Fucked Wife’s Bengali Colleague


Hello Readers, I hope you all doing well! I am posting my first story here. It is a real one with a hot Bengali girl. She is my wife’s colleague and a hot chick. This incident happened two years back in Chennai. It’s a memorial event in my life.

Let me introduce myself, I am Madan, 34 from Chennai. I am married and working in private bank. I am fair and lean and with good stamina. I was born into a middle-class family. The job is very important for me to survive. I completed my MBA and got a job in Pune.

Being a South Indian it’s difficult to move to the western part of India. But I don’t have any option to move out. My Hindi is not good and people make fun of me. But slowly I improved and got a good command in Hindi. I belong to a very traditional family.

But I forgot to follow my tradition when I landed in Pune and lost my virginity too. I had many affairs in Pune. But no girl was interested to marry as they looked at me as a bed partner. Time has come and I am married.

My wife is too traditional and she doesn’t like Pune city. She was satisfied so early in sex and she never allows me for long sessions. That makes me want to find another girl to satisfy my needs. I don’t want to cheat on her but I do have affairs with other girls for sexual needs.

My wife is aware of my affairs but she didn’t get any proof to catch me red-handed. But we do fight about these topics every day. And one fine day I decided to move from Pune because my marriage life is in trouble. My wife started crying daily.

Finally, I said goodbye to Pune and came to Chennai. I got a good hike and wife got a good job here. My wife is happy as she likes traditions. I am upset because I don’t have any girlfriend here. Days were passing and I start loving my wife day by day. Life is becoming beautiful to me.

We both started our life again and having sex daily. My wife was pregnant and all sudden I become a more responsible man. I changed my shift to pick and drop my wife. I stopped searching for affairs. After 3 months, after my office hour, I reached my wife’s office to pick her.

My wife boarded the car and along with her Amodini Banerjee boarded the car. My wife introduced her to me and told that she lives near our place. I just smiled but didn’t see her properly. Her voice is too sweet. I dropped her at home and we both reached home.

I asked about Aamodini to my wife. She told that she is around 32 years and Bengali. “She doesn’t know Tamil and in office, the staff doesn’t know Hindi so she used to talk with me.” (As my wife can speak Hindi well) I didn’t see her properly but I used to drop her at home.

One day after office hours I went to my wife’s office and called her. She said that I took leave today and I forgot that she took off today. Then after one minute, my wife called me back and asked to pick Amodini. I said no but she requested me to pick her.

If she comes by office cab then that will take more than an hour and she needs to cook dinner for her family too. I said ok. Here she boards my car. She sat in front, just beside me and her smile made me crazy. She has a round face and features are good.

She has a killing smile with dimple cheeks. She put the seat belt tightly and her boobs were looking awesome from chudidar. I had never fucked a Bengali girl. But it’s my dream to fuck any Bengali hot girl. But I controlled my feelings because I wanted to be a gentleman and she is a friend of my wife.

As we both started our journey she started a conversation with me.
A: Hello, why are you so quiet?
Me: I am driving so not speaking much. Anyway, how was your day?
A: Not bad. Yours?
Me: Ok, ok.

A: How many affairs you had in Pune?
Me: No, I didn’t have any.
A: (she smiled) You are fair and handsome, jaroor affairs hogi.
Me: Past is past. Leave it Amodini ji.

A: Don’t call ji. Tell me how many girlfriends you have. I won’t tell your wife
Me: Kuch nahi ek aur do buss.
A: Jhoot bol rahe ho. Your naughty eyes are not saying the correct number.
Me: How come you’re in Chennai?

A: My husband is working in Ashok Leyland. We are from Asansol.
Me: Aapko Chennai pasand hai?
A: Nahi yaar, bilkul maaza nahi aaraha. But have to live here.
Me: How long you have been married?

A: 7 years but no kids. My husband is working hard on the bed for kids.

Me: Working hard?
A: We don’t like kids because we both can’t handle them. So whenever we fuck, the next day we decide not to have kids and take a precautionary tablet.

We had some good conservation and exchanged our numbers. I was tempted with her beautiful waist shape of 30, boobs 34 and ass 32. But again I controlled my feeling hard towards her and dropped her home.

After three months my wife took maternity leave. I dropped her to her home town and came back to Chennai. I was alone and started watching porn movies and dirty stuff as I was in a horny mood. After one week it was on Friday, I got a call from Amodini asking me to give company to a nearby supermarket.

I said yes without a second thought and reached the supermarket. And she looked very hot in short and pink top. She bought loads of grocery items and asked my help to drop the bag at home. I obliged and we both reached her flat. She stays on the 13th floor.

I entered her flat and she closed the door. It’s about 6:30 pm and she offers coffee to me. I asked her husband and she told me that her hubby left for Asansol for one week. She stayed back because her in-laws ask her when they will have kids. And she moved to the kitchen to prepare coffee.

I followed her in the kitchen. I hugged her tightly from behind and bit her ears and spanked her ass too. She moaned and said, “Kya hua? I am not your wife. I said, “Can I see you nude? You are damn hot. You caught my sex intentions too early. You are too tempting.”

Then I lifted her and sat her on the kitchen platform. I started kissing her lips very desperately. Our tongue got twisted and kissing very deeply. We kissed for around 5 minutes. Then we removed our shirt and she said, “Kapara sariye.” I asked her what does it mean. She told me that remove your clothes.

I removed my clothes and was standing nude in front of her. She removed her top and start giving liplock again. During lip lock, I removed her bra strip and opened her belly button. We kissed for again 5 minutes then she told me in Bengali, “Your lips are sweet and I want to taste your dick too.”

These words made me crazy and I removed her bra and short. She didn’t wear panty and I saw her clean treasure. She asked me to stand on the kitchen platform and I obliged it. She was on knees and came closer to my dick and kissed my dick softly. Then she started licking my dick gently.

I put my hands in her hair while she was giving a sexy blowjob. She’s good at licking and making me too horny. My legs were shaking and her fast tongue was making me crazy. She covered all my 8-inch dick and licked and sucked my dick balls too.

Later she gave me a blowjob until I cum in her mouth. She drank all my cum. She said that you are realizing more cum than my hubby. That’s the reason your wife loves you more. She asked me to lick her pussy and I got down from the kitchen platform.

I adjusted her to sit on the edge with her legs widely. Her pussy was wet already. I put my index finger in her pussy and licking her boobs smoothly. She was moaning in Bengali. She pushed my head down. I bent down and my mouth was very close to her pussy. I moved her pussy lips wider.

I released hot air in her pussy. She started shivering and moaning loudly. Then she pushed my face towards her pussy. I started licking the upper part of her pussy and she was moaning heavily. I licked her pussy for 10 minutes without a break and she was moaning throughout 10 minutes.

Her pussy was leaking with good cum. I asked her to go to the bedroom but she said no because she wants to fuck in the kitchen as it’s her fantasy. She lay down on the floor and I sat on her boobs. I was pushing my dick into her mouth. She was moaning and licking my dick so perfectly.

Later I turned into 69 position. I was on her and my dick is in her mouth and I am licking her pussy gently. Then I increased my tongue speed and she too increased her licking speed. I was enjoying it as she was licking and drinking my cum.

I cum at least three times in her mouth but all the time she taking inside and making me horny. We both completed our 69 position and were ready for the next action. To be continued in the next part.

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