Friend’s Birthday Party Goes Wild – Part 1


Hi readers, my name is Abhi. This story is all about a birthday party that went extremely wild! Let’s begin.

We were 6 friends – 3 girls and 3 boys. It was Preeti’s birthday occasion. We 5 friends planned for a surprise for her. She had two houses – one used to remain empty mostly and planned our birthday surprise for our friend there.

Preeti had two hot friends Kavita and Suman and both were in the medical field. Kavita was Preeti’s close friend and hence we got to know each other after a few hangouts together.

Let me describe a little bit about Kavita. She has damn sexy assets and firm boobs. She used to do yoga and Zumba dance and was quite fit by figure.

We had planned to give Preeti a surprise and hence all 5 friends decided to meet up on her birthday.

On the day of her birthday, we reached in the morning at her empty flat. As my two guy friends had some work, they told me to go first and they will join after a few hours.

At 11 am, I, Kavita, and Suman reached the flat. Preeti had given them the keys as she knew we were planning something.

We 3 reached in the house and relaxed on the sofa. Kavita and I had developed some good bonding after a few meets.

We all did some decoration work and while doing that, I gave a few glances at Kavita’s hot ass. Suman too had round firm boobs and I ogled at her melons too.

It was around 2 pm. I called my friends but they were busy with important office work and told me they would reach by 4 or 5 in the evening and hung up. We had informed Preeti in advance so that she wouldn’t come up to the room until we call her.

Suman took out her phone and started watching a movie with her earphones plugged in. Kavita went to the kitchen and was making something. I sat on the table and my thoughts were getting dirty by watching Suman’s tight boobs. She was wearing a tight top, giving her boobs a perfectly round shape.

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After some time, I went to the kitchen as I was thirsty and took out a bottle from the fridge. While taking out the bottle, my eyes fell on Kavita’s sexy ass and I moved closer to take a closer look at it.

Kavita continued her work and I was drinking the water slowly and kept staring at her tight ass. She was wearing skin-fit jeans and that made her ass look even sexier.

I just felt like touching it but couldn’t find the courage. My thoughts got more naughty and my dick started getting a boner. All of a sudden, I dropped the bottle down intentionally to pick it up again.

I went down to pick the bottle and just sat there for a few seconds to stare at Kavita’s sexy ass from a lower angle. While getting up, I just poked my dick at Kavita’s round tight ass! She felt something but ignored and just gave me a look. It gave me more confidence.

I came to the hall, checked on Suman. She was still watching the movie. Then I went back to the kitchen with more confidence.

This time, Kavita didn’t know I was there. I just thought of making her horny and started thinking about it. Then I dropped a spoon.

Me – Can you please pick it for me?
Kavita – Yeah..But what are you doing here?

Me – I came here to help you.
Kavita – Oh..

She started picking up the spoon while I kept my body right behind her. While bending, her ass stretched more. Quickly, I rubbed my dick between her ass! She stood up quickly and gave me a stare. I thought she was angry but I couldn’t stop myself as this was my best chance.

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After a few minutes, I got close to her from behind and started talking to her. My dick was almost touching her ass. I purposely rubbed my dick on her tight jeans, 2-3 times.

She looked back and told me to move from her behind but I was hard as fuck by then. I whispered in her ears, “You are so sexy.”

Kavita too was getting aroused a little bit. I sensed the opportunity and pulled her waist closer to me from behind. She was shocked by this.

Kavita – Abhi, what are you doing?!!
Me – I just wanna hug you, that’s all. Please.

She stood still and I quickly pulled her waist closer to me from behind. Her ass was right on my dick completely. My dick was between her ass crack.

I moved her hair to one side and started kissing her neck slowly. She stopped her work and just closed her eyes. I started kissing her neck and gradually moved to her ears. I kept kissing her while my dick was as straight as Burj khalifa! It was grinding on her assets.

I kissed her neck continuously and her breath got heavier. I understood that my friend was turned on. I held her waist even tightly and gave her some biting on the ears. She moaned a little and started saying, “Abhi..Please stop..”

“Kavi..Just a little more, please,” I said. Then I brought my hands to her front side and put it inside her jeans and straight into her panties! OMG, she was damn wet!!

I started rubbing her pussy and she was enjoying it and started holding my hands firmly. I kept rubbing her pussy simultaneously while kissing her neck more. Suddenly, I heard some noise from the dining room and realized that Suman was up.

I pulled out my hands and just stood at Kavita’s side, making things look normal. Kavita quickly made her hair normal and closed her jeans button.

My dick was still erected like a tower and to hide that from Suman, I just stood facing the other side so that she couldn’t see my dick.

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I knew I had given Kavita that horny mood. Suman came to the kitchen and just looked at both of us. She understood that something had just happened as our breath was heavier than normal.

She asked, “Hey guys..What is going on here?”

We just replied “nothing” in a casual tone. And I moved to the hall and started checking my phone.

After a few minutes, they both came to the hall from the kitchen. I winked at Kavita and she winked back.

I then texted her saying that the bedroom is empty. I asked Suman if she can bring a few things for decorations. She agreed and went down the building to buy.

Now only me and Kavita were in the house. She came and asked, “Where is Suman?” I replied, “She went down to buy a few things.”

Now it was the time to make my fantasy come true after what we had in the kitchen. I will tell the rest in the second part very soon.

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