Fucked College Dream Girl After 10 Years – Part 1


Hello ISS readers. This is Anil from Hyderabad and I am here to share an interesting real story with you. Recently, I went to Bangalore to attend one of my friend’s wedding and was to return back to Hyderabad by bus.

I reached Majestic by 8 pm as my bus was at 9 pm. As I was waiting for the bus, I heard someone calling my name. A sweet female voice! I turned around and saw a beautiful woman, smiling at me.

“Padmini! After 10 years I am seeing you! How are you?”

We both shook hands. Padmini was my classmate in college. She was not just a classmate but my dream girl to fuck. Of course, I tried to fuck her during college days but she did not give a chance. To be frank, many students tried for her desperately but nobody got succeeded.

However, when we were alone in class during our final semester, I kissed her lips without her consent! After that incident, she had not talked to me until now. Remembering all those days, I got excited.

I started checking her out secretly. Beautiful college-going Padmini had turned into a smart, sexy and matured woman. Her lips were full now. Her big boobs had become bigger and her ass wider!

As she was wearing leggings, her shapely thighs were inviting. She gained some weight which accentuated her curves. Overall, she was more desirable now.

As we continued chatting, she told me she was living with her husband in Bangalore after her marriage. Currently, she was going to Hyderabad on the same bus as I was to write some job-related exam as she was trying for government jobs.

“I am bored of these software jobs,” she said.

“True. These days, government employees are getting as good pay as software employees.”

As I was talking to her, my cock became hard and had a difficult time to hide from her. Thankfully our bus came in time. We boarded the bus and occupied our seats. Her seat was two rows before mine.

As the bus started, I was full of Padmini’s thoughts only. I recalled how I tried to impress her and win her favor in college. All that seemed so childish now. As I mature man, I realized how silly my efforts were then.

What if I try now, I asked myself? I was no more that silly boy. I was now a successful, mature and confident man. As I thought more, my desire for Padmini increased more and more and my determination to fuck her picked up as our bus too picked up speed as it crossed city limits.


I did not know when I slept, but when I woke up the bus was not moving. I checked the time, it was 3 am. The bus must have stopped for a long time as some of the passengers had already got out of the bus.

I stood up and walked up to Padmini’s row. She was peacefully sleeping by the window. I got down to inquire and found out that the bus had got some issues with the brake. Now the conductor was waiting for the mechanic to arrive from the nearest depot.

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After some time, I saw Padmini getting down the bus. She walked up to me and asked, “What happened?”

I told her about the situation. “As per the driver, it will take another one hour for the mechanic to arrive. You can add one more hour to repair the bus.”

“It means two hours of delay?” she got upset.

“What’s the matter? Do you see any issue?” I asked.

“Yes, My exam is at 9 in the morning. Our original time to reach Hyderabad was 6. Now we will reach by 8. To go to my friend’s house alone, it takes 45 minutes. From there, the exam centre is another 30 minutes. Even if I hurry, I cannot reach the exam center on time.”

“Where is your exam centre?”

“Nallakunta,” she said.

I beamed with happiness suddenly but did not show my feelings outward. Casually I said, “There is a way to solve your problem.”

“What’s that?” she asked eagerly.

“My house is near Kachiguda, just fifteen minutes from Nallakunta. From the dropping point, it takes 30 minutes to reach my house. You can refresh quickly in 15 minutes, then I can drop you in my car at the exam centre by 9 am. You can be delayed maybe by 5 or 10 minutes, but not more than that,” I assured.

She looked at me thankfully. “You are really my savior, Anil!”

“But there is a problem.”

“What now?”

“My wife is not home. She went to her parent’s home. She will come after a week.”

She fell silent suddenly as if in a dilemma. A sudden gust of wind came and her kurta went up a little high. What I saw was the side of her big ass exposed through the leggings.

I said, “Look, I know what you must be thinking. I am sorry for what had happened 10 years back. I should not have kissed you without your permission. But now, we are grown-ups and matured. You can feel safe with me alone.”

My words relieved her. “It’s okay, I trust you. Moreover, I cannot risk the exam, for which I prepared so many days. I just have to make sure not to tell my husband. You know men, they don’t digest their wife with another man alone!”

“Of course, I know! I am a man too.”

We both laughed. However, I was dancing with happiness inwardly. I knew I was going to fuck my college dream girl for sure after the exam.


Thankfully we reached Hyderabad a little ahead of our calculation. It was exactly 8.20 in the morning when we reached my apartment.

