Green University – Day 1


All three friends go inside the administration building and on the right side, there is a reception desk with a girl on it. “What a start!” all three guys think as they move towards the desk.

The girl is in a formal suit with a white shirt and a black coat. They could only see her upper body as she is behind the desk.

She looks quite young but she definitely is older than all three; Samir, Aryan and Ankit. She has put on a light makeup with red lipstick. She looks quite beautiful with perfectly-cut eyebrows and milk-white fair skin. She has made a bun out of her brown hair.

All three guys reach the desk and the girl greets them with a smile. Samir takes off his sunglasses as he smiles back at her and makes sure to observe her as much as he can. There is a batch on her coat that reads, “Mahima”.

“That must be her name”, Samir thinks as he observes further. He looks at her boobs which is quite big and she has worn a 34DDD cup size bra to hold her boobs. The shirt she is wearing is quite tight, so it seems her huge tits are trying hard to escape from it.

The receptionist Mahima interrupts as she breaks the silence.

Mahima: Hello sir! How can I help you? (She makes sure to look at all the guys and looking at these three handsome guys, she couldn’t help and bit her lips.)

All three guys notice her lip-bite and they already take it as a positive sign. Like Samir, Aryan and Ankit also make sure to observe the hot receptionist’s body and they couldn’t take their eyes from her perfectly shaped breast.

Samir: Actually, we are here for the admission for Master’s programs. We have already sent our certificates and required documents to the mail mentioned on the website. You can check it out.

Both Aryan and Ankit: Yes, we have already sent it.

They keep looking at her boobs and admire her perfectly-shaped breast as Mahima starts checking on the computer.

Mahima: So Samir, Aryan, and Ankit? (She is still looking on the computer.)

“Yes”, they all reply in unison.

After checking on the computer for a while, she looks at all three boys with so much enthusiasm as she thinks, “Finally, some handsome grown men in the college.”

Mahima: So you guys probably looking to get admission in Communication Engineering?

Samir: Yes!! (Aryan and Ankit are still busy admiring her beauty.)

Mahima: So the total fee for the course is 5000 dollars and for the admission, you have to pay 1000 dollars at first. (She keeps looking at the computer.)

Aryan: Yeah, we already know that. Tell us more about the college, especially the course. (He tries to build up some conversation with her.)

Mahima: Sure sir! So it is a two-year course and over this period, you have to stay in a hostel. (She replies in a flirty tone as she already thinks about spending the next two years with these three handsome guys.)

Ankit: So you have a common hostel for guys and girls or? (He chuckles a bit as he tries to get confirmed that they will be sharing the same hostel with the girls.)

Mahima (giggles): Yes! There is a common hostel for Master’s students and you have all the facilities inside the building.

After a few more enquiries, they come to know that there are only girls in all Master’s programs and right now, there are 80 girls in the hostel. That excites all three of them and they also get to know that the hostel can accommodate around 200 students and it will probably be around 150 students after the first-year admission.

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Over the course of the conversation, all three guys make sure to observe and admire the receptionist and her body as much as they can. Mahima also makes sure to look at them in a sensuous way as she finally gets to meet these attractive men at the University.

After finishing the admission procedure, they come out from the admission block and walk towards the main fountain.

Further down, there is another fountain on the right side of the road and on its right, there is stairs leading down to the Bachelor’s boys hostel and the playground. While on the left side of the road, there are stairs leading down to the girl’s hostel for Bachelor’s students.

Straight ahead on the left, there are accommodation facilities for staffs and on the right, there is a huge gate facing west which leads to the hostel for Master’s students. Since it is a semester break, the gate is closed but still, all three friends look around.

The hostel looks huge; it is a long building from north and south and apart from the ground floor, it seems every room has a balcony.

After looking around for sometimes, they return back to the town and their apartments. They all look happy and cannot wait to start their new journey at Green University. It has already been dark and Samir on his bed thinks about Mahima and her huge tits.

Back to the university, in the staff blocks, Mahima is in her room. She still has images of Aryan, Ankit and Samir in her mind and as she knows their name, she looks for them on Facebook and finds them easily.

She is on her bed wearing a small red booty shorts which is barely covering her thick 36-inch booty and a tight white camisole. By the look of it, it looks like she is not wearing anything underneath her camisole.

Of all three, Mahima found Aryan more fascinating, so she starts looking at his profile. She falls on his tempting skin color and his shredded body as she swipes to see his pictures. Looking at his pictures, she doesn’t even know when she started rubbing her nipples through her top.

Her nipples have already been so erect and tight that they are clearly visible from her camisole. Looking at more pictures, she cannot help herself from pulling up her top and releasing her boobs. They come out in the open like they just found heaven.

Mahima places her left hand on her left boobs as she keeps looking at the pictures. She gets aroused and starts massaging her boobs with her eyes still stuck on her mobile phone. Her mouth gets wide open and her eyes look high as she starts moaning. She puts the phone aside and uses her both hands to massage her tits.

