Fuck Experience With Online Gay Friend


I was always curious about sucking cocks. I had such gay experiences in childhood but after a certain age, I began focusing on my studies. But recently, after reading a story about gay sex, I remembered my old times.

I began searching online for guys with big cock. But I didn’t have the guts to meet them in person. But still, I chatted with them and got to know them. But when the guys ask me for a meet, I felt insecure and lose contact.

One day I found a sweet guy. He told me that his name was Siju. He was 23. He sounded sweet on texts. He didn’t force me on anything. He just wanted to know more and more about me.

I told him everything about me and he told me about him too. He was so sweet that everyone will fell in love with him. I fell in love with this guy after a few weeks of messaging.

One day after some chatting, he said he would like to meet me. I was a little nervous but he convinced me to do so. I was feeling free with him. So I decided to meet him. He told me to get to a place near me and he will pick me up.

I got ready and went to that place. I was there and waiting for his arrival. A good looking guy came in a bike and parked near that place. Then he messaged me that he reached there. I messaged him back that I am there too. As the place was a little crowded, he asked about my dress. I was wearing a grey t-shirt and track pants.

As soon as he recognized me, he came near me with the bike and asked me to get in.

I was still nervous and sitting on his bike. He was going slow while we talked on our way. He told me that I am looking beautiful. I felt shy.

After a few minutes, we reached his home. It was a big home. I went with him. He rang the bell. There was a guy coming out. It was his friend. He told us to come in. After I went in, he closed the door and took me to the living room. There was another guy there watching TV.

I was surprised to see many people. He asked me to not to feel shy. He comforted me, gave me tea and introduced me to them. We just talked about everyone for a few minutes and Siju asked me to follow him.

I went with him to the bedroom. When I got in, he closed the door and told me that it’s time for us to have fun.

“Lock the door. They might come”, I told him. But he said it was okay and they won’t interfere. Just after saying this, he came near me, hold me by my waist and pulled me closer. I could feel his hard cock on my belly. I felt so shy.

He moved closer and kissed my forehead. I felt a little relaxed. He then kissed my cheek, chin and finally my lips. That was my first kiss.

He kissed me for minutes sucking my upper lip and lower lip and also putting his tongue inside my mouth. Then he removed his t-shirt and then mine. He bent to the floor and removed my pants with underwear. I was standing naked in front of him.

He kissed me again and made me lie on the bed and kissed my nipples and belly. It did feel a little ticklish. Then he removed his pants and I saw a very big dick. It was bigger than mine. I guess it was due to the age difference. Maybe 4-5 years.

He remembered that I wanted to try 69. So he moved to that position and started sucking my cock. His cock was touching my face and mouth. It was hard and uncut with precum leaking. He continued to suck me without telling me to do anything. So I grabbed his cock and put it in my mouth. His cock had the thickness of my mouth.

I started sucking it. He was pushing his cock deep into my mouth sometimes. It reached the tip of my tongue and I choked. It was only half inside my mouth. It had a length to go all the way into my throat.

He sucked my cock with passion and I was in heaven. I stopped sucking after sometime when I felt an intense feeling. But he reminded me to suck by pushing it deep inside my mouth. I was having a wonderful time.

Suddenly, one of his friends came in. I panicked and stood up. He asked whether he could join us. Siju allowed him and convinced me that it was okay. His name was Abu.

Abu started removing his shirt and then his pants. He had a big cock like Siju which was semi-erect and hanging.

Abu came near me and kissed my cheeks and lips. He was also a good kisser. He made me lie down again while kissing me. Siju continued sucking me and Abu positioned his cock towards my mouth. As soon as I opened my mouth, he pushed his cock in and mouth fucked me gently.

I love to suck uncut cocks because it is really fun to do it and also they produce more precum than usual. Both of their cocks were uncut and big. Siju started fingering my ass. I said I was feeling a little pain. He said okay and went out of the room while Abu mouthfucked me.

Abu then made me sit and asked me to suck him. He stood on the bed and pushed his cock into my mouth. He stood still for me to suck it. I enjoyed sucking it as it kept spilling precum into my mouth every second.

Siju came back with his other friend and lube. His name was Binoy. All of his friends were 22 years old.

Binoy also removed his dress and got on the bed. He had a big uncut cock which was lighter colored than Siju’s or Abu’s. It was beautiful and I felt to suck it as soon as I saw it. They kept their cocks clean so I didn’t get any weird smell. Now Binoy, Abu and Siju stood in front of me. I sucked their cocks one after the other.

After some time, Siju took the lube and started applying on my ass while I was in doggy style and sucking Binoy’s beautiful cock. It didn’t feel pain much as he was using lubrication.

He made my ass wider by fingering me for some minutes. He then pushed his cock into my asshole. I didn’t feel pain much. His cock was also lubed and half of it went in.

He then pulled it out and started pushing it again. His cock was touching a part where I felt so much pleasure. It felt nice. He increased the speed and started fucking me. I felt a little pain and also so much pleasure.

He knew how to pleasure me. I was sucking Binoy’s and Abu’s cock while getting fucked. It was a different feeling and it increased like masturbation.

I began cumming all over the bed while Sijo continued to fuck me. He stopped for a while and moved slowly for some seconds and started gaining speed again. In a few minutes, I started getting pleasure again.

And as expected, all of them fucked me one by one. But what I did not expect was so rough. While Abu was fucking me for the third or fourth time in cowgirl position, Binoy came to my back and pushed his cock into my ass. It felt pain but my ass was getting wider after all of them fucked me hard.

He started fucking me so roughly and it felt pain. I moaned with pain. He fucked me for a few minutes and as it was a tough position he took his cock out.

Now my ass was much wider and they all could fuck me again easily. I had many orgasms that day and I felt tired. I also had many creampies and they cleaned their cock with my mouth. They also cummed inside my mouth.

It all started at around 10 am and finished around 5 pm. I even had a nap with cock inside my ass. After 7 pm, I gave them all a good blowjob and Siju took me back. I reached home at around 8:30 pm.

It was a nice gay group sex experience for me. I went with Siju again and again and also met many of his friends and had a lot of fun.

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