Great Tribal Incest Saga – Part 2


After Prince Adil’s cum ceremony now it was time for Princess Sangeeta’s marriage. The whole community was involved in arrangements for their beloved Princess Sangeeta’s wedding. The only person unhappy with the wedding was queen Sujata.

She had promised her brother Ajay that her daughter is a virgin. King Rehman convinced Sujata that her brother wouldn’t know about their daughter’s virginity, and yet lying to her own tribe frightened her.

On the day of the wedding, Sujata had dressed like her own tribe ‘Claudia’. She wore a blouse, which was sleeveless tied at her back by laces. Flaunting women’s breasts was considered lowly in her side. Yet both Tities and Claudia tribes were in a good relationship always.

Most of the marriages took place between these communities. Family incest was slowly diminishing in the Claudia tribe as they were more civilized. They knew medical illnesses caused by such relations to the newborns.

Claudia tribe had always pushed and explained the Tities tribe to end incest in families. But they were never successful to change Tities tribe mentality.

As the marriage ceremony was going on, Sujata noticed that her son Adil was nowhere to be found. So she went to their hut to search for her son, Adil was hiding behind the door. He knew that his caring mother would come for him.

After his mother entered, he slowly closed the door and grabbed her from behind and started pressing her boobs. Her blouse was completely wet with her milk and armpit sweat. Sujata tried to stop her son but Adil was more powerful and removed her blouse lace and freed her boobs.

Sujata tried explaining to him saying, “This is not right, son, I’m your mother.” But Adil didn’t listen. Adil forced his mother on the floor and started biting and kissing her boobs. Sujata tried to slap her son but he defended by short stopping her.

He lifted the very same hand that was about to slap him and he buried his face in his mother’s wide sweaty armpits. Adil was in heaven, Sujata’s armpits were much stronger than his sister’s. He was lost in her world. He was experiencing these newest sensations.

He heard somebody coming near the hut so he quickly got up and went into his room. Sujata also quickly got up from the floor. She adjusted her hair and smiled at her husband Rehman who came to find her. King Rehman enquired if something’s wrong.

he saw Sujata with no blouse and she was sweating and breathing heavily. Sujata mentioned heat and asked Rehman to tie her blouse quickly. King Rehman too couldn’t stay away from his queen’s armpits. As he asked her to lift them both hands in the air and he sniffed and licked her both the armpits clean like an obedient dog.

Sujata, in her mind, thought, ‘Like father, like son.’ She didn’t mention any of their son’s antics to King Rehman. She knew such antics are against the tribe’s rules and it would be disrespect to the throne. A son can’t have sex with his mother when the father is alive. So Sujata just stayed mum about it.

She loved her son Adil more than anything but not sexually. She knew incest is wrong so she was against it. But Sujata thought that she had to find a way to tame her son’s urges by maybe marrying him to a girl soon, she thought.

Princess Sangeeta’s wedding went smoothly. But later that night after dinner there was an attack from an enemy tribe on Tities tribe. All the trained Tities tribe’s warriors were quickly informed. They counter-attacked the enemy tribe, valiantly led from the front by king Rehman.

The fight went on for hours until midnight. The Tities tribal men managed to win the attack. But they had lost their brave King Rehman in the fight. The remaining warriors were shameful that they couldn’t save their King Rehman. But the tribe didn’t think of them the same way.

Instead, they were proud of their King Rehman because he lost his life fighting for the tribe. Mourning for their King went on for a few weeks. But then for the tribe to flourish again and bringing back the normalcy in their lives, they needed a new King.

It naturally went to Prince Adil if and only if he marries his own mother. Considering their queen’s denial of incest marriage, the tribe’s other senior members had started talking about a new election to be held to appoint their new king.

Queen Sujata had suggested that her son be married to a girl from their tribe. She asked them to let her son continue to be their king for the remaining period of her husband’s term. The tribe didn’t agree to her and they didn’t allow any intervention from Claudia tribe too.

Sujata finally agreed to marry her son Adil. Claudia tribe didn’t attend this marriage and called it disgusting. Both mother and son married in a small ceremony.

