Fucked My Thirsty Mom – Part 2


My mom was standing in front of me and rubbing my cock. Then she must have realized if I came, I would ejaculate all over her so she moved to my right side. Me? I was in heaven. It felt so good to have someone else give you a handjob. It was a feeling I had never felt before.

I moved my head up and let out a barely audible ‘Uh!’ in pleasure. My mom looked at me.

“Is it coming out?”

“No, Mom. Keep going. Your hand feels so fucking good! Keep going. Go faster!”

She then started jerking my cock faster and faster. I was happy and surprised at the same time. I couldn’t believe my mom could jerk like this. What a nasty whore of a mom! I was feeling every bit of it. I was nearing. I could feel it build up.

I put my right hand on her waist from around her back and started running my hand on her soft belly. I was letting out soft moans as it was too much. My mom had her eyes fixated on my cock. She was slightly clenching her teeth and eagerly waiting for me to cum.

This was a massive turn on for me as my mom was wanting it. I told her I would cum any second now and then unknowingly moved my right hand from her belly to her right boob. So fucking soft. My fingers disappeared into the softness.

My entire hand couldn’t cup that boob, they were so massive. I started massaging her boob over her blouse from the side and then it happened.

“Mom, I am cumming! Oh shit! Oh, fuck!”

I grabbed her boob hard and thrust my hips forward when I came. It was the best one in my life. I exploded all over the bathroom floor. With my cock in my mom’s hand. My cum shot like an arrow, stream after stream. My mom had a look of amazement on her face seeing me cum.

She was following every shot and looking at where they landed. She then looked at me and blushed a little. We were silent. We didn’t say anything. Nothing at all. Absolute silence. She then washed her hands quickly and got out. I proceeded to clean myself up and the mess on the floor.

I couldn’t believe it happened. Never in a million years, I thought my mom would see my cock let alone jerk it to completion. Maybe she was desperate herself? My dad visited once every year and stayed with us for barely 3 weeks. Maybe he wasn’t satisfying her.

Or maybe he was doing everything he could but my mom wanted more? There was no other option for her. Most of the men in the neighborhood worked abroad or in distant cities and there were quite a few men. The area where we lived was a little conservative. So she might have been afraid of consequences.

There was a lot of speculation running in my mind. But I knew one thing. Mom wanted cock! And she needed it bad! And I was the perfect candidate. I was a depraved little fuck who wanted a woman. I wanted pussy and ass and boobs. I wanted to be James Deen.

Fuck a woman rough in every hole and make her a cock loving whore. And the thought of doing that to Mom was… Ufff! Fuck me! I can’t put it in words!

We didn’t talk about what happened in the morning and went about our business for the rest of the day. Then it was nighttime. I was already horny and the memory of my mom giving me a handjob was fresh in my mind. I wanted more. I waited until after we had dinner.

She was wearing a yellow translucent saree with a black blouse. But this time her blouse was revealing a bit more of her back. She looked fuckable. Maybe she was signaling me to take her hard. I do not know because she was silent. Avoided looking at me directly in my eyes.

But my eyes were fixated on her. In my mind I was already spreading her legs wide and pounding her cunt. She finished her dinner quickly and started doing the dishes. I was sat there looking at her ass jiggle and was rubbing my cock which was already making a tent in my pants.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I finished my meal, got the plates, and placed them next to the sink. As I did so my cock was poking her ass. She turned her head around to look but I was already on her. I started grinding my cock against her ass and grabbed her on the neck.

I then started to lick and kiss on her neck. She resisted a little, tried to push me back but I held on. I wasn’t letting her go. I started running my hands over her chest and her belly. I then started groping her boobs and started pinching her nipples over her blouse. So soft. I could feel her nipples harden.

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I then turned her around to look her directly in her face. I could see she was enjoying this but there was still a shred of doubt in her eyes.

“We can’t do this! I am your mother. This is not acceptable.”

“Acceptable to who? You are enjoying this and so am I.”

She stammered. “No… I…This is not right. We can’t do this,” she said with hesitation.

“But we already are!” I said and then put my mouth over hers and started kissing her.

First, it was soft, just kissing on the lips but then I started to get aggressive. I started sucking her lips and then put my tongue in hers and started working around. She was enjoying this. She immediately placed her hands on my back and started to caress my back.

That was it. The signal I was waiting for. I took her to the bedroom and pushed her on the bed. Her pallu fell off and I jumped on her like a wild animal. I started kissing her chest while fondling her boobs. Her massive cleavage was bulging out of her neckline. I started kissing her boobs over her blouse.

