Heavy Spiced Sub-Standard Experience – Part 1


Myself Rakhi Janghel. I’m 27 years old. People say I’m an awesome bombshell, have perfectly shaped breasts, thick thighs, curved bums. I haven’t been a mother yet so my tummy is flat with a deep navel. Soft and tender lips, pink of color, fair skin beautiful face cuts, long and sharp nose.

I don’t stuff myself with jewelry and use only a nose ring, just like Sania Mirza uses. It enhances my beauty. I’m a doctor by profession, a gynecologist to be specific. I’m married to a doctor. But he remains busy with his hospital all the time, leaving me all alone and neglected.

Previously it wasn’t an issue but later the sex requirement started to make me frustrated. I fingered a lot but it wasn’t sufficient for me. So as a normal girl I took the liberty of extramarital affairs. My husband was so busy with earning a fortune that he didn’t even notice anything.

But the affair I started was for sex only. So there was no emotional attachment ever and I kept on switching from one arm to another. Each relationship bored me in a few days, a few weeks or sometimes in a few months. I’m not here to elaborate on those relationships but to elaborate on a special one.

I was having a relationship with a high-class fashion designer. He was too famous in the city. So we used to go to the next town for a night, fulfilled our desire in some hotel and then returned the next morning. So once we were in the bed of some high-class hotel, resting after eating each other.

I was reading some sex stories. He asked me what I was doing so I told him that. He asked that what’s good in reading some fake sex stories instead of doing a real one. I told him that not all are fakes and some are genuinely real ones. He admitted that but asked what makes me read that.

I said that it gives me to fantasy and dreams. though I was not sure how to fulfill my fantasy still dreaming about it is good for me. He asked me about my fantasies and I told him several ones. One among them was getting fucked by multiple strangers in a hotel.

He stopped me on that and said that getting fucked by multiple strangers is close to possibilities. I asked him whether he was joking or was serious about it. He said he was serious and if I was serious then he can make this happen. I thought for a while. Then I said that I need to try this and whether we will be doing this in this hotel itself.

He laughed at my face and said that this hotel is way more out of the question. These fantasies can only be fulfilled in some Sub-Standard Hotels. He asked whether I wanted to be used at the hotel by multiple strangers or I want to just get fucked by multiple strangers.

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If I wanted to just get fucked by them then he can arrange a few friends who can fuck me anywhere I like. I thought for a moment and said that I wanted to be used and not just get fucked. If it was just getting fucked I could myself arrange a group of guys and get fucked.

It wouldn’t be like fantasy then. Fantasy always is great when you don’t know what’s coming next, and suspense spices the things. He smiled and said how many days would be fine for the fantasy. I thought again and said 3-4 days will be fine I think.

He said that I should inform my husband that I will be out for a few days so that he isn’t worried. I texted my husband that I’m going out somewhere with friends for a few days, maybe a week or more and he replied fine. Now my boyfriend said that we will be changing the hotel.

He went out in the morning and brought me three sari and a few other accessories, with a briefcase. He asked me to change into them. I changed in one and we checked out of the hotel. In the taxi, he said that I mustn’t object and interfere in anything he says and does in the next hotel.

I nodded my head and we drove to a sub-standard hotel. At the reception, we asked for a single room. The receptionist asked us our names. My boyfriend said that his name was Mr. Ritesh Makhija, the reception noted that and then he asked my name and so my boyfriend said, “Mrs. Gauri Verma.”

The receptionist immediately looked above towards us. But as my boyfriend told me earlier I dropped my eyes down and didn’t look in his eyes. The receptionist noted the details and then a waiter took our luggage and moved to the lift. I followed the waiter.

My boyfriend asked the hotel receptionist that whether he has some condoms. The receptionist smiled and passed him some. We went to the room and had a few steamy sessions for three days. Three days passed and I was getting impatient for my fantasy to get fulfilled.

I asked him when he will activate the plan. He laughed at me and said that he will soon activate the plan. But I was getting more than impatient so he told me about his plan. He said that we will go to the manager and tell him that we have lost our money with purse and mobile. And we don’t have anything for paying the bills.

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Then he’ll go out with the manager and take him to the station. He will tell him in between that I’m his girlfriend and not his wife. My husband will kill me if he finds about our sexual affair. At the station, he will ask the manager to arrange a one-way ticket to his city, and he will go and get money to settle the bills.

He will tell the manager that it will take two days for him to return and I will stay behind for guarantee. After that, we will get the ticket and move on the train. He will get down on the next station and come back to the adjacent hotel. He was sure that the manager will try to take advantage and my fantasy will be fulfilled.

I asked him what if I’m uncomfortable. He asked me to text him and he’ll be back for rescue. I saw the setup from all directions and dimensions and it fitted me well. I was indeed impressed with his plan and gave him a green signal to go ahead. He asked me to get dressed in a little explosive dress. I wore a deep neck blouse and semi-transparent sari.

As planned we went to the manager and then all happened as my boyfriend had planned. They moved out of the hotel and I kept sitting in the manager cabin. One hour later my boyfriend texted me that he was on the move and the manager was on the move towards me. He also said that things were done as expected.

As expected the manager arrived in 30 minutes and came straight to the cabin. He offered me a glass of water and then told me about my boyfriend. I objected that he was my husband. He smiled and said that he was my boyfriend who ran away leaving me behind.

He asked me to clear the bills and I can go home, else he will call the police. I surrendered after a low conversation and asked him to help me out. I was very much divested with the betrayal of my boyfriend. He asked me to move to the room and he’ll accompany me there in a while.

I went straight to the room and was waiting for the manager. The manager called me on the room phone. He asked me to take a bath and wait for him in just a towel. I can understand what was in his mind and also it was my fantasy to fulfill. I didn’t argue and went straight for a bath.

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I came out of the bathroom, in just a towel wrapped around my body. A few minutes later the manager arrived and he sat just in front of me on a chair, while I was sitting on the bed. He said that there are alternate ways to settle the bill and he won’t mind settling the bill that way.

I said that I didn’t understand what does he means. So he preceded his hands on the bottom edge of my towel and pushed it up until my pussy was on view. He touched my pussy lips and pinched it up a few times. He asked whether I understand what did he meant.

I, showing discomfort and uneasiness shook my head. He asked whether I was ready for it and I shook my head again. He made me stand and removed my towel. First viewed me from head to toe and then pushed me on the bed. He disrobed immediately and was above me in no time.

He played with my boobs, bit them few times, played with my bums and bit them a few times too and then got busy in fucking me raw. He was fucking me like it was his first and last time and didn’t last for long. He flooded me inside and got up, to get dressed.

After getting dressed he passed me a tissue paper to clean myself. I cleaned myself and got up the bed. I took my phone and sat on the sofa. The manager went to the door and opened it. I thought he was leaving but I was wrong. A videographer and a photographer came inside with one more fellow.

I was dumbstruck, about the progress. What the hell is happening now? I asked him about them and he just ignored me. He asked the photographer to click me from all directions and videographer to shoot me nude. I objected and texted my boyfriend. Within 5 minutes he immediately came to the rescue.

He came into the room and said to leave me alone and he will pay the bills immediately. But this issue would not end here.

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