I ordered Padmini, “I give you only fifteen minutes to freshen up. If you stay even one minute more in the bathroom, I will come inside to drag you out.”

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“I will not give you a chance.” She smiled and disappeared into the bathroom. Keeping her words, she completed brushing, shitting, bathing and dressing in record twenty minutes. As soon as she came out dressed in formal pants and shirt, I put a hot cup of coffee in her hands.

She looked at me gratefully. “Thanks, I much needed it.”

“I also have an apple for you to eat in the car so that you won’t feel hungry during the exam.”

“I don’t know you were so caring,” she said appreciatively.

I dropped her at the exam centre exactly at 9 am. As she ran inside hurriedly, I stood there staring at her ass until she disappeared. Then I drove home.


I went back to the exam centre at 12 pm to pick up Padmini. In a few minutes, she came out happily. “Thanks, Anil. Just because of you, I could write the exam today.” Then she observed my bike. “Why you came by bike instead of car?”

“Too much traffic in the afternoon,” I lied. My intention was the same as every male who prefers bike over car. “Let’s go! You must be starving,” I said starting the bike.

Padmini sat in the backseat and I raised the speed. Wherever I got a chance, I was applying sudden brakes. Initially, Padmini was careful not to touch her boobs to my back. After some time, she gave up the resistance and let herself loose.

With every break, I could feel her soft mounds touching my body. A few times, she completely fell on my back, her balls getting crushed.

It was 12.30 when we reached the restaurant. As it was early for lunch, the place was empty and we got served quickly. When we were about to finish our lunch, Padmini said, “Please drop me at my friend’s place. I will spend some time with her before I catch my bus in the evening.”

I looked into her eyes and said, “No way! I am not going to drop you anywhere.”

She looked at me puzzled. “Why? You already helped me a lot. I don’t want to bother you more.”

The waiter brought us two bowls of lemon water to wash hands. I dip my hand in the hot water and said, “Look Padmini! We both have some unfinished work, which I started ten years back and I want to finish it now.”

“What do you mean?”

“Let me be frank. We are grown-ups and mature. I cannot play any more games to impress you. All I want is to fuck you. I booked a nice honeymoon room for us both in a five-star hotel. If you want to have a life-time experience, come to me. I will be waiting for you in the parking lot. Otherwise, you can catch a cab and go to your friend and spend a boring evening. I will wait only ten minutes for you in the parking lot.”

Padmini was staring at me in disbelief. I put cash on the table to pay the bill, stood up and walked out of the restaurant.

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I went to my bike and started the engine. My watch was showing exactly 1.17 pm. I had to wait until 1.27 pm. I was sure Padmini would come, but as minutes passed by, doubts started raising in my mind. What if she was pissed off by the bold move and went away?

I looked at the watch. It was 1.23 pm. Just four minutes left. I prepared myself for the consequences whatever it was.

It was 1.35 pm. Then I heard some activity behind me. I did not look back. However, I could feel someone sitting on the back seat. I was crying with happiness inside.

I started the bike. The hotel where I booked the room was 20 minutes away. During that whole time, Padmini was silent. When we reached the hotel, I took her hand into mine and walked inside.

The room I booked was a honeymoon suite. As we stepped inside, she saw that the bed was well decorated with flowers. She blushed instantly.

I took her face into my hands and planted a tender kiss on the lips. “Your lips are tastier than they were,” I said.

She replied, “So do yours.”

“You too still remember the taste of our first kiss?”

“Yes,” she nodded her head mischievously.

“Then why you did not talk to me afterward.”

“I was afraid.”

“Ohhh..baby! Now, no need to be afraid. We already wasted ten years.” I grabbed her soft ass. She moaned.

“What an ass you have! I decided to fuck you the moment I saw you last night.”

“You are a dirty boy.”

Now I grabbed her pussy over her pants. “Now what am I?”

“Pussy-grabber,” she said.

I drag her close to me without leaving her pussy. “You are hurting me,” she said.

“I will hurt you more,” I murmured into her ears and started kissing all over her face. My both hands started exploring her boobs.

I removed her shirt and the white bra. Out came her big boobs in naked. They were big, stiff and milky-white. As she blushed more, I crushed them more. I took her nipples into my mouth and started licking them one after the other.

I lifted her into my both hands and throw her onto the bed.


Friends, I hope you enjoyed the story. Due to length, I divided the story into two parts. I will soon send the second part in which you will know how I enjoyed with Padmini. Please let me know how you enjoyed the first part. I love to hear your feedback at [email protected]

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