She now closes her eyes and imagines Aryan is with her on her bed. Massaging her own tits, she imagines Aryan doing all that. With the image of Aryan all over her mind, she feels her pussy getting wet and imagining Aryan sliding his hand inside her shorts, she slowly inserts her hand inside her shorts and rubs her clit through her thong.

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It is wet already and she could feel her own juice on her finger. She starts moaning with every touch imagining her new crush doing all these things.

“Aaahhhhhhhhhhh”, she moans as she couldn’t wait more and pushes her middle finger inside her wet vagina.

The receptionist gradually increases her speed and fucks herself but in her mind, Aryan is doing all the things. She imagines Aryan on top of her and his throbbing black cock pumping her wet cunt. And this makes her more aroused and she pushes another finger inside her.

Her moans get louder with each push and she moves her body in ecstasy. She is sweating all over and with every push on her pussy, her boobs are jiggling in the same rhythm.

Fingering herself imaging Aryan doing all the fucking, she finally comes to a climax and releases her love juice. She screams hard and even takes Aryan’s name as she cum. With her hand still in her thong touching her wet cunt, she falls asleep out of tiredness. She sleeps with a smile on her face; probably dreaming of Aryan.

The next day, Samir gets ready and goes to his office. He doesn’t waste much time to sign the resignation letter and hand it over the HR. He and Ankit resign together and as it is their last day in the office, they make sure to bid goodbye to everyone. Samir bids goodbye to Sandhya as well and on that, she doesn’t look much happy.

All three friends resigned from their respective jobs and already thinking about their new life and how they will make full use of it. It is around 8’o clock in the night and Samir gets a text from Sandhya and that really surprises him as they have barely talked after Sandhya got a new guy.

Sandhya: I am going to miss you. Anyway, best wishes for your future.

Samir texts back with a simple “Thanks” and on that, she texts back again, “You have changed. You don’t even want to talk with me”. That is even more surprising for Samir and he thinks to take it as an opportunity. So he replies back and made sure to make her realize how much he misses her and the time they spend together at his apartment.

Sandhya tells him that her boyfriend has gone out of town for some work and she is feeling kind of lonely. She even tells him that she is drunk.

The situation is building up exactly the way Samir wanted, so he doesn’t waste much time and tell her that he would love to accompany her and make her feel better. Sandhya doesn’t hesitate much and replies she would love that.

In no time, Samir gets ready and takes a cab and reaches Sandhya’s apartment. More than two months without sex, Samir already feels his penis doing its movement inside his pants. He rings the bell as he stands in front of the door.

He has prepared himself handsomely wearing a plain white shirt and blue jeans. The shirt was gifted by Sandhya herself. He has also put on a musk perfume which was Sandhya’s favorite.

Sandhya takes no time and opens the door. She is drunk and looking at her, it seems like she has also prepared herself to seduce Samir. She has put on a very short pink dress and it is so tight that Samir can actually see half of her boobs and her black push up bra. Not just a big 36 inches ass, she also has a nice pair of 34 inches boobs.

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Samir, standing just outside the door couldn’t help himself looking at Sandhya’s boobs trying to pop out from her tight dress. Her dress is so short that it is barely covering her ass. She looks at him with all the lust in the world.

In no time, Samir walks inside and they are close to each other. Sandhya being so drunk couldn’t help herself and falls on Samir’s arm. She has her head on his chest and Samir doesn’t waste any opportunity and takes his hand to her ass.

“Mmmmmmmmmm”, Sandhya moans as she feels the touch of Samir’s hand on her thick ass. As soon as his hands touch her big ass, her dress rolls up as they are too short.

Guiding his hand between her ass cheeks, Samir realizes there is nothing to cover her private parts. That makes him really hard and Sandhya being a drunk slut takes no time to take her hand to his already hard rod.

Touching and feeling his hard cock from his blue jeans, Sandhya looks at him and without saying anything closes her eyes and mover her heads towards Samir’s. Samir gets the sign and kisses her as he slowly massages her big thick ass. Sandhya starts to moan inside Samir’s mouth as she gets intense and her pussy starts dripping.

Samir takes his time and continues kissing her and massaging her ass. He grabs her big ass using both hands and squeezes them like a rubber ball. Sandhya in excitement moves her body and hips and continues sucking his lips.

After doing that for a while, Sandhya holds Samir’s hand and takes him to her bedroom. She pushes him on her bed and keeping him between her knees, she bends down and unbuttons his jeans. She looks at him lustfully as she pulls down his jeans and boxer together.

His already hard cock wriggles in the air as though it has finally found its freedom. Looking at Samir’s eight-inch shaft, Sandhya bites her lower lip. “I missed it so much”, she says as she grabs Samir’s cock and strokes it gently. Samir moans a little as Sandhya strokes his cock and closes his eyes.

This is a fantasy series and involves lots of kinky stuffs. I hope everyone will like it and leave their valuable feedback on [email protected]

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