Getting Frisky In A Risky Situation – Part 1


Hello readers and love enthusiasts, this is me Simple Guy back with another one of my true stories. This incident dates back a few years when I was still in college. Back then, I was dating my then-girlfriend Surbhi.

Surbhi was a lovely girl, very homely but adventurous at the same time and surprisingly, despite her strict upbringing, was always up for one thing which I enjoyed the most – public affection.

Surbhi was my age, and had the body type I relish – curvy and firm. She was about 5’6’’ which made her pretty tall by Indian standards and exactly the kind of physical attributes I loved in a woman.

Of course, back in those days, we were much younger and had never had sex. Yet, the thrill of making out in public and the possibility of being discovered or getting caught was the extra adrenalin rush we both enjoyed tremendously.

It was just another day for us after college. By late evening, I suddenly remembered that we needed to go to the nearby Travancore Building to submit our documents for internships. We were applying to places all over the country and weren’t sure where we would be getting in.

The day had been long for us, classes and exams constantly, so we started walking from college and within half an hour, we reached the building we were supposed to go to.

Surprisingly, even though it was supposed to be a large building with many offices, for some reason it seemed most of the offices were closed and many of the lights were out. We were confused and unsure of what to do and whether to proceed or not.

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A quick discussion and we realized that we didn’t really want to waste the four mile walk we had just done. So we entered the building and started climbing the stairs.

The two flights of stairs up, we were sure that we were at the wrong location or there was something else going on. Most of the offices and shops in the building seemed shut. My girlfriend nodded her head pointing down the stairs, indicating that she wanted to go back instead of continuing up the stairs and I agreed. It seemed pointless now.

Just as she turned around and started walking down, I pulled her close. This was the perfect setting for me – out in public in an office building, dim to no lights, barely any people around and I wanted her badly.

I turned Surbhi around and faced her, looking deep into her eyes for a minute. She had gone wide-eyed for a moment but within seconds, she realized what was going to happen.

Wasting no time, my girlfriend jumped on me and pushed me back to the wall. I have always been a gym field and working out has been my passion. So, her jumping onto me and me holding her in the air while kissing was no big deal.

I turned instead and pushed Surbhi against the wall, kissing her soft lips hard. I slithered my tongue into her mouth and felt hers. We were kissing and loving each other’s mouths like no tomorrow and I felt her saliva all over my face, slowly trickle down my neck.

I pushed her even further and started fucking her mouth with my tongue, pushing it inside and pulling it back out while I could hear her moans getting louder and louder.

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I wasted no time and put my girlfriend back on her feet and immediately pulled her t-shirt up revealing her large and ample breasts. Immediately, I took one into my mouth.

They were firm, big and juicy and I kept licking and sucking them hard constantly, running my tongue over her hardening nipples continuously. I stopped, pouted my lips and sucked and tongued her nipples, now rock hard. Meanwhile, I also opened her jeans and pushed my hand inside.

I was greeted by my girlfriend’s wet and sticky bush at this point, getting wetter by the second. I parted Surbhi’s bush and pushed two fingers inside and heard an “Ahh” escape her mouth. Her moans were amazing. Hearing a girl expressing herself verbally and talking dirty are my biggest turn-ons.

It only took me a few minutes of finger fucking my girlfriend to start feeling her cum. A huge wave of warm sticky liquid greeted my fingers as I noticed a slight smile on her face and her body relaxing, wave over wave of orgasm greeting her every second.

Within minutes, my girlfriend had regained her composure and this time, she went down on her knees and opened my pants. My erect and throbbing cock immediately greeted her face.

Surbhi had always been an amazing person in terms of trying interesting things so I looked down and saw her push and roll back my foreskin, exposing my glistening cock tip that was leaking pre-cum.

My gf brought out her tongue and licked all the precum and then slowly started licking the ridge of the cock head and shaft, running her tongue around in circles. With her hand, she kept massaging my balls while staring straight at me into my eyes.

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The entire situation was incredibly erotic and I could barely control myself. I had hardly muttered the words,

“I am going to cum” when my horny girlfriend immediately let go of my balls, put my shaft in her mouth, put her hands on my ass and pulled me close to her. I could feel my balls on her chin as I exploded, wave after wave of cum going straight into her throat. She was a goddess!

This time however I was exhausted and we both sat down on the stairs, partly naked and fully hoping nobody finds us this way. Immediately, we heard footsteps and were stunned to find ourselves face to face with someone we had never expected, which I shall continue in part 2!


Ladies and readers, I hope you liked my story.

Please feel free to email me your comments and criticisms at [email protected] and if you would like to meet up or hang out, please feel free to mention the same.

You can scroll to the top and click my name to read my previous stories, all of them based on true incidents, which I have written in great detail for you to read and enjoy.

Have a great day ahead, and I will be waiting to hear from you. 🙂

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