Haridwar To Hyderabad For Sex


Hi, I’m Kushal again. I’m 24 years old and this is the story of how I’ve fucked a 21-year-old girl from Haridwar. I was going through all my conversations on kik and found one contact named Riya Singh. I messaged her and slept for the night.

The next morning as I woke up I had a reply from her saying, “Do you still remember me?” To be honest I had been sexting with quite a lot of women. I don’t have a track of all their names. So I introduced to her afresh and told her I was Kushal from Hyderabad.

She introduced herself as Riya 21 years old from Haridwar who was staying with her friends. We started knowing about each other and within no time we were sexting. She has body measurements that are 34-30-34. She sent me a few saree pictures of her.

The slightly exposed part of her navel looked very sexy and made my dick erect in no time. I was hard and I started stroking my dick and sexting with her. Riya wanted to see my dick and I sent her pics of my dick. I did not send full pictures of my dick at one go.

I teased Riya by clicking pictures wearing my underwear and taking a video showing how I removed my jeans and lowered my underwear. She was turned-on already with my sexy videos and asked me to please show my complete hard dick. I asked her to be patient as I wanted to tease her more.

I even made a video of me removing my underwear. But I covered my dick with my hands immediately showing the side part to Riya. I sent her the video and this time Riya begged me to show it to her. I laughed at her and I now know her weakness. I teased her more and more.

I clicked pictures of me holding my dick in my hands but not to be seen to her. I showed half of my dick to her but covered the tip either with my fingers or a handkerchief. I sent her pictures after tying thread to my dick completely. She was amused by seeing such a huge sized dick.

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I was clicking pictures and videos and teasing her. This continued for 2-3 weeks. But I never showed my complete dick to Riya. She requested me every day to show my huge dick and not to tease her more. I only told her one thing, “My dick is all yours when you come to see me,” and there she was.

She booked flight tickets to Hyderabad for the weekend. Luckily my parents were out of the city to attend a wedding. I told her my house is free for use on the weekend. She was more excited and we both were eagerly waiting for the d- day to come.

The day finally came and Riya was in my car smiling and talking to me. I tried my best to not make our conversation awkward as it was our first time seeing each other for real. Riya wore a plain white tank top and jeans underneath. I slowly placed my hands on her thighs.

I could guess Riya was feeling shy and hot at the same time. I knew she was horny so I moved my hands towards her navel. I lifted her tank top a little exposing her fair navel. I touched her navel and it was buttery soft. I pinched her navel seductively.

I moved my hands brushed her boobs with my hands as if I was taking out my hands away from her. She knew my intention and she made her chest out. It exposed her already big boobs and erect nipples more big and erect. We couldn’t do anything as it was evening time and there was traffic on the road.

As soon as we reached my house, I grabbed her hair and kissed her neck passionately. I went to her lips and bit her lower lips. She was more turned on by that and reverted to me and kissed me harder and harder. We hugged each other and our bodies had very less gap in between.

I could feel her big boobs on my chest and she felt my big hard dick on her stomach. We kissed and kissed and kissed and I removed her belt and opened the zip of her jeans. She signaled me that she wanted to remove my pants and t-shirt. Then came out my huge dick and she held it with her hands.

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She was praising my dick. “This is what I was looking for since all these days. this bloody dick is so huge than in pictures,” were her words. She licked the tip of my dick and sucked the little juice that was on my tip. I removed her jeans and saw her panty was already so wet and sticky. She had her orgasm already.

I placed my hands on her sticky and wet panty, removed her panty slowly and completely, and made her lick my hands. She cleaned all of it. We kissed each other again and this time I licked her wet pussy which was fair, soft, and smooth with no pubic hair.

She said she was a virgin. So I guessed it because her pussy was so tight. I played with her pussy lips and licked her pussy at the same time. We went to my bedroom and lied down on the bed. I started sucking her big boobs and neck. She wanted me to push my dick inside her pussy.

But I wanted to tease her again. So I placed my dick outside her pussy and touched every part of her pussy but not inserting it completely. She couldn’t control and she was moaning and begged me to push it inside. I licked and sucked her boobs and teased her pussy with my dick again.

Finally, after 3-4 minutes and lots of requesting, I slowly inserted my dick inside her. And then pushed it inside her completely giving her a current shock-like feeling. It pained her a lot for the first 2 minutes. but then that pain turned into pleasure and she was enjoying herself.

She closed her eyes all this while I was stroking my dick hard inside out of her pussy. I held her boobs and slapped her boobs. I pinched her nipples very hard. Bit her big round boobs and nipples. I inserted my tongue inside her belly button and I fucked her very hard.

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I was still stroking my dick very hard and after some time I knew I was about to cum. She had told me not to cum inside and asked me to cum on her boobs. I removed my dick from inside her and cummed all over her face and boobs. She enjoyed the view of my cum falling on her boobs and face.

I even made her lick my dick covered with cum and made her clean it. She sucked it nicely and she laid on top of me. We kissed again slowly and gently and her nipples were getting erect again. I placed my dick inside her pussy again and fucked her slowly and giving her lots and lots of pleasure.

This continued for one more day. But the next day Riya made me a professional gigolo. I fucked two more girls the next day and earned 18,000/- in one day. Riya left after 2 days.

But I continued my sex business through Omegle and kik and friends of the girls that I had fucked. If any female wants to join me for a hot sex session, please let me know by contacting me on my kik id or hangouts id or Gmail id.

Girls and women (age above 18) can contact me on [email protected] Hangouts id: [email protected] and kik username: kushal5005.

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