Forced Family Humiliation – Part 2


Hi reader, this is the continuation of my story. Please read my previous story below to know the beginning of the story. Please give feedback at [email protected]

Let me introduce myself and my family again. My name is Nagen, age 23. I live in a family house with dad, mom, 2 sisters, brother and sister in law. The story is about how I and my sisters get humiliated by a stranger. My elder sister’s name is Kasturi, 26. She has a very attractive figure 32-26-34. Her tits are small but her ass is perfect.

My second elder sister’s name is Revathi. She is 24 with nice firm boobs and smooth round ass. Even though she is younger than Kasturi, she has bigger boobs and ass than her. She always wears tight tops and pants which make her assets visible. Revathi’s figure is 34-28-36.

There comes my favorite sister-in-law, named Saras with the figure of 36-30-38. She has big boobs and a bulky ass. I can spend spent my whole day seeing her waving ass when she walks. Her ass and boobs jiggle when she does house chores and all.

Continue from the first part,
After we all got hard fucked by the big bull stranger. We all just lay on the floor in tiredness. The next day morning the bull guy, sorry didn’t mention his name earlier. He is Ram. Ram woke up earlier than us. All of us were sleeping naked on the floor. He woke us all and brought his semi-erect dick to Revathi’s mouth.

Revathi didn’t even brush her teeth. He asked her to suck it. It was early morning coffee for her. Without choice, she licked the sweaty dick with dried cum on it. We all thought it all ended yesterday night. But it was just the beginning. Our hearts started to pump harder.

When I saw it, my dick started to rise. It was still just 4 inches. Ram instructed Kasturi to suck my cock too. I was happy with it but I didn’t show it on my face. Kasturi with anger came near me and grabbed my ball hard. She squeezed it harder and sucked it. I was in pain and pleasure but I enjoyed it.

In just 5 minutes I cum all over her face. He asked Saras to clean it by licking it all and asked me to say thanks to both of them. They both got very angry with me.

Ram: How nice to see sister suck her brother until he cums on her face and her sister-in-law cleans it. Your parent sure will proud of you all.

When she heard that Saras got angrier and humiliated. She stood up and spat all the cum from her mouth on my face.

Saras: This is all because of you. You will get more, wait until the end. (she warned me)

I was started to get more scared and ashamed. Tears came from my eyes. Ram laughed loudly when he saw her spit on my face. After 20 minutes, Revathi gave him a blowjob. He called me near and asked me to be on the knees. I know what was going to happen next. He released his cum all over my face.

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My face is full of cum. He took his camera and took a picture of it and asked me to stay on it. He unlocked all the room doors and asked me to collect all the clothes to do laundry. I pick up my sister’s bra and panties from the floor one-by-one with cum face. I’m not allowed to clean my face.

My house is a terrace house and normally we do laundry outside of the house. So I requested Ram for some clothes to wear. He asked me to wear Saras’s nightgown which she wears at night and Kasturi’s panties. I wore Kasturi’s black and red strip panties and silky purple nightgown.

The nightgown was too big for me as my sister-in-law has a huge ass. Ram told me to remove the nightgown and underwears too after I did the laundry of all the clothes. I had to wash it also. So I need to be naked when put the clothes to dry. I was very ashamed and beg to him. He didn’t give any choice to me.

They all laughed at me. He took another picture of me with the nightgown and cum dripping face. I was worried about what is going to happen with all the pictures. Ram went and checked the girls’ mobiles. He found some missed calls on Kasturi’s mobile. It was my mom.

He asked her to call back and reminding her by showing his mobile. He was blackmailing and reminded her of what he has on his mobile. There were videos and pictures of us all naked. So Kasturi pretended as nothing wrong happened and call mom.

Kasturi: Hi, mom. How are you? You called me. Sorry I was sleeping.

Mom: I’m fine. It’s OK. How is everything going? Hope everything is fine.

Kasturi: We all fine, mom.

Mom: We will be back in 4 days. So take care of everything. If you need any money ask your sister-in-law.

Kasturi: Sure, mom. Take care.

Mom: Don’t forget that tomorrow you need to attend my friend’s dinner. Please attend as she is my close friend.

Kasturi said fine and saw Ram. She told Ram about the event. Ram suddenly got excited hearing the news. We all know he has something on his mind by seeing his face. He brought all 3 girls to the bathroom to take a shower. I wished I could be there in the shower with all of them.

I start to do laundry faster to be with them. The 3 girls started bathing Ram. They cleaned all his body by soaping in the shower. They touched all his parts. He was in heaven. After the shower, they all come to me all naked in the main door of the house while I was doing laundry.

