Good Masseur And Trustable Fucker For A Couple


Hi! This is Vatsal back again with a new experience of mine. Thank you for your lovely reviews and comments on my previous story. I really appreciate that.

This time, I am going to share with you an incident that happened with me which was astonishing yet interesting. Life was going good and I had good ladies to fuck. But my heart wanted something new every time.

In late September last year, I decided to be a professional masseur. I knew massage and taken a few classes too for it. So I posted my Ad online and was waiting for my client. I wanted to do this for my hobby and obviously for money too as a by-product of my hard work.

A few days past like such waiting for a client, I finally got a mail. His name was Azim. He was asking me if I was comfortable with a male client. Well, being massage my hobby, I did not hesitate. We fixed the date and he gave me his address.

So the day came and I went there. I met him and we went inside the room for massage. As soon as I reached in, I was surprised. There was his wife Uzma sitting on the sofa near the masseur table. My mouth opened wide seeing such beautiful Indian wife.

Uzma wore a pink salwar and matching lehenga. Her straight hairs were reaching her straight back. Her tight arms and slim waist were depicting that she worked out. A little makeup and her pink lipstick was shining brightly under the white lights. She was looking like a princess with a sexy figure of 36-32-38.

I was so much ogling at my client’s wife that Azim had to pinch me to bring me back.

Uzma laughed at this. I quickly went to the table and started arranging my things needed for the massage.

Azim came with a towel rubbed around his waist and slept on the table. He then gave me an offer that if I made him happy with my skills, then I can massage his wife ass well.

Was this an offer for me or a beautiful price for me? Now my mind was diverted. I was just looking at her and pouring oil on the back of Azim.

I slowly started massaging Azim on his back, giving different speed and hardness of my hands on his back. Uzma was looking constantly on my hand movements. I removed his towel and rubbed his ass cheeks which made him tickle. But amazing was that this made Uzma breathe heavily! Her eyes were clearly telling she wanted this from my hands.

I did a good massage on Azim’s back including his ass and legs. I told him to turn around for massage in front. He turned around and the towel formed a tent. Azim was hard feeling my oily hands on his back.

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I made his upper part oily and was massaging his chest and nipples. His mouth opened and he was breathing heavily. Just as I reached his waist and was about to remove his towel, he stopped me.

He stood up and tucked his towel and sat on the sofa. I was standing there clueless. I didn’t know what to do.

He went near his wife Uzma and started kissing her slowly in front of me! I was stunned. A light moan blurted out from my mouth.

Azim was kissing Uzma slowly and was removing her salwar chain from the back. She was responding back as her boobs were pumping due to her heavy breathing.

He removed her salwar and there she was – a milky white body with red bra tightly holding her 36D boobs. Damn, I rubbed my dick on just seeing her boobs.

Azim broke the kiss and made Uzma sleep on her front, crushing her boobs on the table. He told me that he will lick Uzma while I massage her back. That was one hell of a price for my skills!

I was so much excited that I quickly poured oil on her back. Both laughed at my eagerness.

I started massaging and playing my magic of hands on her nice straight back. Her back was so soft and with the oil, my hand was slipping and getting stuck in her bra clap.

Azim started removing Uzma’s lehenga slowly. My hands stuck on her lower back when Azim pulled down her lehenga till her knees. Her nice ass popped out. My heartbeat stopped for a second after seeing her round white ass in her red panty.

My hands pressed her lower back just as if I was mauling her ass. She knew this from my hand movements and she tickled her body.

Azim stared at me and pressed her ass and excited me more. I was not in the mood to control and I opened her bra clap. Azim laughed again. He slowly spread her ass and pulled down the panty too. He dug his face straight into her wet pussy and started licking her pussy making her moan loudly.

I started massaging her neck with soft hands making her excited more. My hard dick was hitting her head. Her moans were suppressed on the table.

I decided to pull my trousers and hit her head with my dick as Azim was busy licking her cunt. As soon as I pulled down my trouser, my dick hit hard in his forehead and she moaned louder. Azim’s face was covered with her cum. Yes, she came. She came a load on Azim’s face and he licked all her cum.

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Azim came up and saw what I was doing with his wife. He came near me. To be honest, I was scared. But he held my dick and started shagging it. It was the first time for me feeling a man’s hand on my dick.

He was shagging it and placed it near his wife’s mouth. He rubbed the tip of my dick with precum on her lips. She was staring at me while doing this. (Even I get a hard-on now when I remember her such face).

Azim held her face and pushed my dick in her mouth. The warmth of her mouth made my dick jerk and hit her upper mouth. She was so happy with my dick that she started sucking it wildly. She spread her saliva on my dick and licked it clean and made me moan.

Azim was rubbing my balls and shagging his dick, removing from the towel. Uzma was making sounds while blowing which made Azim cum in a few shags. He came all over on the floor. He sat on the sofa and watched his wife blowing me expertly.

I was releasing a lot of precum in her mouth which she gulped down her throat. I held her hairs and started fucking her mouth faster. I pushed my dick till her throat. Just when she gagged, I came in her mouth. I came a lot in her mouth. Her mouth was filled with my cum.

Uzma then turned towards Azim and gulped down my cum giving him a smile.

Azim came to me and said, “I want you to fuck my wife. Tear her pussy and make her scream.”

I turned Uzma around and threw her bra. I started slapping her boobs and pressing them hard making them red. I pulled her nipples and slapped them. I started sucking her nipples wildly as I was rubbing her cunt. I was licking her areola and nipples just when I pushed two fingers in her cunt. She screamed at the top of her voice.

Her head was hanging on the table as Azim pushed his dick in her mouth. She was moaning so loudly on Azim’s dick. I rubbed her clitoris with my finger and made her cum a lot again. She jerked and came on my hand. Her sexy jerking body and boobs made me erect again.

I spread her legs and saw her pussy for the first time. It was slightly pink and shining with her cum. I started rubbing her clitoris and placed my dick on her pussy lips.

I kept rubbing her clitoris and made her moan on Azim’s dick. I gave a push and my tip of dick slid in making her jump a little.

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I kept rubbing her clitoris and pushed my whole dick in one stroke which made her scream loudly and bit her husband’s dick. Azim also screamed. I moaned a bit as her pussy was tight. I felt her pussy muscles stretching and adjusting according to the size of my dick.

Just as her scream got low, I started fucking the Indian wife. I was moving my dick in and out. Her pussy was such tight that my dick was jerking inside her cunt. She got so excited that she made Azim came in a few seconds and gulped down his cum.

Azim sat on the sofa again catching his breath. Uzma got a little up to take my dick deeper. She started kissing me wildly, moving her waist on my dick. I was mad. I held her hairs from the back and started pushing my dick faster and harder. Her moans were echoing in the room.

Uzma hugged me tightly and her pussy muscles started contracting on my dick. She was having an orgasm. Her tight pussy also made me near to cum.

Just as I felt her warm cum on my dick, I came. I kept my dick inside her and hugged her tightly as I was cumming harder in her pussy. Her boobs were crushing on my chest and she was breathing heavily on my shoulder. We both came.

She again slept on the table exhausted.

I sat near Azim. He handed me my money and told me that they were finding a good masseur and trustable fucker for Uzma. He liked my profile and he contacted me but he hid this detail because he was afraid that I would leak this.

But after talking with me, he was assured. He was happy that my both services were good. Uzma gave a smile too.

Shag your dick and finger your cunt reading this. Feel free to share your feeling and review to me. I am up for massage too anytime. Feel free to contact and stay safe during this pandemic. Anyone can contact me on my id [email protected]

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