Her Lips Were Around My Circumcised Dick


Hi dear readers, I’m Sarfaraz Khan back with another story of mine. About me, I’m a 23-year-old male from a South Indian city belonging to a conservative family and religion. I like to experience sex and intimacy in everyday walks of life. I believe that sex should always be two-sided and never be forced.

So coming straight away to the story. I warn you before handed, this story is sure to leak your pussies and cocks, so have plenty of tissues ready.

4 months ago:
I was traveling from Bangalore to Hyderabad on a sleeper bus. Reason to attend a conference. So the journey was to commence around 6 pm evening and it would end by 9 am morning. On the day I dressed up in my casual trousers and t-shirt. I wore a good deo and was ready to board the bus.

It was a private bus hence no worries of discomfort or rush. I had pre-booked my seat, which was a window seat as I hate other seats. So I jumped in and started searching for my seat. I found the bus was quite empty as I was early. So I got my seat and was listening to songs for time pass.

I was almost dozing when the bus started. Still, the 2 seats beside me were empty. I secretly prayed to get some hot girl there. But the bus started moving. I was a bit upset just when we had hardly moved half a kilometer when the bus stopped and two middle-aged ladies entered.

They started some conversation with the conductor which I couldn’t hear. After a few minutes, the conductor came near my seat as it was the only one available and allotted them that. To tell a bit about them, both ladies were of almost the same age about 35 years, married evidently from obvious signs.

One of them was very fair and looked like from a really rich family. She was a bit healthier not fat by any means. Wearing a grand saree and matching sleeveless blouse and lots of jewelry and makeup including bright red lipstick. I could smell her exotic perfume from a distance.

The other lady was a little darker and looked a bit simple compared to her. She too was married and wearing saree and jewelry. They both looked like they were going for some function. I was praying that the fairer one sits next to me when the same happened. I was excited below.

Now, this gave me a chance to start a conversation with her. I asked her name to which she replied she was Anjali. Her full name was Anjali Patel. I came to know she was settled in Bangalore as her husband was recently transferred from Surat to here.

Her husband was in a lucrative Government job which explained her lifestyle. I introduced myself. She was quite impressed by my qualifications and attitude. The other lady with her was her sister and as guessed they were attending a marriage in Hyderabad.

Our general conversation continued. It was around 8 pm and the lights were dimmed but not fully. I could see her face and clothes. Many times in between she lifted her arms to clear some luggage and or to correct her hair giving me a beautiful view of her clean shaved milky armpit.

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They were emanating a heavenly smell of her perfume mixed with sweat. As I’m a big fan of armpits I inhaled as deep as I could. I hoped she wouldn’t have heard me inhale deep. So my little brother started playing inside my pant and I controlled somehow.

We continued discussing many things and the other lady had almost dozed off giving us good protection to free chat. I understood she was a very open mindset lady from her intimate conversation including her marriage, her daughter and her boyfriend, etc.

Till the time we stopped for dinner we had become quite good friends. So after dinner again we came back and sat in our previous position. Now again we were conversing and it was almost 10 pm when the lights went off leaving only zero watt bulbs. We both were in no mood to sleep.

We were almost whispering and I could smell her lipstick. So around 11 pm, her sister had fully dozed off on her and this made Anjali lean on me a bit. I didn’t give much thought. but now her meaty thighs were almost touching mine. I noticed they were firmly pressed. I thought to take a chance.

I told her I’m dozing as I’ve to attend a meeting tomorrow. She too agreed and I plugged in my earphones and started lying down after pushing my seatback. After a few minutes, she woke me up saying can I share your earphone as hers were not working. She doesn’t get sleep without music.

I happily agreed and we both were very close now and her thighs were glued to mine. Her arms with sleeveless blouse were touching my bare warm hands. I could feel her breathe heavy. So after 12 o clock the zero watt bulb too was out and it was dark now.

