Heavy Spiced Sub-Standard Experience – Part 4


I was been waked up in the afternoon around 2 PM. It was the manager who woke me up. He asked me to get a bath and get prepared. I inquired and he said that I was going to the second client right now. I said that I supposed it to be a night only.

He said that they are getting very much impatient and so they are forcing for it. I got a bath and freshened up. He gave me some stuff which was illogical to wear. It looked like I was going for some fancy-dress party. I got a knife holder around my waist and few hard bracelets around my wrists.

I was looking like a warrior princess. Anyways I moved to the said room and was got a warm welcome. The guy asked me to crawl in the room on my fours, while they were seated naked on the sofa. I was ordered to suck them first, and as a normal Indian guy, they didn’t last long in my mouth.

Two took 3 minutes, two took 5 minutes and I was relieved. Like the previous batch, they didn’t allow me to get rid of my clothes. I was relaxed soon so I just sat on the sofa, they were surely interested in fucking so I stayed there. It took 30 minutes to get back to action.

A guy pulled my thighs and got in immediately. He was fucking me and rest were eagerly waiting for their turns. I whispered in his ears that if he turns me around then another one can fuck my ass. He understood and turned me around. The other guy took the hit and was in my ass in a moment.

They both fucked me on the sofa itself and took plenty of time to fill both holes. The next guy was reclining on the bed. I took the liberty to climb on the bed and take his dick inside my pussy. He was shocked like her but excited too. The next guy was in my ass in a second and they took a long amount of time to discharge.

They flooded me inside and looked exhausted. I cleaned myself and asked them that can I leave. They nodded my head and I rushed out after cleaning myself. I reached the room around 5 pm and the manager came around 6 pm. He asked me to get ready around 10. I nodded my head and went for a short nap.

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The manager was at the gate sharp at 10 and I moved with him. We reached a room and I knocked on the gate. The door opened and a foreign client was there. He welcomed me inside. He has 5 guys in the company, all total 6, it was more than I expected but still, I didn’t say anything to them.

They manager wished them and went away. They asked me to follow them inside the bedroom. The light was off and as soon as we got inside, they switched the light on. A shiver went down my spine, there were two handcuffs hanging from the roof.

They pulled my hands upwards and locked it down in handcuffs. I was still shivering in terror. I have heard about captivity sex but never thought I will experience it myself. They all got nude and two came to me, one in my pussy and one in my ass, the rest of them surrounded us.

One guy was standing with a video camera with his face towards me. I meekly said, no shooting, please. He said that they were recording it with manager permission and I shouldn’t be worried about it as it will only be released in their country only.

I ignored the camera then, very well knew that I couldn’t do anything about it. They started to press my boobs hard, my bums, bit on my belly, waist, boobs and neck. I screamed but they seemed to enjoy my pain. The guys fucking me were fucking me hard, hitting like smashing me between them.

I was very much uncomfortable but locked securely. They kept on fucking me for long and flooded me inside. As they separated from me, the next two took the position. They started to fuck me with the same temper and passion. Hurting me all the time. As soon as they flooded me next two took their position.

But I was already exhausted till them. I was just thinking that if they go for the second round, I’ll die for sure. They both flooded me and as expected the first two guys were hard again. They resumed my fucking and I slowly started to lose consciousness. When they were done, I was off the world.

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When I came back to consciousness I was on bed on my stomach, and a guy was fucking in my ass. I looked at the wall clock and it was showing 5:30 am in the morning. My pussy and ass were sore, they kept on fucking me even in unconsciousness.

I was sure, they didn’t let my body rest for a second. As he was over inside my ass. I tried to get up but my whole body was paining a lot. Still I managed to get inside the bathroom and get under the shower. I took a hot shower and after 15 minutes I started to feel a little relaxed.

When I got out, they all were dozed off, one of them pulled his purse and pulled out some bugs. He passed it to me as tip and understanding that I could leave now I came out of the room. I headed towards my room and dozed off immediately after getting inside.

I slept for the whole day and waited for the manager at 10 PM. But he didn’t show up. Around 11:30 the dinner arrived. I asked about the manager and the waiter said that he was vomiting continuously and no doctors were available right now. I asked him to take me to the manager.

I looked at him and found that he was suffering from food poisoning. I wrote a few medicines on the paper and asked the waiter to get it. He rushed to the chemist and soon he got back with medicine. I gave it to the manager and he had them. The vomiting stopped and he comfortably went to sleep.

I was back in my room escorted by the waiter. Around 11 am the manager was back in my room. I asked him how he was feeling and he smiled. He got rid of his clothes and asked for a shower. I went with him, we had a shower together. He fucked me under the shower and we came out.

Nude we went to bed and dozed off for sometimes. He woke me up and asked me to get on fours. I got on fours and he started to fuck my ass. He filled my ass soon and then reclined over me. We both dozed off, but when I woke up my luggage was in the room. He asked me to get up and get dressed up.

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I looked at him and he said that he was releasing me up. I was so relieved, after 10 minutes my boyfriend was in the room. He apologised with him and gave back our phones, they both were repaired already. I got inside the bathroom and dressed up.

When I came out the luggage was gone to a taxi and my boyfriend and the manager was only in the room. He was still nude and as I was about to leave, he said for the last favor. I smiled got on my knees and started to give him a blowjob. My boyfriend was looking at me with a disgusting look still I didn’t care.

I finished him off soon. He handed me a hard drive. I asked about it and he said that it contained all the fucking sessions of mine which was been recorded. I can look at them and enjoy them. He said that he has a copy too, I meekly asked him that it won’t go to the public.

He said, these weren’t for Indian viewers but would buy him a fortune outside India. He also said that whenever he’ll need my services he’ll call me. He said that he thinks I can manage for a week for him. I didn’t say anything, just smiled, leaving him confused whether it was yes or no.

My boyfriend and I didn’t talk on the way. He just dropped me home and went off. And I waiting for getting a call from the manager. I loved it or not. I want that or not that’s a big question for myself and I’m still trying to find the answers.

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