Hot Bangalore Maid Who Made Me Cum Thrice!

Hello friends, this is the first story that I am writing and I hope everyone who reads it loves it.

So, the story is a real-life experience that I had when I was living in Bangalore. I was living in a rented apartment and we were 3 flatmates. We had a maid, Nirmala who used to come daily for making dinner on weekdays and breakfast, lunch and dinner on weekends. She also used to clean the apartment on weekends.

Nirmala was like a normal maid of age 28, wheatish complexion, medium-length brown hairs, and height about 5’2″. But she had a nice face, a face which could make you hard with just one look! You know some girls have that look on their face that says, “Wow!! She is hot”. Well, my maid had that kind of look.

She had a normal figure – 32B-28-32, I think. I never really paid attention to her figure because her face alone was enough for me.

On one weekend, both my roommates had gone out for a movie and I was the only one left in the apartment. I was enjoying my loneliness by just being lazy on the bed not ready to go out of the bed yet. I usually sleep in my inners only, i.e. underwear and a banyan. That was when the maid Nirmala came to the apartment to do her work.

As soon as I heard the door open, I hid under the bed sheet with just my face outside. She started cleaning the rooms with the broom. After some time, she came to my room. I think she didn’t think I would be there because the way she was dressed it seemed she thought everyone had gone out and she was all alone in the apartment.

Usually, Nirmala would have a dupatta around her, but today she didn’t have any and she was wearing a deep neck kurti. The maid came in and I saw her upper boobs bulging out of her dress. She was a bit surprised to see me, but since she did not want to look surprised, she did not hide or adjust her dress and just continued with her work.

Nirmala was cleaning and bending around the room. She came near the bed and bend down to clean under the bed. As soon as she bent, I saw the maid’s boobs – almost all of it!

Nirmala was wearing a white bra inside her kurti and her boobs were hanging inside. As soon as I saw them, my cock started to rise. As I was under the bed sheet, I was able to hide it and control it from her.

But she was relentless and was not ready to move away. She was trying to reach out to something and that was making her boobs move and shake! It was making me mad but I somehow managed to control myself. After about a minute or two, she was done cleaning and she went to the kitchen to make breakfast and lunch.

I then got out of the bed and went straight to the bathroom. I had my hard 8″ cock in my hand and was rubbing it hard. My mind just could not shake off the sexy view I just had and I wanted to masturbate to it.

Within minutes, I was relieved of all the hardness and thoughts in my mind. Nirmala was not just my maid, she had turned into this sexy, hot lady that made me masturbate like I had never done before.

After spending some time in the bathroom and taking a bath, I came out and saw that the breakfast was ready and on the dining table. Nirmala was still in the kitchen, I think she was making lunch now.

I went to my room, got dressed and came and sat on the chair near the dining table. I switched on the TV and took out a few parathas. Nirmala knew that I eat parathas with tea, so she came with my tea and placed it near me.

I looked at her face and her face was a bit different today. It wasn’t just looking sexy but had a mischievous look to it as well.

I was a bit embarrassed with her looks and I thought maybe she knows what happened in the morning and maybe it wasn’t just a coincidence. But I could not bring it to myself to look at her long. So I just took my tea and started eating breakfast while watching a movie on the TV.

Nirmala in the meantime was in the kitchen cleaning the utensils. After about 5 minutes, the sound of cleaning utensils stopped and she went to the bathroom to get a bucket of water to mop the flat. That is usually her last act of the day. She went around the room mopping all over. Meanwhile, I was having my breakfast.

I was just about done with my breakfast and was having the last sip of tea when I felt something around my lower thigh. I thought it might be a fly or something so I just brushed it with my other leg. But again, I felt something moving up.

I was wearing shorts and the fly was moving up towards my upper thigh. I could not resist it and looked under the table. I was surprised and shocked to see my maid under it and she was on her knees teasing me!

