Home Alone Girl And The Salesman – Part 2


Do read part 1 for erotic cum!

From the previous part ‘Home Alone Girl and Salesman Part 1’:
He is behind her (in her bedroom) when the tight bra is pushing her boobs upwards and the pointy nipples poking out ready to get sucked!

“Oh my God,” he whispers and turns her around and looks at her face. But she is shy and tries to cover her boobs looking down. Sanju rubs her shoulders and slides his hands on her silky smooth skin up towards her chin. His heart is beating faster than ever and blood rushing hot into his veins.

He rubs his thumbs on her chin and on her half wet lips.
Sanju: Heena, do you know there are only a few lucky girls in this world who get a kiss while their nipples pain because of the hard pinch!

And Sanju pinches a nipple of the left boob while suddenly holding her neck from behind to kiss her passionately. They kiss madly losing full control! And the hard pinch is not letting Heena enjoy the kiss. But the erotic kiss and the aroused nipples make her respond in mixed feelings of pain and pleasure!

Guys, try it once, trust me I’m telling you from personal experience. Your girl will never forget you. Tongue to tongue kiss while you pinch her nipples (not too hard but not soft as well) Message me on Hangout if you want to see how to do it. Now hold your grip because the next scene will make you cum hard.

She already has lost her control and wants to bury her nipples in his chest. Heena pulls out his tie and opens his shirt making him remove his belt. She hugs him so tight that his hard dick (inside his pants) can feel the warmth of her pussy. She bites his shoulder while he frees her boobs from the bra.

Sanju moves his hands on her ass and puts it inside her half down panty to massage those buttocks. But she stops suddenly and tries to calm down herself saying, “This is wrong. This is wrong, I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s happening to me!”

Sanju steps back a little still holding her hips and says, “That’s ok, I’ll not go any further. Just relax, it’s ok, we made a mistake. I thought you really want me.” He smiles and removes his hand and takes one more step away from her. That’s when she actually has a proper look at his bulge in his pants.

She holds his hand staring at that big bulge and accepts that she wants this by saying, “Wait na. Dur mat jaao aise, I want this but I am scared if it’s right or not!”

Sanju: Well legally it’s ok. Mentally, I’m completely into you right now and want to fuck you so hard that your cum should wet me completely from top to bottom. And physically I don’t have any illness if that’s what you are wondering. (chuckles)

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Heena(still with no bra covering her boobs with panty half down): No idiot.

Moves her hand to beat him joyfully and exposes 1 boob. Sanju’s expression immediately changes looking at that round stiff milky white boob with the dark brown nipple. Begging him to suck it hard. He adjusts his dick over pants and presses it keeping his mouth open staring at that nipple.

Even Heena gets aroused and wants to see his devil and wants his dick in her pussy. Now, lust fills in their minds again longing to stick their bodies to each other. Then the body takes control of the mind! First Sanju removes his shirt and now pant as well looking directly in her eyes.

To which, Heena removes her hands from boobs showing lust in her eyes! Then the game begins. They pound on each other with her, smooching and literally eating his lips. He, pressing her ass with 1 hand and boobs with another hand. She tightens her grip on him kissing hard.

And making it difficult for him to press boobs. So he moves his hands on her buttocks and ‘Phataak!’ (Slap on both ass cheeks with loud noise) She moans in pain and is aroused extremely due to this sudden surprise ‘Aahh’. She is breathing heavily.

He keeps staring in her eyes with a wicked smile. He is getting more aroused as her boobs are crushing on him. Her nipples poking hard in his chest! She smiles back and bites him on his shoulder to return the surprise and lick him till his neck. His body vibrates in pleasure and starts breathing heavily.

He is really taken aback by this erotic move of her. They both smile with awesome satisfaction in their eyes. They feel happy as they are hugging each other and thus they want to explore more of their lust. Now Heena moves her hand on his abdomen and slightly in his undies.

He moans slowly. He helps her remove her panty but as it’s tight, she has to sit on the bed to remove it. And then she immediately pulls his underwear completely down. And as the undie slides down, his long hot dick pops out as a tiger jumps out of a cage.

As she is sitting on the bed in front of him and close to his thighs, his hard dick hits her soft cheeks. He immediately removes the undie keeps her hand on his hot and hard dick. She forcefully pulls the foreskin back and ‘Aahh’ he moans loud! She looks at him and smiles naughtily.

She keeps it pulled back to which he reacts and holds both her boobs and starts pressing them hard! She strokes his dick. He massages her boobs and nipples and both are moaning, ‘Aahh! Ah!’ Both are lustfully looking at each other and can’t control now.