After many days of their marriage, Sujata noticed that even though her son Adil slept on the same bed, he had not forced her sexually. She respected her son’s maturity. She even was thinking of accepting him as her new husband and her King too.

And the word had already spread around the community about them – that they still were living as mother and son. So Sujata wanted to consummate their marriage soon. So during one night Sujata came after dinner to the bed and kissed her son’s forehead.

She freed her son’s cock and slept beside him sideways. She asked her son to sleep on her arm. When he did the same, she pulled him very close to her body by locking her son between her thunderous thighs. Adil’s dick was instantly hard right after smelling his mother’s armpits smell.

It had the power to hypnotize him into the world of Sujata. Sujata then whispered in her son’s ears that she finally has accepted their marriage. She announced that she’s all ready to consummate. She also warned him that he should love his mother and not treat her like a prostitute.

Saying this Sujata turned over and as now her son Adil was on top of her. She asked him to kiss her lips gently. They both kissed very gently and by softly moaning, while Sujata’s hands roamed on her son’s manly ass cheeks. Realizing that her son’s buttocks were stiff, she broke the kiss and asked him to loosen up and relax.

When Adil finally loosened up, Sujata felt her son’s delicious, monstrous black dick throbbing on her thighs. Sujata then instructed her son to slowly kiss her entire body all the down to Adil’s birthplace. Adil not only just kissed his mother but was drooling uncontrollably on her delicious body.

He kissed her neck breathing heavily, arousing his mother, teasing her by moving his dick on her cunt lips. Although Adil was very familiar with his mother’s breasts, he didn’t rush to her other parts of her body. He pulled her taut nipples with his teeth causing her pain.

Sujata moaned louder moving her lower body upward to feel her son’s girth. Then she forcefully kicked her son’s buttocks violently in ecstasy. Adil drank her milk like a man now by pressing her boobs very hard. The milk from her breasts gushed in his mouth.

Sujata trembled convulsively on the bed. She pressed her other boob where her milk flowed making her wet and attractive. Adil saw his mother’s milk flowing in her sweaty armpits which made him hornier. He quickly attacked her other boob and then as he was about to taste her hairy armpits.

Sujata stopped him and asked him to continue to her starving pussy. Adil did as his mother asked, he licked her sweaty cleavage and bit her inner boobs. Then he slowly went down to her deep belly button. He licked the dark nectar oozing out of it. He finally got a glimpse of his birthplace.

Adil was a little hesitant but once he got closer and smelled it. Adil was aroused like never before. Adil licked her slick slit and sank his tongue inside her. His mother groaned with pleasure as she rubbed her clit hard enhancing the pleasure. They both shifted their positions.

Sujata lifted her knees toward her chest before asking her son to put his hot rod in her vagina. Adil couldn’t wait anymore. Having the experience of fucking his sister, he was confident and rubbed his cockhead against his mother’s slick slit teasing her.

He then quickly sank his huge thick dick meat in his mother’s tight pussy surprising his mother. Sujata opened her mouth wide open as her son’s 8-inch penis had reached the distance of her vaginal cave. Her husband king Rehman had never reached there.

Adil buried himself in his mother’s magical pussy over and over as breathless words spilled past his lips, “So good, so good.” With her legs pulled up, Sujata felt every inch as he penetrated her deeply. Each stroke lit her up with a new wave of pleasure.

Adil expertly used every bit of his formidable cock to please Sujata. He pulled out until only the tip of his dick was still in her before driving himself balls-deep into her pussy. He wasn’t rushing, and Sujata encouraged him with little coos and sighs.

Before long, he built up speed, snapping his hips rhythmically. Sujata rocked beneath him and felt his balls spanking her asshole. Sujata saw her son headed fast for the point of no return. He hammered his cum into her wildly.

Her wicked climax was gathering. A perfect complement to the sweet orgasm she’d had with her son the very first time. Adil then collapsed on his mother’s sweaty body. But then he realized that he had forgotten to lick his mother’s armpits, which planted the idea of one more round of sex in his brains.

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