Honeymoon With My School Teacher – Part 6


Hi friends, this is Varun back with the next part of our Judy teacher. I know that it’s being very long since I’ve posted Judy’s series and am very sorry to keep you waiting. The reason is I broke my phone and I had to rewrite the story once again from this part.

To those who don’t know me, am Varun from Bangalore, am aged 28. I am working as an accountant in a private firm. To know more about me, please click on my name above and read my earlier stories.

A small brief about the story:
Judy was my teacher in my school. We met in a mall in Bangalore and we came to Kerala after Christmas to attend a marriage. We had 2 sessions in the hotel room which we took to stay in Kochi. After that, we reached the farmhouse in Munnar (Kerala). We were having drinks.

So, let’s continue with the story. I then filled our next round of glasses. I took the snacks along with us and went out to the car posh. We kept the glass and the plates on the bonnet of our car. I then put my hand around her waist and pulled her closer to me. We were enjoying the rain and sipping our drinks.

After finishing our drinks, we kept the glasses aside. I rested my ass on the bonnet of the car and pulled Judy towards me. She put both her hands across my neck. We were looking into each other’s eyes.
Me: Maa, I love you.

I held her waist towards me and started kissing her lips. We were madly kissing and sucking each other’s lips. She was roaming her hand over my head and was pulling my hair in between. We then got separated. Again I started sucking her lips, in between, I pushed my hands inside her T-shirt and was pinching her waist.

All of a sudden I removed her T-shirt above her head. she was standing upper nude and she was covering her boobs with her hands. I knew this place and was very confident that the 3rd person won’t enter the compound. So I turned Judy around I removed my T-shirt too.

She was shivering with the cold I then hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck and playing with her boobs, I then moved my hands to her navel and started playing with her belly button. She then lost her control turned towards me and started sucking my lips.

Judy started to roam her right hand on my bare back and pulled down my track pant, she then started to hit her pussy area on my dick
Me: Maa, are you horny?
Judy: Yes, and you made me horny.

We then started to suck each other’s lips again. I then caught her ass and pulled her a bit up so that we can play with our mouth easily. I then pushed towards the bonnet of the car and started sucking her right boobs like a small baby. I then changed her boobs and was playing with her left boobs.

I was pulling her left nipple. Then I pushed my hands inside her skirt and pulled down her panty. (She had only a skirt left on her body and I was nude. Since it was pitch dark and raining heavily I didn’t have any fear of outsiders.)
Judy: Kutta, it’s very cold here let’s go inside.

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I handed 2 glasses of ours and asked her to fill it and come. She gave a sad look and started to walk to the house. She could barely walk to the house, her pink color panty was in my hand. I started smelling it especially the pussy region and started licking it. It had a strange smell cause of her pussy juice.

I then placed her panty on dick and was stroking in a playful way. After a few minutes, she came with 2 glasses and handed me 1 and we started to sip. I finished mine in 1 gulp. I then caught her by her left waist and pulled her closer to me. She then caught my dick with her right hand and started stroking it.

I then made her kneel, she knew what has to be done. She gave her glass which had drinks in it and took my dick inside her mouth and started to suck it. I took some saliva in my mouth and spit it inside the glass. She saw that and gave a smile, I then gave a hard push inside her mouth.

She was gagging and she pulled my dick from her mouth. I then made her stand up and asked her to open her mouth. I drank the leftover beer from her glass and made her mouth wide open. I poured the drinks from my mouth to hers. She drank some but some fell on her face and boobs.

I made her suck my dick. While she was sucking my dick she was looking at me in a seductive way. I then spat on her face. She was shocked at 1st but smiled. She then started playing with her tongue on my dick. Again I spat but this time the saliva had fallen on her eyes. She then got up with an angry look.

I then caught her by the waist and pulled her closer to me. My dick was touching her pussy region above her skirt. She then hugged me tightly and was kissing my neck and sucking my ear lobes. I then slowly started to put my tongue inside her ear and started licking it.

She shuddered and hugged me more tightly. I then pulled myself back, held both her cheeks and started to kiss her lips. We then parted away.

Me: Ma’am, I am really sorry for spitting on you. She was shocked to see my reaction.
J: Hey Varun, you don’t have to be, I liked the way you treated me now.
Me: but I saw an angry reaction from your face.

J: Stop it Varun, don’t be childish. Don’t I have the right even to look at you angrily by the playful way? (and she kissed on my left cheek) I have given you every right to do whatever you feel like on me. So that we are safe and hidden from the 3rd person.

J: And also I think I do have the same right to do whatever I feel like isn’t? And she spat right onto my face. She suddenly licked those spit from my face and started to say sorry for doing this. Before I could say anything she again spat on my face.