I again saw those hanging boobs of hers and my cock out of its mind started to rise again. This time I had no bed sheet to hide it with and as my cock started to rise, it started to form a tent over my shorts.

I looked at Nirmala and she had that mischievous smile again on her face. She started to move her hand over my thighs again. This time, moving up with more confidence. My maid was making the tent bigger and bigger with her movements. Her hand was now inside my shorts and was just about to reach my cock.

I just could not resist any further and I pulled her out and pushed her on top the table. She had that smile on her face and her breathing was heavy making her boobs bulge out even more.

I moved my hands inside her kurti and took it out over her head. Her boobs were moving up and down due to her heavy breathing and her bra was all sweaty with all the work she had been doing since morning.

I am a big fan of boobs and they make me lose my mind. I just buried my face between the maid’s sexy boobs over her bra and started to lick them. She was beginning to enjoy it. Her ooohs and aaaahs just started.

I moved my hand behind her back and unhooked her bra in one swift motion. She took it out and I was inside her boobs again, licking and sucking her boobs and biting her nipples. Nirmala started to moan a bit harder. I was sucking her boobs like a small child and biting them like an animal. She was enjoying it too.

She moved her hands behind my back and removed my t-shirt and started to bury her nails inside my back. She had her legs wrapped around me and my head buried in her boobs.

I then moved my hands down towards her navel and moved a finger inside her belly button. My hands started to hold her waist, piercing it with my nails. My horny maid was now enjoying completely.

Nirmala moved my shorts and underwear down and came down on her knees holding my cock and rubbing it with her hands. She then took it inside her mouth and I was out of control now. She was licking it inside her mouth, sucking it, taking it all inside her mouth.

My hands were around her hairs and I started to deep throating her. She was sucking it and giving me the best blowjob ever. Within minutes she made me cum, and I came all inside her mouth. She looked at my face, that smile still there and gulped all my cum down her throat.

From the looks of her eyes, I could say she wasn’t done yet. She wanted more, but I had already cum twice in about an hour or so and I knew she wouldn’t let me go without having me inside her.

Nirmala stood up, untied her salwar and removed it. She wasn’t wearing any pantie and her pussy was dripping wet. She had her orgasm as well once, but she was ready again. She knew about my situation. So she took control now.

Nirmala started moving her fingers over my dick. She was touching the tip with her nails and licking her lips at the same time.

The maid then came closer and started to lick and suck my lips. She kissed me as she had never kissed before – moving her tongue inside my mouth, playing with my tongue. Her hands still trying to get me ready for one last fun. She was rubbing it ferociously and my dick started to rise again. She looked at me and smiled. She knew I was ready.

Nirmala moved on the table, placing her ass on it. She moved my dick closer to her pussy, holding it near her. She then slowly moved closer and my dick was touching her pussy. Slowly, Nirmala moved it inside her, she gave a slight moan as it went in.

She started to move, taking it in and out. I too started to move now. She moved her hands on the table and allowed me to take control now.

I started to fuck her slowly, taking my dick inside her pussy. She was enjoying it, she was holding her boobs and pressing her nipples while I fucked her. I moved my dick in circles inside her pussy and she went mad. As my dick touched her pussy walls, my sexy maid started to moan harder and harder.

I started to move fast now, fucking her hard. My dick was moving in and out, touching her till the end and she was enjoying it. I started to move faster as I moved closer to being released.

As I was about to cum, I moved my dick out and Nirmala was like ready to drink it all again. She took my dick inside her mouth and I came all inside her mouth. She drank it all and I just crumbled on the chair.

I have never had sex or masturbated more than 2 times in a day and this lady had made me cum three times already in 2 hours. I was tired but had a smile on my face.

Nirmala made me enjoy my loneliness more than I could have imagined. She got dressed and went to her house. I was so tired, I moved to my bed somehow and just laid there all day long.

After that day whenever I was alone, we use to have sex but nothing was like that day.

That’s all for now. If you liked my story and would like to give feedback please reach out to me at [email protected]

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