Great Tribal Incest Saga – Part1


This is a story about a fictional tribal community named ‘Tities’ that lived centuries ago in a jungle. All they did was hunting and gathering food to provide for their families. There were only around fifty families in this community that lived together as one big happy family helping one another.

To have some governance over this tribe, these people get together and elect one of them as their leader for five years. The elected person was like a king and his family members were guarded all the time. Having sex or affair with other men’s wives was strictly prohibited in this tribe.

They lived in huts which were so technically sound that the huts were protected from rains, winds, etc. The King of the tribe lived in a grand and luxurious hut.

Tities tribe didn’t worship idols instead they worshipped wind rain and fire. The women flaunted their breasts while only covering their vagina with a piece of cotton material. It only covered their cunt lips and it had laces that were tied to their hips, with one of the laces passing right through their ass cracks.

The tribe’s women wore less but elegant ornaments like a bead necklace, kamarband, and chunky anklets. The women bathed with natural sandalwood powder which was in abundance.

While the men too just covered their huge penises in sack-like clothing which held their balls in good shape. But men almost didn’t wear any ornaments unless there’s a festivity in their community.

In this story, I’m narrating a story about our queen Sujata age 35, measured 36-28-38. Sujata came from a more civilized tribe named ‘Claudia’ where women covered their privates, even their breasts with sophisticated clothing. But after marrying King Rehman age 40, she had to flaunt her breasts like the rest of the women did in her husband’s community.

She was okay with her new tribe’s clothing. But she had always opposed some of the weird tribal traditions that were followed by Tities tribe like for example

– Circumcision of male penises

– First cum ceremony: where the mother has to suck her son’s adult dick until he cums. And when a girl hits her puberty, the father licks his own daughter’s vagina by spreading her legs.

– Incest: The eldest son has the right to marry his mother and have children with her if and only when the father dies. Eldest daughter marries father if the mother dies. Incest was allowed only after their partner’s death otherwise it was treated as illegal and crime and a punishable offense.

These were some of the traditions that were followed by the ‘Tities tribe’ for generations. Queen Sujata was opposing them since she came to this tribe. But the king himself and his community were angered by the very mention of these changes, forget about putting an end to them.

Sujata knew incest was wrong and how it effects. That’s why she gathered some of the women every evening and tried to explain to them about these ill traditions. But somehow she couldn’t change the male-dominated tribe.

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Sujata was the most beautiful woman to ever live in the Tities tribe. Whenever she was in public gatherings, sitting on her throne chair she easily noticed men standing with their hard dicks saluting her in admiration and lust for their queen.

She liked such adoration by her tribal men. But she never cared for their dicks as she was fucked by king Rehman two times every day.

In her entire body, her huge 36″ boobs caused the most pain every day. Her tits were suckled by her adult Prince Adil age 20 and Princess Sangeeta age 22. Her son Adil’s first cum ceremony was nearing for which she was completely opposing.

But if she didn’t follow traditions her husband would have to be dethroned from his designation which worried her the most. Sujata still remembers the day when her daughter’s first cum ceremony was performed by King Rehman when Princess Sangeeta had turned 18 years old.

Sujata tried to forget that from her memory. But her husband licking virgin pussy of her daughter with his tongue like a snake and using his fingers to finger Sangeeta’s asshole was like a fresh memory to her. And also King Rehman had tasted his daughter’s cum entirely, cleaning her tenderloin completely that day.

Sujata had begged then also not to perform such ceremonies. But she was ignored then. And she thinks she will be this time too where she has to perform the same on her son.

Prince Adil is always around his mother kissing her and suckling on her tits atleast three times a day. He had turned very horny with age. In his adulthood, he drank less milk and teased his mother’s nipples with his tongue most of the time. He placed his mother’s hand on his huge penis to get pumped by Sujata.

But Sujata would quickly notice such behavior. She would punish her son Adil by not letting him suck on her tits for the rest of the day. But Adil never learned from punishments.

He would sneak into his mother while she’s peeing and he would hug her from behind by placing his penis between his mother’s ass cheeks.

Princess Sangeeta was desperate to have sex. She was about to get married to her mother’s brother. But her marriage was postponed so that she could attend her brother Adil’s cumming ceremony. Sangeeta even had an option to take the virginity of her brother and in turn, she would also be deflowered.

Sangeeta too eagerly waited for this. She knew that on her mother’s side, men had smaller dicks compared to her kind. Most importantly she wanted her younger brother’s meat in her hungry pussy. Sangeeta was all in for this against her mother’s stern warning.