I then proceeded to unbutton her blouse to free those busty mounds which were suffocating and waiting to be set free. With the last button undone, her boobs popped out. She was wearing a white bra. I pushed them up to reveal her naked boobs which were heavenly.

Even both my hand cupped together couldn’t contain them. Like a madman, I started fondling them. I started sucking at those brown nipples which were hard. I could hear her moan a little in pleasure. After a few moments, I then removed her entire saree till she was in her white panties.

I then slowly licked her inner thighs and worked myself up to her pussy. I planted a kiss on her pussy over her panties. Slowly I lifted her legs with one hand and then removed the panties with my other. I then spread her legs wide. She had a surprisingly well-kept crotch, fully shaven with no pubic hair.

I started licking and sucking her clit and then after a while spat on it. I then started tongue fucking her pussy. At this point, she was moaning in pleasure and I decide to finger her hard. I put one finger in then two and then three. Surprisingly, it wasn’t tight.

She used to finger herself before and using something else to pleasure herself. I was fingering her hard and simultaneously sucking her clit and at this point, I could see her grab her boobs and lick and suck her nipples as she couldn’t contain her pleasure. I continued to finger her.

After a few moments, she came. Squirted all over me. She arched her back and her hips towards me in ecstasy as she came hard. She must have been horny all day. I was loving it. I put my fingers in her mouth which she proceeded to suck and looked me in the eyes like a whore while doing so. She was nasty.

I was in for a long night. I kissed her again as I was horny beyond belief. I slobbered all over her face and her boobs again not missing a spot. I got up and she put her hands on my cock and started rubbing. I told her to take off my pants while I was taking off my shirt.

She pulled my pants down and my underwear and my cock sprang out harder than ever. Here we were, me and my mom, in the bedroom of our house in our birthday suits. I couldn’t believe my luck. To be able to fuck such a busty slut. We got off the bed and she got on her knees. I wanted to take it slow.

I grabbed her from behind her head and brought her face close to my cock. What I couldn’t believe was why she didn’t hesitate. I expected her to hesitate at every moment. She didn’t. I got to know later that she wasn’t being satisfied as Dad wasn’t interested much in sex.

He would just thrust a couple of times and be done with it. No foreplay, no nothing. He used to when they got married but lost interest eventually. My Mom didn’t.

I started slapping her cheeks with my cock. She was loving every bit of it. I told her to open her mouth and pull out her tongue while looking at me. Oh, fuck! It was giving me flashbacks of all those sluts begging for cock in those porn videos. I started slapping my cock on her tongue and then put my cock inside.

She started giving me a blowjob. She was good at sucking my shaft and I was moaning in pleasure as it was the first time I was getting one. I told her to keep looking at me while she was sucking my cock. She was a good cocksucker even without constant practice.

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After a couple of minutes of her sucking my cock, I pushed her back towards the bed and started groping her boobs. I wanted a nice titfuck from those big boobs. I have been jerking off in the past to imagining her giving me a titfuck. I placed my cock covered in spit between her boobs.

She then held her boobs and pressed them against my cock. She then spat on her cleavage and my cock and started giving me a titfuck. Oh, fuck that felt great. Big soft boobs engulfing your cock. I started thrusting my cock up and down and screwing her tits.

I did so for a solid few minutes and then put my cock in her mouth again. It felt so good that I told her I was about to come. She increased her pace and started rolling her tongue around my cock head. I came hard in her mouth. She started pulling her head away.

But I grabbed her head with both of my hands and pushed her face into my cock. She started gagging and I pulled my cock out. She started coughing and spat some of my cum out and looked at me in disbelief that I did that. It was a pleasure for me to look at her with cum and spit running down her chin.

She was looking up at me. I told her it felt good with a chuckle and then helped her clean her face. I was still hard and raring to go like a racehorse. I got her to lie in a missionary position and spread her legs. She then helped me guide my cock into her pussy. It was a little tight but I prevailed.

I pushed my cock and she let out a loud moan. I was balls deep into her pussy. I placed my hands on her hips and started moving slowly. She was already moaning in pleasure at this point so I increased my pace.

“Oh fuck Mom. It feels so great. What a tight cunt you have.”

“Oh yes. Do it faster.”

I increased my pace even faster and fucked her in that position for a few minutes. I told her to turn around and get on all her four and proceeded to fuck her doggy style. She had a great ass. I slapped her ass cheek hard a couple of times until it became red.

I thrust my cock in her cunt hard and started pounding her hard this time at the same time slapping her ass cheeks.

