamil Nadu can contact me a hot sex. I can tear your pussy and we have ultimate fun. My mail id is [email protected] / [email protected]

I have completed my be and working in Mumbai. I have an elder sister, her name is Anjali, she is 24 years old. She completed her MBA and works in a private company in Bangalore. She looks similar to Sonakshi Sinha, (in colour and body type).

As I am away from my family and staying alone in mumbai, there is no continuous time pass for me. So I created a fake fb account (in a name santhosh) and was searching for girls to chat about hot stuff. But most of the girl’s account were operated by boys as a fake account. One day I saw an account (in a name Ramya), the account looks like a girls account (similar to how they decorate) and just requested for friendship. After 2 days she accepted the request. I asked her,

Me: are you a boy/girl

She: am a girl and from Chennai, now working in Bangalore, am 24 and u????

Me: am also from Chennai and working in Mumbai and am 22

We started to chat daily, and got her mobile number and chatted with her in mobile. One day I asked

Me : what are you wearing and its colour

She: nighty black

Me: what are you wearing inside

She didn’t replied for 10 mins

She: black bra and green panty

Me: don’t wear panty it will increase ur body heat

She: I will take care of that

Like this, we chatted for a month about dresses. One day I video called her, she disconnected the call and said only msg and no videos but I insisted her, finally she attended the call but she didn’t show her face. I myself covered my face with towel, wow she has a huge boob she was in t-shirt and pant, I removed my t-shirt and in bare chest,

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Me: I want to see your boobs

She: no I can’t

Me: plz plz plz plz

She: ok don’t miss use me

She removed her t-shirt and in red bra,

Me: remove your bra too

She removed her bra but covered with her hand, then I became completely nude and asked her to become nude, she removed her pant and then in her black panty, this is the first time I saw a girl nude, she had a huge boobs with brown nipple and her pussy is covered with dense black hairs. I started to masturbate and asked her to finger in life, she did that and said this is the first time I am nude in front of a guy and also I am fingering the first time. Our live Internet sex session goes for a while

Me: shall v have real sex

She: no, I am afraid

Me: y

She: if I get pregnant you may black mail me

Me: I won’t blackmail you

She: online sex is enough for us and no physical relation

I took leave for five days to visit my native, so I told her I will not be available for 5 days and will have a strong session today she said ok, we became nude and started to masturbate seeing each other

Me: can I see your face

She: I won’t show you in video chat but I will send you in msg, but you should send your pic

We were shocked to see each other’s pic, she is my own sister Anjali, I am sex chatting with my own sis. We saw each other face in the video too and logged off the chat. She is also visiting Chennai for a family function she reached a day before and I the next day. We were not able to see each others eyes. Then we reacted normally as no one should doubt us. We didn’t think about our chat, one evening when we were out for shopping, she was wearing a chudidhar I asked her,

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Me: y you have a fake account,

She: the same reason y you have

Me: are you virgin

She: yes, of course, I am a virgin and you are my first boyfriend

We finished our shopping and returning home in my bike, I applied brake frequently and so her boobs hit my back she realized my intention and hugged me tight and we reached home. In the night I went to her room so that we can have a chat

Me: Anjali shall v have a session now

She: don’t thing about that, we can’t do that as we are bro sis

Me: but already I saw you nude in FB chats

She: that is before we find ourselves, we can’t do it now and hereafter don’t think abt that plz

I convinced her, and she said ok, but nothing more such as physical relation, I removed my t-shirt and removed her pink t-shirt too, she unbutton my pant and removed my pant and underwear, I am fully nude I removed her pant she feels shy and turned towards the wall, I kissed her back and unhooked her pink bra and red panty, I turned her towards myself and saw her, she is breathing heavily, I hugged her and kissed her we lip locked for 5 mins and started to kiss her body, touched her huge boobs and pressed it she is moaning and said no don’t do anything am ur sister. I didn’t listen to her and pushed her on the bed and laid over her and started to suck her boobs my penis is touching her pussy, she resisted first then she started to enjoy, I reached her hairy pussy and kissed it, fingered it sucked and tongue fucked it. Wow sucking your sister boobs and pussy is like heaven and you can’t get it from other women. I asked her to suck my penis, ejaculated in her mouth and laid beside her she said let’s end this session I don’t like to move further though I like it. But I didn’t listen her and lip locked her again and she is also in no mood to stop me, I spread her legs and inserted m penis in her virgin pussy, I steal her virginity and she stole mine. I pumped her pussy and ejaculated in her pussy and final part on her boobs, and sucked that. We slept nude, the morning I went to my room. Next day night also we fucked and we left for Mumbai and Bangalore every weekend I visit Bangalore and will have sex with Anjali. I made her pregnant and aborted the child, now we use birth controls and enjoy our sex life, hope you enjoyed,

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