First Sex With A Married Colleague


Hi, this is Abhay, born and brought up in Bangalore. I’m a very shy and reserved person. I have normal physic, with 5′ dick. Where I start masturbating in my childhood days and cum on actress cleavage pics or exposal pics. This incident happened in 2017, in my previous organization.

As in organizations, we were having beautiful girls, sexy assets ladies, etc. There I saw this active lady, not that much beautiful, but still sexy and looks similar to my ex. Every time I see her I thought of saying to her that she looks similar to my ex and I was happy. But since I was shy I couldn’t.

In 2017 we had an issue where we needed help from other teams as well. There was the chance I got to talk to Janu. Yes her name was Janavi, she has married 3 years ago. She didn’t have any kids, and as I said she had a tight pussy as well.

At the end of the period, we had a WhatsApp group. I found her number there and texted her. That was Sunday We exchanged some casual text and family background. As I said she look similar to my ex I shared my 1st love story, and break up with her. She was sorry about that.

We had a close bonding built where she shared her problems and things that she hasn’t shared with anyone else. In this, she shared about her love stories. How her marriage happened in a hurry, how her life was, and the reason for her tight pussy. Yes, she hardly had sex 5 times at the beginning of her married life.

After that, her husband used to doubt her, and come home drunk. This brought some gap in between them. She was so attached to me that we used to think about what if we were husband and wife. The fantasy was just awesome and we wish it could come true.

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Coming to the main story. One fine day after completing office hours I was dropping her home. She took me near a road where no people were walking around. She hugged me and kissed me and asked me to do a favor that shocked me. She asked me to have sex with her.

Indirectly saying she wants to have my baby. I was happy and confused too. After saying ok, the very next day we had a phone conversation about the fantasy of husband and wife. There was no one in my home. So, I thought of bringing her home and fill her with my semen to have my baby.

I asked her whether she can come home. She said ok. In the evening she came home, we had some chit chat, and I was hard as always. She asked for a glass of water. When she was drinking and the excess water was out of her mouth. It flowed from her chin to the neck region and then to her cleavage.

It made me hornier and I wanted to fuck her there. We walked around the home where I showed my house. I hugged her, kiss her, played with her tummy and navel. Then when we were finally in the living area, she said, “There may be no other chances as now. Won’t you use it.”

So I carried her to my room while kissing and threw her on the bed. She was shy too she didn’t allow me to put on the light. I was struggling to put my dick in her tight hairy pussy. Since it was my first time I failed and she too was in pain. She didn’t allow me to insert completely and fuck her.

I was so disappointed. I thought I’ll not be getting any chance to fuck her again. But within the next few days, she inquired about how I want to see her. I said she looks sexy in saree and I want to see her in the same. That day I couldn’t see her in my office, but she said she’s going to come to my home.

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I went home after the office and checked whether there is anyone at home. I was happy that no one was at home. I was eagerly waiting for her. There she came in a silk saree and jasmine flowers on her hair. She was looking like a newly married bride. As soon as she came in, we talked, we kissed, we hugged.

Finally, I carried her to my room and rolled her in my bed. Then I came over her, kissed her forehead, eyes, nose where she had a nose ring, cheeks, chin, and finally lips. It was awesome. I bit those lips and even chewed her lips and sucked her tongue.

Then I made her stand and removed the safety pins in the saree, then removed the saree. It feels awesome! When you see a woman rolling while you remove the saree. Then I started kissing her cleavage and gave a bite on her boobs. I started sucking madly over the blouse and playing with the other.

After removing her blouse I was dammed mad to see those beautiful soft firm boobs. I made her lie on the bed and started playing with her sexy and slim body. I removed her petticoat, and there she was dam sexy with only a bra and underwear. Finally, I removed her bra.

I started sucking her boobs to get milk like a baby and biting her madly. While kissing her whole body, I went down and licked her navel. Then I removed my complete dress and hugged her tightly. The feeling was just awesome. I felt like heaven.

Then I went near her leg and start kissing her ankles, knees, thighs, then started kissing on her underwear. She was so wet even her underwear was wet. It gave a strong smell of her pussy. Then I removed her underwear, smelled and went near her pussy to lick.

But she refused and pulled me up and asked to insert and do. When I tried to rub my dick I was super happy since she shaved completely that day. Finally, I could sense her tight pussy and pushed my dick slowly. It was hurting me and her too, after pushing completely.

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Then I started fucking her in all the possible positions like missionary, spooning, cowgirl. Then we went to the lotus position. She came a lot and slept. I gave her some time and asked her if she is ok. She said she’s happy and laid peacefully.

Since I was rock hard, she asked me are you ok. I said I have not cum yet. I started fucking her fast and playing with her whole body, and finally cum in her. Then we slept like that for a few minutes. Then we freshened up and she left.

After this, we usually meet, but we didn’t get a chance to fuck. But still, she was happy until she gets settled in her life.

I hope I made you guys cum. I still had sex after that with 2-3 women. Please share feedback on [email protected] and I’ll update my new other stories.

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