Heavy Spiced Sub-Standard Experience -Part 2


What the hell was happening? They were taking my nude pictures and videos. I objected and texted my boyfriend. Within 5 minutes he immediately came to the rescue

My boyfriend came into the room and said to leave me alone and he will pay the bills immediately. The manager looked annoyed and pretended like he was betrayed. He told me and my boyfriend to sit on the sofa. He passed me a towel so that I could wrap it around.

As I sat there he said something to his troops. His troops searched my bag and purse. They gave something to the manager. He turned towards me and said, Mrs. Gauri Verma, this visiting card says that you are Mrs. Rakhi Janghel, Dr. Rakhi Janghel to be specific.

He continued and said that he needs to talk to my husband about me and my boyfriend. My boyfriend said that he’ll sue him and will push him to jail in false accusations from his links. He continued that he can’t get my husband’s number. The manager said that he’ll call my clinic and ask about my husband.

He will tell them that I had met and accident. When my husband will arrive, he’ll talk about me and my affair with my husband. My boyfriend interrupted that we were staying with a false name. So he can’t prove that he was staying with me. Instead of accepting a guest with a false name can make him go to jail.

He pulled a button camera from his coat and said, “OK! I won’t talk about you two. But I can show him his wife sitting in a towel and letting me play with her pussy. And then show him how I disrobed his wife.” Fucking wouldn’t have been recorded but it should be enough for him.

I was shell shocked, didn’t thought that the situation could go that far. My boyfriend pulled his phone and threatened him that he’ll make him pay in 5 minutes. The manager said something to his men, immediately the pulled his phone and hit it hard on the floor.

They pulled my phone too and hit it on the floor. They all caught him and pulled him outside the room. He was fighting but he was over numbered and they took him away. The manager said that he disturbs a lot and he must stay away so that we could talk.

I was shivering in terror now and meekly asked him about his demands. He pulled my towel and asked me to sit. He said that he wants me never to say no to his demands. He wants me to be his pet and do whatever he likes, whenever he likes, wherever he likes.

He said that I was a high-class woman and his fellows. He hasn’t tasted a woman like me ever and I was like a jackpot to him. He will use me for a few days and then I can go home. I didn’t reply him back and asked where my boyfriend was.

He said that his men have locked him in another room. I shouldn’t be worried about him. He will be taken good care of and would be fed well. After 5 minutes they all returned and the manager asked whether I was ready for his terms or not. I shook my head unwillingly.

He said that his men are going to fuck me and record my events. He asked whether I have ever got fucked in my ass. I didn’t say anything. I have taken the liberty to get fucked in all possible conditions with my boyfriends. He asked his chap to fuck my ass and rest two to get it on record.

The guy disrobed and came behind me. He forced me to bend down, applied the cream on his dick and was inside my ass, fucking me speedily. He was pulling my hair and pressing my boobs whenever he managed a break. Then resumed with fucking. The rest two guys were busy in making a blue film of mine.

Soon he finished and the manager asked the photographer to take me to bed and fuck me in pussy. He took the camera from him and said hell click now. The photographer disrobed. Soon I was in bed in missionary position, fucking me in my pussy and both the manager and the videographer making a film out of the action.

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As he was finished the manager gave him his camera back and the guy who fucked me in the ass took the video camera. The manager asked me to give him a blowjob. I was on my knees sucking him up, along with the shooting going on. As he flooded in my mouth they all get dressed and left, leaving me and the manager behind.

The manager called somewhere and a waiter came. He told the waiter something and he took my broken phone, my luggage and my purse with him. I asked about it and he said that I must stay all nude in the room and if I’m out of the room I must wrap just a towel and nothing else.

He left saying that and I sat on the sofa, thinking in which type of mess I’m getting caught in. The manager showed around 10 PM. He was in the night suite and came inside. He disrobed himself and took me to the bed. He fucked me whole night in all possible positions and slept holding me in his arms.

In the morning he left saying me to get sleep in the day and he’ll keep me engaged in the night. I nodded my head and went to sleep. I woke up in the afternoon and found food on the table. I ate it up and went back to sleep. Around 8 I got up and a waiter came and kept food on the table.

He was gone immediately and I stuffed myself with food and had a bath. After the bath, I sat on the sofa thinking about everything. It was around 9 when the manager arrived. I moved to the bed and the manager stopped me. He asked me to sit on the sofa.

He sat near me and started to tell me what he has planned for me today. He told me that the upper floor of the hotel had a bar and a casino. Today both were been kept empty especially for me. He told me that it will be occupied by four games. I will have to accompany one of them.

I will be a reward for the game. Whenever he wins, he’ll get cash, and whenever he lost, I will entertain the winner. I wanted to object but didn’t say anything, as I knew it was of no use. He went away telling me that someone will escort me there at the right time. Around 10 pm a guy came and said to accompany him.

I pulled a towel and asked me to come along like that only. I thought for a while and came out with him. We went to the lift and it started to rise up. The guy looked at me and then pushed his fingers in my pussy. He said that I was a hot slut. I didn’t say anything and kept my head down.

He pressed my boobs a few times and then we were on the desired floor. We got out of the lift and moved towards the bar. The entire bar was darkened up and only a side table was beamed up. There were four guys sitting having drinks, along with the manager.

I was been escorted there and all the fellows looked towards me. They stared me top to bottom and admired me with their eyes and some lewd comments. They all were between the thirties and forties and one of them pulled me. He made me sit on his laps and said that he was my owner today.

