Forced Family Humiliation – Part 3


Please read my previous story to know the beginning of the story.

Let me introduce myself and my family again. My name is Nagen, age 23. I live in a family house with dad, mom, 2 sisters, brother and sister in law. The story is about how I and my sisters get humiliated by a stranger. My elder sister’s name is Kasturi, 26. She has a very attractive figure 32-26-34. Her tits are small but her ass is perfect.

My second elder sister’s name is Revathi. She is 24 with nice firm boobs and smooth round ass. Even though she is younger than Kasturi, she has bigger boobs and ass than her. She always wears tight tops and pants which make her assets visible. Revathi’s figure is 34-28-36.

There comes my favorite sister-in-law, named Saras with the figure of 36-30-38. She has big boobs and a bulky ass. I can spend spent my whole day seeing her waving ass when she walks. Her ass and boobs jiggle when she does house chores and all.

Story continues:

From there we straightaway moved to the tailor’s shop which quite far from our place. We went into the tailor shop with hesitation. Thinking, what else shame we all going to face next. A bulky guy was sat in the sewing machine. He must be in his 30’s and a young boy who must be just 19 was helping him around.

Ram hand him the material and ask to stitch a sari blouse for Saras as she is a married woman and Punjabi suit for both my sisters. But the sad thing is the ladies don’t have any choice to make on their own. Ram is the one who controls them. The tailor started to take measurements of them.

The boy was taking notes on a piece of paper. They start with Revathi, my second sister. 1st he starts with height, hand length and etc. Once came to her body, the tailor can see her black floral bra from her transparent sleeveless top. While he measured he didn’t take an eye from it.

The boy also has a good look at it. Revathi put her head down in shame. After finishing with her, they go to Saras. He saw the outline of her busty cup bra shape from her dress. He starts to get erect. I saw him accidentally touch her body while measuring.

But he didn’t get any chance to measure her big round ass because she just needs a measurement for the blouse only. Pity him. But sure he didn’t been seen that perfect ass in any woman. Next was Kasturi’s turn, her face turns to red when he comes near her. He asked her to lift her hand to measure.

Once she lifts both hands, her shirt raises up and her jeans lower down. She tries to pull it back but Ram scolds her to co-operate and not waste time. She just stood there like a toy with face down and tears in eyes. Her yellow lace panties and her belly clearly in the view. I saw the tailor and assistant boy were enjoying the show with hard erect.

Then Ram whispers something to the tailor’s ears. The tailor also smiles at him and nods his head. Then Ram demanded to tailor that he wants the cloths by today.

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Tailor: I cannot do it by today, at least need 1 week.

Ram: No. We want it urgently.

Tailor: I have committed to a lot more customers. Please understand.

Ram: If you want, I can make the ladies wait for the blouse and Punjabi suit in their inner wears only. After you are done they will try and we all will go back. What do you say?

The tailor and the assistant boy was stunned hearing this. We all were shocked and don’t have any word to talk. The tailor agreed and asked the assistant boy to close the shop door. The assistant boy went to close the door by holding his penis. Tears start to flow again from the ladies’ eyes.

Saras begged Ram to not do this in front of others. Ram laughed and said, “This is just beginning you bitches.” He asked all the ladies to take off their clothes. They all just stood there and didn’t obey him. Ram brought his mobile near them and showed them the nude picture with cum on faces.

He asked, “You want the whole world to see this on the net?” They all immediately started to take their cloth off as they saw the pictures. Ram turned to me and asked, “Should I tell you twice, take it off, you sissy.” I start to take off the lady jeans I wore. It was tight and stuck in my ass.

The tailor guy and his assistant were laughing seeing me wear ladies’ jeans and panties. Now we all stand in underwear only in front of them. The tailor starts to stitch the blouse and Punjabi suit while seeing us all in underwear. In just a while he completed the blouse.

Saras tried it on. We all just get to know what was Ram whispering in the tailor’s ears earlier. The blouse was very low until her cleavage. She was damn hot in it and the back was very low until I can saw her brownish bra from her back. Tailor shouted, “Remove the bra, bitch.”

She did as he said and wore the blouse back. They all saw her round brown poking nipples while she was changing. The blouse was perfect for her big breasts. Ram asked her to take it off and just stay like that. Saras was in her white panties without a bra, trying to cover her breasts with her hands. Her cunt started to get wet.

Then Kasturi’s Punjabi suit was ready. It’s her turn to try it on, so she removed her bra and wore it. Her’s is low neck too but the worst part is her back is fully transparent. I got harder when Isaw this. My cock almost wanted to tear my panties off. Revathi saw my erection with anger face.