Finally, the day arrived where the first cum ceremony would take place for Prince Adil in public, in the presence of the entire tribe. Sujata knew she had no other option but to perform such incest activity. She was doing this just to keep her King Rehman happy.

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Prince Adil was brought to the center by four women, all naked. Even their vaginas flaunted for the occasion. They had held him tightly by his arms and legs because he won’t be allowed to fuck his mother in the process. All the things would be performed by the queen Sujata.

After the ceremony Prince will be escorted to Princess Sangeeta’s quarters by the same women. Sujata finally was carried by four men. All running by holding her body towards the sky, above their heads, was brought straight from the bath to the gathering.

As Sujata stood in front of her son, King Rehman came forward and removed Sujata’s cunt covering cotton pieces and opened the ceremony. Sujata’s pussy was seen by the tribe publically for the very first time. Her shiny pink clit gave the men hard-ons.

Sujata moved towards her son and rubbed his circumcised penis just above her vaginal slit and teased her son. Later she turned over and showed Prince Adil her ass crack. It was massaged with essential oils and was shiny in the hot afternoon sun.

Seeing the depth of his mother’s ass crack Adil shuddered. He was rearing to go fuck Sujata but the women holding Adil didn’t let it happen. Sujata then by spreading her ass cheeks came dangerously close to her son’s 8″ dick. (bigger than King Rehman’s 6-inch dick).

She held his dick and pierced it in her ass crack. Adil’s huge dick slid quite easily between his mother’s well-oiled butt crack. Adil opened his mouth for breath and relished the warmth and depth of Sujata’s hot dark cave. Sujata then completed the customary dance.

She had to booty shake on her son’s dick while pressing her boobies. After two minutes she kneeled and took her son’s dick in her mouth for one last step. Sujata gulped her son’s dick at once. Adil was now uncontrollable and tried to force his dick to his mother’s throat.

But Sujata knew how to tame her horny son. She controlled him by catching his balls and then she slowly licked the tip of her son’s penis which was already leaking its juices. Sujata then held the back end of her son’s dick and stroked his dick with her mouth by moving vigorously on it.

Finally finishing her son in just a few strokes. The raw force of her son’s cum directly hit her throat. Huge cheers were heard by both mother and son as the tribe roared after the completion of the cum ceremony.

Prince Adil was then carried by the four naked women to Princess Sangeeta’s private quarters. Sujata was exhausted but Rehman’s dick wasn’t. He was all horny by what he just saw and took Sujata to his room for a great fuck.

Sujata was happy to fuck her husband. But also prayed for his health otherwise she knew the consequences of marrying her son.

Sangeeta welcomed her brother with open arms in her bed. Adil’s dick although, in a flaccid state, he still was so horny that he started kissing his sister’s taut nipples for the first time. Sangeeta wanted her brother’s dick to regain its strength as quickly as possible.

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She pulled him by his hair and kissed his lips. But Adil was quick to break the kiss and went back to kissing her boobs. But now he smelled strange erotic smell emanated from his sister’s hairy sweaty armpits, which attracted his lips towards it.

Sangeeta was quick to notice that her brother’s dick was responding very quickly to her smell. So she grabbed his dick with one hand pushed his brother’s face deep in her armpits with the other hand. Adil loved the way his sister’s armpit tasted. So he licked her by opening his mouth wide open.

He extracted all the scent from her sister’s armpit hair had stored. Which ultimately sprung his dick to its full strength. Sangeeta spread her legs and started moaning loudly by rubbing the magical mushroom head of her brother’s dick in her slit.

Sangeeta then asked her brother to stop licking and asked him to put his dick in her horny pussy. Sangeeta further widened her legs to provide for that big black dick. Adil slowly pierced his dick head at the pussy entrance as they both were nervous and sweating profusely.

Sangeeta was now uncontrollable and was getting wild. She kicked her brother’s ass cheeks and gave Adil the go-ahead to slide his dick in completely. As he pushed in her pussy, her hymen broke. Sangeeta cried in pain and joy but asked her brother to fuck her hard.

Aroused by his sister’s cries, Adil stroked his penis inside her mercilessly. Sangeeta raised her hips involuntarily to the strokes by her brother. both their loins were red hot by just five minutes of fucking.

Adil knew he would be finished anytime now. So he banged her so hard that Sangeeta’s body started to move upwards on the bed. In the next few strongest strokes, he shot his powerful cum in her vagina. They lay down side by side all sweaty.

Princess Sangeeta finally was not a virgin anymore. As she realized it, tears rolled down her eyes. She still slept with her legs wide open as her tenderloin pained but she knew it was a good pain.

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