Fucked My Thirsty Mom – Part 1


I have been a long time reader. This is the first time I am going to share my experience (pure fiction) My name is Safwan height 5’5, age 23 residing in a town adjacent to the city of Mangalore. This is a story of how I was able to fulfill most of my fantasies with my voluptuous mom.

This happened when I was 19. My family consists of my dad, mom, my older sister, and me. My dad works in the Gulf region and visits us once every year. My sister got married when I was 17 and from then on it was just me and my mom. My mom was 43 years old at the time.

She is average looking, definitely won’t turn heads with her looks. But will make you get a boner with her voluptuous body. She has size 40 boobs which I got to know from her bra and her hips are 38. She has a bit of fat on her waist but overall a nice hourglass figure if you observe her from her back.

I have told her many times to undergo dieting and exercise to get in perfect shape but to no avail. I never had any interest in her and never looked at her dirty. I used to jack off to the neighbor lady who had an even better body with nice, huge boobs and an ass to die for.

My obsession with her started with the everyday things she did. She would bend over to clean the house and I used to grab a look at her massive cleavage. Or in the kitchen, she used to bend over to grab stuff from the refrigerator putting her covered and shapely but massive ass on display.

I was already a horny teenager. I slowly started getting interested in messing her up. But like many teenagers and someone from a conservative family, I used to get scared and do absolutely nothing. The devil inside me was screaming every time it happened.

Then one day it was too much and I decided to take it a step further. I would occasionally jerk off and cum into her dirty bra and panties. I particularly liked to cum in her black bras and panties as they were silky smooth. She never noticed my nasty cum in her underwear.

This went on for several weeks. I got busy with my studies and never went any further. I wrapped up my exams and then came vacation. One fine day, I woke up in the morning with a raging boner. I hadn’t jerked off in a week because of exams so I decided I’ll jerk off when I am taking a bath.

I went to the bathroom and noticed my mother entering the bathroom. I thought nothing of it and was about to return to my room. But the next-door neighbor aunty decided to come to our house to talk with mom. My mom immediately went to open the door to let her in and then started chatting.

This is when I thought of the perfect opportunity to see mom full naked bathing. The fucking devil in me had a tight grip around me. He advised me to grab my GoPro and hide it in the bathroom and hit the record button. The recorded footage would be a nice jerk off material.

I grabbed it and placed it such that it was recording the entire bathroom space. My mom has poor eyesight and everything is a blur without her spectacles. So she would not discover it and I hoped she wouldn’t. I slowly crept out of the bathroom and went into my room lying in wait.

My heart was pounding through my chest and felt it would burst any second. My hands were shaking as I have never done something like this before. Then after a couple of minutes, I heard the neighbor aunty leave and the door got closed and locked.

I heard mom’s footsteps making her way to the bathroom. Then the sound of the bathroom door being closed and locked. Moments later, I crept up from my bed and sneaked near the bathroom to hear her. I could hear the shower knobs being turned, the water splashing and the sound of skin rubbing skin.

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I was both shit-scared and excited at the same time. I then went back to my room and lay in wait. Every second felt like an eternity and there was a chance I would get caught. Fuck me dead! I would be done for. After what seemed like 20 minutes (which felt like 20 hours to me) I heard the bathroom door open.

My mom called out to me to take a bath. I jumped up from my bed, grabbed the towel, and sheepishly made my way to the bathroom like I had achieved something. I locked the door behind me and grabbed the GoPro. Then I scrolled and played the video.

I could see mom entering the bathroom. She was wearing salwar kameez but had kept the dupatta in the laundry basket before entering. She locked the door behind her and then started removing her clothes till she was in her underwear. What a sight! She was wearing beige (skin color) colored bra and panty.

The bra was barely holding her boobs which seemed like they will burst out any second. Then she took off her bra freeing her massive boobs which were sagging slightly. I have only seen boobs like that on porn videos. Seeing my mom had boobs like that made me immediately get a hard-on.

My dick was poking through my underwear and was hard as a rock. I pulled my dick out and started jerking off to my mom undressing. She then bent over and took off her panties and her boobs were hanging when she did so. Her crotch was surprisingly fully shaved.

She then proceeded to turn the shower on and got underneath it. She started washing her hair and then ran her hands all over her body started with her chest area. She started running her hands over and underneath her boobs and I could see her nipples harden. I started rubbing my cock harder.

Then after a couple of minutes, she did something which blew me away. I couldn’t believe what I saw next. Seeing what happened next was enough for me to aggressively seek to fuck her brains. She immediately turned off the shower and sat on a stool.

Then she spread her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She was using her right hand to rub and finger her pussy and her left hand to pinch her nipples and fondle her boobs. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I started masturbating harder. She started fingering herself faster and came and squirted all over the floor.

Maybe she was quite horny, I do not know. Then she proceeded to clean herself up and got clothed and left. But I blew one of the biggest loads in my life. Stream after stream of my thick gooey cum shot out of my cock. I was plenty surprised and proud of myself that I could shoot a load like that.

I wanted to shoot a nasty load like that all over my mom’s face, mouth, and boobs. I was desperate at that point. I like creampies. But nothing beats a girl jerking you off to completion after sex. And letting you shoot your cum on her face and in her mouth and then sucking your cock and cleaning it. Yeah, I like that!