“Yes, bitch! Do you like that? Yeah. What a nasty little slut you are, bitch!”

“Yes, yes I like it. Do me harder, faster. Fuck my cunt. Yeah…”

“You like your son’s cock. Yeah? Moaning while getting fucked by your son. You nasty whore.”

“Yes, I like my son’s cock. Yeah, I love it. Do me harder. Fuck me hard. Make me cum.”

The animal inside me was taking over. Her moans were making me go crazy. I started pounding her harder. The intervals were getting shorter as I increased my pace. And then she came again.

“Yes, I am cumming.”

I pulled out my cock and started fingering her hard. She shot squirt after squirt. Her body shivered in pleasure at every squirt and then she went limp. She was letting out deep breaths as she lay down on the bed exhausted. I wasn’t done yet. I turned her to the side and then started fucking her.

I grabbed her hip with my hand and grabbed her boobs with the other. I started pounding her again while fondling her boobs for a couple of more minutes. I started increasing my pace as I was about to come. I pulled my dick out and then turned her on her back and sat on her chest.

She then proceeded to jerk me off to completion. She started jerking me off fast.

“Mom. I am cumming. Pull out your tongue.”

She opened her mouth and pulled out her tongue. The first stream of my cum landed on her left eyebrow and temple. The second landed on her left cheek and the third on her tongue. She then finished me off, with the rest falling on her tongue and chin.

It was a sight to look at. My cock in her hand and my cum shooting all over her face. We both lay in bed next to each other exhausted pondering upon the debauchery we had just committed. I had full intentions to fuck her senseless and make her my whore.

That body was hard to say no to. Since we were the only two in the house, it wasn’t all that difficult to fuck as nobody would bother us. I turned to her to ask why she was ok at this and also good at this and why she didn’t protest to me. I was curious because I didn’t even imagine her to have a character like this.

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Her outward appearance was deceiving to everyone that knew her including me and we have been fooled. We were made to look like jackasses by her as most that talked about her sang her praises. Who knew she was such a cocksucking whore?

She tried dodging the question and started giving excuses like she had tried something like this with dad years ago. But I knew she was lying. I pressed her to answer and after what seemed like an eternity, although only a few minutes had passed, she dropped the bomb.

She told me how Dad was away for most of the year and even when he visited he wasn’t satisfying her enough. She used to pleasure herself constantly but that wasn’t enough. Then once when visiting a neighbor who she became friends with, she saw their son stare at her body.

She didn’t think much of it at the moment. But the boy started becoming more and more aggressive in his approach. He started brushing his body against her while moving and occasionally putting his arms around her waist or on her shoulders. She was enjoying this secretly but wouldn’t let on.

This boy was older than me by about 5-6 years and his family had moved there a year before their encounter. Then one day he was all alone when she visited their house and things became sexual. She started inviting him into our house secretly when we were out and would have wild sex.

They were at it for a few months when the family decided to shift abroad. This happened a year before my sister got married. I got angry at the thought of that son of a bitch who got to enjoy my mom’s body before I could. I couldn’t believe that mom was having an affair behind our backs and in our own house.

I knew the guy. He would greet us whenever we met him and was a nice person to talk to. Little did I know the asshole was banging my mom. But my anger was unfounded. It quickly waned and now the thought of seeing her fucking another man was becoming a turn on.

She was a cock whore who loved sex. And now she was my cock whore. We engaged in sex once again before we decided to sleep. We slept in each other’s arms. She woke me up the next day as I was still buck naked on the bed. I opened my eyes to see her stroking my cock.

Then she was going down on me to give me a morning blowjob. I lay on my back and folded my arms underneath my head and was enjoying her blowjob. She went down on me harder and I bust my nut in her mouth and groaned in pleasure. It was at that moment I noticed that something wasn’t right.

I looked towards the bedroom window to see my neighbor aunty (with the big boobs and ass) looking at us. What was she doing there anyway? Maybe she heard something? But one obvious thing was she had a look of pure shock on her face.

She saw my mom giving me a blowjob and I cumming in her mouth. I was frozen in fear of being found out. She saw me looking at her and then immediately turned away and made a quick escape.

So how was my story? Did you enjoy it? I sure did enjoy writing it. Maybe it was too long and boring? Be sure to write back to me at [email protected] if you did enjoy it or feel free to tell me if it sucked.

And oh yeah, depending on the response, I may as well write and post the follow up to this. And lastly, to all the thirsty, naughty, kinky, dirty, nasty female readers, don’t forget to send nudes so I can bust a nut in your tribute. Goodbye and keep fucking!

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