The girls all were ashamed and I was afraid of being seen by someone. I took my nightgown and panties off and cleaned it naked. Ram asked me in an angry voice, “Is it done?” I nodded yes. He asked me to come in and asked the girls to shower me. They looked at me in anger but the evil smile is on their faces.

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Ram was watching out from the bathroom as they all showered me. They slap me hard on the face, dick, ass, and chest in the name of bathing. Ram was laughing by seeing this. I was in pain. We all went to room all naked standing in front of Ram.

Ram: What dresses are you bitches going to wear for the function?

We all remained silent. Ram went to the wardrobe and find a sexy dress for us. He found some new material which we had never used yet. It was a new sari material which mom bought for the ladies when she went for a tour last time. Ram had an idea. He told us that we are going to a tailor to stitch some blouse.

Sister-in-law told him that we don’t have much time. The tailor will be busy to do it in 1 day. In a grim voice, Ram said, “I will get it done, you just wait, bitch.” The girls got more scared and I got excited about what is his plan. He picked some dresses for the girls to wear when we go to the tailor’s shop.

Kasturi wore yellow lace panties and bra set. On top of it, she wore tight low neck shirt and tight low cut jeans which revealed her tight ass. Her shirt was low v-neck and short too. If she bends the whole world can see her panties and ass crack. Her lace bra cutting can reveal from her shirt too as her shirt is thin.

Revathi wore a short jeans skirt and sleeveless top. Inside of it, she had red satin panties and a black floral bra. Most of her panties and bra sets are not pairs. It is a combination of all colors. Her sleeveless top is a little transparent when standing against lights.

When comes to Saras he chose a tight common dress which is short above her knees. The tight dress fit with her huge ass. Her panties lines are visible as she wore white cotton panties and brown cup bra. She looked busty as she wore a cup bra on her huge tits.

They all looked like a complete slut family with semi revealing cloths. They all were ready and Ram saw me still standing naked. He went to Kasturi’s closet and picked jeans and a shirt of hers. I was shocked and looked him in the eyes. He slapped me and asked me to wear it.

It is a girl’s jeans and a shirt. Even though it’s the same as gents but its cutting and shapes will let people know whose was it. He gave me Kasturi’s purple lace panties to wear so people will know I’m wearing ladies’ stuff when I bend. The low waist jean was perfectly fit me and the shirt was just until the jeans.

So for sure people will peek on my panties even if I sit on a chair. I was very embarrassed but I didn’t have any choice. The girls all laughed seeing me. The girl all wore high heels shoes. They had never been dress like this before in our local area because our family has some respect in the neighborhood.

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But today they completely looked like street whores. I had a hard erect seeing them all. Saras handed him some cash and credit card to spend which my brother send her regularly from his salary. I drove my sister-in-law’s car. She sat beside me and my both sisters and Ram sat in the back seat.

We start to move from house to town. Ram asked me to stop at a nearby restaurant to take some breakfast. We all went into a local restaurant near my place. We hesitated if someone will see us and told Ram about it. He didn’t listen or care about it.

We all sat in the restaurant and ordered some food. Once Kasturi sat on the chair her shirt automatically rose up from her jeans and revealed her yellow panties. She tried to pull it down and cover but failed. She just held her shirt behind so no one can see it.

I saw the embarrassment in Kasturi’s face. Ram instructed Revathi and Saras to sit with their legs spread. At first, they were ashamed but they did it also. All the boys there never took their eyes from my sisters and sister-in-law. They were too stunning in their sexy outfit.

We order some breakfast and start to eat. Kasturi had a hard time to cover her revealing panties with one hand and the other hand on food. But she still did not manage to cover her cleavage on her low v-neck shirt. The guys peeked into it when they passed by.

Ram permitted me to look under the table once so that I can see how the ladies’ panties and tights look like under their dress and skirts. I bent under the table. I saw Revathi’s red satin panties under her jeans skirt and white color panties under my sister-in-law’s dress.

I had a hard erect by that scene. Even though it was not too clear and a little dark inside. But it was all the guys’ dreams to look into ladies’ skirts. But I forgot to cover my peeking panties from my jeans. Almost all the guys saw my purple lace panties out of my sister’s jeans that I was wearing.

I was very ashamed and tried to cover it. Suddenly I noticed that a neighbor boy was sitting there and watching us all. I got more humiliated as I saw him. He was younger than me who used to respect me and called me brother. His age was just 19.

I told about that to Ram and the ladies. My sisters and Saras get very ashamed and tried to cover their faces. But Ram was enjoying the humiliation we were going through. We all just moved after finishing the meals. My sisters covered their faces until we got into the car because of shame.

Ram laughed at them all.

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