Having Sex With My Phone Friend Revathi


Hi friends, I’m a good reader of ISS. my mail id [email protected] Coming to my details my name is Sriram 6ft tall fair in color with a good physic living in Hyderabad. And I’m very much interested in women of age between 25-40. Actually the story I’m narrating is my first sex experience happened with my Revathi aunty.she is very hot having 38_28_36 perfect measurements.

when I’m studying my b tech 3rd year about 7months ago. Coming to the story I became a friend for an women with an unfortunate call from her. She called me and asking my details who I am. I felt strange and asked what you want from me.then in detail she said that she had my number in her call list so she called me to know who am i.

Then I asked how you got my number.she said I don’t know.(later we came to know after few days that one of my aunt who is a neighbor of my sex god she called me to speak with my mom from her phone). Later i introduced myself to her and she said “I don’t know about u.” finished we didn’t spoke again for 2 months.after 2 months she called me and said about my aunt who is her neighbor and said sorry for the inconvenience. I felt OK and from then we became friends she used to chat with me once a week or twice.

she calls me to know places in Hyderabad some times.one day I felt horny and masturbating by watching my favorite porn star Julia Ann. In that time she messaged me saying hai.I felt wrong and just wanna do sex chat with her. so I just wanna utilize that situation. So I started replying her and said hai.

Revathi:what are you dding?

Me:watching videos.

Re:what videos

Me: porn

Rev:idiot don’t you feel shy to say like that?

Me: why shy its not a big matter boys do that for their satisfaction even girls watch those

Rev: don’t talk like that you carry on I’ll text you later.

Me: hey wait don’t go I’ll chat now I closed my lappy

Rev: OK what else

Me: nothing interesting

Rev: why

Me: you always chat boringly no interesting matters in UA msgs

Rev: ohh I too feel like that

Rev: OK then start any topic interesting

Me: you start

Rev: what topics you are expecting from a married women

Me: start anything or tell me about u

Rev: about me! I’m married 34 years old I had one daughter .she studying b tech first year and my husband is an businessman we owned a general store market

Me: good you know all about me in the first day we met

RRev: yah

Me: do you have what’s app?

Rev: no I don’t have smartphone.

Me: Facebook?

Rev: no dear why you want all those what you want from those

Me: I just wanna see u

Rev: why

Me: just casually wanna see how you r

Rev: ohh you wanna see me and if you like me what you do? Are you gonna marry me;)

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Me: hey not like that just casually asking

Rev: okok later we will see after becoming close

Me: tell me your address I’ll come and watch you by passing your home

Rev: no no that’s impossible I don’t say that

Me: ok ok then how

RRev: why are you so serious about watching me what you want from me

Me: to b frank I’m horny now just wanna do sex chat with you it will b interesting

Rev: oh that’s what your trying to say from the beginning

Me: yes aunty

Rev: OK but I dunno how to chat

Me: it will go on with ques and answers

Rev: ohh OK then one condition you should not ask for sex directly in any time just chat OK?

Me: now its OK for me

Rev: OK then start;)

Me:tell me your sizes aunty

Rev: 38 26 36

Me: wow your bra size show how big assets you have

Rev: yah very big

Me: I think your husband spends lot of time for your boobs

Rev: yes he likes them very much he bite them and swallows

Me: oh how lucky he was and your body color?

Rev: fair white, boobs are also white in color 😉

MMe: wow its good to hear what are you wearing now?

Rev:saree cream color

Me: inners?

Rev: black bra pink panty

Me: I like black color! how many times you and your husband gonna fuck in a month

Rev: 5times in starting days later 3/2 times now its one time Max for 4 months

Me: how sad.. If I’m UA husband I’ll never leave UA boobs

Rev: he too likes them a lot but now he is spending lots of time for his business

Me:aunty I’m horny now I wanna fuck any aunty

Rev: ohh are you pumping your dick

Me: yah with a lots of feel

Rev: ohh why you wanna fuck only aunts

Me: aunts have big assets like boobs and all and they will cooperate and teach us how to do because I’m a virgin

Rev: virgin! If I’m there I take off your virginity

Me: with pleasure

Rev: what you doo if I’m there in your room

Me: I’ll start from your head kissing your lips grabbing your boobs

Rev: next

Me: slowly I’ll remove your saree

Rev: and

Me: now you are standing with your jacket and langa

Rev: oh yes

Me: slowly pressing your boobs and your total body

Rev: take my dress and do anything naughty

Me: I remove your jacket and squeeze your boobs for half an hour they must change their colour in to red

Rev: ohh it will b painful

Me: I don’t mind I’ll suck them totally and I’ll remove all your dress and mine too

