From Kolkata to Bangalore- Incredible Experiences


Hey guys, I’m Nikhil from Kolkata. I’m back with the recent encounter that I had during an internship. Sorry for being off ISS as I was busy these months. Also, I write my own real experiences and didn’t have any of them left to be drafted. So this was also a reason for not writing.

I’d like to make it very clear that although I take plots from my readers, I do not trade in details/contact with any of my readers. So guys please don’t ping to get details/contacts of anyone. I’d recommend that you read my stories, particularly, ‘Unsatisfied Housewife Fucked In Kolkata’.

Coming to the story, I’m 21 years old and pursuing B.Tech. from Kolkata. I had got an internship from a reputed IT firm in Bangalore. So I packed my bags and landed in Bangalore on Friday. I was supposed to join from Monday and hence booked my hotels only for the weekends.

I had two Complete days and nothing to do except exploring the city. So I got a plan, why not ping up my readers and get a company. I had 23 women from Bangalore in total. So I pinged all of them. To my utter surprise, 10 of them were still active and pinged me back.

Out of the 10, seven were in their early thirties and three were in their twenties and unmarried. So I told them that I was in their city for 21 days and was bored for the weekend. The three hit up for the weekends and also for nights for the weekday. The seven married ones for the weekdays.

I was excited and went head over heels. I had 21 nights with women and most of them married, my all-time preferred ones. It was already evening. I planned for the night with the sexiest among them, Ragini (name changed). She was 33 and her hubby was on a business trip.

She wasn’t comfortable in a hotel with someone she had never met. So she called me to her place. As soon as she opened the door, I was mesmerized by her figure and beauty. She wore a black crop top and shorts. I complimented her for the same.

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She graciously thanked me and complimented me for my face cut and body. Then she served me snacks and water. She started drinking water from the bottle itself. I could see a few drops gushing down her lips, neck and then into the deep cleavage created by her huge boobs.

The moment I put the glass down, she came and sat on my lap. She whispered, “So loving the city?” and winked. I pushed her to the sofa and started kissing her wildly. Ripping her top and sucking her lips intensely. Suddenly we heard the doorbell ringing.

She went back running, checked who it was and apologized for this. She was already in her bra and surprisingly she opened the door in the same attire. I was shocked by this. A lady of the same age was standing there and they were having a chat.

On overhearing their conversation, I came to know that they’ve been open in sharing everything. That the woman knew that she has a guy in her home. (The woman wore a sexy black saree and a backless blouse). Ragini wasn’t expecting any move atleast till she closes the door.

But I was in a mood to make it memorable. So I pulled her panty down and made her bend a little. She couldn’t understand what I was doing and hence obliged. The next thing she could feel was a sensation near her pussy. “Aahh, feels so good.” I started by licking her clit and gently increasing the pace.

After making it uncontrollable for her, I started tongue fucking her. My hands kept rubbing her clit. The sight was amazing – Ragini bent in doggy style near the door and me eating her pussy. Her reaction was priceless. The woman on the door left saying, “Have a good time,” and winked while leaving.

Ragini closed the door, turned around and sat there on the floor. I continued to do my job. My fingers and tongue were enough to make her crazily ecstatic. This was a very difficult situation for her to control. She started wriggling and had a shivering orgasm after a while.

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After she came, she laid there exhausted but soon regained strength to pounce on my dick. At first, she began with admiring and stretching it to get it completely erect. Then she pulled the foreskin and put her tongue tip on my dickhead. I was in heaven! I must say she was a pro in giving blowjobs.

Taking my dick completely inside her mouth in one go and giving me an intense deep throat blowjob was on her expertise list. I realized it only after she made me come in a few minutes. And then followed my dick exploring her pussy. She wanted it badly. She wasn’t even willing to wait for me to put a condom.

I somehow put it and she started riding. There she was, pulling and caressing her hair at times and scratching my chest. “Harder baby, harder, deeper. You’re a beast, make it the best night.” I was spanking her ass and squeezing her boobs. To my utter surprise, her boobs started milking.

Now I understood the reason for her boobs being so big and the bra being wet at particular places. She was a lactating woman and her melons looked irresistible. This drove me crazy and I started banging her recklessly. She was loving every moment of it. I pulled her by her hair and kissed her passionately while banging.

After a good time, we came simultaneously. She shivered for almost 30 seconds and slept there with her boobs still dripping on my chest. My fingers in her pussy. Then we had dinner and wanted to get some rest as we were deadly exhausted. But it wasn’t over yet.

At midnight, I woke up and saw this sleeping beauty. She was difficult to resist and hence I planned to wake her up in style. My fingers went to her pussy and my tongue to her clit. While she was asleep, my fingers were digging her pussy. She was feeling something irresistible in her abdominal region.

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She woke up to a tingling sensation which was difficult to resist. The next thing I know was we were fucking like retards. I took her from behind in doggy style, spanking her 38 sized buttocks and pulling her hair. “It goes so deep, you’re awesome, deeper baby, deeper. Spoil your bitch today.”

My spanking made her ass as red as a tomato and while banging. They were rolling in circular motions which were sufficient to make any guy crazy. This was her favorite position and she was completely loving it at midnight. Then we moved to the balcony.

It was around 3 am and she was riding me on a chair. With the cool breeze passing by her fragrance and spreading her aroma around. We fucked till dawn and she slept on me while me being on the chair. We woke up to my phone ringing and it was the time to leave. We bid goodbyes.

She later told me that on sharing her experience with the woman. She too wanted me and the next day was her turn. I’ll write another story describing how her husband came home while we were having sex and how things took turns.

If you loved the story and/or wish to contact me [email protected] via e-mail or hangouts. You can ping if you want your story to be written/published.

I had a great experience within these 21 days. This includes FFFM group sex. One of them was a bong and she came home in leave to Kolkata in September end and we had fun in Kolkata too.

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