He holds her, pulls her up on bed making her lie on the bed and sleeps on her both completely naked! They both are completely into a different world! World of lust, intimacy, ecstasy, and works of Sex ‘Aahh!’ He purposely places his hot dick in her already wet pussy and presses it in between her pussy lips.

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She moans loudly, ‘Aahh’. She holds his hair and pulls him on her, kissing wild. He rubs his dick in her pussy teasing her. While she spreads her legs hoping to put that dick in her love hole. He now holds her legs up and places them on his shoulder.

He holds 1 boob massaging it erotically. While rubbing her pussy by thumb and fingers making her go crazy, wild, uncontrollable. She moans louder scratching his hand and holding tight to her bedsheet and ‘Aahh, aahh,’ she cums! She calms down a little.

He leans forward she wraps her legs around him. He is on his knees touching the tip of his dick in her pussy with his hands circling the sexy boobs and now. He takes her boobs in his mouth. Pressing the other boob, he sucks this one so hard that she jerks off the bed then he slaps the other boob.

Immediately starts licking it completely making it wet with his tongue! Slap the other boob, pinch her nipples, lick boobs and lick. Sliding his tongue on her nude chest whereas she again regains her strength. She is now again so much aroused that she wants the fuck immediately!

Oh, Sanju! Do it now! She restlessly moves her hands on his dick! Holds it tight and directs it on her vagina! Oh, she is so wet and her cum really has a sweet odor. He tries to get up but she pulls him by her legs around his hip and holds his head with 1 hand.

She pulls him on her and by the second hand, she guides that hot rod penis into her love hole. He gets excited by this aggressive move and takes a position to enter her. She aggressively pushes his dick. Inside her pussy and push it so hard that his dick fully enters her tight pussy in 1 go.

They both are like ‘Aahh’. It pains a lot but the sensation and that erotic feeling are so high that they almost are unconscious as the pleasure fills their brain and takes them to heaven! They are so lost and feel so awesome that he forgets to pull out his dick out of her tight pussy.

That hot long dick is still deep inside her pussy! He collapses on her and even she is altogether in another world. But in 2 minutes they come to their senses. With that arousing and sexy feeling on their private parts still dominating them. He slowly starts removing his dick out.

But ‘Aahh’ Fuck! Removing dick outside the pussy is more erotic and fucking more sensual! Her soft pussy walls rubbing on his hard dick! And they both again loose control. somehow he removes his dick out and they both collapsed on the bed. They ake a pause to regain some strength!

‘Aahh, aahh’ These slow moanings have filled the room. They are trying to remember what just happened to them! The aromatic juices flowing from her pussy are adding to their sensation. He just takes a look at his dick and sees it’s all covered with a white juicy cum of her!

He closes his eyes and rests his head on her shoulder. She turns towards him and kisses him! That romantic touch tickles them again and that dick becomes hard again to have some more of the rough sex. She doesn’t know what to do. She holds his shoulders and bites her lower lip.

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This sign is enough for him. He pushes his knees under her thighs, pulls her legs up on his shoulders to take a missionary position. Now to bring her back to senses, he taps his hot dick on her pussy lips. She jumps a little with eyes wide open and pussy ready to fuck! Tap tap tap on pussy.

He taps again she moans and says, “No Sanju, Ab aur mat tadpao!” He rubs dick slowly on her pussy and while she is enjoying the feeling of hot dick. He suddenly pushes his penis in her pussy and ‘Aahh!’ He starts fucking her a bit faster! In and out his dick enlarging more with every stroke!

She is in extreme pleasure losing her senses and her hips moving with his motion to fuck hard! He increases his speed! Slap her boobs and press them hard. And he starts giving deep strokes! ‘Aahh’ Deeper, ‘Aahh’. Both moan loudly and ‘Aahh!’ He suddenly increases his speed.

He pulls his dick out and his cum shoots out with her juices flowing out of her pussy! He settles down beside her she is trying to relax her pussy! She turns towards him and places herself on him. Her half body is on him while his hands caressing her back and other hand playing with her nipple!

“Oh, stop now Sanju! Take rest!”
Sanju: You know what!?
Heena: Hmmm?
Sanju: This was my 1st sex! And I want to tell you that I’ll never forget you till I die!

Heena looks at him with an amazing look, bites his chest and says: You know what? This was my 2nd sex and it was so good that I want to do it again and again and again and again! I’m never gonna forget you and your dick! (She strokes his semi-hard dick and kiss his nipple)

He moves to her face, holds her boob and smooches her lovingly. They take rest and he goes leaving his number with her! That’s all folks!

Mail me on [email protected] or hangout on pankajdesai92. Remember, don’t rush or force your lover. Let them take their time and your wait till then will give you sweet results!

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