Days passed and I would constantly jerk off to my mom bathing and fingering herself. Then one day it happened and it was completely unexpected. I wanted pussy bad. The lust for my mom was overwhelming me. One fine morning, I had freshened up and was having breakfast.

My mom was sipping on her morning tea and we were talking. We talked about daily stuff and my studies and exam results. Then after a couple of minutes, I put my left hand behind my back and started scratching as it was itching.

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Mom: What is it? Why are you scratching your back?

Me: We don’t have a brush do we? I need to scrub my back next time.

Mom: Oh! I think we do have one. I remember your Dad getting one when he visited us last time. But he never got around to using it. Wait! Let me go search as to where he put it!

Me: Ok!

Then she set her cup of tea on the table and went to search for it. I got a quick look at her jiggling ass and boobs from the corner of my eye. Fuck! I could hear her rummaging through stuff to search for the brush. After a while, I walked up to her and told her to stop.

Me: Mom, let it go. You won’t find it now.

Mom: No no, I remember I put it here somewhere. I will find it.haand

Me: No Mom. You won’t. When you want it you won’t find it. Let me buy one from the shop when I go out later.

Mom: But we have a new unused one. I just have to find it. It will be a waste of money, no?

Me: It’s OK. It’s not that expensive, to begin with.

Mom: OK then. As you wish.

Then we went back to finish our breakfast. I told her that I was going out to hang out with my friends. I will not be home for lunch and that I will return late in the evening. She agreed and we went about our business. I and my friends went to the movies, had lunch, and then were goofing around town.

It was late and then we decided to head home. I reached home and got fresh. It wasn’t dinner time yet. I sat on the sofa and watching sports. A while later, my mom called out to me to have dinner. We were sat for dinner and she asked me if I bought the brush or not. Shit, I had forgotten about it.

She proceeded to tell me to get it the next day. We wrapped up dinner, watched TV for a while, and then decided to hit the sack. I wanted to masturbate as it would help me fall asleep faster but decided not to. The next morning I woke up a little late.

Mom had already had breakfast and already taken a bath. I could see the clothes she was wearing the previous day in the laundry bin. I told her I would bath and then have breakfast. I quickly grabbed my towel and sneaked up to the laundry bin and grabbed her dirty panties and went to the bathroom.

I smelled the panties and they had a musky and nice smell to it and then licked the spot. I then wrapped it around my cock and started jerking off. I hadn’t come yet when I heard knocking on the bathroom door and I almost jumped. It was my mom. What did she want? I asked her if she wanted something.

She said that I didn’t get the brush so she was willing to help me scrub my back. Fuck me! Here I was standing butt naked in the bathroom with her panties in my hand wrapped around my stiff cock. And there she was just outside the door offering to scrub my back. I wasn’t missing this opportunity.

I told her to wait and quickly hid her panties. I grabbed my underwear and put it on. I then slowly opened the bathroom door and there she was standing outside. I looked at her and then let her in. She was wearing a translucent purple saree with a black blouse. Her neckline was visible but I couldn’t see her cleavage.

Her waist was barely visible. She had tucked the loose end of the saree around it before entering the bathroom to prevent it from getting wet. I was semi-hard at that moment and was covering my crotch with my hands. I sat on the stool and then she started pouring water on my body.

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I was scrubbing my hair and then after cleaning it, we were both using the soap to clean my body. I was taking care of my frontal area and she, my back. She had found an old scrub from the storeroom and proceeded to scrub my back. Her hands would occasionally move towards my armpits, my chest, or my abdomen.

My cock was slowly growing in my underwear. I was thinking of her giving me a soapy handjob or her blowing my cock. After a while, she then poured more water on my back and then told me to clean up and proceeded to leave. This was my chance. It was now or never.

This may not happen again ever as I had gotten her in the bathroom. I needed to do something quickly. I had seen her fingering herself. Maybe she wasn’t satisfied sexually. Maybe she wanted a cock to fulfill her desires. I was willing to bet everything on it. Doesn’t matter if it ruined everything.

I needed to do something fast! I immediately got up and stood between her and the door. She looked at me. Then in a move that took me a shit ton of courage, I dropped my underwear to my knees and out sprang my rock-hard cock at full attention. She saw my cock and jumped back a bit.

She let out a small ‘Aahh!’ and immediately looked away. She told me what I was doing. There was a look of astonishment on her face. I told her I was always hard in the morning and was masturbating when you decided to come to scrub my back. I told her to give me a handjob.

I could see her stealing glances of my cock. I knew she wanted it but was hesitating. She then told me we can’t do this as we were mother and son and how it was taboo and shit. She wasn’t vehemently protesting so I asked her again. She was mumbling to herself which wasn’t audible to me.

I got the courage as she wasn’t rejecting my advances and trying to escape. I then grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. I held her hand and she wrapped her fingers around it and slowly started massaging my cock. After a few slow strokes, she had turned to look at my cock. I could see the hunger in her eyes.

At this point, she was facing towards me and wanking my cock at a slow pace. She didn’t look at me as her eyes were fixated on my cock which had probably unleashed carnal desires in her. Then she proceeded to increase her pace and started rubbing my cock faster.

She was standing in front of me and rubbing my cock. Then she must have realized if I came, I would ejaculate all over her so she moved to my right side. Me? I was in heaven. It felt so good to have someone else give you a handjob. It was a feeling I had never felt before.

But there was more to come! But please send your feedback to [email protected] while you wait for the nest part.

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