In a while, he completed Revathi’s dress too. So fast he did it when he saw those girls sexy body. To avoid getting scolded Revathi also removed her black floral bra and dropped it on the floor. I am a fan of her bra and panties collections. She wore the Punjabi suit top by squeezing her round tits in it.

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It was very tight for her body which revealed her perfect body shape. It was very low back and her poking nipples can see through her dress. Ram was amazed at the tailor’s skill. Three different types of slutty dresses. He ordered me to drop down the tailor’s pants. I did as Ram told me.

I saw dirty underwear that he was wearing, I dropped it too. A dirty big black dick hit on my face. It was around 9 inches. It was hairy and very dirty too. He forced Kasturi to suck the tailor’s dick. Meanwhile, Ram dropped his pants and ask Revathi to suck his.

Kasturi doesn’t like to be dirty but her faith made her do that. The tailor gave permission to his assistant boy to do whatever he wants. He dropped his pants and went near my sister-in-law Saras. I was shocked to see a 7 inch dick of 19 years boy. I am 23 now but my cock size is just 4 inches.

Ram laughed and humiliated me comparing the boy’s and mine. Saras sucked his dick hard because my brother penis also not this big. Ram brought his mobile and asked Saras to hold the boys 7-inch dick. In the other hand my little penis and took a picture.

The tailor join in the group picture by put his monster dick on Saras head. His horse like dirty dick’s head till her red bindi on her forehead. That was the hottest picture I have seen. The tailor pushed Saras to the sewing machine and started to push his dick in her pussy. She was in a standing position.

In one push, she screamed. Then he slowly start to push in and out. She starts to moan. Kasturi was still wondering how she managed to lick that dirty dick which was stinking. How our sister-in-law can hold that big dick in her pussy.

The assistant boy spread his leg for me to lick his ass crack and balls while he licked Revathi’s pussy. Revathi closed her eyes in shame because a younger boy is now touching her body without her permission. I was licking the boy’s balls in the doggy position.

Ram pulled Kasturi by the hair and let her sit on my back facing my ass. I can feel her wetness through her panties. She spread my ass hole and spit on it, it was cold in my ass. Then I can feel a thick head in my ass wall. A sudden push by Ram. I scream loud. I can’t hold it and try to escape.

But Kasturi and Ram hold me tightly. I almost cried and beg to him but he didn’t hear anything and just keep fucking my ass. I was crying like a sissy while he fucked me. The males in the room laughed at me and were enjoying it. And the assistant boy spread Revathi’s pussy and fucked her.

She started to moan gently as the dick perfectly fit in her. She was all wet while he fucked her. After a long fuck, Saras starts to cum all over the floor. The tailor trashed her aside and bring his tool toward my mouth. In the pain, I not able to resist it and he pushed it in my mouth.

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It was very dirty and smelly but I lick it too. He starts to fuck my mouth. They both take out the cocks at the same time and slap me with it in the ass and face. The wet juice was dripping from it. Ram grabbed Kasturi and pulled by side and kicked me to the floor.

While the tailor is laid down with full erect cock, he forced her to sit on it. She was crying and begging. But he didn’t bother at all and slap her on the ass. She was still in panties so he moved aside the lace panties to her tight and pushed her pussy on the cock. It’s half in. He pushed again. She screamed in pain.

Then Ram spat in her asshole and pushed his dick in her ass hole. She screams like hell in pain. Tears flow from her eyes. I have never imagined that my sister will get fucked like this by this big cock guys. Both 9inch dicks were fully in now. She was still trying to escape.

But the assistant boy came near and put his cock in her mouth. She can’t even shout now. The three guys ram her like a whore without giving any rest. While Ram said, “Do you remember I told you to wait when you ran away from my cock for the first time? This is what I meant, bitch,” and pump her without rest.

She got tired and didn’t try to escape at all. Imagine a girl who has never been fucked with huge dick before, now gets fucked by 3 dicks. They are tearing her apart. The boy suddenly cum in her face while fuck her mouth. Now just this two big guys fuck her in and out while she was moaning.

Ram pulled out his cock from her ass and brought it to her face. His cum spread on her face as he shoots it on her forehead. At last the tailor guy brought his cock to her face. Kasturi was very tired and cannot sit. So Ram asked me to hold her and tailor sprayed huge cum on her head and hair.

Cum dripped from her hair to face. Her face, head, hair all fully covered with cum. Ram then took his mobile and took pictures of all of us as a group picture. The tailor didn’t charge for sewing the dress for them as he has got more than he wanted.

Saras and Revathi put on their clothes and got ready. I helped Kasturi to put her clothes on because the cum is still not cleaned. Cum stain got over the shirt she wore. Ram didn’t let Kasturi clean the cum load on her as a punishment. We drove back home with the new dresses.

This time Kasturi got a hard fuck and unforgettable humiliation. It was a nightmare for her. To be continued.

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