Game Of Incest


Hi, my name is Alex. The story I am going to narrate is fully fictional. None of the characters are real. I am doing my bachelor’s degree in Aditya college. I am 21 years old with a muscular body having 7″ dick which is always poking out when hot girls are nearby.

Coming to the story. My family consists of 4 members my father Ashish (51 years), mother Navya (41)and my hot sister Reshma (19). My mother is a housewife and my sister is studying. I am very much close to my sister and used to share everything with her.

Until knowing about ISS, I didn’t have any desires for her. Accidentally I saw this website and I strongly got addicted to incest sex. All my intentions changed towards her and I was strongly desiring to fuck her. One day we both went to see a movie in the first show and came home.

We both went to our rooms and were getting relaxed. I felt hungry so I went to the fridge searching for fruits. I heard my parents are arguing for something. So I went close to their room and started hearing their conversation.

Mom: I want oral sex. You are not allowing me to suck your cock and you are not eating my pussy either.

Dad: No one does this in real life. By seeing porn you are thinking that everyone will do this. I can only make sex with you not this kind of dirty thing.

By saying this my father removed his and mom’s dress and start fucking her. Mom was moaning in pain saying, “You are dry fucking. I am not even lubricated in my pussy.” Within 5 minutes he ejaculated and slept next to her. Mom was trying to suck his dick but he didn’t allow her.

After seeing this I got an erection. I went to my room and slept next to my sister. I was unable to sleep while my dick was starving for sex. I took some courage and slowly started touching my sister. I was slightly able to see her cleavage which was making me hornier.

Slowly I removed her dress zip. Now it became loose. I dragged a little bit so I can have a full view of her boobs. I never saw a woman like this. Those boobs were in perfect shape like melons. I started caressing her boobs with my hands. She was in deep sleep.

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But due to my actions, her boobs become stiff. Slowly I kept my mouth on her right boob and started sucking with my other hand. I was pressing her left boob gently. Suddenly she came to her senses and slapped me hard on my face. She started yelling at me.

“What the hell are you doing to me? I am gonna tell this to our parents.” I feared a lot and requested her not to tell this to anyone by holding her legs. I was not leaving her legs. She was unable to move even an inch. She kept on beating me to leave her.

After some time she agreed not to tell anyone. We both went to sleep. I was ashamed of myself. She was younger than me. She made me hold her legs and request for her kindness. So I decided on that day I will take her virginity. I will teach her a lesson by making her my slut for my lifetime.

I was on a mission to deflower my sister and make her my slut. My sister’s classmate Ruchi used to come to my home on weekdays or holidays. So I want to make her by bait to accomplish my mission. Ruchi was also 19 years old with lemon sized boobs.

I was not interested at all but she was my only choice. Whenever she was in the house I started glaring at her. She also noticed my intention towards her. One Sunday she came to my house. My parents went to some function my sister also went with them. this was my chance towards my mission.

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She didn’t know that my sister was not at home. I asked her to stay in my sister’s room and I will bring something to drink. I took mango juice from the fridge and poured it in the glass. While giving it to her I intentionally poured some on her. The juice was all over her breast.

I acted like cleaning and started pressing her boobs. She was showing some reluctance. But I kept my full force on her boobs and squeezed it. She lost her senses and was responding to my touch. I started kissing her passionately while pressing her boobs.

We removed both our dresses. She was feeling shy. I had a full view of a naked woman for the first time in my life. My dick was rock hard. I was ready to enter her pussy. While making my move I remembered my mom’s words from that night. Instead of keeping in her pussy I asked her to kneel down.

I put my dick in her mouth without any hesitation. She was unable to take it out. I hold her head tightly and fucking her mouth. She was making giggling sounds. I increased my pace touching her deep throat. I mouth fucked her for 10 minutes and ejaculated all my cum in her mouth.

She didn’t have any chance to spit it out. I made her drink my each and every drop because it is precious. Now I made her lay on my sister’s bed. I parted her both legs and started sucking her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure. I was doing magic with my tongue on her pussy.

After ten minutes, she reached her orgasm and exploded all her juices on to my face. Now I started finger fucking her pussy. After 5 minutes I got my boner back. I kept my dick head on her pussy and teasing her. It makes her crazy for sex. She was begging me to fuck her.

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“I need a favor from you then only you can have my dick,” I said. She was willing to do anything for my cock. I asked her to seduce my sister. I want to see you both having lesbian sex. I am very interested to see lesbian sex. She hesitated first. But her cock-hunger made her agree to my deal.

“Now you can have my cock.” I started pressing my cock into her pussy. It was very tight. She was moaning with pain and asking me to remove it. I acted like I removed my cock out and stroked it hard deeper in her pussy. She lost her virginity and was crying with the pain.

I slowly started stroking my dick in and out. Blood was coming out from her pussy and it was all over my dick. I increased my pace. She also started feeling pleasure. I fucked her in the missionary position for ten minutes. I made her in the doggy style and pumped her.

We both ejaculated at the same time. I took out my dick before cumming inside her. Instead, I put my sperm all over my sister’s bed. It smell like heaven due to my cum and juices all over my sister’s bed. She relaxed for some time and cleaned herself and left. I reminded her of the deal once again.

In the process to deflower my sister, I lost my virginity. If someone likes this story and wants to know what happened next write to me [email protected]

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