Rev: haha your dick is small 😉

Me: you will b shocked if you watch my real dick size

Rev : ok ok I’m just kidding you carry on baby its interesting I’m becoming horny

Me: then ill make you to sleep on bed and slowly I’ll go to UA pussy and kissing

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Rev: oh my god my hubby never do that I’ll never experienced that

Me: I think I can do that better. I’ll suck it for 15 min

Me: have you dine blowjob to your hubby

Rev: only once I done he didn’t ask much to do that

Me: I think your hubby don no how to have sex with lots of pleasure

Rev: yah I think so I’m not satisfied with his performance

Me: aunt give me a chance I’ll show my talent

Rev: let’s see

U carry-on with the story make me horny with your words

Me: after blowing my cock I’ll make you stand in a doggy style and I’ll fuck

Rev: yah baby my total body is yours you can use me like anything

Me: I’ll fuck hard and hard by slapping your ass

Rev: yah its painful

Me: you should face it

Rev: I’ll face it baby

I’ll suck your cock for a minute

Me: OK you can eat my cock

Rev: yah yummy

Me: stop sucking I wanna fuck your ass

Rev: ass no baby it will b painful

Me: you should not stop me if you stop I’ll tie you to a cupboard

Rev: no I’ll bare your dick

Me: that’s good

R you masturbating

Rev: yes baby

Me: how

Rev: with fingers three finger are inside

Ahh haaaa

Me: aunty I wanna show you my dick and wanna fuck u


Rev: I too wanna fuck you time should come

Me: when uncle is not at your home call me aunty I’ll come

Rev: no baby it will b risky my neighbours always visit my home

I’ll try

Me: do you have email I’ll send you my dick photos

Rev: yes baby send them to rev………[email protected]…m

Me: send me your pics

Revv: no baby I can’t show you now

Me: OK then send me your boobs and assets pics without face

We both exchanged our private pictures they are awesome.Huge boobs and ass is round shaped pussy is pink in color with a clean shave.. After few days she bought Smartphone for me and we used to chat daily by sharing pics she is the hottest women I never seen in this city.

She looks like the heroine vimala Raman… One day she called me and said all my neighbors and me and my friends are going for picnic for two days. my husband and my daughter gone for a function at dawangiree ( Karnataka). So I’ll drop my picnic in the last minute saying I’m sick so that we can have fun these two days…

I felt excited and said my parents I’m leaving to my friend’s brother’s marriage. And started to my sex god, I bought few condoms with her advice and went to the apartment. And the door was already kept opened. I went inside and saw my sex angel wearing black saree with a tight jacket and bra.her boobs are jumping out from the jacket.

She came and closed the door I jumped on her and started pressing her boobs from back harder and licking her neck . she is moaning and said wait a minute we will go to bed room have a glass of water then we start I grabbed her and took in to bed room and started kissing and rubbing boobs from top. Its my first experience so I cummed quickly when I sucked her nipples she laughed at me and said you’re a kid in sex I’ll make you senior in this two days. and opened my undie and get shocked of dick size she felt it is bigger that in photos and said I’ll take your virginity by saying this she cleaned my cum with her tongue and blew my cock like a mad bitch my dick is erected now you started to fuck her like a drunken monkey…

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She is shouting loudly ah ahah using bad words in telugu (dengara babu rod dimpey) fuck me hard deeper. in that one hour we fucked three times later we tried different angles in that two days… In the last day I asked her to give her ass to fuck she said no it will b pain full your dick size is bigger that my hole..

But I pulled her and started to remove her nighty she is pushing and asking to only fuck her pussy..I said I’ll fuck UA pussy and stared in doggy style I wore a condom and lured oil on my dick and applied and stared rubbing her pussy and slowly went to her ass hole and rubbing she is enjoying it the I hold her tightly and started inserting my dick in to ass hole she stared shouting and pleased me to leave then poured oil in the hole and pushed half in the hole slept on her from back she begged me to take of I said I will not stroke till I cum in ass she not accepted and pleased me to take off

Then I pushed completely and remained same she cried a lot I cummed in her ass by giving small strokes finally she said I enjoyed with you a lot but I’ll give you my ass again you showed me hell in that few minutes but I enjoyed and said to take a private room in a decent area and said she will pay for room I took money and went off to my home later we fucked many times in that room for a Month.

This is all about my aunt and she gave me her daughter for a night with my request.. I’ll narrate it after the feedback and who wanna see the pics and aunts who want private relationship can ping me I swear it will b safe completely. My I’d [email protected]

Having Sex With My Phone Friend Revathi

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