Fucked My Girlfriend In The Train To Hyderabad


Hi Guys. This is my very 1st story on ISS. I am a big fan of ISS and all the authors who write their hearts out, be it fantasies or real. In my case, this story is real. Little bit lengthy but worth it.

My name is Ranjit, currently, I am working in an MNC in Hyderabad. I am 26, single.

4 years back

This story is about my 1st relationship with Neha. We were college lovers. Both engineers, and got placed in one MNC together. We were happy as ever. We had rented one apartment in Hyderabad and living in.

About my girl, she is dusk looking, 32D-26-32, big areola, brown pussy. She always keeps it clean. I am a decent guy with a decent size, 6 inches. In bed, my girl is a bitch, who will go down and get dirty.

Coming to the story, during Diwali, we had come to respective homes in Odisha. We usually prefer to travel by flight. But due to high cost, the return from Odisha we had planned by Train in 3 A/C sleeper. The train was East-Coast Express. We boarded the train at BBSR around 7 PM.

The train takes around 22 hours to reach Secunderabad. So we had planned to watch a movie and all on my laptop. And our berth was upper and lower. All other seats were filled by one family and the side births were filled by RAC people. 4 guys were sitting on those 2 seats. So all in all the coach was packed.

Coming to us, we are sitting in the lower berth together and in 2 blankets. We both were wearing jeans and T-Shirts. I was showing photos of our Diwali at home. And just chit-chatting. Around 8.30 PM people started to eat their dinner. We also had ours.

At 9 PM the family gang went to their respective berths, both the middle berths have also been occupied. I and she are chatting over WhatsApp. I was on the top berth and she was on the lower berth. I told her I am not getting sleep. Let’s watch a movie together. She is also like okay let’s watch a movie.

Then I came down and around 9.30 PM we started watching some random movie that was stored on my laptop. We were in one blanket. My back was resting on the window side, one leg fold and one leg straight. On the folded side leg she has leaned her back against my chest.

We held our hands and the blanket was on top of us till our neck. No one would notice what we are doing inside the blanket. Half an hour passed, and I am getting her shampoo fragrance from her hair. I was kissing her head and tickling her belly button and slowly moving my hand towards her bra.

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I was getting hornier. And she is like “Baby, wait till Hyderabad, let’s not get crazy over here.”
Me – No. Can’t wait. I am getting hornier. You watch your movie and let me do my thing.

She – Kaminey, I am trying to concentrate on the movie.
Me – Then concentrate.
She – Okay, but make it quick.

Me – Achha. I have many plans. You enjoy. And try not to moan!
She – Ok.

Then, I moved my hand up, pushed the bra cup down and started pressing her boobs, pinching her nipples. (She gets super horny once you start pinching ). It went on for a good 5 minutes. Her boobs have been handled properly. She has already started breathing heavily and trying to watch the movie.

Now I am moving towards down. I opened her jeans button, unzipped her, and started to move my hand inside her panty. And to my surprise, she has cleaned it nicely. Smooth as silk. Out of excitement I grabbed her whole pussy on my palm and started to knead her pussy.

She left out a small moan. As the train was moving and it was dark nobody could listen. But I was pretty sure one guy from those RAC/side berths might have heard the moan. Anyway, nothing was visible so we were cool. After a momentary pause, I started to push my middle finger inside her.

But it was uncomfortable. So I pushed her jeans till her knee, she helped me by lifting her ass! Now her pussy was easily accessible and dripping wet. I started to finger her properly. First middle finger, then 2 fingers and eventually 3 fingers. I was rubbing her clit and pinching her.

She had widened her legs and my 3 fingers were going in and out smoothly with making little noise. She was on the verge of coming and I was fingering her vigorously. My hands were moving from pussy to her boobs to her belly, and in any sec she will burst.

But suddenly, the aunty from the middle berth started to come down. She has to go to the washroom and turned on the lights. So I had no chance, and we had to stop. We sat properly, covered ourselves self but she is half-naked inside the blanket.

15 minutes went by. Aunty came back and slept. Lights went off again. It was only 10.30 PM. But as soon as I touched her pussy again, she told me, “I need to go to pee.” And I had a plan. I told her to go and pee but let’s change something comfortable and we will go to top berth.

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Then I told her to go to the washroom and wear your frock. And do not wear any underwear inside. She is like are you mad or what. But when sex is in the mind, no one can say no. Then she left for the washroom with her bag and after 10 minutes she came. I was waiting near the AC door.

She was wearing the frock, knee-length frock, a back zip. Then we came near our berth. The 4 RAC people were not asleep they wear just lying there, crisscross. I told Neha, “Let’s not go up as those guys are not asleep yet, and you are nude inside.”

But the bitch inside her has awakened. She just winked at me and told me, “No let’s go up.” Then 1st I placed my laptop on the top floor and I asked her to climb up. As soon as she put her leg up, her frock slides down. She started to move up I can see her pussy.

And I was damn sure the guy on the lower berth must have got a good view. I was just trying to hide it as much as possible. Then after 20 minutes, I climbed up. We were texting like how real bitch she is. And what if those guys have seen your pussy. And she seems to be liking it.

Anyway, I climbed up and luckily the top berth people have dozed off. As soon as I am near her, I grabbed her pussy fingering her, and kissing her. She started to unbutton my pants. I unzipped her frock, grabbed her boobs and to my surprise no bra. She has obeyed me properly.

I sucked her boobs for 5 minutes, fingering her very fast. My cock is rock hard, she is giving me a handjob and then she asked for it. I turned her to side. She raised her leg a little bit. I slide my cock in her pussy in a spooning position. And my cock was going in and out. I was fucking her real good.

I started pressing her boobs and slide my fingers in her mouth. She was sucking my fingers while her pussy was being torn apart. Due to the train movement, my cock was reaching deep in her. And as I was very excited I came in 5 minutes and flooded inside her. We laid down there for a couple of minutes.

But I wanted more. I told, “Let’s go to the washroom. But don’t wipe your pussy. I want while you walk, my cum to drip and glide on your thighs.” Then I removed my cock from her pussy, zipped my pant and her frock. 1st I climbed down.

To my surprise, one guy from the lower berth is still up and on his phone or pretending to be on his phone. Then Neha did even something more. She climbed down very slowly and winked me not to block his view. I am pretty sure, the guy must have got a good view of the cum oozing pussy.

Then she wore her heels and we started walking towards the toilet. Neha was in-front of me and was walking. To even surprise me more, she slides all her hairs to her left side shoulder. I was shocked she had unzipped her frock and that zip goes all the way till her lower waist.

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She was walking in front of me swaying her ass. And when I looked carefully towards her thighs my cums have started rolling down. Then we went inside the toilet, 1st she then, me. As soon as I went I removed my pant, removed her frock kept it down there.

I kissed her very hard and started to grab her ass. Then I bend her on the washbasin, took a good look at the ass and spanked her. She told hit me harder. I spanked her again for 2 minutes, made her red. I told her to get on knees and make me hard again.

She was on the dirty floor on the knees and started to blow me. Then I made her doggy on the floor and fucked her very hard. Grabbed her hair and asked her to moan as loudly as possible and kept on spanking her ass. After 10 minutes of brutal doggy fucking, I came inside her.

She came twice during those 10 minutes. Then when we checked for the frock, it was already wet and dirty. I told her to wait in the toilet and I will bring her bag. Later she gets dressed and came out. We slept in our respective berths.
It was one hell of an experience.

How is the story, did you like this? Do send your feedback at [email protected] Waiting for your responses guys.

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