I then pushed her towards our car and made her lie down on top of the bonnet. I pulled her skirt up and widened her legs. She shivered when her naked ass touched the bonnet of the car. Her pussy was wet due to the foreplay. I then bent to suck her pussy lips.

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She closed her legs and pushed me back saying, “Let’s go inside kutta. I am uncomfortable here and it’s cold.” So I lifted her in my arms to the house and threw her to the bed.

Judy: Kutta can you get me some beer, please?
Me: Yeah sure and I walked out of the room.

I went to the car posh picked up our dresses which were lying in the rain. I came back and closed the door. I went to the room, Judy was sitting on the bed and folded her legs. Her pussy inside her skirt could be seen mildly. She was about to lit the cigarette and I threw the wet dresses on Judy’s face.

Judy: How dare you?
Me: Fuck off!
Judy: Bastard!

I was shocked to hear these words from my teacher. I said, “Don’t worry mom you will pay for this shortly.” I walked out of the room to fix our drinks. I heard her saying mother fucker and the sound of the lighter. After filling our glasses I came back to the room.

I saw that she had her cigarette on her right hand and she was also rubbing her pussy with her left hand. When I saw this my dick was standing in attention and she noticed this. I walked towards her and passed the glass before she gave the cigarette to me, she took a puff and blew onto my dick which was saluting her.

She then spat on my dick lubricated very well and started to give me a blowjob. I supported her head from behind and was slowly pushing her head more on my dick. I could feel my rod hitting her throat and she was looking at me in a pleading way.

I pulled my dick from her mouth and asked her to complete the drink in 1 shot. After she finished. her drink, she kept the glass on the side table. She was purposely teasing me by showing her ass and she turned towards me with a wicked smile. I caught her thighs and made in the doggy style.

I knelt on the floor and started to lick her pussy vigorously. She was moaning loudly and asking me to do more, I spread her ass cheek and was staring at her black colored ass hole and simultaneously licking her pussy. She kept her head on the pillow and was shaking her ass.

In between licking her pussy, using my 2 hands I spread her ass cheek, spat on her ass hole and without knowing anything. I kept licking her pussy. Then after some time, I moved away from her body. I went near to her face and asked her not to know from this position. She obeyed my orders and was in doggy.

Me: Judy Ma’am! Can I see your ass hole?
Judy: What’s this Varun! You don’t need to ask this question.
Me: Will you please shut up and answer my questions in the form of Yes / No?
J: Yes Varun you can.

I moved towards her back again and asked to spread her ass cheek by herself. She did as per my order. I slowly went more close to her hole, it had a weird smell and I blew air on it, she shivered a bit. I took my index finger and started to rub from her pussy towards her asshole and again down to her pussy.

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I started to kiss on her ass hole simultaneously. I did this for some time and I got up from that place without letting Judy knowing. But I kept moving my index up and down. I took some saliva from my mouth and lubricated my dick very well. I asked Judy to spread it more.

I could clearly see the brownish color hole and positioned my dick in front of the hole. Without a warning, I pushed my dick into her ass hole. She screamed on top of her voice and tried moving from the bed. I bend down a little and locked my hands just below her tummy.

I started to bang her ass very hard. She was literally crying and asking me to take it out, I started to rub on her pussy and inserted my middle finger in her pussy and kept finger fucking her. Her cry started to reduce but she was trying to move here and there.

After continues fucking her ass with my rod and pussy with finger with my finger she came on my hands. I could feel the wetness on my palm. It was dripping down on the bed. I forcefully turned her upside down. She was lying on her back with her eyes closed.

I could see the tears on her face. I lay on top of her and licked the tears from her face, she opened her eyes and had a smile.
Me: I am sorry Ma’am, I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I couldn’t control myself.
Ju: It’s fine Varun. You are the 1st person to break my ass. It pained in the beginning and I liked that pain.

While she was saying this, I positioned my dick in the entrance of her pussy and pushed it hard. She left a big moan, held my neck with her hands and closed her eyes again. I lifted both her hands above her head and started to lick her shaven armpit. I kept fucking her pussy for a few minutes.

When I felt like to leak, I pulled my dick out and went near to her right armpit and discharged on it. I took some of my cum and rubbed it on her left armpit. Then after that, we slept hugging each other under the blanket.

This is the end of this series and next, I will be publishing the story of how I had a threesome with my school teacher and my cousin sister Renuka. Stay tuned guys. Till then guys keep shagging and girls sweet kisses on your lips.

Any women/girls who wanted to experience the real fun can contact me anytime either on mail/hangout. ID [email protected] I am available for everyone who isn’t satisfied with their partners. Secrecy is guaranteed and satisfaction.

I am also available on the app called kik where my ID is ‘Varunkrish174’.

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