I didn’t say anything and he kept on pressing my body parts. The game started and the first round went for twenty minutes. My owner lost the first game itself, a guy in thirties won but with very little difference. My owner asked me to go to the washroom and give him a blowjob.

The winner rose from the chair, pulled me, kept his hands on my waist and we moved to the washroom. A guard was standing in front of the door. He opened the gate for us. He instructed me to do as instructed by the owner. If anyone does more than that, I must shout for help.

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We were in and the guy dropped his pants. I was on my knees with his dick in my mouth, sucking him off. He didn’t take long and flooded me inside my mouth. I washed cum gargled my mouth and we came back to the game. All were waiting for us and the game resumed again.

Unluckily my owner lost it again and I was back in the washroom getting fucked by another guy in my pussy. He was a rough and rowdy guy and was giving me a painful experience. We came back and the game resume again. The next round was a mess, my owner loss and there was a tie between two guys.

The same rowdy guy and another one were the winners. They took me to the washroom to fuck in my ass and pussy all together. The guy who engaged my pussy last time was fucking my ass this time. They sandwich me between them and fucked me to the core. After they were finished we were back in the game.

Three more rounds and my owner lost each one of them. I was been fucked a few more times for that. Then my owner lost interest in the game and the game was over. All three of them left and the owner asked me to come along with him in the washroom. I understood that he wanted to fuck me too.

We moved to the washroom and he pushed me on the wall and was inside me in a go. He fucked me hard and rude. He was frustrated by his loosing and was biting me all over. But he was in his forties and didn’t take long to get drained. As he was off I started to prepare to move out when he made me sit on my knees.

He asked me to suck his dick so that he could gain his erection, I sat on my knees and sucked him for 10 minutes and he was erect again. He turned me around and took the liberty to fuck me in my ass. He wasn’t a young man and so flooded me soon and went off the washroom.

As he was gone the guard came inside. I asked him what the hell he was doing inside. He pulled me by my hair, made me stand and get deposited on the wall. He dropped his pants and was inside me fucking me like hell. After he was finished he left immediately.

I came out of the washroom and the manager escorted me to my room. He disrobes himself and kept me engaged until the rest of the night. The next day was, as usual. I slept the whole day, ate food, had a bath and sleep again. But the dinner didn’t arrive at 8 PM. I was wondering what happened to the dinner.

I assumed that they had missed the dinner for me. I kept on waiting until the clock ticked at 11 PM. The manager arrived. Unexpectedly he was just in shorts and tees. Not in a three-piece suit like always. He looked at me, I was all naked, he asked whether I missed the dinner and was hungry.

I thought a second and just nodded my head. He pulled me towards himself and hugged me tightly. He pressed my bums and said that even he was hungry, but he’ll fetch my hunger first. He said that we were going to have dinner together. He caught me by my waist and we exited the room.

We walked to the lift and then the lift took us to the ground floor. The entire floor was empty. No one was there on the floor. The front gate of the hotel was also been locked. We moved towards the reception and the receptionist, a guy saw us and smiled.

He wished me also and we moved towards the restaurant. The place was crowded and lots of talks were going on there. But as it came to view, all fellows in there were in uniform. That clearly indicated that they all were hotel staff only. As soon as the manager entered, the talking subsided.

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They all turned towards us and were amazed to see a nude girl with the manager. They maintained their etiquette. But I was getting a clear indication that if the manager wasn’t with me then they would have fucked me to death. Anyways we moved towards a group.

The manager introduced me as a prostitute for the hotel. He told them that I was already entertaining guests. We moved towards another group and the same introduction went on. But this group was a little bolder. They cross-questioned the manager and he answered them well.

I was so embarrassed with the description the manager was giving to them about me. One of them asked whether he could feel my boobs and the manager nodded his head. He came in front of me and grabbed both boobs and pressed them a few times. Then we moved towards the next group.

After the introduction was over we got a table and food started to arrive. We ate our dinner and then plates were removed. The table was been kept empty and as soon as it was done. the manager pulled me and settled me on my back over the table. I was lying there with my legs hanging down.

He dropped his pants and was inside me within a second, fucking me to the core. He said as my dinner was over it was time for his dinner. All the groups came and stood around the table. Few even acquired chairs and were seeing live fucking of me.

I wasn’t in public expose, hadn’t done it before. But I didn’t have any choice. He fucked me hard and fast and filled me inside soon. He got aside and I was about to get up when he stopped me. I looked at him confused and he asked me to stay there. So he was planning to get me fucked from few guys too.

He called two names which I don’t remember, maybe it was names or abbreviations. Two guys came forwards and he told them that they were the employees of the month and treat for them was on the table. Ready to be treated well, I just relaxed and they both came to me all naked.

One of them came towards my face and was interested in a blow job. He forced his dick in my mouth and I obediently took it inside. He was standing straight and I was moving my face, which was the moment when the second one, gripped my both thighs and came straight inside me.

He started to fuck my pussy when I busy giving a blowjob to the other guy. I am quite tight in my pussy, as it’s not too long that I got married. I have never been ever used so roughly ever. Anyways they both finished soon and again I was about to get up when the manager asked me to stay.

So there is not torture to come. He called two more fellows and this time they pulled me up, I was brought in the middle of the room and both of them entered me from pussy and ass. They started to fuck me with rhythm and soon the rhythm was left to raw fucking.

They didn’t take it long and flooded me both ways. I was expecting more but the manager announced that the show was over. I took napkins and cleaned myself. All the staff dispersed and only I and the manager were left alone. It was around 1 AM so we moved toward the outer of the hotel.

I will tell you about after this in the next part. You can send me your feedback on [email protected]

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