Holiday Sex With Guwahati College Girl At A Resort – Part 2


Hello friends, I am Rohan and today I am back with the remaining part of my previous story, ‘Holiday Sex With Guwahati College Girl At A Resort’. There I told you about how I fucked Anamika without even seeing and talking to her in person.

So, after fucking in the previous night, when I woke up the next day, I noticed that she was still in deep sleep and was leaning on me. We were both without clothes and had covered ourselves with the blanket. I looked at her. She had fair skin and looked super cute.

Without disturbing her, I kissed her cheeks and then kissed her forehead. I hugged her slowly and put my hand on her head. I felt like I have known this girl for a long time and felt a very loving feeling for her. After some time, she made some movements and started waking up.

I continued staring at her face. She woke up and opened her eyes in such a lovely manner that anybody would fall in love with this cute girl. She looked me in my eyes and then kept staring at me without any reaction for some time. After that, she kissed me on my chin slowly and hugged me tightly.

Although I had no intention of having sex with her, I could feel her naked body against my naked body. Then my penis started growing bigger and harder. It was more than the morning erection. She could feel the penis against her thighs. She looked at me and gave me a killer smile.

She then hugged me tightly and brought her lips near my lips. Slowly we started kissing each other’s lips and biting them. She was moving her legs up and down to feel my erect penis. I started kissing her passionately and put my hand on her naked boobs.

I started pressing her boobs and was kissing her all over the face, lips, and neck. She moved her hand inside the blanket and grabbed my hard thick penis. She was very horny and was pulling my penis back and forth. I was also pressing her nipples and kissing her.

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After stroking my penis with her hand for some time, she went inside the blanket and started kissing my penis. She was licking my penis from the bottom of my shaft to the tip. Then she took the entire penis in her mouth and started sucking it vigorously.

I was on the 7th heaven as the blowjob she was giving me was mind-blowing. She was stroking the penis up and down and sucking it at the same time. I was about to cum and tried to force her away but she was madly sucking my penis. I told her that I am about to cum and asked her to stop sucking.

But she did not want to listen to me and fastened her pace of sucking. I was now out of control and was about to cum. I asked her to suck it faster as I was about to cum and she started sucking even faster. I could not control my cum anymore and sperm burst out of my penis straight into her mouth.

Anamika continued sucking and I kept cumming. My entire sperm released in her mouth. She then got up and went to the bathroom. She had not swallowed the cum. She went to the bathroom to spit the cum in the washbasin. After going to the bathroom, she started taking a bath. I could hear the sound of the shower.

I was still lying naked in the bed feeling relaxed after such a hot orgasm. After some time, I went near the bathroom and noticed that the door of the bathroom was open. I slowly opened the door and saw Anamika taking a shower. She was completely nude and was looking damn hot. She had a very curvy ass.

She looked at me and asked me to come inside. I went inside and she pulled me under the shower. Now, we both started taking the shower. We were playing with each other while bathing. She took the soap and started rubbing it all over my body.

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First, she rubbed the soap on my chest. Then she rubbed the stomach and then she went down and rubbed my penis with the soap. My penis was again getting hard with her touch. I took the soap from her hand and started rubbing it on her neck, boobs, and stomach.

Her boobs had become slippery because of the soap and were slipping out of my hands. I was pressing her slippery boobs and she was holding my big erect penis in her hand and was playing with it. After that, we both hugged each other. My penis was rubbing against her belly and we both started lip kissing each other.

I was pressing her boobs with my hands. Now, I desperately wanted to fuck her. So I asked her to bend. She pushed her hips towards me and bent down. I came behind her and grabbed her sexy curvy ass. I put my hard erect rod on her pussy lips. My penis was now ready to go deep inside her and fuck her vigorously.

I slowly pushed the penis in and it went half inside her pussy. I pulled the penis back and gave one more shot and this time the entire length of the penis went inside her pussy. I again pulled my penis out and then again pushed in. She was moaning with pleasure and making erotic sounds.

Now, I was grabbing her buttocks and fucking her from the back like a sex desperate man. It was such a nice fuck. I fucked her in this position for about 10 minutes continuously. She asked me to take her to bed and fuck her. So I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bed.

She was now lying in bed and I came on top of her. I put my hard penis on her pussy and again started fucking her. I was grabbing both the boobs with both my hands and was fucking her faster and faster. She started moaning loudly now.

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I understood that she is about to cum. So I grabbed her hips and increased my speed. I was going in and out of her pussy and fucking her. As I increased the speed she started screaming even louder and hugged me tightly. I continued fucking her. Her pussy was all wet and juices were flowing out.

She started moaning louder as she was about to cum and I also started pressing her boobs harder and was rapidly fucking her. After some time, she orgasmed but I kept fucking her because I was also about to cum. Just before cumming, I pulled my penis out and threw all my sperm on her boobs.

My sperm was all over her boobs. After that, we hugged each other and again went to have a bath. We fucked one more time in the afternoon before lunch and in the evening we checked out of the resort and returned to the city. I dropped her to her room.

Now, we are nice ‘friends with benefits’ and meet whenever we want to have a good time. Sometimes we meet and do nothing and sometimes we meet and all we do is to fuck each other.

I hope you liked this story. You can contact me for more stories, for a hot friendship, sexting, cam sex or for a quick secret fuck. You can contact me at [email protected] on email and hangout. I am also on Kik messenger.

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