I could only feel her skin and smell her fragrance. Now I wanted to proceed and check her reaction. I slowly slid my left hand to place it around her right shoulder very lightly so that she shouldn’t create a scene. I acted like it was in light sleep. She didn’t move an inch.

I took it as a positive signal and kept my whole palm on her naked shoulder. Wow, it was smooth like butter. Now I started sliding my palm towards her chest by moving aside the pallu and stopped just at the top. I wanted her to make a move and she made.

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She slightly lifted her pallu using the other hand giving me access to her blouse and bra. That’s it I thought. I confidently placed my hand on her cleavage top now. Omg, what a pair of boobs she had. I now turned completely to my left and pulled her towards me for a kiss.

The moment our lips met it was like sparks flying. It was so hot. I almost melted. Her breath and her mouth were both hot. We exchanged saliva for a good 15 mins but silently. Now I proceeded and held her waist to pull her to sit on my lap. She was a bit heavy but her ass was the softest in the world.

I felt I’d leak in my pants. Now I put my hands in her blouse and started playing with her boobs. They were certainly more than 34D size. She started breathing heavy and controlled her moan. I now slowly turned her to face me to enjoy better. Now her boobs were directly in front of me to enjoy.

I unhooked her sexy blouse. She told me not to remove it as its difficult to wear again. I kneaded them like dough. Every time I kissed her or bit her nipples, she would hold me tight to avoid moaning. Now I wanted to reach her pussy. I went via her saree and placed my hand on her mound. She was already leaking there.

She almost gave out a moan. We looked around. Nobody was looking. I continued my work on her pussy. She didn’t want to remove her panty so I just slid it down a bit and reached her bare pussy. What a pussy she had. Clean shaved with a small triangle of hair.

As soon as I touched her clitoris she shuddered and held me more tightly. Now I began entering my fingers, first one and then two. I knew the skill of playing with a pussy as I applied proper pressure at the right places at the right time. Her pussy was leaking continuously and her juices flowed up to my forearm.

She was controlling her moans with much difficulty. Whenever she couldn’t tolerate she would lock her mouth with me. All the while I was playing with her boobs. Now I too wanted some relief. I took her hand and placed it on my crotch. She was as if waiting eagerly for it.

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She wasted no time in removing my 7 inch circumcised monster out and began playing. She was quite an expert. She applied some saliva on her palms and continued her work while my both hands were busy with her body. Her bangles clanked whenever she moved fast and it was a huge turn-on for me.

Now she had already cum 3 times and almost collapsed on me. I lifted her arm and started sniffing her armpit and its perfume. Wow, it was one of the best feelings. Now I began licking her underarms as she lifted her hand even more while enjoying.

My cock was on the full mast when she did something unexpected. She whispered that she’s going to suck it. Omg, I couldn’t believe I’ll be getting a blowjob on a moving bus full of people from a sexy female. She now came and sat down. There was ample space there as I felt her breath near my balls.

She grabbed my monster and took it straight away inside. I gasped for air. It was a different feeling. I held her head as her mouth smoothly worked on my circumcised dick. She was an expert in blowing. She knew my pleasure zones including my balls. Omg, she was moving so smooth.

I was enjoying with closed eyes. After a good 20 minutes I felt that’s it I’ll explode and signaled her that. She wanted to drink my cum so she started sucking more deeper. I felt the sensation building in my balls. I ejected gallons and of my semen deep into her mouth almost touching her deep throat.

She swallowed it all. She then came up and adjusted her saree and blouse. It was almost 3 am. I asked her to sleep a bit but not before having another sniff and lick session of her armpit. I too relaxed a bit and in the morning the bus reached our destination.

Her sister who was fast asleep barely knew what had happened that night. We exchanged smiles as we parted our ways. That’s all folks. It was the most thrilling experience of me thanks to Anjali.

So friends hope you loved the story. Kindly feel free to contact me for any suggestions, ideas or experiences. Females around Bangalore and Hyderabad can contact me for some discrete fun without worrying about privacy issues. My id is [email protected]

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