Horrible Experience And Some Fun


Let me introduce myself. I’m Ankit (name changed for obvious reasons), 23 years old, working in a good company and a good salary to maintain myself and my family. I’m 6ft tall and pretty handsome and have a tool size of almost 6 inches.

I used to read stories on ISS and used to imagine fucking some hot girls and some beautiful aunties. I used to fantasize about some of my relatives as well. I always wanted to fuck someone as I was virgin. I used to make my bedsheets in the shape of pussy and used to fuck. I was horny as hell in my teenage years.

Finally, when I started working, I got a pocket pussy for myself and used to fuck that imagining some hot women. This went on for a few months. I thought of finding a girl for fun in bed. I could have got a girlfriend. But I didn’t want to spoil a girl’s life and take away her virginity or her image in the name of love.

So, I had to drop that plan and find some other ways. I wanted to get a prostitute for a night. But there was always a risk of getting STDs and getting caught by police. I tried all possible apps and websites but no one turned up. Finally, I mailed people who had given their mail id’s here on ISS.

I mailed a lot of them but many were not in my city. Some didn’t want to share their partners. Finally, I got 2 positive responses from my city. One was to visit my city for a few days and was ready to share his wife. Even his wife was ready for a threesome and really liked me.

Unfortunately, I had to go out of town for my brother’s marriage. The other one was a man who was ready to share his aunt with me but on one condition. He wanted to penetrate my ass if I had to fuck his aunt. So, he started texting me regularly and was asking for my nudes.

I used to send him pics of my dick, asshole, and my ass. He used to reply with pics of his aunt, dick and his cum. I didn’t want those but still, he used to send me. I used to reply in a romantic way to keep in touch. He told, “My aunt is free for the next two weeks and we can have some fun.”

I informed him we can have sex on the next Saturday. I started imagining fucking his aunt in every hole, romping her and make her scream. Make her beg for every breath while I mouth fuck her. Saturday morning my parents left and would only return on Sunday night.

I called him and told me to come home with his aunt. I shared my location. The doorbell rang and I opened the door. To my surprise, it was only that guy and his aunt was missing. I welcomed him inside and spoke for some time. He couldn’t resist my looks and his eyes filled with lust.

He asked me if he can fuck me. I took him to the room and he started kissing me like a dog and smooching me. I didn’t like all this. But had to bear it if I had to fuck his hot and cute aunt. The foreplay was done in 10 minutes. He told me to remove my clothes. I did it in no time.

He removed his cock from his undies. It was small in real compared to the ones in the pics. He pulled my face towards his cock and started to mouth fuck me raw. It was not that bad but I felt disgusted. He gave me a condom. I rolled it over his tool and continued to give a blowjob.

But this time it was better because of the chocolate flavor. He told me to stop and spread my legs and lie down on the bed. I did as he said and he came near my ass and started licking it like a lollipop. I felt pretty good and spat on his dick and got his dick near my asshole.

I started teasing my ass and slowly started penetrating it. I felt really nervous and started taking deep breaths. He kissed me and continued to force his penis inside my ass. After several attempts, he was completely inside my ass. It was hurting a little but I could take anything for his aunt.

He increased his pace slowly and my dick was wiggling in random motion. To be frank it was not that bad either. He fucked me in missionary, doggy style and told me to ride him and I obeyed him like I was his slave. He was fucking me in missionary.

He told me he was about to cum and wanted it to release it in my mouth. He got down on to the floor and removed his condom. He pushed his cock inside my mouth and started shaking as if he got an orgasm. He released all his cum inside my mouth and I drank it all. It was not that great but ok.

I licked cleaned his dick. Now he was like fuck me like the way I fucked you. But it was not part of the plan as I didn’t want to lose my virginity to a man. He blackmailed me saying that he won’t get his aunt if I don’t fuck him. He rolled another condom over my 6-inch tool and gave me a blowjob.

It was an amazing feeling. I could not control it. I removed my condom and released all my load in his mouth and he drank it with joy. I put on the condom and fucked him really rough. He was enjoying it to the core. He told me about some amazing positions.

It was a wonderful feeling while he was riding me while I spread my legs. It was almost an hour since he had come. I was in a hurry to meet his aunt. We dressed up. He got a call and he picked up and said, “You are ready! I’ll be there in 5 minutes come and stand outside.”

He told me he will pick his aunt and back in a few minutes. I went to take a bath to impress his aunt. But there were no signs after half an hour. I called him and he did not pick the call. After several tries, it came out of reach. I texted on Whatsapp.

There was a message from him. It said, “I’m gay and not bisexual. I have fucked only guys. Sorry for using you like this.” I was like shit. I realized I was scammed in the name of sex. I felt really bad and my ass was also hurting all day. I got scammed.

Drop your feedback in the comments section below or mail me to at [email protected]

I have decided to help all horny and unsatisfied women and men so that you don’t fall into traps like this. If you are scared of extramarital affairs or online fun, don’t worry I will share your mail id’s only if the other person agrees. Stop using your dildos, vibrators and pocket pussies.

Just mail me these details – Name, gender, dob, city, age, preferences. I won’t ask you for your pics unless you give it by yourself. If you feel it’s fake remember that even I haven’t shared my city for a reason. People who ask for money in return please stay away. People who pester me for the match I will have to block you eventually.

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